How To Feng Shui Your L Shaped Desk


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the idea that arranging your environment in a certain way can influence how energy flows through it. This ancient art relies heavily on harmonious and balanced placement of furniture, colors, plants, and other objects around your house or workplace. Arranging your space in a Feng Shui manner allows for the free-flow of energy so that opportunities, good fortune, and success can come to you.

When it comes to having an L shaped desk as part of your workspace setup, Feng Shui principles still apply. The arrangement of this type of desk in particular can have a substantial effect on the energy flow surrounding you while working and should be done with care and intention. Here are some tips for applying the principles of Feng Shui to an L shaped desk:

1. Ensure that the desk is facing away from any doors in order for energy to enter properly.
2. If possible, orient the desk towards a window so that natural light flows into your workspace to promote productivity.
3. Be sure to keep clutter off the desk; opt for tray organizers or drawers instead to help maximize the flow of positive energy throughout your office space.
4. Add plants with round leafy foliage nearby as they symbolize prosperity in many cultures associated with Feng Shui practices.
5. Place objects like a globe or wind chime near your workspace – these items foster clarity, creative insight and generate feelings of open mindedness which are conducive for progress and creativity at work.

Benefits of an L Shaped Desk to Feng Shui Your Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that specializes in creating harmony and balance between people and the natural environment. One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is to position furniture in such a way that it brings positive energy into the space. An L-shaped desk offers a great advantage when it comes to this, as its shape adds both balance and continuity to the room – unlike a rectangular or square-shaped desk, which can often leave the space feeling cold and uninviting. By placing an L-shaped desk against two walls, in a corner works well and promotes productivity. This kind of layout creates an open center within the room, which is believed to be a source of creative energy. Additionally, choosing pieces in natural materials like wood or stone can help give your office some organic vibes, reflecting the presence of nature into your workspace.

Considerations & Tips

When selecting a desk for Feng Shui, an L-shaped desk is ideal because it gives you plenty of workspace, helps to promote enhanced concentration and focus, and makes your room appear larger. Keep in mind that the size should be proportional to the size of the space, as too big a desk can be overwhelming in a small space. When choosing the material for your L-shaped desk, look for something sturdy yet stylish, such as wood or metal. Color is also an important factor; avoid bright colors that can distract from productivity and opt instead for muted tones like whites and greys to create a calming work area. Lastly, consider the shape and design of the desk; since Feng Shui is about energy flow, look for curved lines instead of sharp edges that can make chi stagnate. A corner L-shaped desk won’t obstruct traffic paths within your space and provides two primary advantages over a linear style one: increased access to power outlets while creating maximized storage solutions beneath its structure.

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Directions & De-Clutter

When arranging an L Shaped Desk when considering Feng Shui, you should use the wider right angle side to accommodate important activities such as a laptop computer or desktop computer. The shorter left side of the desk should be dedicated to tasks that can be carried out without too much thought, such as stacking paperwork and organizing files. If possible, place your desk in a spot that has good lighting and is away from any distractions or clutter.

To ensure optimal energy flow within your workspace and maintain a clutter-free environment, invest in items like file holders and trays that are specific to your L Shaped Desk. Utilize office supplies like drawstring bags for extra pens and pencils, desk organizers for paper documents, file folders for individual projects, shelves for books/journals, and baskets for other small items. Be sure to clear off all surfaces every evening before leaving so that your desk is free from distractions when returning to work the next day. Through regularly de-cluttering and maintaining order around the space, you will experience increased productivity throughout your workday.

Privacy & Desk Design

Feng shui principles emphasize the importance of creating a balanced workspace that promotes focus and productivity. When it comes to achieving privacy in an L-shaped desk, there are a few tips to consider:

1. Place a space divider or room screen at the opening created by the L-shape. This will help create privacy and will block out any intrusive light from outside sources.

2. Make sure there is enough natural light coming into your workspace. Utilize your windows, but be careful not to let too much direct sunlight come in which can cause glare on your electronic devices.

3. If you don’t want to install traditional window shades or curtains, try using sheer white fabric or blinds stacked on top of each other in order to create just the right amount of privacy while also maintaining a good level of natural light.

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4. Hang art or photographs strategically around your desk so as to minimize distractions while also creating an aesthetically pleasing environment to work in. The artwork should be designed with calming colors and subject matter in order to promote relaxation and focus while working at your desk.

Finishing Touches

When you are putting together your desk, first consider the placement of each item. A good guideline is to place items in front of the widest part of the “L” shape. Place larger objects, such as bookshelves, filing cabinets and bookcases, at the back of the L-shape and allow them to take up the more spacious parts of the workspace. It’s also important to leave some room between pieces to create a direct path between them and to allow easy access to items located in those pieces.

Adding plants into your workspace is an ideal way to increase focus and productivity while also creating a more inviting environment. Try finding plants specifically suited for office desks – ones which require minimal maintenance or don’t give off pollen from flowers. Palms are often ideal for this! You can add plants into corners, either side of your monitor, along windowsills or on top of file cabinets – basically any little space that can be spared! Keep in mind that pictures or artwork can also help brighten up a space and provide positive energy. Include imagery that speaks to you and gives you comfort when stressful times arise. Finally, adding an additional object or two can tie it all together nicely. This could include essential oils diffusers, Buddha figures and laughter sculptures – anything calming which provides a boost during moments when things get stressful..


One of the most powerful aspects of Feng Shui is creating energy flow. Energy flow can be beneficial for bringing positive energies into our homes and workplaces, helping to balance and create a calm environment overall. When we apply this concept to a L shaped desk, it is important to remember that it will bring two distinct energy flows together as one. To maximize the effect, use essential oils like ylang-ylang or lavender to energize the area with a calming scent. Additionally, use plants or artwork around your desk to further increase the energy flow while introducing some color and life into the space. Adding these small touches can help lift your mood and create an overall calming environment in which to work.

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