How To Decorate Career Area Feng Shui

How To Decorate Career Area Feng Shui

Colors and Elements

The key to any successful Feng Shui career area is in the color. Warm and rich tones, along with the Five Elements, will energize the area, promoting good luck and success in your profession. The Five Elements relevant to a career area are Wood (creativity, versatility, discovering opportunities) Fire (motivation and ambition), Earth (stability and self-care), Metal (focus, precision, and planning), and Water (insight and reflection). Here are some suggestions for the perfect color palette for your career area:

  • Wood – olive greens, deep blues, and browns

  • Fire – bright oranges, yellows, and reds
  • Earth – warm peaches, tans, and light browns
  • Metal – light blues, metallics such as gold or silver, and light grays
  • Water – deep blues, purples, and black

These colors can be combined or used as accents to create the perfect Feng Shui career area. For example, you could use a rich olive green, a light blue, and a metallic silver combined to create a look that promotes initiative and harmony in your career.

Lights and Furniture

The lighting in your career area should be bright yet muted, allowing for concentration and productivity. According to Feng Shui, the best place for a career corner is the southeast corner of your home or office. Furniture should be arranged to encourage focus, such as a desk for paper and computer work, with a comfortable chair. If possible, add a few live plants to the area as well, as they are believed to promote health and good karma.

Motivational Décor

To create the most auspicious career area, surround yourself with items that evoke inspiration, motivation, and success. Hang photographs of past achievements or awards, or place items that remind you of your goals. This could be a book on a particular profession, or a glass case displaying items that recall successes you’ve had. You may also wish to incorporate charms or other Feng Shui-inspired pieces to promote your goals. The key is to ensure that this area remains positive and inspirational.


Creating an uplifting and motivating career area is key to success in any field. Use the energies of the Five Elements, warm color tones, and inspirational décor to create a Feng Shui-inspired workspace that will help promote your ambitions. With a few simple touches, you can create a career area that will provide balance, focus, and good luck.

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