Feng Shui North Bedroom Wall Colorsa

When it comes to designing a bedroom, many people are interested in creating an atmosphere that promotes good feng shui. In particular, the colors you choose for your bedroom walls can make a big difference in how the space feels and functions.

Feng shui principles dictate certain wall colors to be used in certain sections of the house, such as one’s north-facing bedroom. Therefore, when looking to select wall colors for this area, it is important to understand what specific hues work best.

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting colors for any feng shui-friendly space is that lighter and softer shades help create a more calming atmosphere than their darker counterparts. Therefore, pale yellow, green and blue are all particularly suitable options for a north facing bedroom wall color according to traditional feng shui beliefs.

Light pink is also another commonly seen choice among those looking to incorporate feng shui into their home design. While not as restful as softer pale blues and yellows, this hue represents new beginnings and puts people at ease by creating an inviting energy in the space. When used wisely with other accent colors (like deep magenta or warm oranges) it can really transform a room both visually and energetically.

In addition to these traditionally appealing choices associated with northern bedrooms according to feng shui principles, some people may prefer vivid bursts of colors like lime green or turquoise for their walls – although there is no hard rule against them either.

Ultimately, finding just the right color combination will depend on your design preferences and comfort level; so take time to try different combinations until you’ve found something that speaks to you personally – while still staying organized with basic rules of peeling from soft pastels and brighter tones if necessary.

What Elements Make Up Feng Shui Principles?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system which seeks to harmonize the environment and those living in it by using various principles. The aim of this practice is to ensure that energy, known as ‘Chi’, flows freely within a space or house to create an atmosphere conducive to health and success.

These principles are based on Taoist cosmology – the belief that there is energy which underlies all things and affects their growth or degradation. Many elements come into play when utilizing Feng Shui principles, such as colors, shapes, objects, materials, and gravity.

Colors have been studied extensively in the context of Feng Shui and have been found to have an undeniable effect on our energy fields. When selecting colors for a north-facing bedroom wall, it’s important to take into account the Five Elements Theory – the idea that all objects consist of five main components: Wood, Earth, Metal, Fire, and Water. Knowing how each element interacts with one another will help you select the most appropriate color for your north wall.

For instance, if you wanted a wall color that brought out qualities of abundance and prosperity then the recommended choice would be shades of deep red; this color signifies fire which is associated with luck in wealth and commercial success. Similarly if you want more vibrant energy emanating from your walls then yellows or oranges which signify metal could be used since metal brings vitality while promoting clarity in thought.

On the flip side however there are also certain combinations of colors to avoid putting together because this could interfere with peaceful energy flow within your space; e.g., too much black should not be incorporated since black symbolizes water which can disturb harmony between people living in close quarters such as a shared bedroom or dorm room. Finally just remember general advice like bright colors sending stimulating vibes while dull tones promote relaxation so mix them accordingly.

Identifying the Northern Direction in Feng Shui

In order to identify the Northern direction in Feng Shui, one must first understand how a compass is used. Every home has an area in its design that corresponds to the North, West, East and South directions.

To find North using a compass you simply rotate the bezel (a device that moves around a circular ring) to line up the red end of the needle with the red North arrow printed on it. From there you can identify what direction your home points in by referring to the placemat-style diagram often used for this purpose.

As far as Feng Shui goes, it is believed that these directions are connected with various elements and have a unique vibration which affects us in different ways. In particular, the Northern section has been linked with money luck and financial wellbeing. This makes it especially important when considering what kinds of bedroom wall colors one should use.

The recommended color for the North bedroom wall is blue shades such as navy blue or turquoise blue since they tend to promote feelings of security and relaxation; two areas which are necessary for good finances and success. Blue also has many other positive associations such as water energy which bring further creative potential – something key to success.

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Other than blues, warm tones like dark yellow can also be suitable since they both help create a happy atmosphere and bring peace into one’s life.

Creating an environment within our living space that is filled with refreshment and positivity helps elevate our spirits and create good vibes towards setting yourself up for money luck so don’t skip out on choosing your colors carefully. With a few simple tips you will soon be able to enjoy good Feng Shui balance within your bedroom wall colors.

Best Northern Bedroom Wall Colors for Balance and Harmony

Feng Shui believes that the northern direction is a place of knowledge and wisdom, also associated with the element of water. As such, the best colors for the walls in this area of the bedroom is blue.

Blue has long been known to have calming effects on people, thus allowing one to feel more comfortable and relaxed in their North facing bedroom space. Not only will it provide balance and harmony in the environment, but it can also bring about a feeling of creativity and positivity as well.

The Various Types of Blue for Northern Bedroom Walls

When searching for shades of blue that work well as accent walls or interior color schemes, it’s important to consider what tone worksbest for you. A lighter sky blue can be ideal for those looking to promote a calm, inviting atmosphere in their bedroom space, while a deeper navy blue offers strength and stability which can be greatfor individuals seeking focus and productivity during the day.

Alternatively, an electric or vibrant shade of blue can be used to create a stimulating & energizing mood within a North-facing bedroom – perfect for those who are looking for an outlet for creative endeavors throughout the day.

Gray: An Alternative Color For Northern Bedroom Walls

For those who aren’t comfortable with blues or just want something a bit different from traditional Feng Shui Colors, gray is an alternative option that can still bring about balance and harmony within your space. What sets gray apart from other neutrals like browns or tans is its ability to offer flexibility to any look while still promoting relaxation – making it easy to accessorize with other elements in order to create a personalized room design theme.

Furthermore, using various hues of gray can easily evoke different atmospheres in each room making sure you never tire of your chosen color palette.

Using Color Psychology to Support Feng Shui Principles

When it comes to Feng Shui, each room of the home is associated with particular elements. In the north bedroom, these elements include water, winter and deep blue colors which symbolize understanding and trust. According to color psychology, using all shades of blue in this room will bring in a sense of calming peace and harmony. To support this, here are some color suggestions for a south facing bedroom wall:

  • Light Blue – A gentle shade which brings a feeling of serenity and relaxation.
  • Turquoise – An energizing hue that helps inspire creative energy.
  • Inky Blue – This ‘cool’ color promotes mental clarity and focus.
  • Navy Blue – Represents stability, depth and reliability.

The main focus for a north facing bedroom wall is to create an inviting atmosphere with colors that evoke a sense of trust and compassion. Creating interiors inspired by nature such as greenery or floral patterns on art prints or curtains can also help bring in the positive energies associated with the element of water.

Furthermore, adding candles or art pieces that feature ocean-inspired hues like azure blues further give your space its desired effects. Lastly, using shades of white in your north facing bedroom can be beneficial too since it symbolizes purity and innocence which contribute to the calming atmosphere you wish to create in your bedroom sanctuary.

Further Considerations When Choosing Northern Bedroom Wall Colors

When it comes to selecting colors for the northern walls of a bedroom, feng shui principles suggest that warm, vibrant colors are best. Using accessories and decor in the room is also important. Choosing items in muted neutral shades such as gray, white or beige can help to balance out any selected bright and warm wall hue. There are several other factors to consider when selecting a color for the northern wall.

Size of Bedroom

The size of a bedroom should be taken into account when deciding on a color for the north wall. Lighter colors such as pastels tend to make the room appear more spacious while dark colors can make a small space seem smaller. Therefore, if a bedroom is on the smaller side then lighter hues may be best suited for this area.

Type of Finish

The type of finish used on walls will also influence how bold or subtle the chosen color appears in the end result. A high-gloss finish for example will render a brighter shade than flat or matte options which will produce more muted tones after painting is complete.

If there is only limited sunlight available in a room then opting for lighter finishes can ensure that more natural light is reflected throughout the space instead of darkening area further with deep hues and heavy sheen textures.

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Lighting can have an impact on any color that has been selected when taking feng shui principles into consideration for north bedroom walls For instance, LED lights create a much different effect than traditional fan lights or overhead chandeliers as they cast an even warmer glow and vibrancy across the room’s walls. Knowing what kind of lighting will be used in advance before painting walls, ensures that any chosen hue looks both natural and well balanced throughout its space.

Examples of Designs Incorporating Northern Bedroom Wall Colors

  • Aqua Color Accents – Introduce a calming balancing flow of energy in the bedroom by blending cold blues and aquas. An accent wall painted cool blue-gray, with touches of teal green creates a tranquil environment that both invites sleep and encourages keeping the balance of Yin & Yang principles.
  • Earthy Greys – Introduce an element of grounding influences into your northern bedroom by mixing various shades of grey on one wall. The muted hues contrast nicely while creating an overall feeling of repose, allowing your attention to focus on lulling colors instead of stimulating furnishings. Also adding some note worthy decor to incorporate wood elements into this particular color scheme as well.
  • Teal & Brown – Incorporate a wealth corner into your north bedroom for increased abundance energy. Choose a teal blue for Eastern walls that’s toned down enough to be restful, but dynamic enough not to blend in completely with its surroundings without being too overwhelming. Additionally incorporating antiques or earthy colors like brownish orange and dark green will definitely be suitable additions that complete the space.

Feng Shui recommends using appropriate colors for each part of any bedroom, including the north wall where it contributes greatly to bringing calmness and relaxation to its inhabitants. Some examples designs for incorporating north bedroom wall colors can include: Aqua color accents; Earthy greys; Teal & brown combination combinations inspired from wealth corners; muted hues contrast nicely while creating an overall feeling serenity atmosphere.

When using aqua color accents, it is important to strike the right balance between Yin and Yang energies by combining cool blues and aquas such as light gray hue combined with teal green creating a tranquil environment that feels inviting yet relaxing at the same time.

Whereas when opting for earthy greys; utilizing furniture pieces in golden or wooden tones such as low dressers held tan leather accents will create a grounding influences while maintaining qualities that invite sleepiness just perfect for pursuing restful nights ahead.

And when deciding to introduce in wealth corner design touches such as teal blue themed walls paired with antique adorned furniture, burnished golds, oranges or warm wood tones could really bring amount positive vibes into the home itself ultimately resulting in increased abundance energy around those same areas at long last.


Colors have a profound effect on our moods and feelings. Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is especially important since it will be helpful in creating a relaxing atmosphere that promotes restful sleep. A Feng Shui North bedroom wall color scheme includes green, blue and earth tones, which all correspond with the energy of North.

These colors are calming and gentle, making them perfect for creating a peaceful and balanced space. With proper implementation of these colors in your north bedroom walls, you can create an inviting living area that is designed to bring peace and tranquility into your personal sanctuary.

The first color to consider when designing a North facing bedroom wall is green. Green is associated with nature, growth, and new beginnings. It has an uplifting effect that will help promote positivity while creating a balanced atmosphere within the space.

Dark blues also have several benefits when incorporating them into your North bedroom walls. Blue promotes relaxation and harmony, as well as encouraging feelings of inner peace and security. Finally, to add warmth to the room try adding some earthly tones such as cream or browns into the mix of north facing bedroom wall colors; these colors help connect us to our environment while providing an overall sense of grounded balance within the room.

In order for best results in regards to using your north facing bedroom wall colors; it’s important to practice consistent maintenance with your paint job by touch us up frequently when needed along with any replaced furniture or decor pieces if chosen throughout time spending in this personal sanctuary room of yours. Make sure all the furnishing pieces purchased are from quality materials that match your chosen style design that you have set up for yourself.

The paint job should be kept away from any windows in order to create more light where needed according to one’s own personal preference depending on just how much natural light they’d like added within their own home sanctuary. Lastly, remember to relax tell enjoying this personal place of peace.

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