Feng Shui Moving House 2016

Feng shui moving house is a practice that can be traced back thousands of years in Chinese culture. It is based on principles that a harmonious relationship between the outer and inner environment can bring balance and well-being.

The process itself involves the moving of furniture, decorations and other objects within a space to establish the most positive energy flow in order to obtain this harmony. This type of holistic approach is gaining popularity throughout 2016, as more people are becoming conscious about sustainable living.

The Advantages of Feng Shui Moving House Feng shui moving house, done with the assistance of an experienced practicioner or consultant, offers many advantages to its participants. At its core it focuses on clearing out clutter and encouraging movement in the space while maintaining optimal positive energy focus and balance.

By organizing your space according to these principles, it may help promote better health, higher productivity levels, improved relationships between occupants as well as increase mental clarity and focus. Additionally inserting objects like plants or colorful accessories such as rugs or throws can subtly add life through visual interest which feng shui practitioners have relevant advice for.

Applying Feng Shui into Your Home Decoration When adding new objects to your home for decoration it is beneficial to orient yourself towards pieces which will reflect harmony according to feng shui guidelines. Consider if each piece holds the values you see for yourself reflected in the atmosphere you wish for within your home – elements of love, joy, peace or even ambition depending on where it will be placed in relationship with other furnishings and items within room layout.

Additionally consider how colors affect those feelings; a living or dining area might benefit from warm tones but brighter colors found in artwork could lead to being open towards ideas create by outward inspiration.

Feng shui practices offer guidance here also as different colors suggest different energies; reds are associated with energy whereas blues evoke calming atmosphere. When utilizing these tips along with rearranging current possessions, your living area may become transformed into welcoming space that represents your ideal aesthetic while also incorporating subtle feel-good elements that you receive from observing it.

Types of Auspicious Housing Options in 2016

  • Single Family Homes
  • The focus of many feng shui practitioners is the single family home, largely because it offers greater design and location options. When selecting a single family home for feng shui purposes, one should consider factors such as open floor plans with plenty of windows to allow for natural light, exposure to nature (especially plants in the garden or kitchen), flow of energy from entrance to common rooms, and an even balance between yin (female) and yang (male) energy.

    These elements may vary from practitioner to practitioner but are generally accepted as basic requirements.

  • Condominiums
  • Traditional feng shui practitioners tend to be skeptical of condominiums and other vertical living spaces due to lack of access to nature. However, some modern practitioners concede that if certain factors are met – such as featuring protected views of both the sunrise and sunset, keeping the area around your windows free from obstructions like walls or trees, allowing sunlight access during at least part of each day – than a condominium can be suitable for auspicious housing.

  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Multi-family homes aren’t typically considered ideal from a traditional feng shui standpoint because they don’t offer much privacy nor do they provide easy access to nature. If looking at multi-family spaces via the lens of modern feng shui, make sure each unit has clear access to natural light while taking special attention not to overcrowd the common areas.

Strategies to Make Sure Your Move Goes Smoothly

There are certain steps to take when making a move according to Feng Shui, which can help ensure that the move is successful and lucky. Here are five strategies that can be employed for an auspicious transition:

  1. Cleanliness and Order Carefully: Cleanliness and order should be maintained during the move. This helps create positive energy in your new home. Make sure all empty boxes and furniture covers are gone.
  2. Clear Clutter First: Begin by clearing out unwanted clutter form your home before packing. Unnecessary equipment, unwanted furniture, or any other items that accumulate over time should be donated or thrown away as they will only clog up space in your new home
  3. Align Objects with Directions: When moving into a new house, it is important to arrange existing furniture in accordance with the directions of the Bagua map. The same thing applies when buying new pieces of furniture for your new house.
  4. Pay Attention to Colours: Pay attention to the colours used throughout the structure when selecting paint or decoration as each carries its own energy. For example blue signifies knowledge while red stands for life force and passion.
  5. Have Positive Energy Flowing After Moving In: Finally, bring positive energy into your home by hanging coins at the entrance of your house which repels bad luck. It’s also recommended that you place some plants inside your house as this symbolizes life renewal.

How to Invite Good Luck and Success When You Move

When it comes to moving to another house, most people put the physical preparation first: packing up old stuff, clearing out space, and taking inventory of what needs to be transported. However, one aspect that should also not be neglected is the spiritual and metaphysical energy associated with changing locations.

According to adherents of feng shui principles, this can have a dramatic effect on success, prosperity and happiness in life. Here are some suggestions on how to make sure your move attracts good luck into your new home.

House Decor for Feng Shui

Location & Direction

When deciding what kind of house to buy or rent make sure you look into the location & direction first as this will have an influence on the energy flow in your new house. The north direction is considered best for career; while east brings health and family fortune; south-east for wealth and northwest location brings fame. Also look for geographic features like mountains that attract energy; rivers with flowing water as these influences create positive chi around them.

Cleaning Before Moving

Once you’re done packing make sure you do some thorough cleaning of the old house so that no undesirable left-over energy moves with you into the new place. Use specially formulated divination sprays in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms (use special formulas according to different type of room) or simply burn incense sticks throughout all corners of the property before leaving – making sure all windows are open for fresh air to replace any stagnant energy helps too.

Activating Good Luck

To ensure a smooth transition for good luck between houses it’s a good idea to sprinkle rice grains at each doorway just prior to moving – it’s a symbolic act meant to attract positive energy and bring prosperity with you when you enter your new home for the first time. Alternatively, consider using fish tank water, coins sewn onto a red pouch which is placed in front of each entrance (or carried by one person entering first time).

Finally once everything is inside hang up few windchimes around main door areas – as tinkling sound will dispel any negative elements which might be lurking around.

Incorporating the Five Elements of Feng Shui into Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on organizing space to make it more harmonious and generate inner peace. It has become increasingly popular in recent times because of its ability to improve everyday living.

One important aspect of Feng shui is the idea of incorporating the five elements into interior design – these are wood, metal, water, fire and earth. Understanding how to use these elements in your home décor can help promote overall wellbeing and balance within your life.

Wood is a symbol of growth and good health. It is associated with springtime, which represents renewal and freshness. The most common way to incorporate wood into a home’s interior design is through using wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, and wardrobes.

Natural wood floors or walls are also becoming increasingly popular choices for one’s living space as they bring a sense of warmth and comfort. When selecting wooden furniture for a room, ensure that the items have natural organic shapes to further enhance the wood’s ability to promote emotional balance within the home.

Metal bring strength and stability; this makes it beneficial in promoting balance within the family unit as metal’s tonal qualities soothe emotions during tense moments. Metal items can be easily incorporated through using metals such as stainless steel or pewter for furniture pieces or fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen.

Additionally metallic art pieces can be placed throughout one’s home to add focal points that create a calming atmosphere while providing additional depth through strong lines and angles to contrast against other materials used in the décor of one’s living space.

Water combined with wood produces flowing energy which promotes ambition fulfillment according to Feng Shui beliefs; thus making it necessary for any living area regardless of its size or shape-a terrarium containing tropical plants might do nicely. To further maximize its effectiveness within one’s home purchase water fountains with soft soundtracks released when water flows down – adding sound elements into a living area generates better quality chi (energy).

Furthermore mirrors should also be hung near sources of water like aquarium tanks as they increase its potency even further – creating abundance throughout the house.

Choosing the Right Placement of Essential Furniture and Decor

The practice of Feng Shui involves many elements in order to achieve a harmonious living environment. This includes the proper placement of furniture and items used for decoration. When relocating, it is important to consider this aspect as much as possible to maximize one’s energy levels and productivity. Here are some essential tips on how to place furniture and decorations when moving into a new home:

  • Bedroom: The primary goal is to ensure that the bedroom allows for peaceful rest and relaxation; the use of soft colors will help promote feelings of tranquility.
  • Living Room: sofas, chairs, and tables should be placed in an open manner to promote conversation and provide ample space for movement.

When placing furniture, it is important to remember that pieces should not block pathways or impede air flow. Additionally, keeping your bedroom away from noise sources such as the kitchen or dining room can be beneficial. Since different rooms will have different functions, furniture choices should match accordingly. For example, a study desk placed in the living room can help foster creativity while a comfortable armchair in the foyer can create an inviting atmosphere.

Decorations may differ according to individual preferences but certain items are known for being auspicious symbols of luck in feng shui. These include bamboo plants which bring good luck; colorful artwork and pictures which attract positive energy; wind chimes which symbolize prosperity; candles which ward off evil spirits; incense which signifies cleansing; and crystals which focus on concentration.

It is important to remember not to overdo these decorations however as too much clutter can make a home seem chaotic instead of inviting.

Furniture placement is an important part of defining your living space when moving into a new home,. However, adhering strictly to traditional feng shui rules does not always guarantee harmony and comfort As such it is best if practitioners take their own individual needs into consideration before designing their own unique style based on feng shui principles.

Deciding on a Color Scheme to Enhance Positive Qi Flow

When it comes to Feng Shui, one of the most important aspects of a successful move is finding the right color scheme to enhance the positive energy (Qi) flow within your home. Choosing the right colors for every room in your home can create a harmonious energy balance that can help you achieve goals, love, health and wealth.

How to Sell Your House Feng Shui Tips

In Feng Shui, each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) has its own set of colors associated with it. Knowing which color to use in a particular location within the house depending on its direction helps create balance and encourage good Chi flow throughout your space.

The Wood Element colors are shades of green such as olive green or turquoise blue, while Fire Element colors are reds and oranges like terracotta or bright yellow and gold. Earth Element colors are generally earth tones such as ochre browns and tans, while Metal Element colors include whites and grays like pearl gray or silver.

Water Element colors encompass blues from navy to aqua. You want to choose a color that will bring out these elements for a particular area depending on what type of energy you need that specific space to express: creativity or passion (fire element), structure & relaxation (earth element), connection & communication (wood element), clarity & focus (metal element) or tranquility & nourishment (water element).

Feng Shui practitioners also suggest adding accessories in complementary colors that come from other elements: adding a bit of red for passion into your metal-focused office desk would be great. And since all things gentle could come from water-light blues, whites-these could be used in rooms where you desire peace and serenity such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

Accenting certain furniture pieces with accessories would further contribute to positive energy flow around this new home environment; sea shells look great with water-based décor while plants stand out best with earthy tones.

With these simple tips on how to choose an appropriate Color Scheme for your new home at hand, we’re sure you’ll be able to create wonderful energy around you. The benefits of Feng Shui cannot be stressed enough when it comes to moving house – so keep this and our other advice in mind.

Enhancing Harmony with Feng Shui Moving House 2016

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that often deals with principles of energy or Chi in a person’s home. People who believe and practice this philosophy believes that their lives and fortunes can be affected by the arrangement of their living spaces. With Feng Shui Moving House in 2016, individuals can enhance harmony within their home while improving their overall fortune in life. Here are some tips to consider when preparing for a move:

  • Cleanse your house – Before start Feng Shui moving, it is advisable to first cleanse the house. This will remove energies brought on by previous inhabitants of the space as well as ward off energies from those prying eyes who may have visited the premises.
  • Allocate appropriate sectors for each area – The bedroom should be placed in the south, north should be for wealth and abundance, east is for health and family areas and west should be for children and creativity.
  • Declutter before moving – This is perhaps the most important stage because clutter obstructs energy thus preventing it from flowing freely within the home.
  • Bring natural elements – Activate your home with elements of nature such as arranged flower petals or sea shells also helps bring on positive Chi into your space.

Once all these preparations are taken care off, then homeowners can begin focusing on other aspects related to moving such as packing up belongings or taking care of transportation services during their relocation process. It is believed through Feng Shui practitioners that placing certain objects inside homes would attract good luck while removing errors in placements will enable bad luck.

Color selection should reflect a person’s taste and must also take into account its relevance to one’s profession in order to attract beneficial Chi.

Proper placement and usage of mirrors should also be taken into consideration because these objects create balance with its reflections together with proper positioning resulting an inflow positive energy into the home. Lastly, placing plants or getting water features landscaped in gardens help energize the atmosphere drawing natural resonance which improve livelihood quality among occupants living there.


Moving house is an exciting experience, especially when Feng Shui is used to guide the process. In 2016, feng shui can bring several benefits for people who are planning to relocate. One of the main advantages of using this type of ancient Chinese practice during the moving process lies in its ability to promote positive energy and harmony in a home. By carefully placing furniture and accessories in specific locations, individuals can facilitate a more prosperous living space.

Additionally, incorporating a few Feng Shui principles will ensure that a new home functions optimally. Using the Bagua system, people have the power to energize key areas of their environment such as wealth or knowledge-a factor which can boost positivity and success. Additionally, incorporating certain colours related to each element will help create balance and enable individuals to stay connected with their surroundings all year round.

Finally, Feng Shui is an interesting way to personalise decorating styles within a new home. Incorporating meaningful symbols or family heirlooms into different sections will promote comfortable vibes while also functioning as auspicious decorations that bring good luck and prosperity into the entire household all year round. It’s also possible to combine Feng Shui principles with modern interior design to achieve unique results-perfect for those looking for something truly special.

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