Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth

Using Feng Shui Numbers for wealth has been said to bring luck and positivity into the lives of individuals who practice it. The concept of numbers in Feng Shui originated in China, where number combinations can be used to attract good luck and fortune. According to this ancient Chinese tradition, certain numbers, also known as “Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth” have tremendous potential to increase your chances of success when put together properly.

Types of Feng Shui NumbersFor Wealth There are many different types of “Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth” which come with their own distinct benefits. One such number is the number 8, which represents abundance and prosperity.

Eight also symbolizes balance and stability, perfect for anyone hoping to achieve financial security by implementing this ancient practice. Other popular numbers include 3, from the Chinese saying “good things come in threes”; 9 which is a lucky number spiritual associated with completion; and 6 which has been seen as a symbol of good luck since ancient times.

How To Design Your Feng Shui Number Pattern To make sure that you reap all the possible rewards that come with using these special numbers you must ensure that you design a proper pattern with them. There are many ways to arrange these particular numbers but the key is ensuring that your pattern or combination doesn’t end up creating undesirable energies or atmospheres in your environment or place of business.

It is recommended that you try various arrangements before settling on one that best suits your lifestyle or career goals. Also, starting small by simply incorporating items such as infinity symbols or mirror boxes may prove useful if you’re just starting out on this journey towards achieving success through feng shui.

History of Feng Shui and Overview of Its Impact

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese anticipation technique that has been in existence for centuries since pre – imperialist days. It is based on the idea of using environment and psychological techniques to attract positive energy, prosperity, and overall cosmic harmony.

It is believed that if proper positioning of objects and placement of energy in a space are correctly executed, it will yield desirable outcomes such as peace and wealth. In feng shui, numbers play a significant role in creating fortune as they are believed to be powerful symbols of luck.

Certain numbers are said to have an affinity with wealth accumulation like 8 or 16 because of their perfect symmetry. The number 8 is especially meaningful because it looks like the mathematical symbol for infinity, and this implies unlimited abundance or money. Likewise, 16 which symbolizes 360° signifies completeness and wholeness. This means having a lack of nothing when it comes to financial potential thus yielding wealth.

In order to gain maximum prosperity it is advisable to apply these feng shui numbers strategically throughout one’s home. For instance, one should incorporate matching pairings with eight against sixteen such as 88-16; 86-16; 888-16; 666-8; 484 – 16; 408-48.

In addition, placing a set of four digits can also maximize favorable results such as 8116 with 2x 4 digits numbers, 8811 with 2×4 digit numbers etc These combinations represent directionally balanced elements that produce certainty thus allowing more room for correct profit making decisions based on balanced probabilities due to intentioned focused energy flow throughout the home space.

Symbolic Representations of Feng Shui Numbers

Feng Shui numbers, also known as “Lucky Numbers”, have been widely used for centuries in China. It is believed that these numbers bring health, wealth and prosperity to an individual or household. Traditionally, they are considered auspicious when used in combination with certain symbols – usually those of a positive nature.

For example, the number eight (8) symbolizes wealth and success; the number three (3) indicates growth; while six (6) stands for protection or family harmony. Each of these three has its own specific meaning which gives them great importance in Feng Shui applications.

Auspicious Colors

In addition to numbers, another important part of Feng Shui symbolism includes colors. Colors that represent wealth and prosperity in traditional Chinese culture include gold, bright yellow and red. These colors are thought to attract positive energy into a home and should be used when setting up a new house according to Feng Shui guidelines.

Powerful Symbol Combinations

Combining lucky symbols with certain auspicious numbers can also be highly effective at bringing fortune and luck into ones life. For example, combining two powerful symbols such as a dragon with the number eight will result in even greater power over money and self-control over personal finance decisions than either symbol used individually would provide. Other combinations may use birds or fish along with fours or sevens to represent good health and reliability respectively.

Energetic Space Nourishment

Feng Shui experts suggest that keeping objects associated with the desired energy at home will help bring it into one’s life more quickly – whether it is financial success, abundance or any other type of energetic nourishment we are looking for. Furthermore, placing these objects in rooms associated with current focus goals can be particularly effective as this energizes all areas of our life related to this goal scenario at once.

How to Calculate Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth

When calculating Feng Shui numbers for wealth, it is important to understand which number combinations are favourable and attract wealth. Using the right numbers and following certain calculations can help bring more money flow into your life. Knowing what these numbers are can help you in redirecting the money flow towards yourself and become a successful individual.

The most popular numbers used for wealth in Feng Shui are 6, 7, and 8. Out of those three, the number 8 has the strongest ability to improve finances and generate abundance because this is considered to be a money triggering number.

To calculate your lucky Feng Shui numbers for wealth, use one’s birth date along with other fixed fortune indicators like whether or not someone has an eight-sided polygon alive near them or their house’s address has any numbered street.

Below is a list of items that need to be kept in mind while calculating Feng Shui numbers:

  • Adding/subtracting certain digits
  • Multiplying/dividing certain digits
  • Formula 32-17 = 12
  • 32 encompasses all aspects of luck
  • Each number has its own meaning
  • Multiples of 4 stands for hardship

When it comes to calculating Feng Shui fortune numbers as part of numerology predictions, the two most basic formulae are subtracting or adding digits from a particular set of fortune numbers. For example, if one takes the number 32 as their source numerology study then they would start by subtracting digits from that number until they get the set of numerology base figures – 17.

From there on, multiple calculations such as multiplying and dividing various set of digits across other fortune numbers need to be done in order to arrive at a final answer for predicting one’s financial fate.

Lastly, each digit in numerology carries its own meaning and interpretation when it comes to achieving financial stability & success. Moreover, multiples off our like 8 or 16 signify hardships while uneven ones brings forth good luck and opportunities thus being an essential aspect when aiming for financial freedom through feng shui wealth applications.

How Colors Can Affect Wealth Luck

Feng Shui is the Chinese science of harmonizing energy for better balance and wellbeing in a home or workplace environment. In this system, specific colors are associated with different aspects of wealth and fortune. People who wish to optimize their financial situation can benefit from color coordination in various ways. Here is an overview of some colors that have been traditionally believed to be auspicious for attracting wealth luck:

  • Red: Red is generally considered very auspicious for wealth luck. It symbolizes good luck, joy, and prosperity, and is thought to activate the potent energy of a particular space.
  • Golden Yellow: The vibrant golden yellow color has been used since ancient times in Feng Shui practice as it brings about abundance and financial growth.
  • Blue: This calming hue represents knowledge and wisdom. It is thought that when one has the knowledge on how to attract wealth, it will come easily.
Feng Shui Objects For Wealth

Incorporating these colors into the décor of a home or workspace can be a powerful way to bring attractive energy for wealth luck. For example, placing hues like red or golden yellow around cash registers in stores can help draw in more buyers. Likewise, strategically incorporating shades like blue into a study or office corner can encourage intellectual pursuits that could bring profitable opportunities over time.

Another way one could use color coordination for better money fortunes is through wearing clothing in an appropriate color scheme for each activity related to work or finances. For instance, putting on a blue cloth before attending an important job interview may help give off a competent impression while wearing red may serve as an effective reminder not to overspend when shopping.

Finally, hanging artworks with certain color schemes provided by master practitioners of Feng Shui is also popularly utilized to channel the right kind of energy that attracts favorable wealth luck outcomes. Not only does it liven up spaces aesthetically but compelling artwork depicting themes like opulence or success can naturally put mindsets into focus towards gaining positive outcome when related goals are required to achieved.

Numerological Meanings Of Wealth

Feng Shui numbers are important for wealth and prosperity in many ways. According to Feng Shui, these numbers direct energy flow and help attract abundance into your life. Wealth and financial security are clear priorities for people striving to live a more abundant lifestyle, which is why having knowledge of the numerological meanings associated with money can be invaluable information when using Feng Shui. Some of the most commonly found numbers in Feng Shui include 8, 6, 9,and 3.

The number 8 is believed to be one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese culture. It symbolizes business success as well as infinite wealth and abundance.

The shape of an 8 looks similar to an infinity sign or a pair of wings that can help you soar above any financial obstacle that comes up in your life. Therefore, it’s wise to incorporate this number into your everyday life using elements such as artwork or bedding with the number 8 on it.

Another powerful number when it comes to wealth is the number 9. This is because 9 has very auspicious implications related to achieving great success-especially when repeated multiple times for added power.

It symbolizes positive energy that will open blocked pathways so that money is able to flow freely into your life without resistance or struggle. Inviting this energy into your home may require decorating with items that display the number 9 such as coins or paintings featuring it prominently.

Finally, there’s the powerful numeral 3; which can be put together with other positive lucky numbers such as 8 or 6 to bring even more potency and potential for success and good fortune regarding finances and material matters-which is extremely beneficial when it comes to refining Feng Shui strategies for increasing wealth and abundance through numbers alone.

Items such as sculptures with three Chinese dragons on them are highly valued within this realm, since they also represent protection from bad luck or misfortune while at the same time providing super-charged ammunition for drawing money towards you like a super magnet.

Examples of Wealth-Attracting Items To Enhance Feng Shui

The Chinese practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance, harmony and prosperity into your life through arranging your surroundings. This practice involves using five elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal – and specific numbers for added benefits. For those seeking wealth, here are some of the retail items available that can help increase your financial luck, prosperity and joy in life.


Using crystals is one of the most popular ways to attract wealth according to Feng Shui principles. Wealth-attracting crystals recommended by practitioners are citrine (the stone of manifestation), green tourmaline (improves focus on success) or aventurine (the stone of opportunity). Other crystals believed to bring in prosperity are amethyst (attracts abundance), malachite (promotes an increase in money) or pyrite (activates your energy to gain wealth).

Coins & Money Frogs

Coins have been used as symbols of money and prosperity since ancient times. Ancient Chinese coins made from pure brass with a square hole in the center were used for ceremonies where wealthy objects were offered as gifts to a God or deity as divine offerings.

Today you can use replicas engraved with mantras that will boost your Chi energy and draw wealth towards you. Money frogs built from bronze or ceramic will provide protection over your money once placed at a certain location in your house according to the practices suggested by Feng Shui masters.


Feng Shui experts also suggest you try wearing clothing colors that enhance success like shades of purple, pink, gold or red which are inviting colors for fortune when associated with garments Textiles like silk also correlate to money according to Feng Shui principles as they hold properties that help attract wealth when worn by individuals.

Examples of Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes the power of energy to fully optimize all aspects of a person’s life. Many believe using Feng Shui numbers for wealth has the potential to increase financial prosperity, but which numbers should be used?

In this case, it all depends on the type of luck you are seeking. For example, some people may want to attract good luck and success in business or get some help with financial stability and investment portfolio. Whereas other people hope to bring blessings of protection from harm and bad influences, particularly when making risky investments decisions.

Examples Of Wealth Numbers Used In Feng Shui

  • 1 – This number symbolizes leadership and it can bring about massive wealth gain.
  • 4 – People who are interested in long term wealth-building projects should use this number as it brings in strong flow of money.
  • 8 – Symbolizing abundance and success this number is thought to bring good fortune and infinite possibilities financially.
  • 9 – This is one of the most important wealth-generating numbers in Feng Shui that brings positive energy with anything related to money.

In addition, certain colors may be linked to specific ages or seasons – for example, red for summer or gold for ages above fifty. When interpreting these colors for Feng Shui purposes, utilizing an image that includes these colors may help amplify their power.

For instance, one might place a gold-colored Buddha statue on their desk if they hope for improved luck during their midlife years or hang a framed painting featuring vibrant shades of red if they’re hoping to prosper during the heat of summertime.

The idea behind working with colors through Feng Shui is related to harmonizing your environment in order to benefit from its energy, which is said to attract a myriad of opportunities while also acting as a shield against negative influences. While many cultures feature signs like lucky symbols such as four-leaf clovers or horseshoes for fortune telling purposes yet incorporating Feng Shui into your home decor follows a completely different set of rules.

Objects like coins set up beside doors are traditional remedies employed by Chinese practitioners; meanwhile there are countless ways they can be rearranged into new configurations such as two objects instead three depending on personal needs.

Feng Shui For Good Luck And Wealth 2018

Best Direction to Use Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical practice for creating positive energy flow throughout a space and throughout one’s life. One of the main focuses of Feng Shui is creating a harmonious live environment, which often includes the use of Feng Shui numbers to attract wealth and prosperity.

Different sets of numbers are believed to be lucky for different areas of life, from career success to improvement in relationships or financial matters. When it comes to attracting wealth, the best direction for using feng shui numbers is the south sector.

South is associated with fire and is said to enhance fortune and optimism in all aspects related to money. Specific numbers are also recommended here that correspond with this element such as 3’s, 6’s and 9’s. Such numbers represent wealth-building opportunities which can include anything from investments, savings plans and real estate ventures.

As such, it’s important that when incorporating feng shui into one’s home, pay particular attention to any items placed in the south sector. This may mean displaying the right numbers or placing specific feng shui objects there like coins, mirrors or crystals to attract money luck in accordance with feng shui principles.

Aside from using right elements and objects in this area, it’s important that all items remain dusted free and organized if you want your efforts to pay off properly. Since clutter has an effect on energy flow just as much as objects or even their position does; dishes left out in areas meant for luck can end up sending out negative vibes instead.

Your mind should also be kept clear when engaging with Wealth enhancement projects so that doubts don’t interfere with achieving desired goals-visualize yourself having achieved wealth prior to taking concrete steps towards your financial freedom.

Following these rules will ensure an optimal result from using feng shui numbers for wealth. Finally, remember that although any tangible effort will bring a reward at its own pace; remaining patient will help you receive even more powerful results over time.

Tips on How to Boost Positive Wealth Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that is believed to have a significant effect on the luck and fortune in one’s life. It involves creating an environment that optimizes the energy flow, allowing for harmonious interactions between people and their surroundings. One of the principles of Feng Shui is the use of numbers to set a positive atmosphere of abundance in your home.

Lucky numbers are thought to bring good luck and energy into one’s life, thus attracting additional wealth. Here are some practical tips on using Feng Shui numbers for wealth:

  • Choose Wealth Colors: When it comes to drawing wealth into your home, color plays an important role in this process. Research has shown that certain shades can increase financial success and attract money into the household. Jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, and sapphire blue are thought to bring an influx of wealth into the home.
  • Pay Attention to Signs: According to Feng Shui beliefs, animal symbols have special powers which can affect a person’s wealth and fortune. Paying attention to signs like houseplants with coins tied to them or items with dragon symbols could be helpful in increasing your chances of finding financial success.
  • Make Use of Numbers: Specific number sequences (such as 888) can act as symbols for abundance, prosperity, and luck when used together with other objects such as plants or crystals in Feng Shui practice. You may also create personal lucky numbers by combining two digits from your birthdate (for instance if you were born on July 22nd then you could create a combination of 7/2 or 72).

    Placing these numbers around your home will help improve financial opportunities.

When setting up your space with blessing objects like crystals or talismans, it’s important to keep everything clean so that energy is able to flow freely without being blocked by clutter. Regularly purifying each item will help strengthen their power over time.

In addition to cleanliness, another key factor when considering the placement of objects is location – certain areas around the house are better than others for promoting prosperity according to Feng Shui principles. For example, placing statues near entryways or window frames encourage more opportunities and money entering the home.

  • Schedule Clearings: Performing regular cleansings will help remove any negative energies from within your environment while revitalizing all beneficial elements within it.
  • Position Objects Strategically: Items should always be positioned so they can be seen clearly from various points throughout space as they serve an energetic purpose when inviting good fortune into one’s life.
  • Use Mantras And Affirmations: Incorporating affirmations such as “I am abundant” or repeating specific mantras helps affirm positive intentions towards living a prosperous lifestyle.

Final Remarks on Feng Shui Numbers For Wealth

Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries to bring financial success and good luck, and part of this includes the use of specific numbers. Believe it or not, numbers can play a big role in your wealth.

It is said that the number 8 is perhaps the most advantageous to hang onto if you wish to have greater financial abundance and prosperity in your life. When it comes to feng shui numbers for wealth, many adopt the belief that ‘eight’ brings luck as well as abundance.

Symbolically, eight looks like an infinity sign (a figure 8 on its side) which directly reflects an abundance mentality – there is always more money out there and accessible when following this philosophy. Many seek out numerology experts or fortune-tellers who will give them lucky numbers based on their birthdate, names, or dreams. Another popular number seen when trying to increase wealth using feng shui is ‘six’ which signifies progress and accomplishment in many cultures.

The idea behind common lucky numbers in feng shui specifically dedicated for wealth is that they bring clarity when choosing investments or banking options; placing items of luck with prosperity symbols infused with favorable digit combinations so that we create an overall atmosphere of evolutionary growth without restriction from our own negative mental programming surrounding finances. If one wishes to utilize such methods not only does selection become easy but understanding how certain unseen streams work becomes tangible too.

It’s important however to remain in cautious spiritual discernment even while incorporating favorable numerologies into our designs as absolutes are never promised with unfaltering results – although some resonations tend to resonate universally.

If one wishes to further amplify the seismic vibrations of wealth from a spiritual perspective than fasting & prayer can be inforced strongly alongside meditations & visualisations focused on quantum leaps and unexpected blessings rather than restricted fixed fiscal breakthroughs frequently sought by those who are conditioned for slow increase only due to low expectations.

At the end of the day all we’re selecting pertains towards activating our spirit & instincts combined with honed wisdom & sophisticated strategies – all connected within intelligent timing through our perspectives revolving around both faith & crunching facts.

Feng Shui numbers for wealth used correctly just complements victorious efforts creating income paths, innovative investment opportunities – along with powerful partnerships if followed through correctly & perseveringly respected over time could potentially pave paths for ever greater sources incoming which could last throughout multiple generations.

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