Lung Ta Feng Shui

Introduction to Lung Ta Feng Shui

Lung Ta Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and teaching of sacred space alignment from the East to encourage balance, harmony and prosperity. Lung Ta is derived from the words “dragon” and “wind,” as these two elements signify the spiritual and physical forces that, in combination, generate equilibrium. The practice of Lung Ta Feng Shui dates back over 3,000 years, making it one of the oldest forms of divination and energy work still practiced today. Its principles are grounded in the belief that there are five elements- wood, fire, earth ,metal, and water- and the interplay between them determines our environment’s energy or “life force.” Through understanding these elemental relationships and their effects on both people and buildings, an individual can make choices that promote a more balanced life. Today, this ancient practice is incorporated into many aspects of life particularly when it comes to the building of homes or offices with powerful intentions for good fortune!

What Makes Lung Ta Feng Shui Different from Other Forms of Feng Shui?

Lung Ta Feng Shui is a type of Feng Shui that focuses on the earth’s magnetic field and energy alignments to bring balance into a living space. This form of Feng Shui is said to be much more powerful than conventional forms because it identifies cosmic hotspots, the powerlines in a space and heavenly influences in relation to current events and individual life cycles. Instead of focusing only on traditional elements such as Chi energy, directions couplings and specific materials, Lung Ta considers the connection between people, buildings, and their environment taking into account time and temperature. Unique to this form are beliefs that Yin spaces are connected by an underground stream of chi or dragon breath while Yang spaces receive cosmic wind energies from the heavens. Thus, it takes into account not just geography but also astrological dimensions when bringing harmony into a home.

Ways to Incorporate Traditional Practices of Lung Ta Feng Shui

Lung ta feng shui is a traditional set of Chinese beliefs about how the wind and the environment affect health, wealth, and luck. It is important to incorporate traditional practices of this ancient form of divination into one’s home or living spaces.

One way to incorporate Lung ta feng shui into your home is by paying attention to the flow of air moving around one’s house, as well as its placement within the surrounding environment. Make sure that the location of your house respects land features like water sources and mountain ranges, and that it is located in an area where air can move freely without being blocked. Additionally, pay close attention to where you position furniture in relation to windows”opt for strategic plants, which are believed to bring good fortune according to these principles.

Another important practice is decorating with symbols and images relating to protection, growth and abundance. This can be done through the placement of objects like stones, candles or lanterns that are believed to bring good energy into a space. Additionally, Feng Shui practitioners suggest creating good energy at doorways by hanging a wind chime or placing trees outside each entrance (especially if they face south). Other symbols could include items such as willow trees which symbolise prosperity and wealth; Chinese coins for bringing financial gain; or lucky bamboo for increasing balance in one’s life.

Finally, make sure that any changes made are reflective of personal values and goals”traditional practices should be used more as guidelines than enforcing strict rules into one’s own lifestyle. Incorporating Lung ta feng shui into your daily routines will take time and constant effort but it can provide a positive benefit if done right!

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Common Beliefs and Practices of Lung Ta Feng Shui

Lung Ta Feng Shui is a spiritual practice, primarily rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, that focuses on balancing and harmonizing the energy of particular homes, offices, and other spaces. In Lung Ta Feng Shui, practitioners determine the good and bad influences impacting a space and or person’s life. Central to Lung Ta Feng Shui is the belief that there are forces at play in a given space called “lung ta,” which can have both positive and negative effects on those living within it. To properly channel these forces, practitioners use various approaches like divination and astrology to read the energies present in a space.

Lung Ta Feng Shui practitioners incorporate several core practices into their work. One key practice is placing objects throughout the home that represent positive energies. This could include furniture such as chairs, couches, representations of deities or plants with aesthetically pleasing foliage. Practitioners also believe that certain colors can bring harmony to a room so they will transitonally paint walls in order to make them more inviting. They also use different shapes ” such as triangles ” to symbolize balance, peace, flow and protection from bad luck or evil spirits. Alongside these practices come rituals to invite these calming spirits into the home where prayers for long-term protection can be shared with higher forces for better health, wealth and luck for all occupants.

How Lung Ta Feng Shui Can Maximize Positive Energy in Your Home

Lung Ta Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging spaces in a way that will maximize positive energy within the environment. It works on the principle of yin and yang, which involves recognizing the balance between natural and man-made elements of a space. This could include placement of furniture, choosing certain colors, and ensuring the correct light and airflow. All these aspects work together to create a harmonious atmosphere in a home or business.

The practice of Lung Ta Feng Shui can be broken down into several areas. One important element is the door, which represents your connection to the outside world. It is said that having a grand entrance will create a good first impression for visitors, as well as maximizing your potential for success if you are looking to start a business from home. Furniture positioning is another key area; in traditional Feng Shui, furniture should be placed in order to reflect relationships between people and materials within the home.

In addition to this, it is also important to consider air flow and natural light entering through windows; drafty wind can bring negative energy into spaces, while too much sunlight may promotes quarrels between occupants of the house. Placing mirrors strategically around key areas will also allow positive energy to circulate throughout rooms more effectively. Finally having some green plants in different corners of each room can promote feelings of calmness.

When creating a space using Lung Ta Feng Shui techniques it’s also worth thinking about how certain pieces of art or decorative items could work with these practices too; placing symbolic objects such as pebbles or crystals at the right places can further enhance energies throughout spaces stirring up luck and fortune! For those who prefer not get their hands dirty ” there are professional consultants available who specialise in this ancient Chinese method who can help guide you in setting up your own harmonious environment!

Positive Effects of Integrating Lung Ta Feng Shui into Your Life

By integrating Lung Ta Feng Shui into your life, you can experience several positive effects. Firstly, Feng Shui serves as an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize individuals with the natural energies of their surroundings. This practice can serve to bring inner balance and clarity to one’s life through the arrangement of furniture and other objects within your home or office space. With a thoughtful arrangement of pieces and altering of light flow throughout the space, you are able to create an energy that encourages a calm and stress relief in the environment.

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In addition to creating a calming atmosphere, integrating Lung Ta Feng Shui can also assist in boosting good luck and fortune into your life. By focusing on clearing negative unseen forces from a space, such as Yin energies that cause emotionally dampening atmospheres, you can create a powerful source of positive energy- Chi. This powerful energy is believed to bring strong opportunities for financial gain and personal wealth through decreased negativity and increased abundance mentality which were once blocked by unseen energy obstructions caused by clutter, unorganized furniture layout or poor placement of certain items in the room etc..

To top it off, having a well-arranged living environment results in improved relationships with friends and family members as they will be amazed by every detail thoughtfully put together when they step into your life’s surroundings. Beyond just being more aesthetically pleasing, methods integrated through Lung Ta Feng Shui serve to improve interpersonal relationships by eliminating tension from busy environments due to causing an easier sense of organizational flow and increasing affinity between inhabitants through welcomed peace of mind given off by balanced energy throughout the area.

Essential Tools and Materials for Setting Up a Lung Ta Feng Shui Space

When setting up a Lung Ta Feng Shui space, it is important to have the essential tools and materials necessary. These tools and materials help facilitate the flow of positive energy, or Chi, in the space. Below are some essential supplies:

• Wind Horse Flag: Used to activate Chi and attract luck for your desired outcomes.

• 5 Element Pagodas: Represent different elements and help with balancing energies.
• Prayer Flags/ Scrolls: Hang above a house to protect it from negative influences as well as invoke good fortune.
• Bells/Tingsha Cymbals: Used when doing ritual chants in order to amplify powerful vibrations.
• Incense & Candles: Used to create sacred or calming atmospheres, perform rituals, or focus on strategy and decision-making periods.
• Flowers & Crystals: Represent vitality, good health, luck and prosperity. They can also be used to clear away the lingering energy that lingers in the home
• Essential Oils Diffusers/Room Sprays: Soothing scent helps promote peace & tranquility, creating a more balanced atmosphere in which communication flows more freely and genuine understanding is fostered between people who live in that space


Lung Ta Feng Shui is a powerful and ancient Chinese practice that can transform your life and your surroundings. This ancient art combines the practice of Feng Shui, which seeks to create positive energy flow in its environment, with the Eastern belief in Lung Ta, which looks to bring balance and harmony into one’s life. By using the correct combination of items, symbols and preventative measures, such as the implementation of Feng Shui mirrors and bells, you can begin to see shifts towards an environment that may be more conducive to peace and happiness. With careful practice of this ancient art form, you may start to notice multiple changes in your life such as improved financial stability, fewer arguments within relationships or improved health – all due to the gentle balancing provided by this practice. Not only will you experience transformation in your personal or work life, but also your surrounding space. As one becomes more balanced, their physical environment will appear more appealing due to a better overall energy flow within an area. Furthermore, through clearing clutter and incorporating intentional décor pieces; practitioners can introduce energetic enhancements that further harmonize a space. With proper application of these techniques, practitioners can surely make positive transformations in their lives and spaces through the power of Lung Ta Feng Shui!

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