House Arrangement Feng Shui 2018

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the ancient practice of Feng Shui continues to influence and inspire. As we dive into 2018, it’s important to understand the significance of house arrangement in Feng Shui for creating a harmonious and balanced home environment. Whether you’re a long-time practitioner or new to the concept, understanding the latest trends and principles in Feng Shui can greatly impact your living space.

Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek to create a positive and prosperous atmosphere within their homes. The proper arrangement of furniture, color choices, and overall layout can greatly affect the flow of energy in any space. In order to stay current with the latest practices, it’s crucial to understand how house arrangement in Feng Shui is evolving for 2018.

In this article, we will explore the basics of Feng Shui and its importance in house arrangement for 2018. We will also delve into new trends, color choices, furniture arrangement for wealth and prosperity, tips for creating a balanced home environment, common mistakes to avoid, and practical ideas for implementing Feng Shui principles in every room. It’s time to embrace the harmony and positive energy that Feng Shui brings to our living spaces in 2018.

Understanding the Basics of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, is based on the belief that the way your home is arranged can affect your success, health, and happiness. In 2018, there are new trends emerging in house arrangement feng shui 2018 that reflect a modernized approach to this traditional practice.

To understand the basics of Feng Shui, it’s important to grasp the concept of Qi (pronounced “chee”), which refers to the energy or life force that flows through everything. According to Feng Shui principles, arranging your home in a way that allows Qi to flow smoothly will bring about positive energy and harmony.

New trends in house arrangement for 2018 take into account the changing needs and lifestyles of modern individuals. Embracing minimalism and decluttering has become a popular trend in Feng Shui for 2018, as it promotes a sense of calm and simplicity within the home. Additionally, incorporating elements of nature such as plants and natural materials into the home environment is encouraged for enhancing positive energy flow.

Basic Feng Shui principles are also being applied in more specific ways with regard to technology and electronic devices. For example, it is recommended to place electronic devices such as televisions away from areas designated for rest and relaxation in order to maintain a balanced energy flow. These new trends reflect the adaptability of Feng Shui principles in meeting the needs of contemporary living while still promoting positive energy flow within the home.

  • New Trends in House Arrangement according to Feng Shui Principles for 2018:
  • Embracing minimalism and decluttering
  • Incorporating natural elements into the home environment
  • Applying Feng Shui principles to technology and electronic devices
  • Understanding Qi and Its Impact on House Arrangement:
  • The concept of Qi
  • Allowing smooth Qi flow through home arrangement
  • Modernized Approaches to Traditional Feng Shui Principles:
  • Adapting traditional principles to contemporary living
  • Promoting positive energy flow within modern homes

New Trends in House Arrangement for 2018 According to Feng Shui Principles

In the year 2018, there are some new trends emerging in house arrangement based on Feng Shui principles. One of these trends is the incorporation of natural elements into the home. This includes using materials like wood, stone, and water features to bring a sense of balance and harmony to the living space. Adding indoor plants and creating a small indoor garden can also contribute to a more peaceful and serene environment, in line with Feng Shui beliefs.

Another trend that has gained popularity in 2018 is the concept of decluttering and minimalism. According to Feng Shui principles, a clean and clutter-free space allows energy to flow freely, resulting in a more positive and balanced atmosphere. This has led many people to adopt minimalist design concepts and simplify their living spaces by getting rid of unnecessary items. Implementing this trend can have a significant impact on the overall energy of the home.

Additionally, personalized and meaningful décor has become a prominent trend in house arrangement according to Feng Shui for 2018. People are focusing on incorporating items that hold sentimental value or represent their unique identity into their homes. This personalized approach not only adds character to the living space but also enhances the positive energy within it, aligning with the core principles of Feng Shui.

New TrendsDescription
Natural Elements IncorporationIncorporating wood, stone, water features, and indoor plants for balance and harmony.
Minimalism & DeclutteringSimplifying living spaces to promote free energy flow.
Personalized DécorIncluding meaningful items that reflect one’s identity for positive energy.
Feng Shui of Derelict House Accross the Way

Colors and Their Impact on House Arrangement in 2018

Color plays a crucial role in the practice of Feng Shui, as it is believed to have a significant impact on energy flow and overall well-being within a space. In 2018, there are new trends in color choices for house arrangement according to Feng Shui principles. Understanding these color trends and their effects can help create a harmonious and balanced home environment.

According to Feng Shui principles for 2018, the following colors are recommended for different rooms in the house:

  • Living Room: Shades of green or blue are ideal for promoting tranquility and relaxation. These colors help create a soothing atmosphere for socializing and unwinding.
  • Bedroom: Soft, neutral tones such as light pink or beige are recommended for the bedroom to encourage restful sleep and intimacy. These colors promote a sense of calm and peace within the space.
  • Kitchen: In 2018, warm tones like yellow or terra cotta can bring about vitality and warmth to the heart of the home. Using these colors in the kitchen can enhance feelings of nourishment and abundance during meal times.

Understanding how color impacts energy flow is essential when considering house arrangement according to Feng Shui principles for 2018. By incorporating these color recommendations into your home design, you can create a space that promotes positive energy and well-being for everyone who enters.

The Best Furniture Arrangement for Wealth and Prosperity in 2018

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony and balance in one’s surroundings, has gained significant popularity in recent years. In 2018, many people are turning to Feng Shui for guidance on how to arrange their homes in a way that promotes wealth and prosperity.

One of the key aspects of Feng Shui house arrangement in 2018 is the placement of furniture. According to Feng Shui principles, the way furniture is arranged in a space can greatly impact the flow of energy, known as “chi,” and influence one’s financial success.

In Feng Shui, furniture placement is considered crucial for attracting wealth and prosperity. For example, it is believed that having a clear pathway from the front door to the main living area allows positive energy to flow freely into the home, bringing with it opportunities for abundance. Additionally, placing a piece of furniture such as a desk or workstation in the “wealth corner” of a room is said to enhance financial luck.

According to Feng Shui experts, decluttering and organizing one’s furniture can also have a significant impact on wealth and prosperity. A clutter-free home allows for positive energy to circulate freely throughout the space, which is essential for attracting good fortune and financial prosperity. By arranging furniture mindfully and keeping spaces tidy, individuals can create an environment that is conducive to abundance according to Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui Furniture TipsDescription
Clear PathwaysCreating clear pathways from doorways throughout your home can allow positive energy (chi) to flow freely.
Wealth Corner PlacementPlacing furniture in designated “wealth corners” can attract financial luck according to Feng Shui beliefs.
Decluttering and OrganizingMindful arrangement and organization of furniture can create an environment conducive to financial abundance.

Feng Shui Tips for Creating a Balanced and Harmonious Home Environment in 2018

Introduction to Creating Balance and Harmony

In the practice of Feng Shui, creating a balanced and harmonious home environment is essential for promoting positive energy flow and overall well-being. The arrangement of furniture, colors, and décor items can significantly impact the energy within a space. With the start of 2018, it’s important to understand the new trends and principles in house arrangement according to Feng Shui.

Utilizing Natural Elements for Balance

One of the key principles of Feng Shui is incorporating natural elements into the home environment. In 2018, there is a renewed focus on integrating natural materials such as wood, stone, and water features into house arrangement. Wooden furniture or décor items can bring warmth and grounding energy, while water features like fountains or aquariums can promote tranquility and prosperity.

The Power of Decluttering for Harmonious Energy

Another important aspect of creating balance and harmony in house arrangement according to Feng Shui is decluttering. A cluttered space can inhibit the flow of positive energy, so it’s crucial to clear out any unnecessary items and organize belongings effectively. Implementing storage solutions and keeping spaces tidy can contribute to a harmonious home environment in 2018.

By incorporating these tips into your house arrangement with Feng Shui principles in mind for 2018, you can create a balanced and harmonious living space that promotes positive energy flow and overall well-being for you and your family.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in House Arrangement According to Feng Shui Principles for 2018

When it comes to house arrangement feng shui 2018, it is important to be aware of common mistakes that can disrupt the flow of positive energy and harmony in your home. One of the most common mistakes people make is cluttering their space with unnecessary items.

In 2018, it is essential to declutter your home regularly and get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose. This will allow for the smooth flow of positive energy throughout your space, as clutter can block the flow of chi, or life force energy, according to feng shui principles.

Best House Layout Feng Shui

Another mistake to avoid in house arrangement according to feng shui for 2018 is ignoring the importance of natural light. Natural light brings warmth and positivity into a space, so it is important to maximize natural light sources in your home. Keep windows unobstructed and use mirrors strategically to reflect light into darker areas. Additionally, using full-spectrum light bulbs can mimic natural light and have a positive impact on the energy of your space.

In 2018, it is also crucial to avoid placing furniture in a haphazard manner without considering the principles of feng shui. Avoid having furniture that blocks pathways or creates obstacles in your home. Instead, aim for a balanced and open arrangement that allows for free movement and circulation of positive energy. By being mindful of these common mistakes, you can ensure that your house arrangement aligns with feng shui principles for a harmonious and balanced living environment in 2018.

Implementing Feng Shui House Arrangement 2018


The entryway of your home is the first space that welcomes both positive and negative energies. According to Feng Shui principles, it’s important to keep this area clutter-free, well-lit, and organized. Consider using mirrors to expand the space and create a sense of openness. Additionally, incorporating elements such as plants or a small fountain can help invite positive energy into your home.

Living Room

In the living room, it’s essential to create a balanced and harmonious space where family members can relax and unwind. Furniture arrangement plays a crucial role in Feng Shui, so ensure that there is an easy flow of movement throughout the room. Use colors like green or blue for a calming effect, and incorporate natural elements such as wood or stone to promote a sense of grounding and stability.


The bedroom is a sacred space for rest and rejuvenation, so it’s important to prioritize comfort and serenity. Position the bed in a commanding position so that you have a clear view of the door without being directly in line with it. Use soft colors and fabrics to create a soothing atmosphere, and avoid placing mirrors facing the bed as this can disrupt sleep according to Feng Shui principles. Lastly, remove any electronics from the bedroom to minimize distractions.

By implementing these practical tips and ideas for every room in your home based on Feng Shui principles for 2018, you can create an environment that promotes harmony and positive energy throughout your living space. Paying attention to details such as furniture arrangement, color choices, and decor placement can have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of your home.


In conclusion, embracing the principles of Feng Shui in house arrangement for 2018 can have a significant impact on the energy and harmony within your home. As we have explored throughout this article, understanding the basics of Feng Shui and incorporating new trends in house arrangement can create a balanced and prosperous environment.

By paying attention to colors, furniture placement, and common mistakes to avoid, you can ensure that your home is filled with positive energy in alignment with the principles of Feng Shui.

It is important to recognize that Feng Shui is not just about visual aesthetics but also about creating a harmonious flow of energy within your living space. By implementing practical tips and ideas for every room, you can enhance the overall well-being of everyone in the household. Whether it’s the bedroom for rest and relaxation or the kitchen for nourishment and abundance, a thoughtful approach to house arrangement in 2018 can bring about a positive transformation.

As we move forward into 2018, let us embrace the opportunity to create a home that supports our aspirations and dreams. By integrating Feng Shui principles into our house arrangement, we can invite prosperity, peace, and balance into our lives. Let us take this knowledge and apply it with intention as we strive to create a living space that nourishes our mind, body, and spirit throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Feng Shui House Layout?

The best Feng Shui house layout is one that allows for a smooth and harmonious flow of energy throughout the space. This often involves an open floor plan, natural light, and a balance of all five elements.

How to Arrange Your House According to Feng Shui?

To arrange your house according to Feng Shui, start by decluttering and organizing your space. Then, address the energy flow by incorporating elements such as plants, natural light, and good air quality. Additionally, consider the placement of furniture and decor to promote positive energy.

What Is the Best Feng Shui Position for a House?

The best Feng Shui position for a house is one that allows for a balanced flow of energy both inside and outside the home. This often means having a solid backing (such as a hill or taller building) behind the house, as well as an open space in front to allow for the gathering of energy from the surroundings.

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