Is a Mirror in the Bedroom Bad Feng Shui

Alternative Uses of Mirrors

The placement of mirrors in a bedroom can also be used to enhance one’s energy of luck and prosperity. When placing a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that the reflection you see while on the bed is of something beautiful, energizing and motivating. For example, a framed family picture or painting that radiates good energy placed in front of the mirror will create a pleasant atmosphere. Mirrors can also be strategically placed to directly reflect calming landscapes or gorgeous scenes like a water fountain or gardens. Wherever you decide to place them, keep these placements away from facing the bed because it activates an unnecessary flow of Chi energy that could harm your health and well-being. An alternate Feng Shui use for mirrors is to strategically place them in areas where they will deflect negative energy from entering your home. A large mirror positioned near or outside windows has been found to effectively block bad luck from entering through the window and into one’s living space.

Benefits of Having a Mirror in the Bedroom

Having a mirror in the bedroom can bring many beneficial elements of positive energy into your space. Here are some tips for optimizing the potential of having a mirror in the bedroom:

1. Make sure the mirror reflects something pleasing and be sure to avoid any reflection of the bed and its occupants.

2. Place mirrors on walls opposite windows so that natural incoming sunlight can be reflected and fill every corner of your bedroom with light.

3. To help open up the energy in your bedroom, place two side by side mirrors opposite each other; this will create an elegant look that increases air flow and will serve as a conversation starter!

4. Use mirrors to reflect plants or artwork, creating a sense of expanded space in small bedrooms or cramped spaces such as hallways or walk-in closets.

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5. Placing a few strategically placed mirrors around your bed allows for better sleep because it creates balance and calmness within the aura projected by you and your bed partner, – this is especially helpful if you have tension in your relationship or if you feel stressed out frequently due to work related reasons.

Ideas for Placement

For a bedroom to adhere to Feng Shui, any mirrors should be placed outside the bedroom door. This is so the energy of the bedroom isn’t disrupted or interchanged with the energy of the other areas of your home. Furthermore, if you do choose to place a mirror in the bedroom, it shouldn’t reflect any beds or anything romantic such as a fireplace. Instead, you can hang it outside of your closet as this will help improve an area associated with organizing and career success. Additionally, a mirror can be hung in front of a window – although, it should not obstruct any natural light from entering into the room. Placing the mirror on the wall opposite of your bed will also make sure your sleep isn’t disturbed by its reflection. Lastly, try to avoid having multiple large mirrors in one room which can create too much ‘Yang’ (active/male) energy and disrupt balance.

Creative Placement

Mirrored furniture and decor can be a great way to add a touch of elegance and attention-grabbing flair to your bedroom. This type of furniture comes in many forms, from full oversized statement pieces to small accent decor items. Mirrored bed frames or mirrored nightstands are great ways to draw attention to the area without overwhelming the space. For those who want some extra light, wall sconces which reflect off of the mirror can be displayed for a beautiful, ambient effect. Mirrors also make excellent room dividers between larger spaces such as dressing areas and make-up studios. Further, you can use mirrored surfaces that double as headboards or dressers for a unique look with subtle artistry. Finally, decorative mirrors are available with frames carved in various styles so that they fit well in any kind of interior design scheme. With thoughtful placement, mirrors can become an unexpected and delightful addition to your bedroom’s atmosphere!

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Understanding the Principles

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing the environment to promote positive energy. According to Feng Shui, a bedroom should be a sanctuary for peace and relaxation. A mirror in the bedroom can impact this balance of energy.

Mirrors are believed to amplify whatever is around them, drawing in more of everything. This includes both good and bad. Having a mirror in the bedroom may amplify the distractions and restlessness inside which can disrupt sleep patterns. Another way mirrors can affect the energy is by reflecting negative chi (energy) outside into the restricted space of your personal area, making it chaotic and less tranquil. In addition to amplifying disturbances in the room, if you’re able to see your reflection while in bed or asleep, this could also effect your subconscious while dreaming/sleeping and may result in troubled slumber or restless nights due to too much stress on your mind.

Although mirrors have been traditionally discouraged by Feng Shui practitioners, other schools take a more relaxed approach towards mirrors: they consider it acceptable as long as they aren’t positioned directly facing you while sleeping – basically aiming to minimize any distraction from what should be a peaceful environment – so that happiness and contentment prevails when retiring for bed after dark without feeling overly stimulated by external stimuli like light reflections from a nearby mirror (- even if silently).

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