How To Feng Shui A Very Small Bedroom


Feng Shui is a Chinese practice designed to create balance in the home. It uses the principles of unity, harmony and natural energy to improve the flow of chi (i.e., life force) throughout a space. Feng shui can be applied to everything from furniture placement to artwork choices. In doing so, it seeks to bring order and beauty into our lives, while also promoting mental and physical well-being.

When used correctly, Feng Shui in a very small bedroom can be especially beneficial. By implementing some simple principles, such as making sure there is adequate lighting and finding ways to de-clutter, one can create a cozy and comfortable place that encourages relaxation, peace of mind and vibrant health. Additionally, creating an inviting atmosphere with calming colors – like blue or green – can make all the difference when trying to create an environment that promotes relaxation and healing energy. Taking the time to add fun touches – such as pillows or artwork – can also help you gain a better appreciation for your bedroom and foster deeper connections with yourself and others around you. In short, living in harmony with your environment is key for achieving good Feng Shui in any room- no matter how big or small!

Preparing Your Bedroom for Feng Shui

When trying to create a space that promotes positive energy through Feng Shui in a small bedroom, it is important to remember two things: It all starts with the bed, and minimalism should be the ultimate goal. That being said, here are some tips for creating Feng Shui in a small bedroom:

1. Begin by decluttering your room of any unnecessary items that might prevent energy from flowing freely. Get rid of any extra furniture or anything else you don’t use on a regular basis. Clear away excessive knick-knacks and group like objects together. This will help open up the room and create a sense of intentional space

2. Place your bed diagonally across from the door for maximum energy flow. Make sure not to have your feet facing the door as this can disrupt restful sleep. Atop the bed, place firm pillows and an earthy comforter inviting enough for good night’s rest but not too distracting so as to invite gossipy conversations into your slumbering space.

3. Hang art that inspires you around the room and keep everything symmetrical as much as possible while illuminating with stationary lights rather than overhead lighting, unless absolutely necessary due to spatial constraints of your bedroom size and design layout. Lastly, display elements representing each of the five natural elements (wood, metal, fire, earth & water) near four different quarters of your small bedroom in order to balance out energies accordingly according to ancient principles and traditional practices of Feng Shui teachings.

Establish the Five Elements of Feng Shui in the Small Bedroom

When applying the principles of Feng Shui to a small bedroom, one must take into consideration each of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. To establish these elements in your very small bedroom, consider the following tips:

Wood Element: Having wooden furniture in a small bedroom can help create a calming atmosphere that promotes spiritual growth and attracts positive energy. If you don’t have enough space in your room for wood furniture, add wood accents such as frames or wall art. Additionally, having plants around also helps to bring in this element.

Fire Element: Red is the primary colour associated with Fire energy. You can add pops of red with artwork or framed pieces on the walls – just ensure it is well balanced with wall colours and does not overwhelm the room. For lighting fixtures, you can use softer tones such as pinks and yellows for milder energy flow and burn candles or incense to ignite more life force.

Earth Element: Incorporating both calm and earthly tones like beige and browns into your interior design scheme is signified by this element. Pillow covers or floor mats can fit comfortably even in small bedrooms spaces; try earth tone hues to provide warmth or you can plant an indoor plant that would look great!

Coffin Position Feng Shui Bedroom

Metal Element: The Metal element symbolizes clarity and alertness within a space so it is essential to find ways to include certain metals like silver, brass or bronze into your very small room. Elements such as metallic lamps, shelves (if they fit) figurines or storage containers are examples of how you can achieve this element while still ensuring you do not over clutter the space.

Water Element: The symbolization of water brings calm yet powerful energies and feelings into our environments; think reflective surfaces like mirrors installed near windows if possible which will help absorb light from outside during the day time hours. Having fish bowls nearby will also help here – introduce some fishes for positive chi!

Visually Enhancing Your Bedroom with the Color Wheel of Feng Shui

The Color Wheel of Feng Shui is an important part of designing a balanced and peaceful bedroom. It is essential to consider the colors of one’s surroundings, as color psychology can have a significant impact on the overall feeling and atmosphere in one’s room. To create a harmonious and calming feng shui bedroom, there are several tips to consider:

1. Balance Light & Dark Colors: Dark colors are powerful colors and should be used sparingly in order to achieve an appropriate balance with lighter colors. As a general rule, adding lighter pieces and materials will help open up the space, while darker colors can help add points of emphasis or provide contrast for interest.

2. Analyze Color Psychology: Every color has its own psychological meaning, so it is wise to carefully choose colors based on how they make you feel. For example, blue can bring peace and clarity, while red can be energizing but also aggressive if overused or used inappropriately within your design scheme.

3. Incorporate Complimentary Colors: Consider utilizing aesthetic opposites to create visual harmony throughout the room (e.g., use blues and oranges together). Additionally, try using shades of varying intensity (light/dark) rather than predominantly using one color palette throughout the room – this will add dimensionality and versatility as you select individual pieces within each complimentary group.

4. Add pops of white &/or neutrals: In a very small bedroom with lots of color already incorporated, consider adding white walls or white furniture pieces which contribute to brightening up the space while simultaneously providing neutrality when needed – allowing for well-rounded balance in spite of limited square footage!

Placement of Essential Elements

When Feng Shui-ing a very small bedroom, the most important step is to have a proper placement of essential elements. The position of the bed is paramount in ensuring a restful sleep; when positioning the bed, its head should point towards the door but not directly in line with it as this could indicate potential danger or disruption. Any furniture that cannot be moved – such as computer desks, wardrobes and additional storage units – should be placed either on the opposite wall from your bed or at an angle from it; placing furniture adjacent or too close to your bed can block energy flow and make for some uncomfortable sleeping zones, so be mindful to observe adequate distances and ample space for movement in your bedroom. Furthermore, avoid clutter to maximize space efficiently; two nightstands instead of one can be equally practical and creative solutions exist for double-function pieces like bookcases or dressers which can also serve as nightstands while saving a lot of space. Additionally, reflecting surfaces such as mirrors are great when using smaller rooms because they bounce energy around and can help create an impression of spaciousness. With these steps followed accordingly, you will successfully master Feng Shui in your very small bedroom.

Adding Artwork & Accessories to Complete Your Small Bedroom

Artwork & Accessories: When decorating a very small bedroom, carefully selecting artwork and accessories is essential. Be sure to choose pieces that fit the scale of your room and avoid overcrowding it with large or multiple pieces of art. Opt for framed wall hangings that make a statement instead of smaller pieces which may get lost in the space. Introduce pops of color with soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions, keeping in mind not to overwhelm the area.

Architecte Feng Shui Belgique

Utilizing Mirrors Effectively: Mirrors are great tools for small rooms as they open up space visually by reflecting light and making the walls appear further away. Hang large mirrors on any available wall or even consider a mirrored wardrobe to provide a sense of spaciousness; however, note that having too many mirrors facing each other can create feelings of unease so proceed carefully when adding this feature!

Natural Elements: Incorporating natural elements like plants, flowers and crystals into any bedroom helps bring harmony between you and your environment. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but studies have found plants can help improve air quality within the home. An array of crystal formations such as amethyst points or geodes placed on bedside tables helps clear negative energy while bringing in clarity and focus when meditating or practicing mindfulness.

Examining the Role of Lighting: To make the most out if a small space one must pay special attention when illuminating it. Natural light should be maximized by installing sunlight blinds or shades that can draw away when there is lots of sun yet keep cold drafts at bay when necessary. Utilize additional sources such as table lamps and wall sconces to create focal points throughout the flexible mood you desire for evening activities like reading or watching movies – dimming these lights doesn’t just add ambiance bu

Maintaining Your Feng Shui Bedroom

When it comes to maintaining the balance and harmony of your feng shui bedroom, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your positive energy flows as smoothly as possible.

One important step is to declutter often. This helps eliminate any negative or stagnant energy that may have built up due to items being stored in the bedroom for too long. To declutter effectively and efficiently, keep items such as clothing and books organized in labeled containers or bins. You can also hang pictures, artwork, or tapestries on the walls to add character to the room; hanging art made with natural elements—such as wood, stone, and clay—has a calming effect on your personal vibe.

In addition, pay attention to adjusting the furniture arrangement regularly. Try orienting furniture away from the room’s corners since this leaves more space for the chi (energy) to flow freely throughout. If you have a small space, use multi-functional furniture pieces such as benches that open for storage instead of heavy dressers or chests to keep things feeling lighter and airier in your sanctuary. Choose light colors for linens and curtains, as dull and dark tones can cause unpleasant vibes within enclosed spaces. Also try placing a mirror opposite from your window so your energy can drop back down after receiving natural sunlight from the window during the day.

Finally, it’s essential to add greenery into a bedroom with plants like succulents, English ivy, bamboo palms according to feng shui standards; these will help purify stale air inside your space while emitting positive vibes at night since some plants give off oxygen during evening hours too when illuminated by artificial light sources such as lamps or candles!


Feng Shui is an excellent method to make the most of a very small bedroom. By utilizing the principles of Feng Shui, you can create a calming and relaxing environment that encourages positive energy flow by arranging and positioning furnishings and items strategically. There should be an even balance of both Yin and Yang in order to achieve harmony in the room. Additionally, removing clutter or unnecessary items can help to minimize distraction or overwhelm. Ultimately, with proper Feng Shui, you will benefit from improved quality of sleep and a serene ambiance – perfect for relaxation.

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