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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony in a space. It is based on the idea of chi, or life energy, and seeks to promote health and well being through the arrangement of furniture and other objects in a room. In 2019, many people have adopted Feng Shui into their daily lives as an effective way to improve their mental, physical and spiritual state. The health zone in Feng Shui accommodates for one’s physical health within the practice.

The health zone plays an important role in Feng Shui 2019 since it is associated with various physical aspects of our health such as vitality, movement and strength; alongside achieving mental clarity, better sleep quality and peace of mind. In this area of the house it is important to decorate it with vibrant colors that reflect joy and happiness as these can often motivate us to take care of our body. Feng shui recommends incorporating symbols such as plants, bells or fountains to symbolize cleansing the air and bringing good luck into the home. Additionally, avoid having electronics emit electromagnetic waves in this area as they can be harmful to human beings. Furthermore, make sure you hang mirrors in the right location so you do not disrupt natural elements which later cause misfortune and bad luck. Overall, properly arranging furniture helps enhance Chi energy which leads to a peaceful feeling within the home ranging from financial success to better relationships between family members.

The significance of the Health Zone for Feng Shui 2019

The Health Zone of your home is considered to be the most crucial area in Feng Shui 2019. This is because it influences the overall health and well-being of those who reside within these walls, as well as their overall happiness, good luck, and prosperity. This zone should be kept clutter-free and neat in order to bring energies into balance. It is also important to ensure that all colors used within this area represent health and healing. It’s especially helpful to use soft colors like greens, blues and yellows; anything else may disrupt the flow of energy within this area.

Another important aspect of Feng Shui 2019 pertains to the placement of objects within this zone. Specifically, items such as fresh flowers, candles or art depicting nature or water features can help to improve the energy flow in these spaces. It is also suggested that statuettes depicting deities or angels are placed here since they carry with them spiritual powers that can help bring peace and harmony into one’s life. Other feng shui cures involve adding a small portable fountain or a salt lamp in order to cleanse unwanted energies from a space – making it suitable for living again

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Preparing your space

1) Choose an ideal place for the health zone. According to Feng Shui practice, it is best to locate this area in the Southeastern corner of your home or space as it is associated with wealth and health. However, if you are feeling blocked or having any health-related issues, you may shift the zone to your back left.

2) Start by cleansing the energy of the space. Burn sage, use a singing bowl, or meditate – whatever helps clear any negative energy and brings more positive chi into your space.

3) Add an altar inspired by meaningful symbols that make you feel connected to your own sense of well-being. Think statues, pictures, flowers or plants that bring life into the room and evoke joyful feelings within you.

4) Rearrange furniture pieces so they are smooth flow of energy in not just the front but all directions around them. Avoid sharp corners directed at those inside or outside of the health area as these interfere negatively with positive chi points.

5) Place water elements in balance – Think fountains, hanging crystals or even paintings representing water sources. These encourage replenishing Quan Yin energies which release stress and reenergize relationships with yourself and others around us.

6) Light candles throughout your space whenever possible; always avoiding scented candles as these can create imbalance on our energetic fields.

Caring for your Health Zone

Feng Shui 2019 El Área para la Salud (The Health Zone) es una hermosa forma de usar el Feng Shui para mejorar tu energía y salud. En primer lugar, ubica la puerta principal de tu hogar en el feng shui mapa azul, también conocido como “fósforos” de Feng Shui. Según esto, tu zona de salud se encuentra en el sector opuesto al sector del fósforo donde se encuentra tu puerta principal. Esta zona suele ser definida por los colores naranja y nueve, así que busca materiales decorativos en este rango de color como flores, velas, cuencos y cualquier cosa que te haga alegrar ese lugar.

Además de incorporar los elementos apropiados para la salud dentro de esta zona (obras de arte relajantes o accesorios saludables), tienes que hacer lo mismo para mantenerla limpia: liberándola regularmente del polvo y limpiando los muebles y objetos decorativos. Además, intenta no acumular desorden ni artículos desechados dentro del área para la salud ya que estas cosas bloquean la buena energía. Abre las ventanas o persianas si hay alguna disponible, lo cual ayuda a Fluir la energía Chi todos los días. Y recuerda reequilibrar tu Chi dos veces al mes moviendo objetos en tu casa (siempre observando los principios básicos del Feng Shui).

Additional Tips

• Create an unobstructed energy flow: Remove any furniture or clutter that could be blocking energy. Hang wind chimes or use mobile objects to create a constant flow of energy in the space.

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• Use bright, uplifting colors: Add colors associated with good health, such as white, blue, yellow and green. The color red can depict strength, courage and bravery.

• Place items of personal significance: Include items that have special meaning regarding your health – a photograph or figurine of a pet you love, a favorite crystal or a plant that symbolizes good luck.

• Utilize symbols for protection and blessing: Include symbols like Chinese coins draped with red ribbon, Fu Dogs for protection, fortune Koi for longevity, Laughing Buddha for success, etc.

• Incorporate five elements into the room: Add natural elements such as plants for wood element; metal objects for metal element; artwork depicting water scenes for water element; crystals or stones for earth and fire elements are represented by vivid colors like reds and oranges.

• Use positive affirmations: Hang posters with positive statements written on them to help keep your outlook on health upbeat and encouraging.


Feng Shui 2019 El Area Para La Salud nos da una manera de integrar nuestras energías con la armonía alrededor de nosotros. Usando estos principios, podemos cambiar el flujo de energía en nuestra vida para mejorar nuestra salud y bienestar. Los principios del Feng Shui incluyen reglas y prácticas para organizar los muebles, colores y objetos según los patrones naturales del entorno. Esta combinación ayuda a mejorar las disposiciones del hogar, alentando la felicidad, el bienestar y la abundancia positiva. Los principios también ayudan a cultivar relaciones saludables entre aquellos dentro de un espacio común.

En conclusión, los principios Feng Shui 2019 El Area Para La Salud ofrecen muchas ventajas para promover la salud general tanto a corto como a largo plazo. Practicando el Feng Shui se pueden lograr avances significativos en lo que respecta a buscar mayor armonía interna y externamente con el entorno circundante. En esencia, el Feng Shui es una forma intuitiva de entender cómo nuestro medio ambiente influye en nuestra vida cotidiana, permitiéndonos mejorarlas en pro de un futuro más equilibrado y positivo. Al practicar este antiguo arte chino tendremos mayores beneficios en términos de salud física, mental y emocional. Estas ganancias son duraderas si se mantienen prácticas adecuadas según los lineamientos propuestos por este ancestral sistema de pensamiento filosófico.

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