Feng Shui Office Set Up

# Feng Shui Office Set Up

Feng Shui is an important ancient Chinese practice focused on creating positive and harmonious energy (“chi”) in a space. When you set up your office using feng shui principles, you will be able to maximize your potential to succeed and promote good financial, professional, and personal outcomes. Here is a guide to feng shui your office for success!

## How to Feng Shui Your Office

Feng shui for the office should create an environment that draws in productive energy. To maximize your office’s energy flow, here are some tips and tricks:

* Maximize natural daylight by keeping windows clear and open.
* Choose calming colors such as blues and greens.
* Place desks and other furniture in the power position, which is directly facing the door.
* Make sure the desk area is clean and uncluttered.
* Keep artwork focused on themes that bring success and fortune.
* Place plants in the office to bring in positive energy.
* Remove distractions such as televisions and unnecessary clutter.
* Get rid of any items associated with negative energy.

## Maximizing Chi with Feng Shui

Once you have your office set up, there are several ways to maximize the energy in the space by strategically placing items in the room:

* Place your computer in line with the power position, not directly facing it.
* The back wall of the office should be kept clean and should not be dominated by any single item.
* Use a classic feng shui tool called the bagua map to strategically place items in the office.
* Place a mirror in the office, but make sure it reflects something positive and productive.
* Place crystals such as quartz and rose quartz in the office to amplify positive energy.
* Put up wind chimes or bells to activate chi.

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By following these tips and tricks, you can easily create an inspiring and energizing office space! With the right feng shui set up, you can maximize your potential for success and draw in positive energy.

What are the tips for a good Feng Shui office layout?

1. Choose a corner office with two walls to create a sense of stability and support.

2. Place the desk facing the door but not in direct alignment with it to allow for the most energy flow.

3. Eliminate clutter and limit the number of items on the desk; organization is key for a successful feng shui office.

4. Utilize colors that promote balance and serenity.

5. Incorporate plants for a sense of life and vitality.

6. Place a water feature, such as a fountain, near the desk to promote money, success and career progress.

7. Be mindful of the position of computer monitors and other electronic equipment; they should not be facing the desk directly.

8. Add a few personal touches to make the office your own.

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