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Feng Shui Ru is an ancient Chinese philosophical system based on the belief that by making certain adjustments to the layout of one’s house or office, one can bring positive energy and create balance and harmony in their lives. The term ‘Feng Shui’ literally means ‘wind-water’ and is translated as ‘No Left Unflawed’. It is based on elements such as colors, direction, shapes, dynamics of nature which focus on manipulating five energies – energetic, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional.

The history of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years to China’s Zhou Dynasty when it was believed that positioning certain items or materials in a certain way would bring balance and good luck. Over time, interest in this type of philosophy spread both East and West, adapting into various cultures and religion. In the West today Feng Shui has become a popular practice used to increase good fortune and improve personal well-being. Practices such as placing mirrors near entrances or painting with specific colors are often employed to channel energy into homes and businesses. Even though some aspects of traditional Feng Shui have been disregarded in modern times, many aspects remain relevant due to its effectiveness for improving human life.

Overview of the Five Elements

The five elements in Feng Shui, also known as Wu Xing, are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These elements are thought to be the key components that affect our lives and shape the environment surrounding us. When put together properly, these elements can create a harmonious balance that can bring peace and prosperity into our lives.

Although these elements may not always be visible to us in physical form, they are believed to have a significant influence on our indoor environments. Applying them in your home through the use of colours and forms, as well as other objects such as artwork and furniture can promote balance and evoke positive energy. Fire element is represented by reds, oranges or magenta tones whereas Earth element stands for greenish-brown shades like yellow ochre or dark taupe. Metal element stands for metallics such grey silver or gold hues while Wood has more natural touches of green but also navy blues mixed with elusive pastels. Lastly Water brings in cooler colours like blues and purples plus intense ceruleans that signify spirituality or wisdom.

Furthermore all five elements should be taken into consideration when designing an interior space to represent harmony between each other. This can be done by arranging furniture accordingly – Fire should be placed with metal while metal should work alongside Water – or introducing colour schemes where the combined use of warm earthy tones pair with watery powder blues or even embracing artwork featuring both Airy ethereal foliage along side metallic structures in one unified arrangement designed according to Feng Shui Ru principles.

Practical Uses of Feng Shui Ru

Feng Shui Ru is an ancient Chinese philosophy based around energy flows, balance and harmony. The philosophies can be applied to create a home design that brings out the best in its occupants and it’s surroundings. Here are some practical uses of Feng Shui Ru when designing or bustling up a home:

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1. Use color to establish a sense of balance and harmony in your home. According to Feng Shui rules, certain colors bring out different energies so choose ones that match the purpose of the room. For example, red creates energy while blue creates calmness.

2. Design your rooms with symmetry in mind to keep an even flow of energy through the house. This may mean making sure that furniture is placed in ways that draw your eye back and forth across the room, rather than cluttered into one area.

3. Make sure your windows open outwards towards something pleasant such as a garden or landscape view to ensure positive chi flow into the house and keep negative energies at bay.

4. Good quality ceiling lighting is important for brightening up even low lit areas of the home, helping you feel more energised throughout the day!
5 Place plants strategically around your home as this helps bring oxygen into the space whilst promoting positive energies too – just be careful not to block any doorways!
6 Encourage good luck by adding mirrors to rooms; they help bounce light around in dark areas and repel any bad Chi (energy) away from you! 7 Bring vital life force energy into your home by decorating it with artwork or photographs that inspire joy and happiness – these will encourage good luck energy into your house

DIY Suggestions

1. Maximize Natural Light Throughout Your Home: Make sure to open up curtains or blinds to maximize the sunlight in your space. Think about the furniture placement which allows the light to reach all corners of the room.

2. Create a Welcoming Entrance: You want to make sure that from the initial moment someone arrives, they feel welcomed and comfortable in your home. Consider installing an inviting welcome mat and adding a touch of greenery with a houseplant or two near the entryway.

3. Enhance Positive Energy Flow with Color: Incorporate Feng Shui principles into your color selection by picking colors that are both calming and energizing, such as blues and greens for a healthful home office and reds and oranges for socializing areas like kitchens and living rooms.

4. Organize All Clutter: De-cluttering is essential in Feng Shui practice since it clears away any stagnant energy and frees up more space for your life goals like business meetings or family gatherings at home. Try keeping books, documents, magazines, etc., within designated shelves neatly organized and labeled to increase focus on productivity tasks or create cozy yet efficient spaces within bedrooms or common areas just for hanging out with friends after a long day at work!

5. Add Aromatic Candles & Scents For Relaxation (optional): If you’re looking to add an extra boost of relaxation into your living space, consider adding some candles with soothing fragrances like lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, etc., that can promote peacefulness while still clearing away negative energy!

Special Considerations

Feng Shui Ru is a powerful form of Feng Shui said to bring abundance, health, and wealth into the life of those who practice it. It has been used for centuries as a way to harmonize the energy of a space in order to create positive outcomes. To apply Feng Shui Ru effectively, there are some considerations one should take into account.

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The size and shape of the space itself can affect Feng Shui Ru. For example, if a room feels crowded or confined due to its small size, then it can be beneficial to use plants or mirrors to open up the space and redirect its energy flow. Additionally, objects that are triangular in shape are said to be particularly powerful tools when working with Feng Shui Ru because they represent fortune and luck.

The type of home being worked with is also an important factor when applying Feng Shui Ru. Different solutions may be needed depending on whether the house is surrounded by city buildings or open nature landscapes for instance; each setting having its own unique energy dynamics that need different manipulations.

In conclusion, by taking the time to consider these special considerations around shape, size and environment when attempting to apply Feng Shui Ru, one should be able to properly harness the natural power this form of ancient Chinese wisdom offers.


Feng Shui Ru is an ancient Chinese practice which seeks to bring harmony and balance to any space. It works by using a variety of different elements, such as wind, water, fire, and earth, to create balance in the area. By creating balance within an environment it helps instills feelings of peace and tranquility in those who inhabit the space. This is accomplished by strategically arranging objects, furniture, and plants in the room so that they work harmoniously with their surroundings and promote positive energy flow. Additionally, Feng Shui Ru practices often focus on de-cluttering spaces so that there are fewer distractions or obstacles that could cause one to feel overwhelmed. Its goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere for its occupants and make them comfortable in their own environment.

Through its use of creative forms and designs, Feng Shui Ru has been able to bring much needed order and coherence into the lives of many people around the world. By carefully considering each aspect of what makes up a physical space from furniture placement to color palettes, Feng Shui Ru allows practitioners to better understand their own individual needs when arranging their living spaces. This practice not only serves as a way for individuals to express themselves but also provides everyone with an opportunity for spiritual growth. Being aware of how our environment affects us can be very powerful as it helps us become more conscious of our actions and intentions while improving our overall well-being. Ultimately, through observing these principles we can begin to cultivate an inner sense of harmony between ourselves and our natural surroundings that will last long after its implementation is complete.

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