How to Feng Shui a Two Story House Classical Bagua


Classical Bagua is an important concept of Feng Shui that revolves around the eight trigrams of Chinese cosmology and their symbols. These symbols are used to energize a room or a building according to certain principles. When it comes to applying Bagua formula to a two story house, the main objective is to create an energetic balance between all areas in both floors, by visualizing the energy flow from one level to another. To successfully do this, a few items must be taken into consideration including whether or not your house is symmetrical and if there are any obstructions.

To properly Feng Shui your home using classical Bagua it is necessary to take into account how each area will be affected by energy flow, as well as the placement of objects like walls and doors that can impede the movement of energy between floors. Also, while arranging furniture it’s important to make sure not too much energy flows onto one side, creating an imbalance where energy stagnates which may lead to unruly energies wreaking havoc inside the space. The best way to create harmony in a two story house using classical Bagua is by making sure that all areas are connected with each other energetically while also avoiding any obstruction that could cause negative results such as stagnant energies.

Setting the Foundation

When feng shui-ing a two story house, it is important to first establish the bagua of the design. The Bagua is an ancient system that creates harmony and balance between energies in a space. To start, you’ll want to divide your two story house into two pies; one for the first floor, and one for the upper level. On each pie, mark off areas representing each aspect of life from prosperity to health and wellness, according to traditional Bagua standards. Specific symbols can be added according to your personal needs and desires.

Once the bagua design has been planned out, you can begin organizing and furnishing rooms in consideration of their corresponding aspects or energies. For example, you would want to place furniture or items in wealth related areas that draw potential wealth opportunities into your home such as green plants or crystals known to attract money luck. Likewise you would enhance career related areas with powerful items associated with success such as scholarly mementos or art depicting conquering mountains, etc. Additionally the arrangement of furniture should played out in consideration of good long-term energy flow within the room (and house) so that occupants are able to feel balanced mentally, spiritually and physically no matter where they occupy within your two storey homespace Focal points may also be established with artwork designs symbolic for specific aspects depending on where people rest momentarily in any given room.

Ground Floor

When it comes to feng shui-ing a two story house, it is important to understand the principles of the classical bagua. This diagram divides life areas into nine sections and can be used to identify and place the various aspects of life in your home. In order to set up the bagua, start by locating the center of your house on either floor, which represents Prosperity. After that has been established, place the symbols of each life area in their respective segments.

For a two story house that has stairs, the bagua map should be divided so that each segment covers roughly an equal amount of space on each floor. To ensure this balance, some people prefer to move certain sections around such as Career/Knowledge and Loving Relationship onthe ground floor, while displaying Wealth/Prosperity and Helpful People/Travel onthe second floor. Additionally, it is important to note that if there are any multi-level rooms with staircases inside them, use that bagua section for the upper portion only and not for any areas below it. In this way you have created a harmonious flow between both stories which allows positive energy to circulate throughout your home.

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Upper Floor

The easiest way to Feng Shui a two-story home is to divide the structure into two distinct sections according to the classical Bagua (or energy) map. The upper floor should be allocated the five elements as follows: Wealth and Prosperity in the Northeast corner, Health/Family in the Southeast corner, Fame/Recognition in the Southwest corner, Helpful People & Connections of Beneficial Nature in the Northwest corner, and Love & Marriage relationships in the center. Additionally, windows should be placed opposite walls on any upper level room to maximize natural light and promote good chi flow throughout. Home office workspaces should be set up facing West or East for best results.

It is also important to focus on each corner of your upper floor space when allocating the Bagua life areas. Firstly, it is best practice to keep an unobstructed view from North to South so that negative energies don’t get blocked. Secondly, use crystals and wind chimes around windows as well as mirrors for additional chi flow point connections which can bring positivity into each area of your home. Lastly, strategically place plants at key points throughout each floor plan to promote positive energy before moving furniture items or personal belongings into their future homes.

Enhancing the Energy Using Color and Symbolism in Each Bagua Life Area

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of environmental and design influences rooted in the belief that our physical environments shape us and are deeply intertwined with our emotional and spiritual well-being. This can be applied to any two story house, where particular ares may be specially treated to bring the balance of energies. To do this, an understanding of Classical Bagua, the energy map of a space is required. This bagua divides a space into nine areas, each associated with specific life aspect such as fame and reputation or family. Each area corresponds to a certain color, symbol or element.

To alter the energy associated with each bagua life area, colors can be used to bring out each elements nuances and symbolism to grant protection or enhance its power. For instance, red is often used for fame & recognition as it evokes power while blue can foster deeper relationships by promoting nurturing and trustworthiness. Incorporating colors like these into decor is an effective way to direct or adjust the energies in each room toward a desired purpose. Aside from colors, symbols such as pictures or statues can also be placed in each area that represent characteristics believed to promote success within that area such as family unity or prosperity. Integrating plants increases pressure of positive chi which furthers elevates one’s journey through life. Additionally, actively utilizing objects associated with that area strengthens their influence within the area itself and ultimately empower that sector’s related goals in life.

Implementing Classical Bagua Practices to Maximize Energy Flow

The Classical Bagua, a core component of Feng Shui practice, involves dividing the house into eight areas. Each area corresponds to an aspect of life – wealth and prosperity; career and life path; relationships and love; creativity and children; health and family; knowledge and self-cultivation; helpful people and travel; and fame and recognition. When creating innovative solutions for your two story house, it is essential to consider both levels when implementing the bagua principles.

When integrating Classical Bagua into your two story house, you can start by orienting the areas that correspond to wealth, career or relationship needs toward the entryway or front door of both stories. Doing this helps activate beneficial energy flow to maximize these key aspects of life. To attract good luck regarding money matters, place a water feature like a fountain or aquarium as close as possible to the entrance of each level. Additionally, position mirrors strategically on walls across from windows in order to bring light into darker areas that have low traffic flow.

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You can further maximize the energetic influence on each floor by adding carefully chosen plants such as lucky bamboo or peace lilies near windowsills in order to encourage positive life force energy. Activating key bagua points from outside looking in with decorative objects or lights will also add harmonious energy dynamics between levels. Finally, chose artwork with abstract shapes or imagery featuring nature hanging in locations appropriate to their area’s corresponding life domain energy. With thoughtful consideration for both levels’ feng shui designs, you can create unique solutions for energizing each room’s chi potentials with ease!

Cleansing and Renewal

Cleanse your two-story house by de-cluttering and removing all items within your home that are no longer serving you in a positive manner. As you remove these items, take a moment to be mindful of each one and offer it gratitude for having been in your life. Once you have finished clearing out the physical clutter, take time for an inner cleanse to ensure that any negative or stagnant energy is also released from your home.

Once you have completed this process, it is then important to bring positive and auspicious energy back into the environment through strategic placement of Feng Shui symbols. Adorn the walls with visual reminders of prosperity, vitality and good fortune such as the symbol of five elements or coins tied together with red ribbon. Hang wind chimes near front doors and windows inviting compassionate energy in while dispersing negative vibrations away. Place meaningful artwork which resonates with abundance and lovingly attention throughout both stories of the home for further enhancement and upliftment. Crystals like rose quartz refine and redistribute spiritual frequency within the space while offering loving gentle support to those living inside its walls. To honor your setting, add sculptures of deities associated with Earth or colorful pillows as signifiers of contentment and serenity throughout each level. Incorporate powerful symbols such as flower designs, vessels containing water with goldfish swimming in it or bowls filled with prosperous fruits like oranges or apples too! As a final touch use aromatic candles or natural essential oils diffused throughout both levels releasing powerful aromas like lavender, frankincense or sandalwood enlivening the spirit within each room.


While it may seem daunting to Feng Shui a two story house using classical Bagua, the powerful result makes it worth the effort. Once the areas of your two story home are properly mapped out and analyzed for their energy flow, you can begin arranging furniture and other items in the home according to traditional Bagua guidelines. This will create a powerful yet harmonious energy flow throughout your living space, allowing positive Qi to spread evenly on both floors of your home. Additionally, with proper use of water features, plants, and color symbolism you can further reinforce harmony among your two stories. With skillful application of classical Bagua in a two story house, you can create an abode that is vibrant with positive energy and attractive to its occupants!

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