Moving House Feng Shui 2014

Moving house feng shui 2014 is a useful practice to consider when relocating homes. Homeowners are often eager to make sure that their new home offers positive energy, and by following an effective Feng Shui strategy, it is possible to bring peace and harmony to the entire space.

The process of feng shui is focused on balancing the interior design of a home, lighting, furniture placements as well as symbols such as crystals that can maximize positive energy in the home. There are various pieces of traditional Chinese wisdom that can be applied when preparing for a new space, which will offer occupants safety and protection from negative energies.

Understanding Moving House Feng Shui: Harmonizing Your New Space The purpose of moving house feng shui is about attaining balance in your new home. The consultant first starts by assessing whether certain signs like declinations or location of roads carry any negative energies that need to be addressed with specific techniques such as placing items like lamps or crystals to deflect or enhance these energies.

It also works with the flow of arias in the building structure itself and how this then emanates into different rooms depending on its shape and size.

The layout needs to be studied by looking at each room individually and their corresponding arrangements at cardinal points in relation to each other. To simplify it, native decorations should be incorporated into each room according to its function.

Creating Positive Energy through Moving House Feng Shui: Practicing Strategies for Maximum Benefit When it comes to decorating each room with appropriate items based on Chinese principles, water features work optimally for east and southeast directions while earthy elements dominate north areas.

Crystals in general have potentials for diffusing energy throughout places but here only certain crystals should be used like Tiger eye stone or smoky quartz rather than real diamonds due light transfer effects they have when placed close together in darkness.

Professional advice may need consultated if a homeowner would like an more applicable approach for his/her individual situation About improving business prospects or developing amicable family relationships through this unique craft too.

The Science Behind Moving House Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to balance the elements within a given space. Practitioners believe that by creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony, it will lead to a smoother transition for the person or family moving house.

The concept of Feng Shui has been around for centuries and is often seen as the embodiment of good luck or fortune for those who choose to follow its teachings. In the context of moving house Feng Shui, there are four main areas, that can be explored – location, structure, materials and their placement.


The location of a property has a significant impact on both the energy level and atmosphere in any given home. When it comes to moving house Feng Shui, practitioners focus on locating properties that are located in areas with an abundant supply of energy.

Areas surrounded by water are believed to provide beneficial energy as water is thought to bring abundance and prosperity. Similarly areas with trees, mountains, greenery and other natural features considered great choices when selecting a new home from a Feng Shui perspective.


Structure refers both to the internal layout such as number of rooms, stairways and furniture placements as well as external features like balconies and pathways into the property’s grounds. It is believed that ‘chi’ or energy flows through these structures connecting all parts together harmoniously when properly balanced. Poorly designed structures can impede this flow which creates disharmony between elements leading to physical or psychological discomfort.

This means that when practicing Moving House Feng Shui particular attention needs to be paid over details like door placing. Doors need to be in optimal positions allowing for unimpeded entry and exits while ensuring privacy at the same time.

Material Choices

An important aspect in maintaining balance within any area is making sure there is proper alignment between the objects’ construction material and its surrounding colours present. Light and airy materials are generally considered preferable including wood material objects, canvas artworks.

Natural fabrics such as cotton look particularly effective in vibrant colours which meant generate positive energies i e red, orange purples representing joy, creativity. Darker materials should generally be avoided especially when constructing doors as they stop chi movement which creates negative vibes within habitable spaces.

Analyzing the Benefits of Moving House Feng Shui

Moving house can be a stressful experience, which is why some people turn to Feng Shui when it comes to managing the stress of moving. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of arrangement based on the philosophy that harmony and balance can be achieved through studying the environment. It has many benefits, both psychological and practical, for those who move, and applying it correctly when moving house can ensure that the new home truly feels like a safe sanctuary.

Reducing the Stress

Moving can bring about feelings of anxiety and fear in some individuals as they are unsure how their lives will change in this next stage. A sense of security is hard to come by during times like these and can be eased with the practice of Feng Shui which focuses on how energy flows throughout the home and how its inhabitants fit into that flow.

With careful selection of furniture placement, colour schemes, artwork placement and more; you can create a calming aura in your new home that radiates positive energy from all corners. This positive energy then reflects onto its inhabitants creating an environment where residents feel rested and energized no matter how big or small their living space is.

Maximizing Positive Energy Flow

The layout of a room sets the tone for everything else within it, affecting both moods and behaviour. Every aspect of a room – including lighting, colour palette, textures and furnishings – contribute to activating positive energy flow throughout. Without concentrated mindfulness about your furniture placement, you risk hindering certain activities due to low Chi energy traps forming beneath them (Chi being another term for energy).

How Do I Feng Shui My House

These areas may interfere with long-term goals such as success in career paths or personal growth due to lack of motivation or concentration coming from cramped work areas or emotionally toxic environments. A proper Feng Shui practices takes into account directionality (where should rooms/windows face) in order to maximize potential within each area designated for rest/work purposes.

Creating Balance & Harmony

When creating balance in your home with Feng Shui design elements such as Clearing & Clutter areaas; think yin-yang energies: Go ahead embrace dark tones if you find them inviting but don’t forget lighter shades too. A successful interior design scheme involves exploring multiple layers – incorporating only an abundance of one type will weigh down the dynamic duo that lends itself so beautifully toward balance & harmony.

Accents such as bright metal materials push coolness into warm colors while earthy green accessories provide mellow comfort cornerstones focused away from color saturation naturally establish overall balance & harmony within any space – especially important when it comes to preparing for big changes.

Spring Cleaning

If you are planning on moving home, it is important to take some steps to ensure that your move will go smoothly. Feng shui can offer a great way to ensure the positive energy can flow freely in your new place. The following advice will help you prepare your house for feng shui when you move.

Start with Spring Cleaning

Before anything else, you should perform a thorough spring cleaning of the house. This will rid the house of all the stale and negative energies that have built up over time. Pay particular attention to the highest priority areas in your home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, study or work spaces. Open all windows and doors and clean each room from top to bottom; this might take several trips depending on how large or cluttered your home is.

All surfaces in each room should be dusted, wiped down, vacuumed and/or mopped to ensure every bit of dirt is gone. Don’t forget to clear cabinets and drawers too. Once finished, make sure that all windows and doors are closed tightly to keep any negative energies out while allowing good chi inside at the same time.

Bring Personal Items

Personal touches are essential components for activating feng shui throughout a home rearranging furniture may help manifest a more harmonious atmosphere within its walls; however it is best to include personal items that reflect individual tastes which add additional feng shui energy into any space.

Try decorating walls with art prints that hold meaning for you – inspiration can come from pictures of children or artwork bought during travels – as this helps establish order between objects, develops creative thought processes, strengthens relationships.

Similarly candles used in meditation increase relaxation or aromatherapy oils infuse positive feelings back into a space.

Discard Any Unneeded Items

Now comes one of the most difficult parts – getting rid of anything not needed before moving into a new place. With Feng Shui comes organization; so unless necessary don’t bring too many items from your old place as this could clog up any free-flowing Chi movement throughout the property.

Anything not being taken along with you should be donated (what’s one person’s trash become someone else’s treasure.) Broken appliances show no respect for coming guest so make sure they are disposed off properly too – all these steps signify smooth transition into new lives Further discarding unnecessary trinkets will define living environments easily helping re-establish balance and give us space to do productive activities like reading, stressing etc after shifting in.

Creating Harmonious Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating harmonious energy within a home or other environment. It has been practiced for centuries and has originated from traditional geomancy. When moving house, it is important to consider how to apply the principles of feng shui into the new home. Here are some tips for making sure this transition is successful:

Tips for Moving House Feng Shui

  • Clear the old space: If possible, it can be beneficial to keep all items from the previous house before entering a new house, as this allows you to ensure that whatever was created in the old home can flow better into the new one.
  • Stimulate positive energy with windchimes: There are many ways to bring in positive energy using windchimes; hanging them near windows or doors helps create qi.
  • Open windows and doors: Keep your windows and doors open during the moving process as this will help cleanse away any lingering negative energy from past occupants.
  • Clean: Make sure everything is spotless before bringing anything into a new house. This allows smooth and fresh energy to fill up the space.
  • Be mindful of colour: Choose bright and vibrant colours in rooms throughout the house as these have been known to stimulate creativity and activate positive energy.

It is also important to place specific items in the correct positions within each room in order to bring about balance, joy, and harmony. For example, furniture should be placed against walls rather than in doorways or corners, mirrors should always be opposite windows so that natural light can enter, and plants should be placed near sunny spaces for best results.

Kitchen cabinets should also not face toilet seats if possible, whilst essential electronics such as computers should never face beds – this may cause restful sleep disturbances.

Additionally, bedrooms need to feel comfortable; large pieces such as cupboards should not be facing beds but should also not interrupt natural paths through rooms either. Finally, love-infused symbols may promote companionship within a relationship – these could include artwork depicting animals together (two carp paired) or symbolizing fertility (a lotus flower).

It is essential that attention is paid when entering a new environment – notice how it feels both on an emotional level as well as physically walking around the room – this can give you further insight into what needs adjusting before materials start arriving. Also placing furniture thoughtfully allows chi (energy) to move easily around each room without obstruction – creating harmony between occupants and allowing easy flow of air.

Feng Shui Remedy for T Junction House

This encourages balance between Yin (resting/inspirational areas) with Yang (lively/active areas). Similarly decluttering reduces physical obstacles or stagnation energies which will help energize the environment whilst removing residue energies which may have accumulated over time.

An Overview of Timing

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that a person’s living environment affects their life and health. In this regard, it is important to choose the right time when moving into one’s new home or office. Here, we will discuss how to Feng Shui time your move for 2014:

Tips For Finding An Auspicious Day To Move House

  • Avoid bad luck days such as 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th day of every month as these days are considered unlucky.
  • Choose the day with auspicious star number 8, 9 or 6 in the Flying Star Chart.
  • Consult a professional Feng Shui Master who will be able to provide you with specific advice on choosing an auspicious day depending on your Horoscope sign.
  • Ideally avoid Tuesdays and Fridays as they are not always good luck days.

Analyzing The Chinese Lunar Date

Before making any decisions it is important to understand the Chinese lunar date which begins each year on a different Gregorian calendar date. This date falls somewhere between mid-January to mid-February and sets off a sequence of other dates throughout that year. Those familiar with Chinese astrology and Feng Shui can analyze these dates to determine which are generally auspicious for starting new projects or activities such as moving house.

Finding An Auspicious Moving Date From The Ba Zi Chart

The Ba Zi chart identifies someone’s birth sign in order to identify their lucky elements. This birth element along with those elements related directly to one’s house must all be taken into consideration when selecting an auspicious moving date.

Relying solely on generic formulas from conventional sources cannot accurately account for individual circumstances. It is highly recommended that those looking to move house consult a qualified professional like a Master of Classic Feng Shui or some other reliable authority if they want to effectively time their move in 2014.

Benefits of Moving House Feng Shui Cures

Moving house Feng Shui can bring many benefits to the lives of those who follow it. The practice has been a part of Chinese culture for over 5000 years, and is used to bring harmony and balance within the home. Feng shui helps people to create positive energy in their surroundings, leading to an improved quality of life. Below are some key benefits associated with moving house Feng Shui:

  • Bringing harmony and balance into the home environment.
  • Making effective use of space within the home.
  • Promoting well-being and good health.
  • Creating good luck, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Maximise the flow of Chi (positive energy) throughout the home.

Being able to use existing spaces more effectively can lead to a much more efficient use of energy within the home. By properly optimizing these spaces, it becomes easier to reduce clutter and maintain tidiness. Additionally, this helps promote better air circulation which in turn leads to better health outcomes for residents.

Feng shui also enhances personal relationships between family members as everyone feels happier living in an environment that is full of positive energy. This idea is especially important when it comes to moving house; being able to take on board the different directions associated with feng shui can mean having a much more fulfilling new start within your new surroundings.

Moving house is an already stressful experience for most people so applying feng shui beforehand may help ease any potential issues from arising. It’s especially important not to ignore any traditional symbols or beliefs from different cultures – they often provide valuable insight into how important certain beliefs or superstitions are and how we work with them rather than against them in order to make our dreams come true.

Ultimately, adopting moving house Feng Shui cures can help make an already daunting task easier by providing potential solutions which both maximize energies while minimizing time spent researching each individual component required for successful application of these techniques.


For those about to move house, the ancient Chinese practice of applying Feng Shui can prove helpful to the process. Following certain principles helps ensure a smooth transition and walk away from old habits while embracing ones life endeavors in their new home.

Through spending careful thought and energy into repurposing stagnant chi, creating creative living spaces with sure and solid foundation structures or simply ensuring placement of essential items such as furniture is strategically done are just a few of the ways to maximize results.

The most important part of any moving house Feng Shui experience is to recognize it will take time for the Chi in a home to restart its flow, since it has now been blocked with moving barriers upon one’s arrival. This time is just as crucial since it allows each person, objects and energy to adjust accordingly inside the confines of their new households.

During this process, one should still practice curating their items with additional caution and focus before allowing themselves to be settled.

Housewarming ceremonies are often also part of this enjoyable transition period that help dissolve any missed negative energies while focusing on brighter prospects ahead in this new endeavor. Spending such quality moments with family or friends allows them to manifest all good vibes towards the new lived space which adds tremendous potential rise in Chi relations overall thereby layering it even further within everyone’s comportment equally toward its new inhabitants.

Overall, through following these simple yet effective practices by adhering to basic traditional Moving House Feng Shui principles can many not go wrong on successful transitions between dwellings both spiritually and physically wise.

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