Outdoor Feng Shui

**Outdoor Feng Shui: Living Harmoniously With Nature**

Outdoor feng shui is a phenomenon rooted in ancient Chinese practice. It combines concepts from traditional Chinese geomancy, or feng shui, with the understanding of natural forms and elements. It encourages a harmonious blending of humans and nature, as opposed to dominating the environment for our own needs. This rapidly growing trend is about aligning the environment and nature in order to bring a balance of health, prosperity, and peace to both the environment and the inhabitants.

Outdoor feng shui works on the idea that energy, or Chi, should be able to flow freely throughout the space. This is done by encouraging the presence of natural elements and patterns, such as trees, water, plants, and rocks, while avoiding objects or features that block the free flow of energy. It also involves positioning objects and buildings to receive the benefit of light, air, and other commodities.

###The Benefits of Outdoor Feng Shui

Outdoor feng shui has many possible benefits, including:

**1. Improved Quality of Life**

When outdoor feng shui is properly practiced, you can experience a greater sense of peace, contentment, and wellbeing. You can become more in tune with your environment, which can lead to an improved quality of life.

**2. Good Health**

The careful selection of native plants and trees can increase the amount of fresh oxygen and reduce levels of pollution. This, in turn, can help to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health.

**3. Financial Success and Abundance**

Outdoor feng shui can also promote wealth, abundance, and prosperity. By creating an environment that facilitates the free flow of energy, it increases the chances of success in business and career.

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**4. Harmoniously Blending Humans and Nature**

Finally, outdoor feng shui works to create harmony between humans and nature, as opposed to dominating and exploiting the environment. This can help to restore eco-systems, reduce pollution, and protect natural resources.

###How to Implement Outdoor Feng Shui

Outdoor feng shui can be implemented by following these steps:

**1. Analyze Your Home’s Surroundings**

The first step is to analyze the terrain and natural features surrounding your home. This process should include looking at what lies ahead, behind, and to the right and left of the property. Make notes about the natural shapes and forms around you, such as bodies of water, slopes, rises, and trees.

**2. Survey the Home and Position of Objects**

Next, survey the position of your house and any structures on the property. Make sure to consider the position of windows, furniture, and other objects. Pay close attention to the position of the front door and any trees near the home.

**3. Determine the Best Placement for a Garden or Patio**

Now, decide where to best place a garden or patio. These outdoor spaces can help to balance the flow of energy, especially when they are located in a favorable position in relation to the other elements of the home.

**4. Use Natural Color Schemes**

Finally, use natural color schemes to create a feeling of harmony. Choose colors such as green, blue, and brown to evoke a sense of calm and connectedness to the environment.


Outdoor feng shui is a great way to bring harmony to both you and your environment. By following the steps listed above, you can begin to experience the many benefits of outdoor feng shui, while living in harmony with the environment.

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