Feng Shui Your House For Wealth

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries, seeking to harmonize the energies of a space by strategically placing objects and furniture. It is believed that if the correct placement of these items are followed correctly, it can bring good luck and fortune to an individual.

When it comes to wealth, feng shui offers many ways to ensure your home is primed to attract money. By following the principles of feng shui while decorating and organizing your space, you can set yourself up for success when it comes to financial growth.

Balance Yin & Yang – Explain how one should use the concept of Yin & Yang in order to create balance in their home When talking about feng shui for wealth, we must refer to the concept of Yin and Yang – two complementary forces that both exist simultaneously in nature. When using this concept while decorating or rearranging your space, its important to use colors and shapes thoughtfully in order create harmony between the two forces.

Look at incorporating elements like round edges and curved lines that signify softness or gentleness (Yin) as well balancing with sharper angles or bolder lines showing strength or authority (Yang).

Remove Clutter – Discuss why it’s important to remove clutter from your home; explain some practical tips It’s important to first remove any accumulated clutter from your home as it blocks positive energy from entering into and circulating around a space. Clutter symbolises stagnation which leads a lack of opportunities for success and positivity.

Making sure your living room, bedroom, hallway and office are always free of any obstructions will help make sure that all benefits remain available at all times. Additionally a helpful tip would be doing weekly ‘de-cluttering’ sessions where you take some time during the week to go through old clothes or objects in the house that you are not making use of which will then be able clear some physical as well as energetic blockages.

Understand the Basics

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that brings the balance of natural energy into our lives. It advocates for harmonized architecture, design, and decoration that can increase the flow of positive energy throughout a space.

Symbolism is a powerful tool in the feng shui world; various objects are believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and good fortune if placed strategically in living spaces. These objects range from water features such as aquariums and fountains to classical colors like red and gold.

Use Colors To Boost Your Cash Flow

Color plays a major role in feng shui. Red is typically used to signify wealth and prosperity because it has a strong connection to fire elements which can enhance energy flow within a space. To facilitate this, you can incorporate red accents through furniture pieces like arm chairs or side tables or even strategically placed wall art pieces incorporating earthy tones of red for a more subtle approach.

Introduce Money Corners

Implementing money corners in your house is essential for achieving optimal Feng Shui results – basically it’s where all your financial success comes together. This includes two key elements: understanding the most suitable location based on your home’s compass direction (east, south, west) and finally introducing wealth-enhancing symbols like coins, plants, or statues around this corner to activate its power.

This corner should be kept neat at all times – otherwise it could negate all the positive intentions you’ve set.

Accessorize With The Right Furniture

Wealth enhancing furniture pieces come in all shapes and sizes – ranging from small accessories such as vases that incorporate coins or dragon symbols up to larger decorations like Elephant statues that stand guard over luxury living spaces. You can also combine items together for maximum effect – depending on what matters most to you financially; glass fortune cats might make an appearance or even golden geese if there’s space available.

Forgo modern-style designs with sharp edges; opt instead for curved lines as these are said to attract more positive Qi circulation better & ultimately encourage greater wealth flow into your life.

Colors That Attract Wealth

Wealth, prosperity and luck are all attributes that can be embodied in the colors chosen for your home decor. Those wishing to bring feng shui into their home may find this detail helpful when decorating – focusing on the following three colors associated with wealth: gold, purple, and green.

The color gold is widely accepted as a representation of wealth and money. It’s influence is far reaching – from designing coins and bills, executives wearing golden watches, to expressing power in cultures around the world.

You can introduce gold to your home through less lavish accents such as painting walls or adding smaller items like an end table accented with a metallic gold hue or throw pillows with golden trimmings. Gold objects are also believed to bring gainful energy-from golden Buddha statues to having a solid gold vase or mirror in your living room space; its distinct golden hue signifies prosperity.

Similarly, rich hues of purple denote luck and success. Integrating this color into your home honestly creates an atmosphere of luxuriance-from incorporating velvet couches that echo royality in shades of magenta, to painting your bedroom’s wall with a subtle lilac color cream (neutral yet energizing), demonstrating refinement at its finest. For extra flair add shimmery touches in silver and lavender as complements to up the extravagance factor inside the abode.

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth and Health

Lastly green gives off an almost serene quality that makes ones residence look lush while sparking wealth related success too thanks to its association with wood element which represents growth per Chineses culture beliefs. Paint a few bedrooms in tranquil sage shades, or add an olive green velvet armchair accentuated by fancy brass details for a scenic seating situation.

Adding plants around can instantly make any space come alive so give houseplants like peace lilies, snake plants with hints of neon yellow on them; potted money trees; which implies luck by simply pointing in tree leaf shapes toward you-allocating their positive chi accordingly for good vibes only.

Organizing for Optimal Wealth Flow

Feng Shui offers a unique approach to wealth and prosperity that is incredibly effective. One way to improve the flow of positive energy for wealth is through the correct organization and arrangement of furniture and personal possessions. By understanding the dynamics of the energy surrounding your home, you can use this knowledge to drive wealth flow in a beneficial way.

The Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is an ancient Chinese technique used to measure a property’s energy potential. It consists of 8 trigrams that surround your home and act as an energetic compass, representing prosperity, wealth, family connections, relationships, career and helpful people among other qualities. This tool allows one to identify areas within their living space which need attention either due to imbalances or blockages so that they can get connected with positive chi or ‘good luck’ energy.

Arrangement Tips

To use the Bagua map when arranging possessions in your home you will need to first determine where each part of the plan should go in order to correspond with its respective area on the map (which is usually represented by colors – red being wealth).

Once an area has been identified as needing adjustment according again to its respective position on the map then one can move items such as furniture in order to facilitate a more advantageous arrangement which optimizes its potential advantages (e.g arranging extra seating around a fireplace creates warmth which strengthens backbone related family unity).

Other things such as artwork positioning also have implications for activating certain areas according to their particular trigram; Qian for example symbolizes creativity and therefore placing hero images near the central (Qian) sector improves artistic invention & ambition and thereby stimulates prosperous activities. This should be arranged correctly by aligning them up with directions from East-West moving clockwise otherwise it may accidentally bind energies together creating obstacles instead.

Symbols and Crystals

In addition placing symbols representing wealth such as coins or money frogs near an entranceway promotes abundance. Moreover crystals are often used too for similar purposes – citrine crystals being especially favored because they signify success as well as new beginnings. The best location for placement though depends again on determining sectors relevant via using the Bagua Map.

Supposedly placing 3 pieces of this type crystal near windows helps draw in lucky opportunities even better too. Furthermore burn incenses regularly during times when progress looks stagnant; sandalwood comes highly recommended because it dispels negative influences whilst encouraging heightened intuition, grit & focus simultaneously ensuring there is no woeful underachievement festering away quietly.

Financial Windfalls

Feng Shui is a Chinese geomantic art which involves the use of specific shapes, colors, and objects to create distinct energy centers throughout a home. It can be used as a tool for attracting wealth by creating spaces for unexpected financial opportunities. Here are some tips on using Feng Shui to create money-attracting areas in your house:

The Entryway

The entryway is the first area that guests or clients will see when they come to your home, so it’s important to cultivate positive energies there. Place a bouquet of pink flowers and four coins in an ornamental bowl next to the door – this will bring in new luck with every guest. Make sure that you have a strong light shining at the door to represent energy coming into your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home, since it’s where food is prepared and fortitude comes from – make sure that it’s clean and well organised. Place a bowl of oranges on the counter or table – this symbolises abundance and wealth coming your way soon. If possible, try to hang some shiny metal wind chimes near an open window or balcony entrance as these are believed to attract fortune into your home.

The Living Room

The living room should be furnished with inviting furniture such as bright colored couches or chairs – this symbolises hospitality towards guests, clients, and potential investors. Also place three framed pictures depicting waterfalls, lakes, mountains – these elements represent prosperity and success from different directions in life. Lastly put out red candles or lamps as these colors are said to attract wealth into your space.

Enhancing Your Home Office

One of the most important aspects of adhering to feng shui when it comes to wealth is making sure your home office is both productive and relaxing. This helps create a balance between increasing the energy flow within your living space and allowing for achieving financial success.

The first step in creating an inviting but efficient workspace is making sure that the energy or “chi” within your home office is positive and vibrant. You should try to keep the area as minimalistic as possible, removing any distractions including paper clutter, books, and decorations. Additionally, it’s essential to incorporate symbols related to abundance in this area – such as plants, gold objects like coins, or artwork with representative colors like purple or gold.

To ensure you stay organized and on task throughout your work day there are some tips to follow:

  • Prioritize tasks by their importance
  • Keep how long projects take in mind when working on them
  • Designate specific days for completing certain types of tasks (such as Mondays for paperwork)
  • Set breaks throughout the day for taking mini vacations outside your home
Chinese Feng Shui Bracelet For Wealth

Finally, make sure you have all necessary tools and technical equipment at your fingertips before beginning any project. That may require upgrading technology or purchasing additional items from time to time. Investing in your career will help lead you closer towards achieving financial security. Having a pleasant attitude about completing tasks each day will create an atmosphere where success is more likely to come about while studying various feng shui techniques for wealth accumulation.

Wealth Generating Objects


Crystals are known for their healing properties and ability to bring luck, and also can be used effectively to develop financial prosperity. It is important to use the right kind of crystals when attempting to create wealth; some of the best crystals for attracting money and success include:

  • Citrine – promotes abundance, dispelled fear, and helps make clear decisions
  • Pyrite – encourages good fortune and assists with wealth retention
  • Green Adventurine – attracts luck, career success, and increased wealth
  • Aventurine – produces confidence in business endeavors

Once obtaining the most successful crystal for your desired wealth goals, the next step is deciding how to use it. There are a few ways you can display or incorporate crystals into your home in order to maximize their energetic effects.

Place them in areas that will attract positive energy such as front doors, windowsills, near computers or personal workspaces, wallet/purses (to increase income) or near plants or artwork that represent financial growth. By doing so the positive vibrations from the crystal will help open up more opportunities for generating wealth.


Plants are an efficient way of attaining economic stability because they work directly with feng shui elements of nature. Specific plants can be strategically placed throughout homes as a reminder that we’re part of something much larger than our own, which ultimately leads us on a path towards inner peace and outer abundance.

Money Trees are especially effective at this due to their large leaves (which symbolize increase in richness), strong trunks (representing balance between physical action & mental intent) & cost-efficient maintenance requirements (as they don’t require much care).

However other small foliage items like Cactus, Lucky Bamboo & Chinese Offering Basket Plants may also be appropriated when placed where they will receive direct sunlight. Careful consideration must be given regarding placement because these living organisms will take in all aspects of Feng Shui energy within a space (such as direction & proximity).

Coins & Piggy Banks

Coins − specifically ancient coins − & Piggy banks represent signs of wealth & savings respectively when activating Feng Shui money principles within one’s home environment. The symbolism behind coins establishes a connection between one’s present circumstances with an anticipated future filled with possibility; coins should be strategically placed either around entryways or intentionally left lying about connected spaces within the home in order to draw in positivity from passing by guests or inhabitants alike.

In conjunction with coins comes piggy banks which provide another unique method of allocating finances while skillfully promoting new levels of prosperity throughout households. They act as containers for monetary knowledge allowing individuals access to saved information regarding budgeting habits as well as specific expenditures during times of necessity which ultimately shrinks unneeded expenses down to size while drastically increasing available resources overall.


Feng Shui is an art and science that has been used in China for centuries to maximize the flow of energy within a space. This powerful practice can be applied to your home in order to bring more wealth and abundance into your life. By incorporating the following tips, you can create an opulent environment that draws money and opportunity your way:

Firstly, Feng Shui works off decluttering as clutter represents the slower movement of energy which blocks new blessings from coming in. Hence, it’s important to make sure that your space is clear from any unnecessary objects; this will help to open up the area and allow new positive energy to flow freely.

In addition, optimistic colors such as bright greens and blues should be encouraged when decorating each room since they reflect good luck in Feng Shui. This visual stimulus helps to awaken prosperity by inviting feelings of optimism and enthusiasm into your living spaces.

Furthermore, infusing the five natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water around the house helps in bringing balance into one’s life. Introducing small items such as wooden furniture or a terrarium full of water can herald success turning insignificant spaces into havens for luck.

It’s also important not to forget the symbolism behind certain objects as they often hold far more power than most people realise; even something as simple as placing plants near doorways can result in significant financial benefits overtime.

To sum up, by channeling the power of Feng Shui through clearing away clutter and introducing specific colors and symbols into your home you will naturally draw more wealth opportunities towards you. Allowing positive energy to flow unencumbered allows blessings to fully blossom whilst promoting legitimate wealth growth over time – so don’t underestimate its impact.

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