Feng Shui 2018 Display


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that promotes health and well-being by understanding the environment and its impact on the life of an individual. The core principles of Feng Shui focus on creating a harmony between people and their environment in order to bring balance, prosperity and success into their lives.

In 2018, it is possible to use Feng Shui to create a display which can provide positive benefits in many areas of life such as health, wealth and relationships. Individuals who understand the importance of balancing their environment often choose colors, specific shapes, icons or items that can help remind them of what they need in order to stay healthy, increase their chances for prosperity and be successful in their relationships.

A Feng Shui 2018 Display encourages individuals to find creative ways for these items to work together harmoniously so that energy flows freely throughout the space. It is important to pay attention to colors and shapes when building the display. Specific colors are believed to be related to particular aspects of life: black for protection from negative energy; blue for communication; yellow for happiness; red for luck; white for clarity; green for growth; purple or violet for spiritual insight; etc. Likewise shapes carry certain meanings: triangles denote ambition and change, circles represent completionand continuity, squares encourage stability ect. Similarly humans associate intuitionly with certain elements like fire, water, wood and metal thus each element have its own special correspondences within the feng shui practice such as Fire brings warmth & joy into the home while Water is associated with cleansing & calming energies in order to bring emotional support & balance.

When used correctly with intention and purpose a 2018 Feng Shui display can help individuals manifest change through increased awareness about how their environment impacts them positively or negatively depending on how balanced it is! Additionally when paired with other practices like meditation this protective barrier can bring peace of mind so that one can focus on achieving bigger ambitions with ease!

Overview of Principles and Ideas Behind Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that uses the energy found in nature and the environment to bring harmony and balance into a living space. This philosophy has been around for centuries, and it can be utilized in designing spaces to promote well-being, success, good luck, and even prosperity. The Feng Shui 2018 Display is intended to provide insight into how this system works, its principles and application, as well as new insights on how one can apply these principles for the New Year.

The core of Feng Shui is based upon Chinese metaphysics of yin and yang which teach us that everything has two energies, positive (yang) and negative (yin), working together in balance. To achieve this harmony one must consider factors such as space planning, color scheme selection, furniture arrangement, room size & proportion, wall decorations & finishes, lighting elements & fixtures etc. Knowing how to properly position furnishings within a space according to correct feng shui orientation principles can ensure that energies are maximized in your home or office environment.

Key ideas behind Feng Shui 2018 Display include understanding the Five Elements Theory – Wood, Fire ,Earth Metal , Water- their relationship to each other through the constructive/ destructive cycle; focusing on 2018’s life Chi energy: Health; uncovering auspicious creative directions by exploring Chinese animal symbolic associations based on year of birth; use of visuals associated with prosperity such as fu characters coupled with combinations of particular colors; personalizing feng shui rules by location ; knowing how color preferences support or oppose others depending on direction & timing; learning about symbols connected to annual animal star movements supporting wealth opportunities . There are also many other creative strategies related to feng shui that would be covered during this interactive exhibit!

Feng Shui Pineapple

History of Feng Shui and Its Development

Feng Shui has been around since the time of ancient China. Its history can be traced back to around 3000 BC, when Chinese physicians developed a system of mapping the environment in order to promote wellness and balance. Over the centuries, this practice gradually evolved into a larger cultural belief system in which certain configurations and orientations of objects were believed to bring good luck or misfortune. By 500 BCE, books on feng shui had become widespread in China.

In modern times, Feng Shui has been adapted for design purposes and is now applied in home decoration, interior design and architecture. The principles driving it focus on using materials and objects that create an auspicious atmosphere through their placement relative to each other, a combination of direction, energy (or “Chi”), and color that creates harmony with nature. One popular display utilizing these principles is the 2018 Feng Shui display. This type of display seeks to bring overall balance by creating positive energies with strategically placed decorative items such as statuettes representing different spiritual symbols like dragons or other carefully chosen images. Arranging various items like metal objects like coins or bells along with plants and wood symbols according to traditional guidelines can also achieve this balance at home or workplace. Other types of accessories like velvet cushions or floor mats are employed to add a sense of comfort while decorating the atmosphere accordingly. All these regularly designed elements add up to create a balanced ambiance aiming for success throughout the year ahead.

Types of Feng Shui 2018 Display

Feng Shui 2018 displays come in many forms. They can range from traditional Chinese artwork, to figurines and charmed items, to wall hangings and even water fountains. Typically they feature symbols like the dragon or phoenix, which are meant to bring good luck into your home and work areas. Other popular items include jade plants, wind chimes, mirrors, crystals, coupons of happiness and positive symbols, such as coins and feathers. Furthermore, some Feng Shui 2018 displays can also be used to attract different elements like fire, wood or metal as part of its aesthetic. Incense burners are especially popular for places where there is limited space. Flowers are an increasingly common Feng Shui display option that brings positive energy into the room while creating a vibrant atmosphere with its freshness. No matter your style preference or the purpose of your display, finding a way to combine art and meaning for a successful Feng Shui 2018 display is a great way to feel balanced in any environment β€” whether at home or work.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Feng Shui Display

When selecting a Feng Shui display for 2018, it is important to take into account what type of environment and energy you are seeking to create. Different types of displays can be chosen depending on the desired effect. Some may bring in a feeling of abundance, others may help minimize clutter or tension, while some may enhance personal wealth and luck. It is also important to think about colors and symbols that will express your purpose in order to make the most of their potential benefits. Additionally, factor in any objects such as a fountain or candles that you would like to include in your display. Finally, consider logistics; giving thought to the size of the space where the display will be displayed and the amount of lighting available. By taking all these considerations into account when selecting a Feng Shui display for 2018, it can positively enhance your life over this Chinese New Year period.

How to Use Feng Shui Display to Balance Your Environment

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that works to balance energy in the home. It uses symbols and visuals like mirrors and statues, layout, and furniture placement to represent β€œchi” or the cosmic energy of your environment. By embracing this practice it is believed you can create good chi in your space. One way to incorporate feng shui tried-and-true practices into your living environment is through the 2018 yearly display:

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To begin, it is important to find a place with strong yang energy, like a family room or living area. The east side of the house is optimal for bringing positive chi into your surroundings. Take time to contemplate what images or items represent balance or spiritual values while considering the different elements found in nature: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Then select five objects or images that display these elements together that make up the perfect Feng Shui 2018 display:

1) An image of water such as a waterfall helps bring calming energies
2) A wooden element like a tiny bonsai tree represents harmony and stability
3) A candle representing fire adds warmth
4) A stone brings earthy grounding features
5) A piece of jewelry indicates metal properties which can help with greater clarity

Finally, set up each element as instructed by your Feng Shui specialist in order to maximize its power. Make sure that the items all face east for more potent energies. Additionally, pay attention to how often you move them around as this may weaken their effectiveness over time. Utilize this powerful Feng Shui 2018 display throughout the year for deeper self-awareness and better inner alignments leading to much happier lives overall!

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Feng Shui Display

1. Use Images of Nature: Decorating with images of nature is a great way to create a Feng Shui display in your home. Consider hanging or placing art pieces that represent each season, such as snow-filled landscapes during winter and beautiful gardens in the summertime. Additionally, adding photographs of plants and flowers can bring a calming energy to any space.

2. Add Colorful Fabrics: Choose colorful fabrics to add vibrancy to your display. You can hang fabrics such as cotton or silk on your walls or incorporate them into other decorative items, like pillows or window treatments. As an example, you could hang red fabrics in the south area of your room for energizing luck or opt for yellow fabrics in the east area to attract positive relationships.

3. Bring in Fragrant Plants: Decorate with scented candles and houseplants that offer inviting aromas when you enter the home. For instance, peppermint and lavender are believed to attract mental clarity and peacefulness whereas jasmine may increase love and enhance intimate relationships within your family unit.

4. Use Crystals Strategically: Place crystals throughout the home to encourage world luck and eliminate negative energy from entering your environment. Moreover, there are specific stones known for generating prosperity while others may even grant protection against illnesses or improve mental health. You could place clear quartz clusters on your nightstands or place amethysts at doorways for spiritual fortification.


The Feng Shui 2018 display demonstrates a perfect example of achieving balance through the application of traditional Feng Shui principles. By arranging furniture and other elements in harmony with one another, the home is organized in such a way to create physical and mental balance that ultimately helps bring peace and prosperity. The display does not simply focus on the placement of furniture but also focuses on drawing in energy from the environment, enabling an individual to find inner peace within their surroundings. When elements of the space are used cohesively, this creates an appealing energetic environment that is welcoming to all those who enter it. This year’s display will provide insight into how efficient Feng Shui can be when applied correctly and give people more options for creating a balanced home life.

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