Feng Shui Wealth Bowl Placement


The Feng Shui Wealth Bowl is an ancient Eastern remedy believed to improve a person’s financial wellbeing. When correctly placed, this bowl in a home or office can help bring wealth, prosperity and luck into the space. Its purpose is to magnetize positive energy and draw abundance.

The wealth bowl is usually made of either brass or ceramic, symbolizing the idea that whatever one puts into it will manifest itself in the physical world. Other symbols attached to the wealth bowl represent financial success such as coins, lotus blossoms and Mandarin ducks. It is important that these items are crafted from gold, silver or wood according to traditional beliefs surrounding feng shui.

There are several key elements to where the wealth bowl should be placed in order for it to maximize its potential benefits:
1) The wealth bowl should be placed at eye level on a well-lit shelf;
2) It’s best location in relation with other objects should be the southeast corner of a room;
3) It should avoid direct contact with shoes, dustbins , toilet bowls and kitchenware;
4) It should remain free of clutter and ideally not used as a storage receptacle;
5) It needs to receive sunlight throughout the day; and
6) It needs to remain undisturbed and untouched by humans during its designated place of honor in the space.

What Items to Place in a Wealth Bowl

A wealth bowl is an incredibly powerful tool for attracting abundance into your life. It can be placed anywhere inside the home or office, but the most ideal and spiritually auspicious place to put it is in the east section of your home. Items traditionally placed in a wealth bowl include coins such as gold, silver, copper and jade; stones such as jade and crystals; and essential oils specifically related to luck, prosperity and abundance. This type of bowl should never have any objects with sharp corners or edges, as those are believed to cut away positive energy from entering your space. Additionally, items that may commonly be associated with bad luck should not be included: commodities such as salt, sulfur powder, scissors or safety pins. To receive the best results energetically speaking, you could fill it with citrine crystal chips and pieces of green tourmaline crystal to create a higher vibration of good fortune within your area. Furthermore, many insist on placing either a small lucky coin at the bottom or a piece of red fabric over the coins – both intended to attract more wealth into their lives.

How Color and Material of a Wealth Bowl Affect Placement

The color and material of a Feng Shui wealth bowl are a critical factor in determining where it should be placed in the home. The classic feng shui bowl is usually made out of clay, ceramic, or metal. Clay tones symbolize the Earth element, which correspond to stability, structure, and abundance. Ceramic tones signify the Fire element, promoting passion, energy, and success. Metal tones symbolize Metal energy that encourage wealth attraction through diligence and hard work.

In addition to being mindful of materials used when selecting a wealth bowl, colors are also important. Colors like golden yellow and oranges invite in luck related to money and professional success. Reds can be used for property acquisitions and blue-greens for career advancement opportunities. Blacks encourage more powerful vibrations for business development goals while whites can increase clarity and awareness around finances.

When considering your wealth bowl placement, remember to place it towards the North end of your home or office space as this part of your environment corresponds with the water element; which has strong ties to money prosperity. It’s ideal that you have only one bowl in any given space but if you decide to use multiple bowls make sure each colors purpose is kept clear for optimal results.

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Essential Rules of Wealth Bowl Placement

The placement of the Feng Shui Wealth Bowl is critical for ensuring its effectiveness within a home or business space. When placing the wealth bowl, it is important to follow these essential rules in order to maximize good Chi (positive energy) and reap the benefits that the wealth bowl can offer:

• Position the wealth bowl in a place where it is visible. This will help ensure that positive energy can flow freely around your home or business, as well as enabling you to be reminded of your intentions each time you see it.

• Pick a prominent area so that the wealth bowl will be noticed when entering the room. High foot traffic can also bring additional prosperity Chi due to its ability to encourage increased exchanges of quality energies surrounding money and success.

• Place the wealth bowl in an East direction as this sector represents opportunities according to traditional Feng Shui knowledge and beliefs.

• Keep doorways or windows clear from any obstruction when placing a wealth bowl for best results. Too much clutter blocking pathways will limit blessings of fortune from entering your abode.

Best Locations to Place a Wealth Bowl

The best locations to place a wealth bowl depend upon the desired outcome of the individual who is using it. Feng Shui experts recommend using the wealth bowl in strategic areas of a home or office in order to attract luck, health, and ultimately balance for the owner. Commonly used places for a wealth bowl include entryways, living rooms and near desks or cash registers. Placing it near an entrance invites positive energy into the home or office. Placing it near electronics or working areas can help increase luck with finances and career prospects. Alternatively, some believe that placing the wealth bowl on a dining table close to where friends and family gather will bring unconditional love and harmony. As always, consider personal goals and aspirations when selecting a placement as well as consulting experts.

Tips for Enhancing Wealth Bowl Placement

When incorporating Feng Shui Wealth Bowls into your space, there are several important guidelines and principles to follow. First, it is essential to find the best location for each bowl. Ideally, it should be placed in a location that will get respect from people entering the room and where it will not be obscured by other items or furniture. The optimal positioning of the Wealth Bowl is on a table in the wealth sector of a home or office – the southeast corner. This is because this area is associated with prosperity and success. Alternatively, you may choose to hang your Feng Shui Wealth Bowl on the wall at eye level and facing inside the house; if doing this, be sure to hang it high enough so that its contents cannot be reached by others outside of your family or team. Once it has been properly placed with intention, another tip for maximizing success with a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl is to visualize abundance flowing into its chambers while regularly adding coins and figurines the bowl’s center. This activates positive energy in its surroundings encouraging wealth opportunities just as often as you add items to it!

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Wealth Bowl Placement

When it comes to feng shui wealth bowl placement, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the bowl should never be placed directly above or below a bed. This could potentially disrupt the flow of positive energy in the room and block abundance from entering your home. Other mistakes people often make when placing a wealth bowl include:

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• Not cleansing the wealth bowl regularly: Remember that energy accumulates around your wealth bowl, so it’s essential to cleanse it energeticall by burning incense or flowers or by washing with salt water at least once a month.

• Placing the wealth bowl in an unbalanced spot: The area in which you place your wealth bowl should inspire feelings of balance and harmony. Placing it at an odd angle on top of furniture can disrupt this balance, causing good fortune from entering your home.

• Not wearing protective jewelry while displaying the wealth bowl: Wearing protective jewelry around your neck, such as jade or obsidian, will protect you from absorbing any negative energies that may have accumulated around your wealth bowl. This will help keep your energy clear and purposeful, allowing you to attract success into all areas of life.

Additional Practices for Optimizing Wealth Bowl Placement

The practice of optimal wealth bowl placement with Feng Shui is just one of the many ways to manifest abundance and prosperity into your life. Good feng shui money placement consists of thoughtful, strategic positioning that can help bring positive financial energies into your home or workplace. To enhance the effects of a wealth bowl, there are other practices you can implement in order to draw luck and prosperity.

For instance, you can add natural crystals such as citrine, red jasper, or green adventurine to the bowl itself. These materials have powerful energy properties associated with them, which help focus and attract money energy. Additionally, in order for your wealth bowl to work optimally it should be placed somewhere affluent and filled regularly with coins (preferable real silver and gold). For example placing three coins each time in the northeast corner facing upward will work best. You should also light up an incense like sandalwood or sweet grass near the wealth bowl once per day to clear any negative energy near it. Sound therapy tools like singing bowls or gongs may be used to balance chi around the area while stimulating positive chi flow towards the wealth bowl. Finally, pay attention to how you approach your wealth bowl – use creative visualization around it such as seeing yourself having increased success and abundance by placing positive intentions around it during its invocation. With these tips, your Feng Shui Wealth Bowl Placement is bound for manifesting goodies!


Adhering to Feng Shui wealth bowl placement guidelines can bring many advantages. For example, a properly placed wealth bowl can help attract money and increase your overall wealth. Its calming presence adds to the positive energy in the space, creating an environment of peace, relaxation and prosperity. Additionally, placing a wealth bowl where it belongs is said to bring balance and harmony into your home or office. When done correctly, the placement of your wealth bowl will become an important part of your ongoing efforts to enhance your well-being and personal finances. Finally, Feng Shui wealth bowls make beautiful additions to any room. They can infuse visual beauty into any space while providing energetic support that brings luck and abundance energy.

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