How to Feng Shui You Office Desk


Feng shui is a Chinese practice that involves the arrangement of objects and furniture in a harmonious manner. It is believed to bring good vibes, encourage positive energy, and even improve the luck of any given space. Practicing feng shui on one’s office desk can be particularly beneficial because it can cultivate clarity, focus, and help create a positive work environment. Here are some tips for how to feng shui your office desk.

1) Place an object or plants that represent life and vitality: Plants can really help to bring a sense of positivity and life into an office space. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also bring oxygen into the air and improve air quality. Objects such as crystals or art pieces surrounding the office area can also add color and vibrancy while serving as visual reminders of growth and success.

2) Clear out clutter: Clutter adds chaos which has been linked to lower levels of productivity, creativity and concentration – so clearing out all unnecessary items is essential for creating a peaceful work environment. Make sure all cords are organized; keep surfaces clear; use bins for folders; organize drawers into categories; only keep all essential items that you need around your desk, such as notebooks, pens etc., throw away any extra paper lying around.

3) Personalize Your Desk Space: To make your office feel like home it is important to add personal items that connect with your passions or interests. These could include photographs of family/friends/pets, specialty pens or pencils even scented candles or oil diffusers can be great additions to encouraging positive energy at work!

Assessing the Workspace

When assessing the workspace at your office desk, it is important to take its location, shape and size into consideration. The idea behind Feng Shui is to organize and arrange the furniture in your workspace so that it promotes good energy flow.

The placement of your office desk is a key factor in creating strong positive energy flow. Ideally, your desk should be placed facing an open doorway or window for maximum energy flow, as well as keeping communication open. The shape of the desk should also be taken into consideration; an oval or round shaped desk could facilitate better conversation than a rectangular one. Also make sure to take measurements so you can get something sized appropriately for the space – this allows for both efficiency and convenience when working.

Desk Positioning

When it comes to arranging your office desk for optimal Feng Shui, the first step is to consider the positioning of the desk within the office. If you have an open floor plan, try to locate your desk directly opposite from the office entrance to maximize your view of who enters and exits the space. If possible, placing the desk near natural lighting will both help improve focus and create a more peaceful atmosphere. If you don’t have direct access to windows, consider introducing more natural light into your workspace by adding a few plants.

In addition to taking advantage of any available natural lighting, it’s important to consider how you’re currently using interior lighting in order to optimize your Feng Shui energy flow. Switching out harsh overhead fluorescent lights for softer lightbulbs or task lamps can dramatically reduce stress levels while creating a tranquil environment conducive to productivity. Mirrors should also be used cautiously – while they can bring in more light and show off inspiring artwork in an office, it is recommended that these are hung strategically in order to avoid distracting glare on computer screens. Finally, if space allows it, incorporating some comfortable seating options such as chairs or couches within close proximity of your desk will help create an inviting area where clients and colleagues can come together for collaboration purposes.

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Color Schemes and Decor

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes peace and harmony in a space. Implementing it in your office desk can help create a more productive and balanced work environment. When decorating, choose colors and objects that will inspire you and set you up for success. Adding fresh flowers or plants can help to bring life into the space and bring a sense of joy each time you walk in. If possible, locate your desk near windows so that natural light can pour in to open up your mind and energize your workspace. Hang artwork on the walls or use posters or inspirational quotes to trigger motivation and keep clutter away from your desk by finding storage solutions for all non-work related items. Also consider changing the color scheme of your office desk; using soft, cool colors like blues and greens will promote a calmer atmosphere while bright colors like yellow or orange can help keep energy levels high and productivity flowing throughout the day. Additionally, incorporating Zen elements such as rock gardens, zen lamps or statues can serve as subtle reminders of balance while increasing focus on tasks at hand. With some mindful consideration towards color schemes and décor, you can confidently Feng Shui your office desk to promote creativity, productivity and harmony in the workplace!

Organization Strategies for Maximum Efficiency

Feng Shui your office desk for maximum efficiency means to arrange your space such that is organized, clutter-free and promotes goodwill in the workplace. Start by purging any unneeded items from your desk. Consider how often you use each item—things that are used frequently should be kept within easy reach, while items used infrequently should be moved to a cabinet or shelf. Once your office space is tidy, figure out where everything goes and create sections for different tasks. This will help create a sense of order while giving you more time to focus on what matters.

A great way to enhance productivity and improve morale is to establish a focal point around the desk. Feng Shui placement for the best results would involve an inspirational object placed at eye level, which could be a plant, artwork or other decorative pieces. Additionally, make sure to add plenty of light to illuminate your workspace as well as personal elements such as pictures and motivational quotes to keep you focused on completing tasks efficiently. Finally, consider incorporating calming elements into the design such as essential oils diffused through the air or even sound bowls used during breaks for ultimate relaxation. By applying these tips in addition to maintaining regular organization strategies you’ll achieve the desired feng shui effects necessary in the workplace!

Illumination for Concentration and Vigor

Adding the right kind of illumination to you office desk is a great way to increase your concentration and vigor while at work. The first step in Feng Shuiing your office desk is to make sure you have appropriate lighting levels that are neither too bright nor too dim. Natural light from windows can be especially beneficial, as it has been shown to boost mood and even productivity. Adding artificial lighting such as modern desk lamps or a lamp with an adjustable head helps create efficient task lighting for working on longer tasks. Investing in full-spectrum lights can help eliminate eye strain and headaches caused from staring at computer screens all day. Finishing touches like strategically placed crystals and succulents can add personality and create balance to your workspace, further enhancing the energy within your office. Combining these elements will not only help you stay focused and energized but also allow for creative thinking to flow freely.

Crafting Your Own Personalized Haven

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice which seeks to improve the energy flow in a space by using colors, elements and placement. You can use some of these same techniques to design your office desk in a way that creates a peaceful workspace. Here are some steps you can take to feng shui your office desk:

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1. Clear Out Clutter: Clutter brings negativity and stagnation in our lives, so it’s important to get rid of it and create an environment that encourages positive energy. Start by getting rid of any paperwork, supplies or items that aren’t necessary on a daily basis so that you will have more room at your desk for things that you need to focus on.

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely: Vibrant colors such as yellow, red, and orange can bring in feelings of positivity into your workspace while muted colors such as blue, green and purple give off calming vibes. You can add color to your desk with accents like a colorful paperweight or pen holder, but try not to go overboard since too many colors can be overwhelming.

3. Create Balance: Balanced is key for creating an inviting atmosphere for focusing throughout the day. Ensure that all items on your desk are distributed evenly throughout the area—and leave yourself plenty of open space!

4. Add Personal Touches: Place meaningful items around your workspace such as family photos or favorite quotes as reminders of what motivates you during moments of stress or doubt. Adding plants may also be beneficial since they create life force into any environment while helping reduce screen fatigue from looking at computers all day long!


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to help people achieve balance and harmony in their environment. It can be used to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere that can help promote productivity and creativity for those who work at home or in an office. When it comes to the office desk, carefully arranging items with the principles of Feng Shui in mind can reap great benefits. Here are some tips on how to Feng Shui your office desk:

• Position your desk facing the door. Place your chair so that you have good visibility of anyone entering or leaving the room, giving you a sense of security.

• Have an idea board above your desk for motivational quotes, goals, and reminders. Also consider including items that bring positive energy like plants or artwork.

• Keep only essential items like furniture, stationery supplies needed for easy access, and device accessories such as a laptop charger within arm’s reach on top of the surface. Try not overcrowd it with excess stuff that will distract you from working efficiently.

• Place greenery like potted plants near or on the desk to signify growth and keep air clean while also providing visual appeal. Bamboo is said to be particularly beneficial as they represent prosperity – useful if you work in an area related to business or finance!

By implementing these simple but effective tips on how to Feng Shui an office desk correctly, you can enjoy its many advantages right away. A well-organized space encourages healthy movement between tasks which will help lessen feelings of overwhelm related to your workload. Plus, there’s the added bonus of now having a refined aesthetic – something bound to put a smile on anyone’s face when they walk into the room!

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