Move House Date Feng Shui 2014

Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 is a calendar dedicated to predicting the best time to move into a new home, based on Chinese Feng Shui principles. It was first introduced in 2014, and came about out of an effort to create an easy-to-use tool for anyone who wanted to make sure they were making optimal use of their housewarming date.

The calendar works by providing individuals with important information regarding each day’s zodiac year, in line with traditional Chinese astrology. This helps one in determining which dates would be particularly auspicious occasions for moving or redecorating a living space.

The Calendar not only takes into account Astrological considerations but also considers the personal alignment of each individual as it relates to their new space, suggesting what can be done to ensure that energies within your space are compatible and beneficial for your wellbeing. This could include activities such as repairing leaks, clearing out clutter and replacing old furniture.

To further increase luck and prosperity, it suggests that certain symbolic objects be placed in specific areas of the house or apartment, like placing red curtains near windows or growing fresh flowers next to the door.

Feng Shui is said to improve balance and harmony within the home environment as well as attract favorable energy from the outside elements into one’s personal space. As a result of engaging in such practices, numerous individuals have noticed significant shifts when it comes to improving quality of life; reports show improvement in relationships, work life balance, financial gain and general happiness levels after applying Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 guidelines.

With this knowledge, utilizing these ancient techniques gives us insight into how we can ensure our homes are providing us with positive energy through careful attention and practice.

General Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system for assessing the environment and people’s luck through the placement of things inside or outside the house in order to achieve balance with its surroundings. This practice derives from observing and interpreting everything around us, including music and sounds, colors, shapes, heavenly bodies, mountains, rivers, and wind direction. One of its major aspects covers finding an auspicious date for moving into a house or relocating an entire business.

Elements Used In Feng Shui

When looking for a move-in date according to Feng Shui guidelines there are few factors to pay attention to. The base of it is that each month has personal characteristics which make some days more auspicious than others based on five main elements:

  • Days – depending if they’re favourable ones;
  • Month – as every month represents one direction;
  • Time – as time is almost set like only daily hours vary;
  • Place – since different geographical areas have different feng shui charts;
  • Homeowner Yearly Totem Animal – because Chinese astrology have 12 original animals.

Traditional Date Selection Methodology

To select an auspicious move-in date with traditional methodology Chinese astrologers use Ba Zi (Four Pillars). According to this technique all information about person’s life can be deduced by analyzing the day, hour and yearly animal columns, as well as monthly column.

Each one has combinations with favourable directions in order to mark off good days or upgrade them with additional factors like annual stars which will enhance luck even stronger once it pops in these directions.

Though sometimes simple calculations suffice to set up favourable year start date more sophisticated methods are used when processing specifics such as current landform chart combination where earthly branches interact with highly complex atmosphere graph which holistically scans all existing data connected environment formations vital strength compared to required one in place before home relocation process started.

Foundations of Move House Date Feng Shui 2014

Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 is a popular system for finding the perfect time to move house. Originating from ancient Chinese philosophy and practice, this method has been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. The main principle of this system is that moving house can produce positive energy (‘qi’) that can benefit one’s life and wellbeing. It focuses on arranging the ideal date in order to promote good luck and success in all aspects of life.

To calculate the most auspicious date to move house, several elements must be taken into account – the Lunisolar Calendar, as well as specific dates and months connected to one’s natal chart or BaZi (‘Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branch’). By combining these various elements together, it is possible to arrive at a suitable day that should bring joy and prosperity to the person who moves house on that day.

The basics of Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 involve consulting one’s natal chart or primary elements in order to obtain additional information about the individual timetable for moving. This helps determine important factors like location suitability, qi direction influence, as well as potential blockages which might be present if an individual moves during an ill-fated period.

From there, choosing a favorable date becomes much easier. Other related branches are employed depending on your specific circumstances – such as Four Pillars (BaZi), Flying Star – Xuan Kong Da Gua etc., each containing its own unique set of calculations.

When using Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 a great deal of analysis may be required – due to different interpretations of core principles within the text – but usually yielding very reliable results when properly applied on each case by an experienced practitioner. As such, many individuals today resort to professional experts in order to find the best time for them personally to shift their residence or commence other new projects like launching a business or starting another life journey.

Preparation and Consultation

When selecting a date to move house, it is important to consider the Feng Shui of that choice. This can be done by consulting with a professional Feng Shui consultant or expert who will be able to discuss the ramifications of your chosen date. Some people choose a date without doing any research on the implications of this and in turn select dates which may be detrimental, causing stress and disruption to their lives.

How to Arrange Your House Feng Shui

Firstly, it is important to ascertain the most auspicious time for moving and this can be done through asking your Feng Shui consultant. The Chinese calendar records positive and negative days according to which ones are suitable for moving.

Additionally, the type of residence can also influence this selection – houses connected with water paths, such as lakeside residences have different rules than those located in urban areas. Consulting an experienced professional in order to assess from where energy is likely to come from can help ensure a smooth transition into your new home without having too much disruption or negativity lingering while you find yourself settling in.

Since energy is fluid and mobile it is also influential when looking at the choice of house date as well as location when trying to obtain positive chi traits in both places. When setting up your new dwelling house it makes sense on certain levels that constructing rooms then changing furniture after has been found to cause distress and disharmony at first before stabilising energies afterwards. As part of organizing the move there are several elements that need consideration :

  • Agreeing on an auspicious day
  • Getting advise from an expert
  • Considering type of residence and location​
  • Choosing antiques or modern furniture for setup​
  • Setting up bedrooms before moving larger items ​
  • Feng Shui placement such as direction beds face
  • Activating areas such as placement of objects ​

Common House Date Superstitions

Moving house is a huge undertaking and one of the first major decisions when planning can be selecting a date to make the move. Dates have long been associated with luck and good fortune and this ancient belief holds true in many cultures today, including Feng Shui. For many people considering Move House Date Feng Shui 2014, it is important to carefully select auspicious days or times that are believed to bring good chi or energy.

In the world of Feng Shui, every date contains positive or negative energy. In order to incorporate these values into Move House Date Feng Shui 2014, consider the following superstitions:

  • Many believe that moving on an odd numbered day will bring luck for the future.
  • While it symbolizes new beginnings, avoid moving on New Year’s Day as this tends to welcome back old problems from previous years.
  • Do not book a date that falls on a full moon or coincides with lunar eclipses which can provide too much yin energy.

In addition to understanding commonly held superstitions about dates, remember to look at other factors such as health concerns and spiritual practices when considering your own individual case for Move House Date Feng Shui 2014. Taking into account multitude sources of wisdom about appropriate moving dates provides you with greater holistic perspectives so you are able make the best decision possible for your upcoming move.

Online Resources

Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 is a popular practice used in Chinese astrology to gain harmony and balance in one’s living space. This practice has been around for centuries but has recently seen resurgence as many people have started wondering how can this ancient practice help them in creating peace and luck in their lives.

It is important to note that not all Feng Shui practices are the same, as feng shui tends to vary depending on the type of location you are in and the specific time frame of your move.

In order to learn more about Move House Date Feng Shui 2014, there are several online resources available. These resources offer information on how to select an auspicious date, as well as practical insights into getting the most out of this practice. Here are some useful online resources for anyone interested in learning more:

  • Official websites – Various official sites offer guidance and tutorials to learn about Move House Date Feng Shui 2014. Furthermore, they also provide tips and suggestions regarding specific dates that may be favorable.
  • Blog posts – There are many informative blog posts regarding Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 written by experienced practitioners who have adopted this practice successfully. By reading their posts, one can gain knowledge on techniques and guidelines.
  • Videos – YouTube channels have become increasingly popular amongst those keen to learn about Move House Date Feng Shui 2014. Many renowned experts post helpful videos covering different topics related to this subject.
  • Books – Many books written by experienced feng shui masters provide detailed instruction on how best to put Move House Date Feng Shui into practice. Authors such as Lillian Too’s “Your Secret Destiny : Your Guide To Knowing How To Pick Your Best Moving Dates” offer considerable understanding of this topic.

In addition to official websites, blogs, videos and books, forums are also a great way for anyone interested in learning more about Move House Date Feng Shui 2014. This is because members post helpful advice based on their own experiences with various aspects of the practice and answer questions from new learners.

Tips for Consulting with Feng Shui Masters

If you are moving to a new house, you may want to consider consulting with a Feng Shui master for advice about the date on which to move in. Feng Shui masters use age-old wisdom from Chinese astrology to determine auspicious and inauspicious times for major life decisions, such as relocating to a new home. By consulting with an expert, you can maximize the positives effects of your relocation.

Strategies for making the most of your consultation

  • Research in advance: begin by researching local experts so that you can make an educated decision when it comes time to arrange a consultation.
  • Be organized: compile all of your necessary documents and details before the appointment, and bring copies of everything.
  • Set Expectations: be clear about what results you are expecting from the consultation.
  • Stay open-minded: when considering advice and guidance from an expert, be open-minded and understanding about their personal opinions and style.

Preparing For Your Consultation

Before embarking on consultations with Feng Shui masters, it is important to understand some of the key concepts associated with Chinese astrology. Researching ahead of time will help ensure that you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision when selecting auspicious days for housewarming or moving.

Feng Shui Bagua for 3 Story House

Additionally, in order keep track of all documents it helps to create separate folders or notebooks – one folder specifically dedicated for housing related information an another folder devoted solely for Feng Shui date selection. This will allow proper assistance from the consultant on how best to apply Feng Shui principles within your space.

Important Documents To Include

  • date of birth and birth locations if applicable : This allows the consultant help determine yoour personal fortunes according to your Ba Zi cycles
  • Floor plans : This allows comprehensive readings regarding specific trigrams and sectors based on physical layout
  • A general map of area features : A general layour view of roads, mountains terrain, etc. Allows further insights into the environment surrounding the property

Upcoming Move House Date Feng Shui Events

The practice of Move House Date Feng Shui is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With this in mind, a wealth of related events are taking place throughout the year which provide learning, guidance, and networking opportunities to those interested in this ancient Eastern practice. Here are some upcoming Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 events to take a look at:

  • World Place Emirates – Annual Summit On Move House Date Feng Shui: Taking place at the World Place Emirates, Dubai on April 21-24th, leading experts in Feng Shui from around the world will be giving seminars and talks about this ancient art. Attendees will also have access to cutting edge technologies and tools that can assist them in applying these principles to their own lives or businesses.
  • Feng Kaiyuan International – Dedication Ceremony for New Year’s Eve: At the Feng Kaiyuan International Center in Beijing on December 31st, representatives from various countries will gather together to honor Master Hochai and perform traditional ceremonies which mark the changing of the year with Move House Date Feng Shui principles. This event promises to be an enlightening experience as well as a chance to meet and network with fellow practitioners.
  • Kasparov & Whitehouse Seminar Series – Understanding Relationships with Feng Shui: This 3 day seminar series hosted by renowned specialists Kasparov & Whitehouse takes place on September 12-14th. It offers attendees a comprehensive guide on how they can create harmony between different areas of their lives or businesses using simple but effective strategies rooted in Move House Date concepts.

These events provide individuals with the opportunity to learn more about Move House Date Feng Shui, gain new insights into how it can be applied practically, and network with other like-minded people.

Moreover, some attendees may also be lucky enough to witness awe-inspiring ceremonies such as the Dedication Ceremony for New Year’s Eve offered by the ambitious team from the Feng Kaiyuane International who are generously hosting this fantastic gathering.

Case Studies

One happy customer that has benefitted from the 2014 version of Move House Date Feng Shui is Karl Forrest. Karl has a fairly large family and had been struggling to find more space in their old house. After researching different options and coming across Move House Date Feng Shui, Karl decided to give it a try.

Karl took advantage of the move house calculator online which gave him a list of possible dates that looked beneficial to his family’s new home. He chose one of them and moved into the bigger house on that date. He soon found that his family was happier in general with the bigger space and felt they were able to fit more into one room, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

Another benefit Karl noticed was an increase in energy levels. His children usually seemed tired and deflated after school but since they moved he’s seen them become much more abuzz with life, almost as if relocating wasn’t just about finding more space but also when done on the optimal date could also bring in youthful energy into the house.

The Benefits That Karl’s Family Experienced From Move House Date Feng Shui 2014

  • More Space – As they moved into a bigger house, this allowed them to fit more items in each room which created a comfortable living environment.
  • Increased happiness – The extra space boosted everyone’s spirits resulting in higher morale.
  • Increased Energy Levels – Moving on an optimal date brought youthful energy into their lives.


Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 was a blog post that discussed how to use the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui to your advantage during moves. The key points of the post emphasized were the importance of studying your house’s Ba Zi and Qi Men Dun Jia, the significance of creating a beneficial environment before entering one’s new home, and how to choose the most auspicious dates for moving dates.

Overall, this blog post provided a comprehensive overview on how to make the most out of your move using traditional Chinese methods.

The Ba Zi chart is used to identify assertive dates and times which would be advantageous when dealing with something as important as purchasing or moving into a new home. Moreover, considering the Qi Men Dun Jia would give valuable insight into unique situations regarding different aspects such as location and family dynamics; allowing people to better understand their current circumstances in order to create an environment which serves them best.

Lastly, it was suggested that when seeking an ideal date for moving it may be beneficial to incorporate those dates obtained through studying Ba Zi charts in combination with common Feng shui insights on which days may be more advantageous for relocation.

All-in-all, it becomes evident that transitioning between homes can be made smoother with proper planning ahead and by attuning ourselves with our own energy landscape. Move House Date Feng Shui 2014 provided some crucial guidelines when approaching relocation utilizing more modern applications of traditional Chinese philosophies. Furthermore, many avenues available through further exploration could be used in tandem while continuing personal education in order engender harmony during what can otherwise become a more chaotic process in life transitions.

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