Meaning Of Number 6 In Feng Shui

Meaning Of Number 6 In Feng Shui

Number 6 is a very important number in Feng Shui as it is believed to bring luck and fortune. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of using the position and arrangement of physical objects and symbols to create harmony between people, their environment and the energy of the universe. Number 6 is known as the “Lucky Number” in the world of Feng Shui.

Symbolism of Number 6

Number 6 is associated with luck, wealth, and material possessions. It also stands for healing and tranquility, as well as wholeness and thriving. The sixth day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is a day of festivity, celebration, and joy.

Number 6 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 6 carries with it the vibration and energy of spiritual responsibility and awareness, nurturing love and health, domesticity, family and friendships, and commitments. It’s emphasis is on the home and family life, healing, worry, and idealism. It has symbolized the great power of love and goodness throughout ancient times.

Feng Shui Uses Of Number 6

There are many ways to use the number 6 in Feng Shui.

  • Enhancing Wealth Luck: The number 6 can be used to enhance wealth luck by placing representations of it in the east sector of your home or office. Coins and golden ingots are traditional items to symbolize wealth luck.
  • Promoting Health Luck: Number 6 can be used to promote health luck by displaying ornaments or artwork with six birds, butterflies, or cranes, since they are all associated with health and longevity. Flowers, plants, and crystals such as Jade, Citrine, and Rose Quartz can also be used.
  • Improves Romance Luck: The number 6 is also a great way to improve romance luck. You can place artwork with images of birds and flowers, or symbols of love and romance such as lotus flowers and lanterns in the relationship sector, usually located in the South-West of your home or office.
  • Protects Against Negative Energy: Number 6 is a very powerful number and can be used to create a shield of protection against negative energy. Place 6 metal coins tied together with a red ribbon in the Eastern corner of your home or office for a powerful protection shield.


Number 6 is a very powerful number in Feng Shui and can be used to improve luck, wealth, health, and romance. It can also be used to protect against negative energy, making it a powerful tool in Feng Shui practice.

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