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Master Paola Gomez is a renowned Feng Shui expert with an impressive list of clients from all over the world. She has worked with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone and Michelle Obama. Master Gomez has also consulted and transformed the homes of countless everyday people into powerful spaces of balance and harmony. Her success stories range from helping businesses to improve their customer base and atmosphere to shifting individual’s luck and health to a more positive outlook. Master Gomez even helped clients through divorce or financial hardship, always demonstrating empathy and professionalism.

Paola Gomez

Paola Gomez is a talented Feng Shui practitioner and instructor based in California. She has been devoted to the practice of Feng Shui for over 10 years. Since then, she has studied with numerous Master practitioners around the world to perfect her skills and develop her understanding of Ancient Chinese wisdom.

In addition to traveling extensively to learn the deeper principles of Feng Shui, Paola believes that it is also important to distinguish between the various cultures and philosophies throughout the world, as they all share an ancient understanding of living in balance with nature. Through her travels, Paola gained insight into different forms of traditional healing arts used by each culture such as Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and others. She continues to seek out new ways to define how we can harmonize our lives no matter where or who we are. With this added knowledge, she combines different elements into her approach when helping people live a life that is balanced with their environment.

As a teacher of Feng Shui, Paola’s goal is to help guide individuals on a personal journey so that each person can discover his or her own transformation and ultimately gain invaluable knowledge about how their life fits within cosmic energy flows. Whether working individually or teaching in group settings, Paola provides practical approaches and modern day solutions that bring balance back into people’s lives through repositioning furniture, energizing colors and decluttering physical space. Her workshops culminate in an exploration journey inside our own inner landscape so that everyone can gain insights on how they want to live their lives more consciously surrounded by natural beauty.

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects, furniture and other elements within a space to create harmony and enhance one’s life. Feng shui has its origins in the teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese folk religion. The main goal of feng shui is to access qi, or the energy of nature, in order to promote inner harmony and spiritual balance. It encourages the use of natural elements such as the wind and water for balance in the home.

There are different techniques used in feng shui depending on the desired result. If someone wants to attract love into his or her life, for example, then she will use techniques involving water features like waterfalls or mirrors reflecting starlight as well as fire elements like candles or any elements that represent love or passion. Maps known as bagua maps are also commonly used when applying feng shui principles. Bagua maps are charts based on compass directions that help identify how best to move energy through a particular area, emphasizing areas related to relationships, abundance, health and other topics relevant to one’s life goals.

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Paola Gomez’s Modules and Instructions

Module One: Introduction to Feng Shui

In Module One, Paola Gomez explains the basics of the traditional Chinese philosophies behind feng shui. She discusses how the practice has been around for over 5,000 years, helping to bring balance and harmony into physical environments. She describes feng shui’s five element principles (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), which are believed to be connected with luck, health and wealth. As an introduction to her instructional program, Module One serves as a basic overview that provides the historical and scientific backgrounds of feng shui so that practitioners can begin their journey confidently.

Module Two: The Formula of Feng Shui
Paola Gomez’s Module Two focuses on discussing how traditional Chinese formulas combine with contemporary wisdom in order to create personalized feng shui applications for modern life. In this module she explains what is referred to as “the formula of feng shui” including Bagua Mirror Formula and other important formulas such as the Eight Mansions Formula, San He Formula and Flying Star Formula. Moreover, she discusses strategies on how best to use each formula in order to maximize its potential.

Module Three: Manifesting Your Intentions
In Module Three of her course, Paola Gomez focuses on specific strategies for manifesting intentions through feng shui application. She includes tips for sharpening visualization skills so that practitioners can better understand how energy moves throughout the space. Additionally, she offers advice about what types of items are best-suited for various metaphysical practices like space cleansing and setting intentions in order to effectively apply these practices within a personal environment.

Module Four: Professional Practice Policies & Procedures
The fourth module of Paola Gomez program revolves around professional practice policies & procedures every practitioner should follow when working with clients or creating products associated with their feng shui practice. During this session she will guide students through ethical considerations when dealing with clients or materials pertaining to client work such as contracts , fees or product production costs related to career choice or brand endorsement partnerships . In addition she covers topics such as liability insurance , copyright law and other relevant matters pointed today’s professionals who focus their practice on ancient philosophical systems like Feng Shui

Benefits of Master Paola Gomez’s Feng Shui Techniques

Master Paola Gomez is an experienced practitioner of Feng Shui. Her technique involves the use of energy to create positive outcomes in people’s lives by utilizing the principles of feng shui. She has helped many individuals improve their environment and achieve desired results.

One case study involves a couple who were struggling with communication and other issues in their marriage. By utilizing Master Paola Gomez’s techniques, they were able to resolve tensions and enjoy deeper understanding and respect between them. In another example, a man had been unemployed for over a year despite having exceptional technical skills and expert career advice from friends and colleagues. With her help, he was able to gain employment at a higher salary than before. Similarly, a woman suffering from constant headaches was able to heal herself using Master Paola Gomez’s methodology.

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The success stories are widespread; overcoming relationship issues, finding success in business ventures, healing physical ailments and much more have all benefited from Master Paola Gomez’s expertise in feng shui. She has inspired countless individuals across the globe with her powerful yet practical advice on how best to use the energy around them in order to bring out the best results within their own lives.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on utilizing aspects of the environment to promote balance and harmony in a home or space. Many people from a wide range of background have embraced Feng Shui principles in their lives and careers, including Master Paola Gomez who is one of the leading international feng shui professionals.

Cultural backgrounds can certainly impact one’s acceptance or approach to Feng Shui depending on their level of exposure and understanding. People raised in cultures with pre-existing knowledge and/or practice of Feng Shui may be more likely to accept and embrace the philosophy since they may already have an established positive perception connected to it. On the other hand, those unfamiliar or even misinformed with aspect pertaining to Feng Shui may seek additional education before deciding if they want to accept it or not. Additionally, cultural taboos and views can play a role in whether someone decides to dive into Feng Shui as some values systems will see it as contradictory.


Master Paola Gomez is a leading practitioner of the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Through her expertise, she helps her clients understand how to use energy within their environment to improve their lives. By recognizing and aligning with the energy fields present in our homes, offices and other personal spaces; we can promote balance, better health and well-being for ourselves and those around us. To further support her clients with their intention for success and possibility; Master Paola Gomez also offers other complimentary practices such as Visualization, Meditation, Energy Balancing and Mindfulness -all of which can yield a more profound understanding of ourselves in relationship to others. To learn more about Master Paola Gomez’s teachings or to inquire about her services you can visit her website at where you can find her contact information or follow her on social media @paolagomezfengshui.

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