How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique used to create balance and harmony through the rearrangement of furniture and placement of objects. This practice can be used to improve the flow of positive energy, or “qi” through a space. Incorporating Feng Shui methods into your bathroom can help turn it into a vital element in the home by creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace as well as providing clarity and focus when outside energies are all too much. Doing so can also help boost overall wellbeing with improved health, wealth, and relationships.

Start by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom to rid it of negative energy from any anxious thoughts or lingering tension that may still be present from any prior use. Don’t forget to replace a burnt out light bulb or air freshener as dark areas may block positive qi. Once you’ve completed this task, keep all objects tidy—clutter should never accumulate in the bathroom! Another tip worth remembering is not to hang pictures or mirrors on walls facing toilets or baths as these will encourage bad hygiene habits like skipping showers. Alternatively, you could use some soft-colored wallpapers such as pastel pinks, blues, purples, greens since they resonate with calming energy without disrupting qi.

Preparing Your Space

Preparing your bathroom space prior to using Feng Shui principles is an important first step in creating a refreshing, harmonious energy. Start with clearing clutter, including any objects which don’t belong in the bathroom such as paper, toys and other items that don’t serve a purpose. Once all of the clutter has been cleared, take some time to focus on reorganizing what will remain in the bathroom to create a more balanced environment. This could involve changing the way furniture is arranged, or considering how certain items are displayed. Rearranging vanity drawers for example, can help create visual balance. Utilize shelves and cabinets for additional storage and organization of toiletries and other items, resulting in more open space. If possible, add a window or skylight for natural light which promotes positive energy flow. Ensure there is adequate ventilation throughout the room. Finally, adding plants such as bamboo or flowering almond can create freshness and purify the air. Used together these Feng Shui principles can help transform an ordinary space into an energized retreat for relaxation and renewal!

Color Considerations

When considering a bathroom’s color palette, the key is to choose colors and materials that convey calming energies according to Feng Shui principles. For example, shades of blue and green are considered healing and must be incorporated in your living space. Additionally, other colors such as pink or purple can create a sense of serenity in your bathroom. A person should also consider the energy they want to bring forth as well — warm colors like oranges, reds, and yellows might be invigorating and energizing if that’s what you desire. Furthermore, think about how different materials will affect the energy of your space too — wood brings a warm feeling whereas tile or granite gives off a colder vibe.

When designing according to Feng Shui principles, it is essential to note all of these details since they’re all subtly creating an energy landscape in your environment. It can be helpful to reflect on the reasons why you want to Feng Shui your bathroom so you can make sure everything aligns with those intentions — whether it’s greater relaxation or more energizing vibes when you wake up each morning. Then bring this intention into every material choice and color selection you make for your space!

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Incorporating Feng Shui Design Elements

The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has long been used to bring harmony, balance and positive energy into the home. Nowadays, it’s becoming more popular to incorporate Feng Shui design elements into the bathroom. Here are some tips for choosing fixtures and accessories that will help bring balance and equilibrium to your space.

The most important thing is to ensure that the room’s layout follows Feng Shui principles. For example, it’s believed that furnishings and structures should be arranged in such a way that they resemble mountain formations – taller objects towards the back of the room with lower ones up front. This allows for a free flow of energy through the space. Additionally, all plumbing should be placed in discreet locations so as not to draw attention or block this energy flow.

When selecting fixtures and accessories, consider materials that promote natural energy while also creating a feeling of relaxation. Choose shades of blue or green which symbolize water, an essential element necessary for creating balance in Feng Shui design. Simple lines are ideal as intricate details can create distraction and chaos in the space. Finally, ensure good lighting so you can set the right atmosphere whenever you need it by using LED lamps or LED strips; these provide unobtrusive light without being too harsh on the eyes or detracting from relaxation .

Accessorizing for Feng Shui

When it comes to accessorizing the bathroom for feng shui, there are several elements that can be deployed in order to create harmony in the space. Furniture and decor should be placed in a way so as to allow for a calming environment. Soft blankets or throws can be draped across chairs or vanity benches, adding warm and inviting textures without cluttering up the place. Plants can also be carefully placed throughout the bathroom- plants such as bamboo are said to attract positive energy. Adding art with soft colors can also bring in a peaceful vibe, while hanging potted plants from the ceiling can add a fun, tropical flair. Other natural materials such as polished stones and sea shells can also help promote positive energy within the space. Using elements like these will enhance your bathroom’s feng shui and make you feel more content each time you enter it.

Orienting Your Bathroom for Maximum Energy Flow

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that applies the laws of energy to design and architecture. It’s based on the idea that your environment affects your wellbeing, so intelligently arranging different elements of your home can bring greater balance and harmony to your life. When it comes to applying feng shui principles in your bathroom, there are certain things you can do to ensure optimum energy flow.

First, consider the orientation of your bathroom within the rest of your house—it should be located in a private area away from public spaces like common rooms or corridors. Place mirrors strategically in order to create positive qi (energy) circulation throughout the space, and keep them either covered or dimmed when not in use. Additionally, you can hang a wind chime outside the door or beneath windowsills to disperse stagnant or negative energies.

Ensure that water flow is unobstructed by placing clutter away from showerheads, sinks, and drains. And finally, select colors that evoke feelings of relaxation such as blue-green hues and light neutrals for walls and surfaces. Adding plants around the room helps to breathe life into the space; green decor also enhances relaxation. For more calming atmosphere, opt for items with curved features rather than sharp ones and choose pleasant scents like essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.

Feng Shui By Room Or House

Feng Shui Feng Shui

The art of feng shui has been around for centuries, designed to maximize positive chi energy flow within any given environment. Applying its principles throughout your home may bring feelings of balance and tranquility. When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, here are some tips to feng shui your bathroom for optimum relaxation and rejuvenation.

Start by decluttering the space and rearranging furniture pieces for better energy flow—this could include replacing a glass shower door with curtains and moving an overflowing laundry hamper out of sight. Next, incorporate natural elements into the design of the bathroom to promote growth while also increasing oxygen in the atmosphere. Introduce plants as well as earthen materials such as natural stone tiles or woven wicker baskets—these are great accents that provide a peaceful aesthetic without feeling too busy or overbearing. Lastly, consider soaking in a tub with luxurious bath oils or taking a hot steamy shower with aromatherapy candles—all things that will enhance your state of well-being. Additionally, try displaying artwork featuring calming sceneries or quotes that spark peace in times of stress. Ultimately, using these tips can help you create a calming sanctuary within your home.

Finishing Touches to Enhance Feng Shui

One of the most important areas in your home to bring Feng Shui into is your bathroom. Creating a relaxing, comfortable space can help create harmony and balance your energy. Add some of these ideas and tricks to take your bathroom from mundane to fabulous, helping it become a haven of peace for all who enter.

To enhance the feng shui in your bathroom, first make sure you are bringing in pleasant colors and lighting. Natural light and soft colors like blues, greens and pastels can help sooth and relax you when taking a hot bath or shower. You may also want to consider adding plants like orchids to help cleanse the air in the room and give off positive energy vibes. Incorporating wind chimes near an open window can also have a calming effect while using the room.

Other accessories such as candles, essential oils diffusers, hanging art pieces with positive messages or symbolism painted can help set the mood that is conducive to relaxation and tranquility when entering the space. Finally, providing plenty of storage options that blend seamlessly with the overall decor style can keep the area looking neat while making it easier to find what you need when in a hurry!


Implementing Feng Shui in your bathroom has many wonderful benefits. It can create a more harmonious and inviting energy within the space, which can have subtle but powerful effects on one’s mental state when using the space. The vibrant energy of Feng Shui in the bathroom lends itself to creative thought and enhances cleansing rituals such as those associated with taking a shower or a bath. Additionally, having this balanced and intentional energy can contribute to easier mornings spent preparing for work or any other activities you have planned for the day. In conclusion, if you’re looking for ways to make your bathroom more comfortable, consider implementing some Feng Shui principles into its design to create a positive boost to your overall daily wellbeing.

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