Feng Shui Number 1 House

Feng Shui Number 1 House

The Number 1 House is one of the most popular Feng Shui numbers in architecture and design. It is said to bring good luck, health, wealth, and overall success in life. The exact “parts” of the house that Feng Shui assigns to the number 1 vary depending on the particular school of Feng Shui you are studying. However, there are some elements that are generally accepted.

Sound Architecture

Feng Shui assigns the direction the structure faces to the Number 1 house. Therefore, if the building is oriented to the East or South, then the number 1 house is said to bring prosperity and good luck. It is also important to note that North and South aligned homes also fall into the number 1 house designation in some schools of Feng Shui.

Practical Benefits

The number 1 house is considered to have many practical benefits. Natural air flow is improved, better exposure to natural light and sun healing, and increased safety and security are all benefits of Feng Shui Number 1 house designation.

Positive Energy Flow

The energy (or Chi) flow around a number 1 house is also important to understand. It is believed that the energy from this house runs from East to West, with the East being the most powerful source of energy in the house. The West side of the house is thought to be the weakest.

Design Features

Design features of the number one house can vary, depending on the type of home and school of Feng Shui being studied. However, certain features are seen in most number one houses. These include a balanced center point in the house with ample space and symmetry, strong, positive entranceways, windows that expose all sides of the house and provide ample natural light, and decors and furnishings that are harmonious.

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Intentional Placement

The placement of furniture, decorations, and trees should also be done with intentional thought and intention. By understanding which parts of the house are the most powerful, furniture or trees can be placed in such positions to attract the energy. Additionally, objects with specific colors, symbols, and shapes, should be placed strategically throughout the house.


The Feng Shui Number 1 house is a popular aspect of architecture and design that is believed to bring good health, luck, and prosperity. Practical benefits such as improved natural air flow, natural light and sun healing, and increased safety and security are also important to consider when utilizing a Number 1 house. Proper placement of furniture, decorations, and trees with intentional thought as well as colors, symbols, and shapes are all important components of any number one house.

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