Feng Shui 2016 For Snake 1977


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the arrangement and placement of objects in order to capture powerful energy flows. It has become a popular decorating technique throughout the world, and has been used for centuries to increase abundance, good health and overall wellbeing. People born in 1977 are Snake (according to the Chinese Zodiac), a sign which is deeply rooted in Yin energy. This can result in feelings of passivity or disconnection from one’s goals if left unchecked. Fortunately, with a few adjustments”one will find their 2016 Feng Shui especially beneficial for those born in 1977

By implementing the basic principles of Feng Shui into one’s environment ” and specifically tailoring it for Snake people “it can provide several positive benefits, such as increased focus and creativity, better luck in finances, improved relationships with others, and even better physical health. For instance, placing fiery shades of red along with strong earth tones around the home help these individuals to connect with their energetic potential. Additionally, hanging crystal decorations can help activate higher levels of inspiration through amplifying one’s inner energies while promoting clarity in thought streams.

Ultimately, the act of carefully rearranging one’s physical reality through Feng Shui will open doors for success, prosperity and emotional balance all year long!

Overview of the Guidelines for 2016

This year, people born in the Year of the Snake should strive to lead a balanced life by following some basic principles of feng shui. They should pay close attention to their physical health, financial planning and relationships. Since the Snake is related to money, it is important for them to focus on creating financial stability this year. It is also important for them to take care of their physical wellbeing and avoid any activities that may cause injury or harm. They should also prioritize maintaining healthy relationships with people in their lives and avoiding any confrontations or arguments which can lead to unhappy outcomes. Lastly, they should focus on developing strong personal values and cultivating spiritual growth in order to bring joy and peace into their lives.

Applying Feng Shui to Your Home

Snake 1977 people should focus on the areas of their living space associated with Wood and Water. To embrace the energies of 2016, Snake 1977 people should aim to decorate their homes in colors that represent these energies, such as blue and green, or black and brown. It’s also good for Snake 1977 people to use plants to increase the feng shui power of their home ” as snakes are associated with Wood, adding plants that are good for Wood energy is particularly beneficial. Additionally, it’s important for Snake 1977 people to illuminate certain parts of their homes according to each room; for example, a brightly lit bedroom helps improve restful sleep. And finally, be sure to avoid aggressive colors such as red that can potentially disturb peace and tranquility. Doing all these will create an optimal balance between Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energy that is essential for health and well-being this year.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey

Snake 1977 people should prepare for several possible challenges this year, as the Fire Monkey is often seen as a year of rambunctious and unpredictable changes. Snake personalities should get ready to expect the unexpected this year, with potential obstacles or surprises arising from unexpected areas. Financial matters could be volatile and possibly require extra attention, while relationships may need extra care as communication can become strained due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Emotionally it will be important to try to stay level headed and think with rationality and objectivity; this is also true when making important decisions. It is highly recommended that Snake 1977 people modify their lifestyle with regular exercise and yoga, healthy diet, and hydration in order to reduce stress levels throughout the year.

Good Luck and Fortune

For people born in the year of the Snake, 2016 will be an exciting time full of potential opportunities for positive change. For starters, finance and business endeavors are likely to experience a substantial increase in luck. This means that those who work hard and bravely pursue new projects should be rewarded with good financial fortune. It is also likely that personal relationships will see an increase in harmony throughout the year. While this may not result in immediate romance, it should create strong foundations for more positive interactions with loved ones and others. Career advancement is another area that could experience some improvement in luck, which could potentially lead to professional successes if you are able to stay motivated and committed to your goals. Finally, studying or engaging in additional education or training related to your career could open up doors of opportunity with helpful connections and mentors paving the way. Overall Feng Shui experts suggest that 2016 looks hopeful for those born under the sign of the snake!


Snake 1977 people can count on persistence, stamina and a positive attitude as essential supports to help advance their career this year. They should be proactive in pursuing opportunities, networking with like-minded professionals, learning new skills and staying abreast of industry developments. They should also reach out to mentors who have had success in the field before them to learn from their experience. Additionally, building strong relationships with colleagues will be key; one never knows what support may be required from individuals met along the way. Finally, maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is critical for sustaining the energy needed for a successful professional experience in 2016.

Love Life

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is a year of positive energy and good fortune for people born in the year of the Snake (1977). In terms of enhancing romantic relationships in 2016, some strategies that can help Snake 1977 people include:

1. Pay attention to what your partner needs emotionally. 2016 is an ideal time for Snake 1977 people to focus on deepening their interpersonal bonds with those they love. Taking the time to truly listen and understand what it is that your loved one needs on an emotional level will go a long way in furthering any relationshhip.

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2. Try getting out and doing something different together. Going somewhere new and doing fun things will help add spark to a relationship by providing new experiences, memories, and stories that are exclusive between the two of you. This can also create moments where both parties feel vulnerable together creating deeper connections with one another.

3. Show genuine appreciation for your partner’s efforts and contributions. Acknowledging all the small accountabilities that your partner provides day-to-day will indicate admiration, care, and respect which will strengthen your bond over time.


In 2016, Snake 1977 people can take several steps to ensure their financial wealth. Firstly, they should create a budget and track their spending, then set aside a portion of their income for savings and investments. Additionally, they should lessen unnecessary expenses or look for ways to generate additional income. Furthermore, creating a portfolio of diverse assets will help them achieve strong returns in the long run. As well as looking at ways to increase income, Serpent 1977 should consider what changes need to be made to decrease expenses. Finally, it’s important for them to stay informed about trends in the markets so that they can make wise choices when it comes to investing money.


As a member of the Snake zodiac cycle, Snake 1977 people should focus on making sure they create balance in their physical and mental health. Eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, regularly exercising, and getting adequate sleep will help maintain a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, taking time for relaxation and finding meaningful connections to nourish the spirit are essential parts of overall well-being. Snake people should also use 2016 to identify any negative patterns in their day-to-day lives that detract from their appreciation for life and replace them with activities that bring peace and joy. Connecting with nature can be especially helpful for calming the mind, reducing stress, and achieving tranquility. Taking full advantage of the Chinese New Year to cultivate a holistic sense of health is key for ensuring longevity throughout life!


For Snake 1977 individuals to achieve success in 2016, they should focus on two main aspects: building relationships and improving work/life balance. For relationships, it is important to concentrate on cultivating and maintaining meaningful connections, as this will bring good fortune, harmony and support during the year. For work/life balance, Snakes can benefit from taking breaks throughout the day and finding creative ways to relax to reduce stress levels. Additionally, staying organized is key – from scheduling out time for relaxation each day to getting rid of clutter both physically and mentally. By utilizing all of these tips within an overall holistic approach, Snake 1977 people have all of the tools necessary for a successful 2016!

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