Feng Shui Tv In Bedroom


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses the positioning of objects in a space to create harmony between humans and their environment. Feng shui offers us the opportunity to use energy flow, or qi, to create balance in our lives. This practice can be applied in any space, but is especially useful when trying to create positive energy in the bedroom. By placing furniture and decor according to feng shui principles, you can create a bedroom atmosphere of peace and comfort.

When using feng shui principles in your bedroom, it is important to consider not only where items are placed but also their size, shape and colors. Positioning your bed so that you have an unobstructed view of the door will aid your sense of security, while placing mirrors and other reflective surfaces away from the bed will help you rest peacefully. It is believed that by doing this one can attract healthy energy into the room as well as eliminate negative vibes that might disrupt peaceful sleep. Additionally, incorporating natural materials like wood, plants and crystals into the design scheme will further foster a tranquil atmosphere within the space.

Another element to consider if one wishes to apply feng shui principles in their bedroom are electronic devices such as TVs or computers which should ideally be covered or moved out of sight at night when we go to sleep – this ensures our rooms fill with calming energies instead of wired ones. If a TV must remain in the bedroom for personal viewing pleasure (or lack thereof!) adding plenty of calming artwork or windswept plants–which symbolise freshness–will reduce its impact against a more relaxed ambiance in this place dedicated for sleep and rest.

Benefits of TV in Bedroom

Feng Shui promotes a balanced and harmonious energy within the home by focusing on one’s positive energy channels. One way to cultivate a more serene atmosphere within the bedroom is by using a television as an intentional source of entertainment and relaxation. Having a TV in the bedroom can create a relaxed environment, induce better sleep, reduce stress and help the user to disconnect from technology for the evening or night time hours.

Since televisions emit bright light, it is important to be mindful of their placement in the boudoir. It’s best to set up the television on low-level shelving as opposed to mounting it directly onto walls which can interfere with the room’s energy level. This can provide direct visibility that does not take away from other aspects of the room like necessary furniture or wall decor.

Placing furniture or decor around your television can also bring balance into your environment and create healthy Feng shui energy. Anything placed near an electronic device should be grounded—sharp angles are better avoided as they produce more static electricity while creating imbalance in your space. Therefore, adding rounded pieces such as plants or artwork can help turn negative energy into beneficial forces in accordance with Feng shui principles. With this setup, it encourages users to relax in front of their televisions rather than relying solely on devices such as laptops or phones for entertainment without distraction.

Ideal Placement of TV

Feng Shui is an ancient art of design that helps to create balance and promote positive energy in a space, as it is believed to have an impact on your well-being. Incorporating feng shui into the bedroom helps to create a relaxing atmosphere and enhance your health and happiness. One of the elements to consider when incorporating feng shui in the bedroom is the ideal placement of the TV.

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To achieve optimal feng shui, it’s important that you identify where the TV should be positioned within your bedroom. The ideal location for placing a TV in the bedroom would be opposite of the bed or placed cleverly inside another piece of furniture such as armoire or entertainment center which could conceal it completely when not being used. According to feng shui principles, placing a TV at eye level provides mental comfort and alleviates stress as you’re able to watch television without looking up or down at an angle. Additionally, it’s essential to keep items surrounding the TV tidy and organized in order to create a clutter free environment.

Lastly, make sure that your television does not become overpowering by utilizing large frames around it or adding other large decorative elements nearby. This can help reduce its visual presence while also creating harmony with its surroundings. By positioning your television optimally within your bedroom according to these principles, you’re sure to enjoy peace and relaxation while watching your shows or movies!

Enhancing the Look of Your TV

Feng Shui TV in your bedroom can help create a comfortable, restful atmosphere while still providing some entertainment options. To start, look to the wall your TV leans against and choose wallpaper that complements the size of the TV. Consider using a neutral colored pattern or tone to make the background blend into the wall and give it a back-dropped effect. Next, turn to dcor as you look for solutions that will help enhance and scale down the physical presence of your television – tall plants near it are great for this purpose. Lastly, clear away unnecessary clutter near your TV as well as display items such as books, art pieces or pottery that distract from its look but still show the personality of your home. Finally, choose wall colors wisely and opt for darker tones on either side of the television which emphasizes its presence while pushing it further into the shadows. This way you can create harmony between relaxation and leisure in an elegant room in Feng Shui style!

Solutions to Reducing Screen Time

Limiting Screen Time – It is important to set rules for limiting the amount of screen time in your home, particularly in the bedroom. Consider designating times when electronics are allowed on and times when they are not; for instance, putting a physical curfew on screen time after 8 p.m. For children and adolescents especially, this can help encourage healthy sleep habits as well as provide boundaries that must be respected.

Disconnect from Technology Before Bed – To promote relaxation before bedtime and reduce stress, it is beneficial to disconnect from technology at least 30 minutes to an hour prior to going to sleep. This allows the brain to settle down and relaxes the body for a deep restful sleep later on in the night.

Practical Solutions for Reducing Social Media Use – Practical solutions for reducing time spent on social media include setting timers or reminders as prompts throughout the day and/or creating specific sessions each day dedicated solely to scrolling through applications.. Additionally, covering up or unplugging any devices (including televisions) in the bedroom helps keep distractions at bay so there is less temptation to mindlessly browse the internet late into the night.

Investing in Mindful Technology

With the ever-increasing presence of technology, using feng shui tv in the bedroom can help mindful tech users gain control over their physical and digital lives. Feng shui has been used for centuries to create a more balanced and harmonious space, and this balance and harmony can be utilised to reduce mental stress and promote healthier mental health.

By positioning the television in a certain direction, it can produce calming energy. Placing the TV and other technology devices on a higher shelf or table will actually discourage use of them as well. This also helps keep negative energy away from the bed, as it is where one needs to relax and disconnect from technology. It is also important to limit viewing time of electronic devices late at night; by unplugging TV sets and charging ports prior to sleep times, it keeps batteries from running down, avoiding blue light that hinders natural seasonal cycle sleep patterns.

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Feng shui tv in the bedroom encourages peace and relaxation by discouraging people from checking their mobile or catching up on their favorite television show right before bedtime or when waking up in the morning. Creating a pleasant living environment with peaceful energy brings joy and tranquility; allowing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes to dissipate altogether with peace of mind intact – balancing out physical and digital lives. Furthermore, regular house cleaning rituals could be put into practice while pondering on positive affirmations that boost cognitive potentials mentally – creating a healthier environment free from detrimental technologies.

Rejuvenation Tips

Feng Shui for the TV in the bedroom is a popular practice for many people. Here are some tips to follow when setting up your Feng Shui TV in the bedroom:

1) Position the television in an area that won’t be easily seen from your bed. The right distance will depend on your specific space, but try to ensure that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb when you walk into the room. Placing the television in an elevated position or place it on top of a cabinet can help with this.

2) Hang mirrors or artwork to diffuse and spread energy throughout the room. Mirrors should always face each other to create harmony and balance, and allow desired energies such as prosperity and abundance to flow into the bedroom.

3) Keep clutter at bay by having storage cabinets for your TV components and other devices so it doesn’t become an eyesore or distraction in your bedroom.

4) Make sure you practice measures of fire safety when positioning electrical items such as your television near furnishings or fabrics that may catch fire easily, like curtains and bedding. This will also help protect against negative energies creating unrest or unhappiness for those living inside the home.

5) Finally, choose curtains over blinds because they can promote more airy qi around your space – not only when watching TV, but also during sleep hours when darkness is desired.


Feng Shui principles suggest that certain placement of objects in your bedroom can help bring balance and harmony while allowing for better rest and relaxation. When it comes to the TV, it is recommended to be placed opposite or at a 135 degree angle with respect to the bed headrest, allowing you to watch without disruption. Additionally, it should be slightly low and make sure any wires are kept tucked away so as not to detract from the peaceful energy in the space. By keeping these ideas in mind when placing your TV in your bedroom, you can enjoy all the benefits of Feng Shui and ensure its usage does not negatively disrupt your sleep or everyday life.

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