Feng Shui Money Corner in Bedroom

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, focuses on harmonizing energy in spaces to create balance and promote positive outcomes in various areas of your life. From relationships to health and even wealth, Feng Shui principles offer guidance on how to optimize the flow of energy or “qi” in your environment. One important aspect of Feng Shui is the concept of a “money corner,” which can have a significant impact on attracting financial abundance.

The money corner, also known as the wealth corner or prosperity corner, is believed to be a specific area within your bedroom where you can maximize financial opportunities and attract prosperity. By optimizing the energy in this area through proper arrangement, color choices, and symbolic objects, you can enhance the flow of wealth into your life.

Understanding how to locate your money corner is key to harnessing its potential. Based on the Bagua map and traditional Feng Shui principles, finding this area involves identifying certain corners of your bedroom associated with wealth energies. Once you have determined the location, it’s essential to clear any clutter and activate the space with specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of Feng Shui money corners in bedrooms. We will discuss how they can influence your prosperity levels and provide practical tips on finding them based on traditional techniques.

Additionally, we’ll explore methods for clearing and activating the money corner as well as setting up furniture and incorporating appropriate colors and elements for optimal results. By implementing these techniques, you can tap into the power of Feng Shui to invite greater financial well-being into your life.

Understanding the Money Corner

In the practice of Feng Shui, the concept of the money corner holds great significance. The money corner, also known as the wealth or abundance area, is a specific area in your bedroom that is believed to attract and enhance financial opportunities and abundance in your life. Understanding what the money corner is and why it is important can help you harness its energy to improve your financial well-being.

The money corner is located in the southeastern part of your bedroom, according to the Bagua map used in Feng Shui practices. This area corresponds to the element of wood and represents growth and abundance. By activating this corner, you can promote prosperity and attract wealth into your life.

One way to activate the money corner is by decluttering and creating a harmonious environment. Clutter not only blocks energy flow but also symbolizes stagnant or blocked finances. Clearing out any unnecessary items from this area will create a space that welcomes abundance and opportunities. Additionally, incorporating specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements such as lucky bamboo, a wealth bowl, or a Chinese coins manifestation bowl can further amplify the energy in the money corner.

Money Corner EnhancementsMeaning
Lucky BambooA symbol of luck, prosperity, and growth.
Wealth BowlA container filled with items representing wealth such as coins, crystals, or precious stones.
Chinese Coins Manifestation BowlRepresents wealth accumulation when placed in the money corner.

Another important aspect when activating the money corner is choosing colors and elements that correspond with wealth energies. In Feng Shui, the element associated with the money corner is wood, and its corresponding colors are green and brown. By incorporating these colors in your bedroom decor, such as through bedding, curtains, or artwork, you can further enhance the energy of abundance in this area.

Understanding the money corner and its significance in Feng Shui practices can be a powerful tool in attracting wealth and financial opportunities into your life. By implementing decluttering techniques, incorporating specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements, and choosing colors and elements that correspond to wealth energies, you can create an environment that supports prosperity and financial well-being in your bedroom.

Locating the Money Corner in Your Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the concept of the Bagua map is a fundamental tool for determining the energy flow within a space. The Bagua map is divided into nine sections, each representing different areas of life, including wealth and prosperity. To locate the money corner in your bedroom, you will need to consult this map.

To begin, stand at the entrance of your bedroom facing inward. Imagine dividing your room into a grid where one wall represents career luck, another represents love and relationships, and so on. The back-left corner of your bedroom (from where you are standing) is generally considered to be the area associated with wealth and abundance. This area is known as the money corner.

However, it’s important to note that not all bedrooms are perfectly aligned with this positioning. In some cases, you may find that your money corner falls in a different location due to the layout of your room. In such instances, it is crucial to align your money corner with an energy map or compass to accurately determine its placement.

Once you have identified the general location of your money corner, it’s time to assess any potential obstacles or enhancers within this area. Look for any clutter, broken objects, or items that do not align with abundance and wealth. Clear out any unnecessary belongings from this space to create a clean and open environment for energy flow.

In addition to decluttering, consider incorporating specific enhancers such as plants or images that symbolize wealth into your money corner. The inclusion of these elements can help activate positive energy in this area and attract financial opportunities into your life. Remember to use items that resonate with you personally; what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

By understanding how to locate and enhance your money corner based on the Bagua map and traditional Feng Shui principles, you can create a bedroom environment that supports your financial well-being. In the next section, we will explore different ways to clear and activate the money corner to maximize its potential for inviting wealth and abundance into your life.

Feng Shui Accessories in a Bedroom for Wisdom

Clearing and Activating the Money Corner

Clearing and activating the money corner in your bedroom is an essential step to maximize wealth energies and invite abundance into your life. This section will discuss the significance of decluttering and creating a harmonious environment in the money corner, as well as offer suggestions for specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements.

Decluttering is a crucial first step in clearing the energy of the money corner. Clutter can hinder the flow of positive energy and block opportunities for financial growth. Take some time to rid your money corner of any unnecessary items or objects that do not bring you joy or have no practical purpose. Create a clean and organized space that allows for the free movement of energy.

In addition to decluttering, there are specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements that can further activate wealth energies in the money corner. One popular remedy is to place a wealth bowl or jar filled with auspicious items such as crystals, coins, or symbolic representations of abundance. These items should be chosen based on their association with wealth in Feng Shui principles.

Another powerful way to enhance the energy in the money corner is by incorporating plants. Plants symbolize growth and vitality, making them excellent additions to attract financial prosperity. Choose plants with rounded leaves or plants that are believed to bring luck and prosperity, such as jade plants or money trees.

Overall, clearing and activating the money corner through decluttering and specific Feng Shui cures and enhancements are essential steps in creating an environment that attracts wealth. By taking these measures, you can optimize the flow of positive energy in your bedroom, opening up opportunities for financial growth and abundance.

DeclutteringSuggested Enhancements
Rid your money corner of unnecessary itemsPlace a wealth bowl or jar filled with auspicious items
Create a clean and organized spaceIncorporate plants that symbolize growth and vitality

Choosing Colors and Elements

In Feng Shui, the choice of colors and elements plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious and balanced environment. When it comes to the money corner in your bedroom, selecting the right colors and elements can help enhance wealth and attract financial abundance.

Colors hold energetic vibrations that can either enhance or diminish the flow of energy in a space. In Feng Shui, specific colors are associated with the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – each representing different qualities and energies. For the money corner in your bedroom, incorporating colors that symbolize growth, prosperity, and abundance is essential.

One popular color choice for attracting wealth is green since it represents the Wood element. Green is associated with growth and vitality, making it an excellent option for the money corner. You can introduce green through various elements such as bedding, curtains, or artwork.

Another color that resonates with prosperity is purple. This color embodies richness and luxury. Purple represents the Fire element in Feng Shui and symbolizes passion and creativity. Incorporating shades of purple in your bedroom décor through pillows or decorative items can bring about prosperity energy.

Gold is also synonymous with wealth and abundance. Consider using gold accents or accessories like picture frames or lamps to invite positive financial Qi (energy) into your money corner. Gold represents both the Metal element linked to stability and the Earth element associated with nourishment.

Apart from color choices, incorporating elements such as plants or crystals can further amplify wealth energies in your bedroom’s money corner. Plants bring life force energy into a space while symbolizing growth and vitality. Select plants known for their connection to wealth like lucky bamboo or jade plant to invite prosperity into your life.

Crystals are another powerful tool in Feng Shui that carries specific energies beneficial for attracting wealth. Citrine crystal is often used to enhance financial luck due to its association with abundance and success.

By carefully selecting colors that resonate with abundance along with incorporating elements that reinforce wealth energies, you can create a thriving and prosperous money corner in your bedroom, attracting financial well-being into your life.

Arranging Furniture and Objects

Optimizing the Flow of Energy

When arranging your furniture in the bedroom, it is essential to consider the flow of energy in the money corner. The bed, being the central piece of furniture in this space, should be placed diagonally opposite to the door. This allows for a balanced and harmonious flow of energy throughout the room.

Avoid placing the bed directly under a window or against a shared wall with a bathroom or kitchen. These placements can disrupt good energy flow and create stagnant areas that hinder financial prosperity. Similarly, avoid positioning the bed in direct line with the bedroom door as this can disturb sleep and impede positive energy from entering.

Additionally, ensure that there is ample space around both sides of the bed for easy movement. This promotes a sense of freedom and relaxation, allowing positive energy to circulate freely in the money corner.

Enhancing Financial Prosperity with Objects and Symbols

The money corner can be further energized by incorporating specific objects or symbols that are believed to enhance financial prosperity in Feng Shui practices. One popular symbol is a Chinese wealth ship, which represents abundance and success. Place this symbol in your money corner facing towards the center of the room to invite wealth energies into your life.

A Feng Shui wealth vase is another powerful object that can be placed in this area. It is believed to contain an abundance of blessings and good fortune. Position it at eye level on a shelf or table within the money corner to attract wealth energies into your bedroom.

Crystals such as citrine or pyrite are also known for their ability to attract abundance and financial luck. Place these crystals strategically throughout your money corner to amplify prosperity energies.

Lastly, consider incorporating plants such as lucky bamboo or money trees into your bedroom décor. Not only do they bring an element of nature indoors, but they also symbolize growth, vitality, and prosperity.

By arranging your furniture thoughtfully and incorporating objects or symbols associated with wealth and prosperity, you can optimize the flow of energy in your money corner, attracting abundance into your life.

Rituals and Practices

Incorporating rituals and practices in the money corner of your bedroom can further activate its positive energy and enhance wealth attraction. By utilizing various tools and techniques, you can amplify the prosperity energies in this area and manifest financial abundance in your life. Here are some suggestions for rituals and practices to consider:

  1. Affirmations: Affirmations are powerful statements that help reprogram your subconscious mind towards positive beliefs about wealth and abundance. Create affirmations specifically tailored to your financial goals, such as “I am a magnet for money and opportunities” or “My income is constantly increasing.” Write these affirmations on paper or print them out, then place them in an auspicious location within the money corner. Repeat them daily with conviction to reinforce the manifestation of financial prosperity.
  2. Crystals: Crystals have long been used for their energetic properties and can be excellent additions to the money corner of your bedroom. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance and attracts wealth and success. Place a small piece of citrine or a citrine gem tree in the money corner to amplify its energy. Green aventurine is another crystal associated with luck and prosperity; consider adding it to your arrangement as well.
  3. Plants: In Feng Shui, plants represent growth, vitality, and abundance. Choose green plants with round leaves, such as jade plants or money trees, to symbolize wealth growth. Place these plants in attractive pots or planters within the money corner of your bedroom to invite financial prosperity into your life.
Feng Shui Plants in Bedroom

Remember that it’s essential to regularly cleanse these objects using methods like sunlight cleansing or smudging with sage to clear any stagnant energy buildup.

By incorporating rituals and practices into the money corner of your bedroom, you can actively engage with the energy of wealth attraction. Experiment with different tools that resonate with you personally and allow yourself to connect deeply with the intention behind each practice. Combine these rituals with other Feng Shui enhancements to create a harmonious and prosperous environment in your space.

Maintaining the Energy in the Money Corner

Once you have set up your money corner and activated its positive energy, it is important to consistently maintain the space to ensure its effectiveness in attracting wealth and abundance into your life. A clean and organized money corner not only helps to facilitate the flow of energy but also creates a harmonious environment for financial growth. Here are some tips on how to regularly cleanse and energize the space:

  1. Regular Decluttering: Clutter can obstruct the flow of energy in the money corner, so it is crucial to keep this area free from unnecessary items. Take time every week or month to declutter and remove any objects that no longer serve a purpose or hold sentimental value. This will create space for new opportunities and ensure that positive energy can circulate freely.
  2. Cleansing Rituals: Use cleansing rituals periodically to purify the energy in your money corner. One effective method is smudging with sage or incense, which helps remove stagnant energy and negative influences. Simply light the sage or incense and waft it around the space while setting an intention to clear out any negativity. You may also consider using sound tools, such as bells or singing bowls, to break up any stuck energy.
  3. Crystals and Plants: Crystals are known for their ability to absorb negative energy and amplify positive vibrations. Place crystals like citrine, pyrite, or green aventurine in your money corner to enhance its energetic qualities. Additionally, incorporating plants into this area can help bring vibrancy and vitality while balancing the energy in the room. Choose plants with round leaves or symbolizing prosperity such as jade plants or money trees.
  4. Regular Energetic Cleansing: In addition to physical cleaning, it is important to perform regular energetic cleansing rituals for your money corner. This can be done by visualizing white light flowing through the space, clearing away any residual negative energies while infusing it with positive, abundant energy. You can also sound a bell or clap your hands while focusing on the intention of renewing the energy in the room.

Remember that maintaining the energy in your money corner is an ongoing process. Regular cleaning and energizing practices will help you ensure that the space remains receptive to wealth and abundance. By consistently keeping this area clean, organized, and filled with positive energy, you are creating an ideal environment for attracting financial prosperity into your life.


In conclusion, incorporating Feng Shui principles in your bedroom, specifically by focusing on the money corner, can have a significant impact on your financial well-being. By understanding the concept of Feng Shui and how it influences various aspects of life, including wealth and prosperity, you can harness its power to attract abundance into your life.

Throughout this article, we have discussed the importance of identifying and activating the money corner in your bedroom. We have provided practical tips on locating this area based on the Bagua map and traditional Feng Shui principles. Additionally, we have explored the significance of decluttering and creating a harmonious environment in the money corner, as well as choosing colors and elements that align with wealth energies.

Furthermore, we have offered guidelines on arranging furniture and objects in the money corner to optimize energy flow and enhance financial prosperity. We have also introduced the idea of incorporating rituals and practices, such as affirmations or crystals, to further activate positive energy in this area.

To ensure long-term effectiveness, it is crucial to consistently maintain a clean and organized money corner. Regularly cleansing and energizing the space will invite wealth and abundance into your life.

We encourage you to implement these Feng Shui principles in your bedroom to enhance your financial well-being. By taking action and creating a harmonious environment in your money corner, you can unlock new opportunities for wealth and prosperity. Start today and see the positive changes unfold in your life.

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