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Feng Shui, which translates to “wind water” in English, is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It focuses on the balance of elements such as wind, fire and earth with one’s immediate surroundings. Feng Shui practitioners believe that by creating harmony between your home and natural energies, such as those coming from the sun and moon, you can create a better living space.

In practice, Feng Shui is often associated with interior design and rearranging furniture placements in order to maximize positive energy flow (or “chi”). Practice extends beyond just rearranging furniture; people also often use colors, sounds, aromas and other senses to bring about positive changes in an environment. Practitioners at Mid Valley focus on the arrangement of items according to their yin-yang properties for a balanced life energy throughout a specific area or building. It is claimed that this adjustment creates an overall feeling of well-being that promotes happiness and success.

Background of the Development of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy. It has been practised since the Zhou dynasty and was developed to help guide people in their interactions with their environment. It uses techniques such as orienting buildings in relation to land formations, utilizing color schemes, and placing objects around the home or business to create harmony and balance. In recent years, Feng Shui has been taken up by a growing number of people both in China and other parts of the world who view it as a way to bring more positive energy into their lives.

The development of Feng Shui can be traced back to the Zhou dynasty over 3000 years ago. This era saw a period of intense political turmoil which resulted in the ruling family needing a powerful belief system that they could use to govern their kingdom successfully. The ancient Chinese believed that everything has an invisible energy field known as ‘Chi’ and that by harnessing this energy, one could influence events for good or bad. Thus, over time, generations of scholars refined and implemented strategies of observation and ritual that would bring balance and prosperity to those who followed them. These strategies eventually evolved into what we now know as Feng Shui.

Today, Feng Shui practitioners still widely believe in its principles when planning developments such as Mid Valley – a shopping mall located in Kuala Lumpur – aiming to promote harmony amongst customers through careful design choices such as placement of furniture and decoration choice. Through modern technology, its aim is also to maximize natural light where possible through skylights or roof gardens allowing for maximum benefit from the Chi within these surroundings.

What is Unique about Feng Shui Mid Valley

Feng Shui Mid Valley is one of the most prominent and successful Feng Shui consultancies in Malaysia. They have been helping people create balance and good luck in their lives since 1994. The consultants at Feng Shui Mid Valley specialize in authentic traditional Chinese teachings that have been passed down through generations. They use an approach that combines astrology, intuition, geography, mathematics and common sense to help individuals achieve their goals. The team of consultants offer practical advice on how to prepare your house for the best possible luck, love life, career development, financial success and more! With their unique blend of knowledge and insight, they are able to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions for each individual situation. They also provide a variety of educational classes for those interested in learning about Feng Shui principles. Moreover, regular workshops and seminars are held at Mid Valley throughout the year so that clients can learn from experts as well as from each other.

Feng Shui Elements and How They Enhance Mid Valley

Feng Shui, meaning “wind and water”, is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical features and objects in homes or offices to promote good energy flow. Mid Valley Mall is no exception to this paradigm; several Feng Shui elements are used throughout the architecture to create harmony and balance in the shopping mall.

The entrance of the mall features a large clock tower that symbolizes deep rooted roots, a reminder of classic and opulent cultural heritage. The façade of the mall is adorned with bright colors such as red, signifying passion and renewal. Bamboo plants line both sides of the rooftop garden walkway, which help maintain positive energy as they grow harmoniously together. The six pillars supporting the main building also represent strong foundations, while adding aesthetic value at the same time. Water elements such as fountains give off positive vibes with trickle sound creating a sense of peace and tranquility around the entrance area. Additionally, intricate dragon sculptures viewable from outside project power and strength outwardly which can trigger inspiration among visitors.

Earth Element Feng Shui Colors

Lastly, metal lamps have been installed strategically throughout Mid Valley Mall to bring additional energy for visitors passing through. On top of it all, these elements work together to enhance one’s qi (chi) when visiting this majestic structure.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Adopting Feng Shui in Your Home

1. Start with de-cluttering: The first and most important step in adopting Feng Shui for your home is to create a space where everything has its own place. So, start by removing excess items from your home such as old magazines and clothes you don’t use. Also take out items that don’t belong in the room such as broken appliances, empty boxes, and junk.

2. Give each room a purpose: Once you have created some physical space around the house, it’s time to start imagining how the space can be used optimally. Each room should have its own purpose in mind whether it’s a workspace, leisure area or dining corner. Think of what would make sense and would bring positive energy into the room accordingly.

3. Pick furniture that fits: When you figure out what should be going in each room, make sure all types of furniture like beds and chairs fit properly to avoid overcrowding or uncomfortable walking spaces throughout the home. As much as possible try to stay away from sharp edges, blocky corners, or too many small pieces of furniture in one area which disrupts flow and creates an imbalanced environment in terms of Feng Shui .

4. Introduce plants and flowers: Reputable feng shui consultants will suggest using houseplants as this helps purify air by absorbing toxins that come from cigarettes or chemical products we use for cleaning; but most importantly plants afford harmony and balance within your house’s atmosphere when carefully selected depending on their species , size & where they are located around the property contributing much needed energy to liven up any given space & also enrich it by introducing vibrant colours along with additional oxygenation too!

5. Incorporate natural light: Natural lighting is essential for positive energy in any home according to Feng Shui principles – having plenty of windows can provide sufficient sunlight during the day which can reduce electric lighting cost while giving a place an uplifting ambience at the same time if harnessed right! Make sure pieces like mirrors & artwork are placed strategically so they reflect light throughout & take advantage off sunny days by opening curtains & shades allowing natural lighting inside freely whenever possible!

Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui in Your Life

The practice of Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition believed to bring balance and harmony into the home and work environment. Feng Shui Mid Valley incorporates this principle in various aspects of design, aiming to bring health, wealth, success and better relationships into the lives of their clients. There are many benefits to incorporating Feng Shui principles into one’s life and daily activities.

Adopting a positive attitude towards life by using a basic understanding of Feng Shui principles can help create an atmosphere that encourages growth and prosperity. It encourages the use of natural elements to achieve balance such as utilising the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – while adhering to their associated guidelines in order to establish optimal flow patterns within a space. These principles also call for respecting space boundaries by avoiding overcrowded rooms or clutter in any form. Keeping only necessary objects that reflect your personality in the house can foster positive energy throughout the dwelling area. Furthermore, paying attention to the direction of your bed and other furniture pieces can magnify their benefits for creating good chi energy flow through the home.

Moreover, employing colour therapies with nuances taken from nature can assist you in manifesting desired emotions within each particular room where every colour has its own particular purpose; warm hues suggest vitality while cooler colours offer serenity; likewise pastel and neutral tones energize or comfort depending on how they’re used allowing you to adapt your environment according to your needs at any given time. Additionally proper lighting can effectuate deeper relaxation or encourage more stimulating activities leading towards solid productivity yields matching whatever goals you set out for yourself around tight deadlines. Ultimately when it comes to Feng Shui Mid Valley stands ready with practical advice based on key orientation directions necessary so as to welcome auspicious energies whenever possible within all forms of areas serviced by them regardless what type of space one might be involved with today’s idealistic conditions for tomorrow’s brighter expectations ultimately being underlined here despite any kind circumstantial predispositions

Recommended Feng Shui Elements for Mid Valley

Feng shui elements that work well in a Mid Valley location include metal, water, and fire elements. Metal is the key to clearing and maintaining positive energy in the space. Incorporate metal objects such as mirrors, sculptures, or statues to enhance the environment. Water elements add a sense of tranquility to the area; incorporate a fish tank or fountain feature with running water. Bamboo plants also work very well to bring in the natural element of wood in feng shui. Fire stimulates activity and can be enhanced through brightly colored furniture or textiles like wall hangings with bold colors such as red, orange, and yellow; however these colors should be used sparingly so as not to overpower the space. Candles are an excellent way to introduce this element into any room as well. Finally, round shapes are known for enhancing positive energy circulation throughout any surrounding area; use them in decorative items like artwork and windows for optimal results. Implementing these elements properly can help achieve balance, happiness, and harmony in your home or business.

Feng Shui Colors For Living Room 2021

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Feng Shui for Mid Valley Residents

1. Take advantage of the natural elements that are beneficial for Feng Shui in Mid Valley. Utilize open spaces where possible, and incorporate natural elements like plants, flowers, and water features into your home or office space to draw positive energy.

2. Pay attention to the placement of furniture and other items in relation to your primary entrance as well as windows and doors. Placing objects in these areas can help create an inviting entranceway and boost the energy of your space.

3. Incorporate some red accents into your décor, either with artwork or vases, as it is believed to draw good luck. Similarly, green plants will introduce positive energetics into the area while purifying the air quality.

4. Avoid any clutter that might be blocking doorways or intruding on pathways throughout your indoor environment; this has been said to interfere with positive chi flow throughout the building. Be sure to utilize any negative or unused space by turning it into a pleasant place free from obstructions as this will add more physical appeal as well as reduce stagnant energy.

5. Introduce items throughout your living space which promote calmness such as incense sticks or wind chimes that can help disperse bad vibes in a subtle manner without being too intrusive to the eyes and ears of those with sensitivities to smells or vibrations caused by chimes ringing too frequently. Remember – choose items wisely so they won’t detract from the visual representation of classic Feng Shui design principles!

Special Offers and Discounts from Feng Shui Mid Valley

Feng Shui Mid Valley is an experienced Chinese philosophy and tradition store, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They specialize in promoting balance and harmony through a range of services and products. They offer a variety of packages tailored to your needs, including consultations on Feng Shui for residential, modern offices, and commercial spaces. Their shop is full of incense, trinkets and other items meant to bring luck, energy and wellness into your life. In addition to their regular offerings, they periodically announce special discounts on certain services or products. Another bonus to shopping at Feng Shui Mid Valley is the personal care they give clients – advisors are available if you require guidance or advice before or after purchases. With their efficient delivery service they can also send you anything you purchase to anywhere in Malaysia instantly with no extra cost!


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which uses the natural energies of different elements in order to create balance and harmony in a physical space. In modern times, this art has become increasingly popular and accessible, with many people looking to improve their lives through Feng Shui. With Mid Valley’s vast array of shops and restaurants, it offers a perfect opportunity for people to practice and harness the powers of Feng Shui. By using colors intelligently, strategically placing objects such as furniture or water features, and being mindful of where one places them throughout the mall can all have an impact on the surrounding energy—making for an enjoyable experience for both shoppers and workers alike. Moreover, utilizing these Feng Shui practices also has potential positive effects on one’s health, luck, and wealth. It may take some setup time or research but with its diverse range of stores offering a wide variety of colors, furniture choices, decorations, candles, plants and other elements at reasonable prices; practising Feng-Shui with Mid Valley is definitely doable! Whether you are looking to bring good luck into your life or just want to make your home feel more comfortable and harmonious—utilizing the powers of Feng-Shui with Mid Valley guarantees plenty of options that will suit every budget.

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