Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree


The Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree is a unique tool used to help individuals reconnect with their inner strength and focus on personal growth. It draws on the principles of feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes the balance of energy in particular areas to bring relaxation and improve overall well-being. This type of tree, made of wood and stones, is more specifically related to the seven chakras which are located along the central column of the body. The purpose of this tree is to provide users with a beautiful physical representation and reminder of focusing on personal growth and achieving inner peace & balance everyday.This creation is credited to Dr Madan Kataria, a spiritual leader in India, who created it using various techniques from Vedic and energy healing traditions, including colors associated with certain energies, symbols relevant to each chakra, and leather bracelets or bands that represent the energy from all seven chakras combined. With its strong visual elements along with its spiritual significance, Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Trees have gained immense popularity as a source of relaxation for those seeking greater awareness about their inner selves.

Core Concepts of Strength & Growth Feng Shui

Strength & Growth Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom-based practice which takes its cues from the energy of nature; connecting with our natural environment and its source of balance, wellbeing and beauty to create a harmonious dwelling. This type of feng shui focuses on purifying the air, balancing the five elements in each room, improving the chi flow and bringing uplifting energy into a space.

The central principle of Strength & Growth Feng Shui revolves around chakras, using colour psychology and symbolism to bring balance to our home. A Chakra Tree is often used with each branch representing a different colour associated with one of the seven main chakras: Red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, blue for throat, indigo for third eye and purple for crown. Each branch should guide us to understand how different colors can affect us emotionally and spiritually if used wisely within our living environment.

For example, red is associated with grounding qualities – painting a wall red in a living room could serve as an energetic stabilizer in that space; whereas blue would be better suited towards helping to promote clarity – use blue inside bedrooms or studies when focusing on tasks that need concentration like studying or reading. The combination of all these colours intent strengthens growth in ourselves, our relationships and career goals via subtle yet powerful energetic vibrations which can help shape our lives. The location chosen to hang this tree also matters; generally it should be hung somewhere that promotes clear vision such as an entryway or hallway.

The Strength & Growth Feng Shui approach towards interior design emphasizes that all elements have their own energy flow which can work together or against each other depending on how they are arranged. By carefully selecting furniture pieces that enhance chi flow and arranging them according to the laws of Heavenly Luck (Feng Shui), we can experience greater harmony and well-being at home – inviting positive energy into our lives!

Benefits of the Chakra Tree

The Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree is a powerful tool for self-care and growth. The seven luminous chakras, which are the life force or energy centers in the body, are represented in the tree. Working with this tree promotes an understanding of oneself at a deeper level and aids in discovering areas one needs to strengthen in each aspect of life.

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The use of the Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree will bring balance to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being through a series of exercises involving visualization and meditation. By meditating with the tree, one can experience greater calmness and peace. It can help raise awareness around unhealthy relationship habits while promoting more positive ones. Additionally, working with this powerful tool can aid in setting boundaries as one recognizes their own power to: forgive, accept, let go, create space for growth and cultivate change from within.

This form of cleansing and healing works by activating the healing power present within oneself—deeply connecting them with their creative source energy beyond the conscious mind. With practice and dedication to inner work over time, it has been known to allow for renewed insight into life’s purpose as well as aligning individuals with their desired goals by transforming emotional blocks into actionable intentions for success.

Accessories for the Chakra Tree

A chakra tree is a great way to bring both beauty and powerful energy into any space. You can personalize the look of your Chakra Tree by adding different accessories that are intended to bring variety and extra meaning to the display. Popular accessories to use with a Chakra Tree include crystals, stones, color-specific fabrics, candles, incense, wood carvings of animals, figurines of deities or elements from nature, healing symbols such as the Ankh or Triquetra, shells from the ocean or word charms with inspirational words such as “love”, “trust” or “peace”. Anything that resonates with you can be used for creating a unique and powerful display for your space. Consider using color-themed items or items that embody each chakra’s power; such as a few drops of essential oil on stones in their specific color range to represent the crown chakra’s connection to spirit oil is perfect. Experimenting with different pieces can help create an even stronger connection between yourself and your Chakra Tree.

Creating a Balanced Chakra Tree

The Strength & Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree focuses on the relationship between our personal energy map and the energies of our environment. According to the principles of Chinese Feng Shui, nurturing this balance can help us maximize our energy and potential for strength and growth.

One tip from nine-star Ki practitioners is to create a tree filled with vibrant, healthy plants that are placed in balanced arrangements throughout your space. This helps generate a strong thriving Chi energy which stimulates Chi flow throughout your environment promoting enhanced inner growth.

Another suggestion from Bagua practitioners is to visualize a tree structure made up of the 8 trigrams: water, fire, earth, metal, wood, sun, moon and thunder. This allows you to experience each element within your space while connecting with it’s associated qualities of health, wealth and happiness.

Finally, Flying Star masters suggest including water elements in your design because they are believed to carry auspicious chi that can bring an abundance of wealth and abundance into ones life when properly placed. These could include things like a water fountain or courtyard pool as well as items specifically designed for balancing Chakra energies such as crystals and rocks.

Caring for the Chakra Tree

The Strength and Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree is a blessing of energy to help acquire strength, balance, and growth. This powerful source of energy creates a bridge between our physical and spiritual worlds that strengthens our connection with the divine and higher energies. In order to keep this energy alive, we must take care of the tree spiritually and physically.

In terms of spiritual care, it is important that we use mindful approaches as we work with the tree. Take time each day to pause near the tree, taking in its beauty while offering gratitude for its presence in our lives. We can also practice thoughtful meditation or contemplation in its presence as we connect with emotions, thoughts and energetic states present within us. Not only will these practices empower us but it will reinforce the powerful energetic magnets created by the Chakra Tree in your space.

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From a physical perspective, it’s important to regularly cleanse the space/room where your tree resides by burning sage or other cleansing herbs on a regular basis (daily). Additionally, when feasible avoid placing objects around your Chakra Tree such as clutter which can disrupt the positive energies produced by this special item. Watering plants nearby can help cleanse the air and create beautiful natural vibes!

Examples of Feng Shui with Chakra Tree

One way Feng Shui can be used with a Chakra Tree is to determine the right placement of the items within the home. Placing the right items in the proper locations can bring balance and harmony to create an environment that is conducive to spiritual growth and wellbeing. Items like crystals, plants, figurines, statuettes, essential oils, artworks and other objects are often used along with the Chakra Tree to help enhance the energetic flow of positive energy throughout the home.

Another way Feng Shui works with a Chakra Tree is to activate or clear stagnant energy through visualization. Visualization can help clear out any unhealthy or negative energy blocks found around the home and replace them with empowering positive vibrations. A practitioner will select certain visualization statements such as “I am full of love and joy” and focus on it visualizing for a few moments during each session for all seven chakras along the tree. With consistent practice, this powerful process can increase creativity and joy in one’s life while still allowing space for personal growth.

A third approach to using Feng Shui with a Chakra Tree is meditation. Meditation helps connect us deeply to our higher selves and can be very helpful in finding clarity on any questions that arise from our own inner wisdom when considering belief systems from different countries around the world. A few minutes of daily meditation while focusing on each chakra point will help accesses hidden power inside of us which we may have not previously been aware of before.


The Strength and Growth Feng Shui Chakra Tree is a powerful tool that can be used to harness the energy of the seven chakras, known as the Lifeforce Power Centers of our spiritual energy. Through its use, we can tap into our personal chi, or inner life-force power, to help us manifest health and happiness in all areas of life. It also brings awareness to energetic blockages within ourselves and others. Implementing simple yet effective feng shui techniques can help increase harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

To further explore this topic, readers may want to consider researching traditional Taoist philosophy which explains how the eight trigrams within Feng Shui are related to different energetic patterns in nature and animate beings. Additionally, there are plenty of books available on consumer shelves offering detailed instruction on how to create a feng shui energy grid in one’s home or workspace using specific items such as meaningful symbols or objects with special meaning.

An inspiring quote by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu captures the essence of Feng Shui: “Nothing is softer or more yielding than water yet nothing can better overcome the hard and rigid” Which reflects strength amidst flexibility – a principle key component when creating your own feng shui tree for increased strength & growth.

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