Feng Shui to Move Into New Home

Introducing Feng Shui

Feng Shui, literally meaning ‘wind water’, is a form of Chinese philosophy that is dedicated to the harmonious flow of energy in a space. By correctly creating an atmosphere which encourages positive energy to circulate and placing furniture, colors and objects in the right position, Feng Shui seeks to ensure harmony, balance and good luck.

When applying Feng Shui to a new home, it is important to assess each room as this will allow you to focus on improving certain areas as needed. For example, many experts advise clearing any clutter from the entrance of your house as this will help to invite potential luck inside. Similarly, keeping mirrors positioned away from windows and doors should also bring luck into your home. Other tips can range from displaying images of nature or family photos throughout the house, or even connecting different rooms through colors and décor items.

When moving into a new home it can be difficult adjusting to a new environment and establishing connections with family members and friends; however approaching the process through a Feng Shui mindset can help you create positive energy that may otherwise have been lost during such a transition. For instance- Placing items like aquariums filled with goldfish at the entrance of your house is said to encourage monetary wealth into your home. It does not necessarily mean that wealth would always immediately come when using this technique but being aware of such items (such as wind chimes, coins or lucky pottery) every time one enters/exits from their home can bring more positivity into one’s life while they search for prosperity in their own ways too. Additionally- Bringing in fresh flowers or maintenance plants can help oxygenate air around us while bright spaces make people feel active and successful! So choosing versatile neutrals when painting walls instead of overly dark hues helps power up place exponentially over time which results in peaceful relaxation whenever we need it most!

Pre-Move Cleaning Rituals

When embarking on a fresh start with a new home, it is important to give your new space a good foundation. One way to do this is by cleaning the home thoroughly and engaging in pre-move cleaning rituals that are associated with Feng Shui. The first step of this ritual is to make use of a smudge stick or flute set, blessings and healing statements, to spiritually cleanse the home’s energies. After addressing the spiritual side of your home, it’s time for the physical cleaning. It should start from top to bottom – from walls, furniture, carpets and floors – giving everything a deep clean before you move in any belongings. Dispose of objects that have been left behind by earlier occupants as they may have absorbing negative energy that could impact your own dwellings’ atmosphere. Additionally, keep clutter out of both interior and exterior spaces as this can activate stagnant energy in the home. To bring positive chi into your living space, try decorating with flowers or bringing in new houseplants!

Placement of Home Furniture and Decor

When it comes to arranging furniture and decor in a new home according to feng shui principles, the Bagua Map is an important tool. The Bagua Map divides a space into eight segments – North, North East, East, South East; South, South West, West and North West – each with an associated element. To find the correct placement of furniture according to the Bagua Map.

For example, in the North area of your home, which corresponds to the element water, you could choose to display a fountain or aquarium. Similarly in the East sector (wood element), place green plants like indoor trees or herb planters for good luck. In the South area (fire element), hang up artwork that reflects beauty and passion or use vibrant colors for this region. In the West section (metal element), add decor items made from metal like fixtures or sculptures as well as lamps and candle holders for airy energy. A balanced blend of five elements should be used throughout your entire home when using feng shui principles for decorating a new house. Placing these images and objects near entranceways can also bring in positive nergies.

Feng Shui Living Room Colors For Metal Water

Aside from placement considerations for various elements each area of your home offers unique symbolism and personal meaning too! The areas above are just general placements best suited by room location by utilizing feng shui principles. You will want to customize what is placed within each area based on your lifestyle and purpose of use within each specific room as well as consider items such as mirrors strategically placed in order to encourage more flow of positive energy throughout your space.

Selecting Colors

When selecting colors for a new home, consider the traditional Feng Shui recommendations. Generally, cool colors are preferred in bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces for their calming and restorative quality. Blue is often recommended as a bedroom color as it creates a sense of tranquility. In the living spaces, light shades of green or yellow will make the area feel cozy and inviting. Orange or light red can add warmth to dining areas and kitchens while providing an energizing effect.

Bold colors should also be used strategically within your home as they create positive energy in certain places. Deep hues of red work best in study areas or offices to promote focus, productivity and determination. For example, if you have a long hallway inside your home, choose darker colors such as navy blue to create depth and drama. You may also change the color with each season or even give each room its own individualized colors.

It’s important to remember that when determining which colors will bring balance and harmony to your home – less is more! Choose a few colors that blend well together without overwhelming the space. Keep in mind traditional Feng Shui principles when you choose colors for each room – warm soft tones for relaxation-promoting rooms like living rooms and bedrooms; midtones for high-energy spots like offices; vibrant rich colors for accent walls; and white to provide cleanliness throughout your home.

Bringing Nature Into the Home

One of the most important things to bear in mind when applying Feng Shui to a new home is incorporating nature. It can bring about a beautiful, calming atmosphere and be essential for the flow of positive energy throughout the house. There are a few different ways you can do this in order to make your home inviting, comfortable and peaceful.

Plants: Plants not only bring life into your home but they also help to generate healthy energy flow. They oxygenate the air and may also act as a natural humidifier or purifier depending on what species you choose. Plus their vibrant colors liven up any space.

Water: Water has always been seen as something that brings luck, wealth, and auspicious fortune in Feng Shui. Consider placing small water fountains around your home or an aquarium in your living room- these have both practical applications as well as offering peace and tranquility for relaxing evenings at home.

Lucky Tree Feng Shui

Crystals: These are believed by many to possess metaphysical properties, improving the surrounding energies of your home due to their vibrations from stored energy within the crystal itself. Placing crystals near entranceways or open spaces are thought to maximize their impact on the area depending on their type and color. Altar Cloths & Statues: An altar cloth placed near an entranceway symbolizes protection while statues help activate Chi through mental visualization of energies within our head – pairing them both together creates an even greater effect! Whether its a Buddha statue or prayer flags- these hold special meanings that should be respected when used in our own personal spaces.

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese way of arranging one’s environment to promote health, success and wellbeing. When moving into a new home, it is beneficial to incorporate this practice to enhance the experience in several ways.

On a physical level, Feng Shui allows for orderly energy circulation throughout the home. By correctly balancing the chi (energy) and areas in each room, harmony and balance can be achieved, setting a healthy foundation for living. It guides furniture placement to create open pathways and allows natural elements such as air, light and good ventilation to flow freely.

On a spiritual level, Feng Shui helps bring positive vibes into your new space by allowing you to use symbols that represent your values and set intentions for what you want from your living situation or even your life in general. This will help make the transition easier as it helps you create an environment that resonates with familiar patterns, albeit different from before.

Lastly, on an emotional level, practicing Feng Shui when moving into a new home provides a sense of calmness and stability on both the physical and energetic levels; this makes sense considering that our emotions have a direct impact on our overall mental well-being. Additionally, customers may feel empowered knowing they conquered the challenge of putting their furnishings in order without any formal training — plus they may gain insight into themselves through understanding how their subconscious responds to comforting spaces around them such as specific color palettes or art pieces they’ve specifically chosen.


Feng Shui is a powerful tool that can be used when transitioning into a new home. By considering your environment and choosing the right furniture, colors, and decorations for your space you can create an atmosphere that nurtures good energy. Feng Shui also encourages you to use the space in ways that will bring abundance, harmony, and success into your life. From mindful arrangments to certain rituals like burning joss sticks and inviting in a turtle or elephant that represent protection, wealth and strength; you can create an environment of love where people will feel comfortable, at home and welcome.

In summary, taking advantage of the skills of Feng Shui when moving into a new home helps you to make sure the energies work in your favor allowing prosperity, luck and love flows freely through it. Furthermore, it helps to foster mindful living and allows one to find their ideal balance while enjoying the process of creating their desired lifestyle.

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