Good Luck Feng Shui Bedroom

Good luck feng shui is a type of traditional Chinese practice that revolves around the concepts of managing and directing life forces to achieve harmony, balance, and luck. It provides a blueprint for where furniture should be placed in order to enhance chi energy circulating through the bedroom or other living spaces. The practice is also applicable in bedrooms, as it has been known to create positive energy conducive for sleep and relaxation.

The principles of good luck feng shui can be applied to help one’s bedroom easily become a more aligned and inviting space with more positive energy entering it. The primary moves include placing the bed facing the door, positioning nightstands near it, displaying red or pink colors on the walls, avoiding television sets or technologies in the space (such us phones or computers) and avoiding clutter.

Focusing On Bed Direction – Facing The Door When aligning your bedroom per feng shui principles you will want to make sure that your bed is placed facing towards direction of the entrance door leading into your room. This position will allow for strong flow of energy, as its lack may create restlessness and discomfort while sleeping.

Besides this main rule when arranging a feng shui bedroom, also consider not having a headboard directly behind your bed’s head since this would represent a sense of containment from the outside world instead of openness and thus disruption of smooth transitioning between sleeping states.

Decluttering To Create Space For Stress Relief Another important aspect when arranging your bedroom according to feng shui rules is decluttering all unnecessary items from the environment in order to free up any blocked areas of potential positive flow within it. Remove all items from clothing bureau drawers not currently used as well as donate any books shelved away that are collecting dust but have no purpose being there.

Through following these simple guidelines combined with regular mindfulness practices one can achieve immense relief from stress in their bedrooms as well as reaching deeper relaxation states while sleeping at night due to its increased connection with nature’s powerful currents inside them.


One of the most important aspects of Good Luck Feng Shui relates to the orientation of your bedroom. According to traditional Chinese practices, if you want to create an environment where you are in harmony with the natural world and imbue your personal space with positive energy for health and prosperity, then orientating your bed correctly is seen as essential.

The goal is to create a feeling of balance and comfort when in bed, ensuring that either the head or footboard does not face the door too closely – called ‘coffin position’ – as this can cause feelings of unease or restlessness. Placing the bed facing a wall instead provides a more settled atmosphere which has traditionally been thought to bring good luck.

Additionally, ideally you would look for ways to put distance between yourself and the door when sleeping – such as using a screen or possibly even a mirror that reflects any people or activities coming from outside your room.

Positive Energy Sources

Good Luck Feng Shui also involves inviting beneficial elements from nature into your bedroom which will contribute towards promoting wellbeing, positive moods and healthy relationships. A successful approach is thought to include something earthy like wood to bring warmth; plants such as bamboo, aloe vera or jade for strong protection; plus crystals like quartz for clarity and peace.

Fish tanks, small fountains or other water feature installations may also be used if they bring visuals pleasing to you while avoiding dark energies such as bringing dead animals into the home. In addition, painting walls with hues that reflect nature such as gentle greens and heavenly whites can help generate healthy vibes around sleep time while bunk beds should preferably be avoided due to disruption of energy flow in one corner according to Good Luck Feng Shui principles.

Clearing Clutter

Finally it is vitally important within traditional Good Luck Feng Shui practices that clutter should be cleared from around the bedroom and throughout your house regularly whenever possible; leaving behind just inviting items whose purpose is clear so that positive chi remains flowing freely as this has been thought to promote harmony while warding off negative energies responsible for disturbances in peaceful sleep patterns.

Decorating bedrooms tastefully with art easily digestible by our eyes can also assist here rather than having anything too busy for comfort over longer periods of time.

Storing Clutter

Feng Shui is a practice that involves managing and arranging energy through the placement of objects in the environment. The goal of this practice is to create an environment filled with positive energy that can bring about good luck. One space within a home that can be greatly impacted by Feng Shui is the bedroom. A bedroom arranged for Good Luck Feng Shui will not only invite prosperity into one’s life but also facilitate personal growth.

Feng Shui Color for Bedroom 2017

One way to implement Good Luck Feng Shui into the bedroom is to reduce any clutter and keep all items organized. Clutter generates negative energy which defeats the purpose of using Feng Shui in your bedroom. Therefore, firstly look around your room and identify items that have no purpose or are not used frequently. These items should be stored away so they do not interfere with the flow of energy in the room.

Secondly, utilize storage solutions such as baskets, chest-of-drawers, hampers, and other options to store necessary items in the room. These solutions promote tidiness which will aid in creating a calming and peaceful ambiance throughout your space. Lastly, label storage spots appropriately makes it easier for you to find objects when needed and helps to keep everything organized where it belongs, ultimately minimising clutter buildup in your bedroom.

Ways To Reduce Clutter And Promote Good Luck Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

  • Remove any unneeded item from your bedroom.
  • Invest in appropriate storage solutions (e.g., chest-of-drawers, hampers).
  • Label each storage spot appropriately.

Colors and Light

Feng Shui Colors

In good luck Feng Shui, the colors chosen for the bedroom have an influence on positive energy flow and can help create auspicious energy. The preferred colors for a good luck bedroom are soft and neutral shades of beige, ivory, blues, greens, Earth tones and lavenders.

By blending these harmonious colors together in the bedsheets sets, draperies, wall paints or wall paper, it will create an environment that calms the nerves allowing us to feel a sense of peace when we enter the room.


The type of lighting used in the bedroom is also important as it affects the type of Chi energy entering. The best type of light is natural daylight which helps spread vibrancy and warmth throughout the room.

Soft lighting with dimmable lights should also be incorporated to adjust light fixture’s brightness levels based on moods. Candles can also be used to provide a glow by putting several candles around areas in the bedroom as they bring more peace and serenity.

Placement Of Furniture

Furniture should be arranged carefully in order for the energies to circulate freely throughout which encourages different types of energies related to health, wealth and happiness into our lives. The main pieces should face towards either North or East direction whereas area like tables or dressers should be placed against walls or slightly away from them that allows Qi to travel better through space making it easier for people living there to benefit from its magical effects.


According to Good Luck Feng Shui, the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water can be used to activate the energies in the bedroom for positive benefits. It is believed that with proper arrangements in terms of colors, materials and design principles, these elements will bring good luck and prosperity into your space.

The five elements each have different characteristics and can be used to energize each area of the bedroom according to their energies. Here are a few tips on how to use each element in the bedroom for Good Luck Feng Shui:

  • Wood element: The wood element represents growth and creativity. Use it by adding wood furniture such as beds or nightstands; green plants like jade or bamboo; mirrors with wooden frames; or natural artwork on the walls like land – or sky-scapes.
  • Fire element: This element brings energy and passion into your space. Place red throw pillows or an area rug in the bedroom; hang red silk curtains over windows; place lights in strategic areas; add photos of candles or incense; or display items related to food.
  • Earth element: This element offers abundance, fertility and stability. Choose sandstone tiles for flooring; place geometric shapes like hexagons or squares on accent walls; hang yellow pictures depicting nature scenes like mountains or rivers; use terra-cotta accents around furniture.
  • Metal element: This element gives clarity, efficiency and inner strength. Arrange metallic objects around windowsills such as pottery vases or jeweled frame picture frames; purchase lamps with silver bases for illumination around bedside tables; hang a ring above a dresser filled with knickknacks made out of mystic metals such as brass or steel.
  • Water element: >This energy brings relaxation, peace and compassion. Place blue bedding sets in shades of navy blues or soft blues including quilts and comforters ; add images that depict clear water scenes such as seascapes, lighthouses or streams running through a mountainous landscape ; create a tranquil environment by hanging wind chimes outside balconies ; set up indoor fountains within bedrooms if space allows.
Feng Shui Artwork Images in Brown Tones for Bedroom

Furniture Layout

Good luck Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes balance and well being. Furniture plays an important role in creating the right environment to attract positive energy around you. When it comes to the bedroom, it’s important to be mindful of how furniture is arranged, since this can have a strong effect on your state of mind and level of relaxation.

The ideal bed orientation for Good Luck Feng Shui is to have the feet of the bed pointing towards entrance doorways. This orientation doesn’t block energy from entering or exiting the bedroom.

It also helps keep your back protected when sleeping, since there won’t be anything blocking your view behind you. Furthermore, avoid positioning the bed so that its headboard faces any window because this can disrupt your sleep pattern or cause mental fatigue due to too much stimulation from outside sources during nighttime rest.

When choosing other furniture pieces such as side tables, wardrobes and dressers, try not to place them too close to the bed as it’s thought that this will lead to negative energy flow in the area and create stressful surroundings. Instead, use lighter pieces with open sides or legs so air is able to flow freely all around – create more space between them and other larger furniture items for added comfort and serenity in a relaxed atmosphere instead.

Keep in mind as well to ensure you have enough storage space for all clothing and personal possessions; cluttered bedrooms will only give off disorganized vibes and may lead a person feeling overwhelmed or blocked spiritually rather than relaxed in their own home setting.


Good Luck Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging items in various ways in the home to attract luck and prosperity. The bedroom is a great place to start with this practice because it’s where we spend so much time. With thoughtful decoration and clever placement of accessories, it’s possible to bring extra luck into your life.

There are several key elements used in creating a Good Luck Feng Shui Bedroom. Let’s look at some of them here:

  • Placing crystals, such as quartz or citrine, near the headboard will draw positive energy toward you.
  • Hanging wind chimes just outside the window encourages good Qi (vital energy) into the room.
  • Using coordinating colors on walls and drapes in hues of lavender, maroon and green will increase tranquility.
  • Adding items that denote wealth is also important; coins, gourds, bamboo, pinecones or stalks of wheat signify good fortune.

When furnishing the bedroom for Good Luck Feng Shui there are other things to consider as well. Choose furniture like bed frames and dressers that are made with natural materials such as wood. Avoid metal frames or those with sharp edges. Align furniture pieces to encourage efficient flow throughout the space.

The size of the bedroom should also be considered when using Good Luck Feng Shui. A cluttered space does not promote positive energy circulation while too much unused space can cause stagnant Qi. The right balance between these two extremes is important in order for good luck to enter your life.


Creating a good luck Feng Shui bedroom is an easy way to improve the energy, health and mood of your space. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to uplift and energize individual living quarters. Through various rituals, proper placement of objects, use of natural light and elements, one can cultivate a strong energy field that promotes good health and well-being.

When creating a Feng Shui bedroom, it’s important to create a positive flow of energy within the room. The bed should be positioned in commanding position near two supporting walls for stability. Avoid using mirrors that make the room too reflective or clutter that creates chaos.

Lighting should also be balanced and calming aromas such as incense or essential oils can be added for further peace and relaxation. Natural materials such as wood and plants are symbolic of grounding energy and life force vitality.

In conclusion, incorporating various Feng Shui practices into your bedroom space is an ideal way to cultivate great energy which leads to great luck,health and harmony in daily life. By understanding the meaning behind each element, you can construct your very own ‘good luck’ Feng Shui atmosphere that will bring peace, harmony and joy into everyday living.

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