Where To Place Peony Feng Shui

Introduction to Feng Shui and the Benefits of Peony

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves organizing your living environment to bring balance, health and good fortune to occupants. The practice focuses on the placement of objects and colors within a home to maximize the flow of positive energy or “chi”. Peony is one of the plants used in Feng Shui, as it’s believed to bring good luck and wealth.

The best place to place Peony Feng Shui Plant is near the front door or east side of a house, where natural light can easily reach it. This east location is seen as a symbol of new beginnings, letting in hope and harmony into your home. You may also want to incorporate peonies in your bedroom or kitchen for wealth. Placing them on either side of a bathroom is believed to bring balance and protection from negative energy. Additionally, placing peonies directly opposite a bed will attract further positivity as you sleep through its calming colors. Lastly, if you’re looking for unconditional love then place threes or fives among other plants for relationships luck.

Different Areas to Place Peony Feng Shui

1. Front Door: Placing peony feng shui in the front door creates an inviting atmosphere that welcomes in wealth and prosperity. The bright colors of peonies will also bring in a lot of chi energy to the home.

2. Office: Placing peony feng shui in the office brings fortune, success, and good luck to a workspace. Incorporating peonies encourages creativity and innovation, increasing productivity levels and ultimately leading to greater financial gains.

3. Bedroom: An abundance of pink flowers placed near the bed or near windows encourages relaxation, harmony, and inner peace for sleep. Peony feng shui can also help attract spiritual energies into your home while promoting strong relationships between spouses as well as children-parent relationships within the family unit.

4. Bathroom: Featured prominently on walls of bathrooms with vibrant colored accents, peonies create a beautiful setting that inspires peace, restfulness, renewal, and creativity while still calming one’s soul after a long day at work or school.

5 Living Room: Feng shui masters suggest placing a few single buds of pink blooming peonies near chairs or sofas in the living room to stimulate conversation among guests, strengthen family ties with bonding conversations, as well as promote enthusiasm for life experiences featuring fun activities that are shared by all attendees visiting one’s living space on any given night or afternoon!

Near the Front Door

When it come to placing peony in Feng Shui, the Chinese believe that there is a certain amount of symbolism behind every placement. For example, when placing peonies near the front door of a house, they are considered to be a symbol of auspicious beginnings. The vibrant colors and lush textures associated with peonies represent joy and happiness, making them an ideal choice for a welcomed entryway.

What’s even better about using the power of Peony Feng Shui near the front door is that you can choose between different varieties to best express your desired message. Red hued blossoms are often used as they are considered a representation of love and passion. Whereas white peonies symbolize purity, innocence and eternal life – often associated with good luck and harmony when paired together in pairs or multiple displays. No matter what type of flower you decide on however, each variation still evokes a feeling of good fortune perfect for any home’s entryway!

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Living Room

When placing peony Feng Shui in the living room, the most important consideration is to place the plant in a spot that will maximize its positive energy and benefits for the inhabitants. Ideally, you should put your peonies somewhere near open windows, so they can take advantage of natural light. As long as it gets enough sunlight, peonies can thrive almost anywhere in the living room. Try positioning them by seating areas or near decoration pieces, as this is believed to bring prosperity and good luck. Anywhere with strong foot traffic should be avoided, though; instead, you should aim for well-lit but peaceful spots. You may even consider placing several plants together to create an eye-catching design!


Peony Feng Shui is a great way to increase positive energy and bring balance to your bedroom. Placing Peonies in the southeast corner of the bedroom can help activate your wealth area, increasing chances of financial success. Additionally, they can be placed near love and relationship areas such as behind the bed or on either side of it. If placing several Peony plants, consider even placement around the room to create a balanced energy. Placing images of peonies on walls in appropriate areas like the south or east will help harness their positive energy as well. Peonies are also a powerful symbol of protection and enshrined with good fortune so if you keep them in your children’s rooms, it will give them extra protection from harm. Lastly, in addition to peonies you could also add other wealth symbols like coins or lucky charms for an added boost!

Kitchen and Dining Room

Peony Feng Shui can be effective in the kitchen and dining room, primarily when placed in the back corner on a high shelf. This location allows for its aroma to fill the entire room with good energy as well as providing a calming influence. Additionally, peony Feng Shui can be used to ground and dispel negative energies in the kitchen and dining area. For example, it’s recommended to place two peonies near the entrance of the kitchen or dining room to bring good luck while still allowing uninterrupted flow throughout the space. Furthermore, placing peonies within cabinets or cupboards will enhance their powers of cleansing and purification- aiding with both physical and emotional wellbeing. Finally, it is worthwhile placing peony Feng Shui near any areas that are particularly prone to tension or disharmony ” such as where family members often have disagreements. Doing so should help settle arguments quickly and restore harmony into the home.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do: When placing peonies in feng shui, it is best to place them in areas with bright natural light and ample fresh air. The petals should never be placed directly on the floor. Placing them in locations where they will receive ample amounts of light will help encourage their blooming and bring good luck and abundance into the home.

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Don’t: Avoid placing peonies anywhere near direct sunlight or heat sources, as this may cause discoloration or damage to their petals as well as deplete their overall energy. Additionally, never place them on surfaces such as tables or counters that collect dirt, water, or other debris. This could harm the petal’s delicate frame, diminishing its beauty and energy output.


When placing peony feng shui, it is important to consider the area of life and element being represented. Good areas for placing these symbols are in the northeast corner of your home to promote family luck, wealth, and peace or in the northern section to enhance career luck. Placing the symbol by a window, however, is not recommended so that its beneficial energy does not get dispersed through air drafts. Additionally, when displaying flowers or other representation of peonies, an even number should be used to again double the positive energy within your home as opposed to using an odd number which signifies death in Buddhism. When strategically placed within your home, there is no doubt that peony feng shui has the potential to bring great luck and success.

Bonus Section


Peony feng shui can be placed in many places indoors”but some spots are especially beneficial. Hang a painting of peonies over your front door, as this will bring good luck and wealth into your home. Place a vase filled with fresh peonies in the dining room or kitchen to create an abundant energy, making it easier for new opportunities to arise. Place smaller bouquets of peonies around bookshelves, offices and work spaces to help promote knowledge and success. Additionally, Peony feng shui can be used in the bedroom for restful sleep and relaxation: hang pictures of peonies on the walls or set small decorative vases with stems of peonies on nightstands.


Placing Peony feng shui outdoors is important too! It is said that hanging garlands of peony flowers around entryways will keep evil spirits away while providing protection over homes. You can also try planting live multi-colored peony plants directly in your garden or lawn area; their large vibrant flowers will welcome both beauty and prosperity into your home and life. If you hang strings of fake silk peonies on trees, it will enable a greater flow between you and nature’s forces, helping with the desired luck that you are looking for.

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