What Does Feng Shui Master Do


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of energy management believed to help promote balance and harmony within a space. Feng Shui is based on the belief that by controlling the flow of one’s energy, or chi, can have a positive effect on all aspects of life. A Feng Shui Master is an expert in the principals, practices and philosophies related to Feng Shui.

By following traditional methods and symbols from this practice, a Feng Shui Master can help create space for more abundance, healthful living and success which could be anything from finances to relationships and career aspirations. They work with the individual’s own needs in order to create a plan to bring more balance into their lives. This includes an analysis of the energy within the home environment along with lifestyle improvements and changes which may include rearranging furniture, changing color schemes and decluttering. Ultimately these beneficial changes should provide the individual with physical and emotional comfort as well as clarity on how they’d like their life to progress going forward.

Origins of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, sometimes known as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional Chinese practice focused on creating harmonious environments by taking into account the natural energy and structures of spaces. Its roots can be traced back to ancient China, where a combination of astronomy, philosophy, mathematics and science were used for divination and informing people about practical ways to maintain health, wealth and harmony among family relationships.

The history of Feng Shui has seen it evolve from a solely philosophical practice in the pre-Qin era circa 1000 BC, to an accepted part of Confucianism during the Han Dynasty (206BC – 220AD), and shifting focus to laws of nature during Tang Dynasty (618-907). During this time period it was treated as an art form with rules that needed to be studied and understood. Later on during the Song dynasty (960–1278) Feng Shui emerged as a profession with specific codes of conduct that practitioners needed to adhere to in facilitating their services.

In modern times its practices have been refined through experience guided by empirical evidence as well its association with different schools of thought such as Taoist or Buddhist teachings. Nowadays a Feng Shui master is someone who possesses an acute perception gained through knowledge of theories and experiential wisdom throughout history. They may use philosophies from these schools as a reference when assessing various aspects leading up to forming strategic plans for enhancing qi energy within environments for harmonization purposes.

Services Provided by a Feng Shui Master

A Feng Shui Master is skilled in the ancient art of Feng Shui. This knowledge involves an intimate understanding of energy flow, environmental balance and home design. A professional Feng Shui Master can be consulted to help create harmonious environments that are conducive to positive health and spiritual growth. Their services include:

Bamboo in Feng Shui Where to Place

• Space Clearing – The goal of space clearing is to remove any negative energies from a particular area such as your home or office. This involves rituals like the use of incense, smudging, crystals, meditation and chanting designed to revitalize the energy within a room or building.

• Energy Balancing – Energy balancing techniques seek to improve the flow of chi (life force/energy) around a home or office. This may involve reorganizing furniture or utilizing existing features like water fountains, mirrors and plants all in order to enhance the overall harmony and flow of energy within the environment.

• Home Remedies – When problem areas are identified based on their location, some feng shui masters will suggest specific home remedies that promote positive energy such as hanging wind chimes near windows and installing lights in certain areas. These remedies may also be combined with mantras, mudras, lakaans and other practices used to bring peace and prosperity into a home or office setting

• Advise on Environment Creation– Along with utilizing space clearing rituals and suggesting various remedies, a professional feng shui master can also offer advice on layout changes one can make in order to optimize positive energy throughout a living space or business sector.

Examples of Feng Shui for Homes

A Feng Shui master specializes in the Chinese art of placement, and provides consultation services that utilize the principles of Feng Shui. A master will work with a client to create a design plan based on their individual preference and personal circumstances, and then provide advice on how to best arrange furniture, décor, and other items within each room or area of the home. Additionally, a Feng Shui master will also be familiar with traditional symbols and cures that relate to particular chi energies related to wealth, luck, health, family harmony, longevity, etc. They will be able to help the client choose specific decorations or place specific items in particular areas of the home that represent or evoke these different energies. For example, this may include strategically placing healthy plants in Prosperity corners or hanging crystals near windows for improved clarity. Additionally, Feng Shui masters can suggest changes such as re-painting certain walls certain colors or replacing certain furniture pieces for better flow and balance throughout the home. In short , Feng Shui masters are well versed in both ancient wisdom practices as well as modern design techniques so they can work with clients to come up with the best interior design solutions for creating an optimal living space that provides both aesthetic beauty and harmony.

Career Bathroom Feng Shui

Benefits of Feng Shui for Businesses

A Feng Shui Master can provide guidance on organizing workspace, maximize the flow of energy (called chi) within a business location, and the use of colors in the workplace to promote increased productivity. By utilizing the principles of Feng Shui, a Master can suggest ways to signify positive feelings such as themes, plants and water features.

In an office setting a Feng Shui master could help organize corporate space to balance individual and team characteristics, providing insight into how employee roles should interact within an organization. This could include placing desks in a manner that encourages communication and collaboration between coworkers, or recommend which office areas are best for meetings that require intense focus. They may also recommend focal points for creating team spirit or productive energy in a corporate environment.

Feng Shui Masters are also adept at choosing colors related to members of the Chinese zodiac calendars and applying them to offices or teams to stimulate creativity or encourage growth within. For example, if a business wishes increase customer satisfaction or is aiming for increased sales then bright hues such as yellow and red can be used strategically in workspaces keeping specific goals in mind. Additionally, the placement of mirrors can be used to symbolically boost productivity through reflection on successes.


A Feng Shui Master works to help people improve their lives, whether it be personally or professionally. In doing so, they bring balance and harmony into individuals’ lives by supporting them in aligning their home and its energy with their life goals. Working with a Feng Shui Master can enable deeper insight into the patterns of one’s life, as well as offer tools for navigating change. It allows individuals to look at their environment objectively, observe the history of their space, identify blockages, break old habits and re-establish a harmonious flow of influence within their homes and businesses. Ultimately, working with Feng Shui allows people to create physical environments that are supportive of personal growth and the manifestation of goals.

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