Where To Place Feng Shui Wu Lou


Feng Shui is based on the theory of energy or ‘chi’, and how this affects the environment. Through understanding, containing and directing this energy, you can create a home and surrounding environment which brings health, prosperity, wealth and good luck to its occupants. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by placing a Feng Shui Wu Lou in your home.

A Feng Shui Wu Lou is an ancient Chinese instrument used to protect people from illness, bad luck and negative energies. It is a symbol of protection, health and abundance. It should be placed in strategic parts of your home to enhance its natural energy fields. The best places to put a Wu Lou are near entrances, in main living spaces like the living room or bedroom and also near family members who require extra protection against sickness. Other beneficial places include kitchens, study rooms or reception areas for businesses. In bedrooms or bedrooms for children it helps create a safe sleeping area with positive energy, whilst at offices it can provide encouragement and inspiration for employees as well as increase business prosperity.

Benefits of Placing a Wu Lou in Different Areas of the Home

Living Room: Placing a Wu Lou in the living room can bring good health and luck to your entire family. It symbolizes the blessing of long life, peace, prosperity and harmony for everyone.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, placing a Wu Lou will promote healthy eating habits and bring abundance in wealth. Its symbolism is that of abundance, health and good fortune.

Bedroom: A Wu Lou placed near or in the bedroom induces peaceful sleep with fewer nightmares. It brings feelings of safety and security which makes it beneficial for both adults and children who are prone to suffering from fear in their nights. Its symbolism is that of protection and calming noise reduction so one can have total peace of mind while sleeping.

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Study: Having a Wu Lou in your study area will help with clearer concentration levels, learning new material quickly as well as memorizing information with greater ease. It symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and intelligence as students strive to excel in academic studies or career pursuits.

Placing the Feng Shui Wu Lou in Your Office

The Feng Shui Wu Lou is believed to have strong healing, protective and restorative qualities. Placing a Wu Lou in your office is a way of inviting health, luck and happiness into the space. When strategically placed in important areas of your office, the powerful energy of the Wu Lou can help counteract or drastically reduce any negative Feng Shui energy present.

When placing the Wu Lou in your work space, start by placing one in the northeast section-this will bring career luck and positive qi flow. Another important area to place a Wu Lou is in the southwest corner, as this activates your relationships. It also helps boost romance luck if you are single, or encourages harmony between couples sharing the same workspace! Additional places to consider for placements include high shelves, near windows and other furniture pieces such as desks or chairs. You can even place one near your entrance door or hang it directly above you at a higher level from where you work-the closer it is to eye-level, the more effective its benefit will be. Lastly, avoid placing it too close to a toilet, or next to electric devices such as fans or clocks which could reduce its healing power significantly.

Symbolic Representations of Placing Wu Lou in Different Places

Symbolic Representations of Placing Wu Lou in Different Places:

* In the East sector of the house to help with health and family unity (this is especially beneficial during solar terms)
* In your office or workspace to bring luck, abundance and prosperity
* Above the entrance to your home to protect and bring good feng shui energy into your home
* In the South-East sector of the house or on an altar to attract wealth and opportunities
* In your bedroom to promote good sleep and prevent nightmares
* Hanging wu lou above doorways can block out negative energies.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Wu Lou to Place:
When choosing a wu lou for feng shui purposes, it is important that you pick one that has a nice balance between yin and yang energy. Additionally, a wu lou should be made from quality materials such as porcelain, crystal or metal. Lastly, you may want to consider buying some symbols such as coins tied around its neck or dragons carved onto its surface depending on what you would like to achieve. They offer security, protection, health benefits and much more! When searching for resources where you can buy good quality authentic Wu Lou for Feng Shui purposes look for specialized shops either online or brick-and-mortar stores that specialize in Feng Shui items. Popular websites that sell these include amazon.com, alibaba.com and many others.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to bring balance and harmony into a person’s home or office. A Wu Lou (also known as Hu Lu, Oei Kim Goutong or ‘Calabash of Good Health’) is often used in Feng Shui for its powerful protection and healing powers. It is believed to help ward off misfortune, bad luck and health problems by actively absorbing any negative energy. It must therefore be placed strategically throughout the home or office in order to maximize its effectiveness. The best places to place Feng Shui Wu Lou include front entrances, corners of walls or rooms, near windows, and even on shelves or tables. By placing these objects where they can be seen and their energy channeled properly, one can enjoy the protection and healing powers it brings and avoid bad luck in the future.

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