Feng Shui Symbols For Love

Feng Shui symbols for love are a great way to bring feelings of happiness and harmony into your space. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of utilizing the energy of elements to enhance peace and wellbeing in a home or living space. It has been used for over 5,000 years by many cultures all over the world to help attract luck, health, success, and love.

Through the addition of certain symbols that represent love and harmony, a person can create a space for true connection and romance. Whether it’s to save a failing relationship or just attempt to foster new ones, Feng Shui can be a powerful tool for everyone who wants more love in their life.

The Five Elemental Symbols The five elemental feng shui symbols for love are wood, fire, water, metal, and earth. These elements carry specific meanings associated with different types of energy – Wood is youthfulness and creativity; Fire is passion with intense energy; Water is tranquility with healing powers; Metal is drive as well as technology; Earth represents nourishment along with stability. Each symbol has both positive and negative connotations depending upon the position in which they are placed throughout your home.

How To Use Feng Shui Symbols For Love When using feng shui symbols for love it’s important to remember that the placement of these items around your home makes all the difference. You don’t want anything aggressive like fire in an area dedicated to beauty or sentimentality like art pieces and knick-knacks at the entranceway leading into your front door or bedroom.

Instead focus on creating areas that make you feel open-minded yet grounded such as placing water feature decorations near soft lighting fixtures around living rooms or bedrooms – this will promote trust while heightening positive emotions between two people. The right placement of these symbols can help promote healthy relationships by leading up steady communication lines that build understanding between two people even if it isn’t romantic in nature.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui and Their Influence on Love

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement and arrangement of objects to optimize positive energy in an environment. Each environment has its own elemental composition which can be used to help create a more harmonious space. When it comes to using Feng Shui for love, understanding the five main elements of Feng Shui is key in order to attract and maintain relationships. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.


Wood is associated with growth and movement. To use this element for love, consider items that represent renewal, such as plants or images of trees or flowers. Another way to use this element is incorporating colors like green or pink into your home décor as they represent healing and joy respectively. Also consider adding items such as aromatherapy oils or candles that symbolize patience and enlightenment.


This element personifies passion as it involves heat and energy from burning (e.g., candles). Consider red hues throughout the home to evoke passion and excitement in a relationship as well as a display of photos with special memories shared together such as birthdays and anniversaries. Aromatherapy oils containing the scents of jasmine or rose can also be used to awaken passionate feelings between two people when lit during intimate moments.


This element projects nurturing through groundedness within one’s surroundings while each partner takes on individual roles outdoorsy nature-inspired décor will create balance rather than chaos while both partners share tasks in a relationship. Shades of yellow are great for encouraging communication among people while shades of brown representing stability activate supportive grounding energy between two people sharing different perspectives on life matters.

List Of Items To Incorporate Into Your Home

  • Plants & Flowers
  • Images Of Trees And Flowers
  • Green Or Pink Colours In Home Decor
  • Aromatherapy Oils And Candles
  • Photos Of Special Memories & Anniversaries
  • Red Hue Colours Throughout The Home
  • Aromatherapy Oils Scented With Rose/Jasmine
  • Shades Of Yellow Encouraging Communication Between Two People
  • Shades Of Brown Representing Stability

Symbols of the Goddess of Love

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that uses the positioning of objects and materials to bring balance, peace, and good fortune into lives. It is also believed that certain symbols associated with Feng Shui can help attract love. Each symbol has a unique meaning and purpose in relation to love, making it an interesting way to focus energy on something that we may wish for or need.

The Goddess of Love: The elephant

The first symbol associated with Feng Shui and love is the elephant. In Chinese culture, the elephant is a powerful symbol of affection and protection from evil forces. This elephant symbolizes strength, harmony, loyalty, faithfulness, unconditional love and fidelity; all traits needed for any healthy relationship. Having this symbol displayed in the home or office will help bring these qualities into your life.

Feng Shui For Success In Love

The Symbol of Blessing: The Dragon

The second symbol connected to Feng Shui and love is the dragon. Dragons are known as benevolent creatures that bring good luck and blessings to those they touch. This special symbol should be placed in the East or Southeast corner of your home to attract new relationships while promoting healthful ones already existing.

The Power Of Love: The Peony Flower

Finally, one of the most popular symbols associated with Feng Shui and love is the peony flower. Peonies have long been thought to carry strong attributes about true love; such as joy, passion, commitment, appreciation, marriage, fertility , contentment, prosperity and fidelity.

They evoke feelings of pleasure in people upon being seen so having them around your home or office gives off positive vibes which may give rise to conversations about relationships and how you feel about them. Furthermore placing them near windows can help deepen your bond with one another while providing a sense of protection from outside forces.

The Chinese Knot

The Chinese Knot has been a symbol of love and connection in Feng Shui for centuries. It has multiple layers of meaning that represent strong, committed relationships, compassion, and mutual understanding. The knot also symbolizes infinity with its intertwined lines and interlocking shapes in an endless loop of embracing curves. It offers auspicious abundance to those who display it in their homes or offices.

For the purpose of forging strong bonds within relationships, there are specific ways to place the knot in order to maximize its effect:

  • The ideal spot is within direct sight when entering a room.
  • In bedrooms it should be placed hanging near the headboard or placed on top of the bedside table.
  • Using a pair of two knots placed together can enhancing the loving energy of the relationship.

It’s common to use colors associated with love such as reds and pinks when selecting a Chinese Knot to hang as décor in ones home or workspace – though a simple rope-like design can achieve similar results. The knots are available in various sizes so even if limited wall space is available, small versions can still be incorporated as part of feng shui practice.

Additionally another creative way to use them is by tying two smaller knots together and looping them around fruits and other items brought into the home as they are believed to act as absorbers of luck which then passes onto those sharing meals or food together afterwards.

The Double Happiness Symbol

The double happiness symbol, also known as shuangxi, has been a potent tool in ancient Chinese philosophy and culture for centuries. In Feng Shui, the symbol represents both marriage and happiness. This term stems from two characters that resemble a Yin Yang but are written differently. It is used to ward off evil energy and create a peaceful atmosphere in the home or workplace.

Feng Shui masters believe that the double happiness symbol can represent love and bring balance into relationships when placed in the correct spots around the home. It is particularly popular among couples who are looking to strengthen their bond or attract new love interests into their lives. Below you will find some tips on how you can use this powerful symbol to bring blessings of joy, frisson of love and lasting partnerships into your life:

  • Place it near your bed – Place an image of this special symbol close to your bed as you breathe in its emanating favourability all night long.
  • Choose a specific colour – Copper or red is traditionally favoured because these colours hold special meaning as they represent warmth.
  • Hang it in front of windows – This will ensure that positive energy flows freely throughout your entire house while attracting passionate vibes for romance.

The double happiness symbol is held sacred by many couples, especially those about to get married or already in committed relationships because it stands for loyalty, romance and blissful years together. Whether hung up on walls with lanterns or made out of small statuettes placed on shelves; this significant icon brings joy through its representation of fertility, well-being and enduring partnership.

It is important to remember though that if placed incorrectly, having this famous assurance could have adverse effects thereby negating its purpose altogether. Therefore it’s important that before utilizing these symbols in your home it’s best consulting an experienced teacher or adviser first so you know exactly where and how best to utilize them effectively.

The Peach Blossom

The concept of Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize one’s environment with the energy flow around them. The goal is to attract positive energy and keep energies in balance throughout the home or workplace. As part of this practice, there are various symbols associated with harnessing different types of energy, and the Peach Blossom is one such symbol that can be used to invite love and romance into a person’s life.

While many symbols represent love and luck in partnership, the Peach Blossom has long been a traditional symbol specifically focused on matters of the heart. This is because it shares many characteristics associated with joy and romance, such as its warm pink color which often conveys ideas of love and femininity; it is also a sign of springtime fertility, growth, renewal and bounty.

Feng Shui Cures For Love

In addition, the flowers abundant petals depict prosperity and unity (two blooming Peach Blossoms are believed to be twice as empowering. ), while its rounded shape indicates protection against misfortune or malicious forces.

From an energetic perspective, harnessing the power of this symbol can have a profound effect on our lives when placed strategically within our home or workspace. Positioning several visual representations around an environment promotes healthful connections between self-love, relationships with friends/family/partner and other areas pertaining to romantic satisfaction. This includes invoking both its harmonious attributes (career prospects; health/happiness) as well as putting up a shield against potential negative energies (breakups; enduring suffering).

It’s suggested that such items should be positioned strategic points within your direct view upon entering your home/workspace in order for these types of energies to flow naturally into any given space. Examples include placing sculptures on bedside tables; displaying artwork featuring blooming peach trees in main rooms such as living rooms or kitchens – even hanging garlands featuring this imagery.

These visual cues collectively create a serene atmosphere ideal for creating new connections when ready (and open) to embark upon them.

Ultimately trying out this method will enable us to achieve an energized space conducive for attracting desired outcomes whilst fulfilling all our needs along the way. With just enough focus towards changing our own personal symbology at home or workspaces, we may be surprised just how much more powerful we can become.

The Yin and Yang

The Yin and Yang is an old concept in many Asian countries, such as Feng Shui. It seeks to bring harmony and balance to your home so you can create contentment, success, and love. This particular force works together to create a dynamic balance in relationships. The Yin is the flexible feminine energy while the Yang is the rigid masculine energy. By integrating both these forces into our lives, we can achieve peace and contentment.

In terms of Feng Shui, there are several symbols that can be used to activate the Ying-Yang. Here is a list of some of these potent symbols:

  • Mandarin Ducks: Mandarin Ducks are a symbol of eternal love between partners in traditional Chinese culture.
  • Longevity Symbols: These symbols help enhance peaceful relationships and bring longevity to couples.
  • Pink Flamingos: In general, Flamingos signify connectivity between two people, which leads to more open communication between them.
  • Infinity Signs: The infinity sign represents everlasting love for partners.
  • Peach Blossoms: A representation of fidelity and commitment towards each other.

These powerful symbols can be used strategically in various locations around your home in order to attract positive energy for conflict resolution or improved understanding between romantic partners. For example, placing two Mandarin ducks on a shelf near your bed will help encourage trust and deeper connection with your partner.

The positioning of each symbol also matters – try facing the two birds towards each other near your bedside table for best results. Similarly, you could hang an infinity sign near your bed or place peach blossoms in any corner of the house where you usually discuss things with your partner in order to have better conversations that lead to happier outcomes.


In summary, Feng Shui symbols for love are all around us. There are countless symbols for different kinds of spiritual love, material love, family love, and romantic love. Whether you want to use the ancient power of these symbols to attract a romantic partner or bring more family harmony into your home, there is a symbol that is perfect for your needs.

The most popular Feng Shui symbols for love include red roses, two Mandarin ducks together, colorful peony blossoms, bright tangerine energy bowls and of course the “love” sign – two hearts tied together. Many of these items can be displayed in multiple locations throughout your home or office space in order to increase the positive energy associated with them and thereby draw more loving energy into your life.

Objects like pink candles or pomegranates can also be used with great success when it comes to bringing more love into your everyday life.

Kitting out your home or workspace with some carefully selected Feng Shui symbols for love is a great way to kick-start your journey towards finding romance and peace within yourself and with those around you. Incorporating colors like pink and red as well as special shapes such as spiral patterns will help further embed these powerful energies within the walls as well as within yourself.

Even if this may sound abstract at first, incorporating these elements might just bring about startling encounters in profoundly unexpected ways.

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