Residential Feng Shui

## What is Residential Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice dating back almost 5,000 years that understands the ever-shifting balance of Yin and Yang and how it affects our lives. In layman’s terms, Feng Shui is all about harmonizing people and their environments with the natural order of the universe to create the most favorable living space. In residential Feng Shui, this means changing the layout and the design of the home and its furnishings to improve the energy – or Chi – that is present.

## How Does Residential Feng Shui Work?

With residential Feng Shui, the idea is that the energy – or Chi – in a given space interacts with the energy of objects within it, and ultimately affects the people who live or work in that space. A Feng Shui practitioner looks for ways to create stronger, more balanced energy in a home or office by strategically placing and arranging furniture and building elements.

### Feng Shui Principles:

*Comforting Environment: The space should be comfortable and inviting to anyone who enters. All of the furniture should be attractive, comfortable, and easy to use.
*Balance: Yin and Yang should be balanced, so that the environment is relaxed, peaceful and calming.
*Organization: Clutter should be eliminated and everything should have its own place.
*Lighting: Natural lighting should be used where possible to create a balance between natural and artificial light.
*Bagua Map: The Bagua Map is used to analyze the energy of the space and determine where any imbalances may be and how they can be corrected.
*Go With the Flow: Furniture should be arranged to allow for an easy flow of energy throughout the living space.

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## How Can Residential Feng Shui Help?

Residential Feng Shui is believed to improve the energy of a home in a few ways:

*Improving Health: Keeping the energy in a harmonious balance is thought to bring health and wellbeing to occupants.
*Increasing Wealth: Harmonizing the energy of a space is thought to increase wealth for the occupants.
*Creating Harmony: The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring harmony to the occupants and the home.

Residential Feng Shui has long been a popular practice, and it continues to be embraced by those who believe that it can create balance and harmony in their lives. By following the principles outlined and seeking professional advice when necessary, anyone can reap the benefits of Residential Feng Shui in their own home.

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