Where To Place Plants In Office Feng Shui

Where To Place Plants In Office Feng Shui

It is believed that Feng Shui can bring a positive energy to the places in which we work and live. Incorporating plants into your office space is a great way to bring this balance to your working environment. There are certain areas of the office that should be considered in order to maximize the potential of the plants to bring balance and harmony in to the office, and below are some of those areas and tips to maximizing the Feng Shui of your office.

Desk Positioning

The desk should be against a solid wall, far away from the door or window. Placing a plant on the desk will help bring harmony to the space, allowing for a more restful and tranquil atmosphere. Plants should be placed either side of the desk, with the taller, more substantial plants being placed on the side away from the door.


The entryway to the office space should have a peaceful yet invigorating feel. Placing a scented plant near the entrance is a great way to achieve this. A tall, fragrant plant such as jasmine, lavender or rosemary can help create a pleasant, inviting atmosphere.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Placing plants in these areas will help keep them fresh and clean. In the bathroom, plants can help reduce the humidity levels and negate unpleasant smells. In the kitchen, they can help reduce odors while providing an inviting sense of space. Plants such as ivy and bamboo are great at removing toxins and cleaning the air.

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It is important to ensure that the plants have sufficient light in the office to help them grow and thrive. Placing them near natural light sources or installing artificial lighting in the area are both good options.


  • Choose your plants carefully: Choose plants with strong Feng Shui energy to bring balance and harmony to the office.
  • Create an inviting atmosphere: Use plants to create a peaceful, inviting feel in the office that encourages productivity.
  • Replace plants regularly: Replace any dead or dying plants to keep the energy of the office high.
  • Incorporate scents: Choose scented plants to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Lighting: Position plants near a light source in order to help them grow and thrive.

Incorporating plants into your office environment is an excellent way to bring positive energy into your office and boost the overall Feng Shui of the space. Choosing the right position for your plants and thinking carefully about their potential to bring balance and harmony to the environment can be a great way to incorporate Feng Shui into your office space.

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