Alcohol and Feng Shui


Alcohol and Feng Shui have been used for centuries as tools for holistic living. Both concepts originated in ancient China and have become accepted parts of many cultures all over the world. Alcohol is an intoxicating beverage with a long history, while Feng Shui is an art of arranging physical space to promote harmony. Used together, alcohol and Feng Shui can enhance your life by promoting balance and enhancing the energy that surrounds you.

The origins of alcohol are believed to stretch back thousands of years to the days when fermented fruit juice was discovered by people all over the globe. The earliest documented use of alcohol dates back to antiquity in China, where it was used during sacred ceremonies and offerings to their gods. Throughout history, alcohol has been popularized as a social lubricant, mood-altering substance, or simply an enjoyable way to enjoy life with friends and family members.

Feng Shui, on the other hand, is a traditional Chinese practice that seeks to bring balance into one’s lifestyle by arranging physical space deliberately so it creates harmony with its environment. The goal of this practice is to create tranquility within buildings and rooms as well as regulate the flow of qi (a form of vital energy) traversing them. Its principles encompass colors, certain numbers, placements of furniture or items seen as symbols which bring luck into one’s home or workspace and essentially optimizes the vibe found in any room or building area.

Using alcohol in combination with Feng Shui can be beneficial for both personal well-being and social gatherings alike. It can serve as an energizing source at parties but will work slowly over time to positively affect your overall wellbeing if incorporated into your day-to-day life following basic Feng Shui principles such as choosing colors thoughtfully or incorporating furniture pieces which support your mental clarity or emotional balance in tandem with enjoying moderate amounts on a regular basis.

Different Types of Alcohol in Feng Shui

There are a variety of alcohols that can influence the energy in your home according to Feng Shui. Depending on the type used, some may bring positive energy while others may be more neutral or even negative. To get the best out of your energy, it is important to understand different types of alcohol and their effects on the environment.

One type of alcohol that is widely used in Feng Shui is red wine. Red wine brings good luck, health and prosperity. It supposedly helps to activate positive chi and encourages joy, love and confidence in relationships. In addition, many people believe this type of drink stimulates creative thinking for money-making endeavors as well as enhancing communication skills when shared between friends or couples over dinner.

A second type of alcohol discussed within Feng Shui is liquor or spirits such as whiskey and vodka. Though typically more strong than other drinks, they are thought to help boost career success and attract wealth when consumed in moderation. Whiskey has been known to enhance vitality, remove blockages from one’s life journey and stimulate ambition for reaching goals with greater ease.

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Beer also plays an interesting role within Feng Shui practices. Drinking beer carries with it good health benefits as well as helping to ward off bad luck and stop obstacles from getting in one’s way. It has been said that beer can help bring courage, happiness and relaxation while helping to clear one’s thoughts, too! Furthermore, drinking beer fills with vibrant energy which can draw people together over shared conversations that help enrich lives with knowledge exchanged among those gathered in its presence.

Finally, white wine is associated with weddings due to its natural symbol of prosperity and joy which allows both families and relationship partners closer together energetically through its consumption at such a powerful ceremony . White wine has also been known to increase patience within relationships – making it ideal for any romantic occasion!

Overall understanding the type of alcohol being consumed along with its associated energizing effects will not only help ensure proper balance within your home based on Feng Shui teachings but also make sure you are getting the most benefit from each sip!

Maximizing the Positive Benefits of Alcohol in Feng Shui

Alcohol, while often viewed as a beverage of celebration and social gathering, can also be used in a way that unlocks positive energy flow in Feng Shui. There are certain tips and strategies to consider if you are looking to maximize the positive benefits of alcohol in your home:

1) Place some bottles of alcoholic beverages on shelves at different heights to activate the energy around them. Having an even number gives an extra emphasis on magnifying the energy.

2) Strategically place wine bottles near symbols of blessings such as a Bagua map or a family portrait to open yourself to more good luck and fortune.

3) Hang flat beer cans with colorful designs near windows where natural sunlight can enhance their beauty. This will create an atmosphere that brings brightness and cheerfulness into the entire room.

4) Place whiskey or cognacs in wood boxes and trays that can bring grounding moments into your life by instilling positive vibes into your home.

By implementing these steps, the positive energy present in making use of alcohol is amplified and can be beneficial for anyone welcoming its presence within their home. Thus, adding alcohol-related items carefully may help you tap into the advantages of drinking responsibly and incorporate it into Feng Shui by unlocking a powerful source of positive energy flow within your living space!

Beverages to Avoid in Feng Shui

In addition to the general recommendation of avoiding strong odors in feng shui, many experts take a more detailed approach when it comes to alcoholic beverages. According to followers of this philosophy, drinking alcohol is an indulgence that should not be done in moderation as it can have a negative effect on your personal energy. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages tend to lead to arguments and disorderly behavior which will create an imbalance in your space. Finally, it is said that drinking alcohol will reduce the opportunities for achieving success, prosperity and harmony within the home.

It is important to note that some drinks such as green tea and herbal teas may considered good for promoting balance and harmony in your home or workplace due to their calming effects. Fruit juices are also welcomed according to feng shui principles but should not be consumed in excess as they can drain energy from the body and make you feel sluggish. Some fermented drinks like beer, mead, wine or sake can also be consumed moderate amounts but still must be avoided if there is likelihood for overindulgence or arguments to arise from them.

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Alcohol Consumption & Feng Shui

Alcohol consumption has long been associated with the practice of Feng Shui. While some experts believe that alcohol can be beneficial when used judiciously, there are a few drawbacks to drinking booze in your home.

Pros: It is believed that consuming alcoholic beverages at the right time and in moderate amounts can bring positive energy into your home. Red and aged wines, as well as beer, are thought to stimulate good fortune and attract wealth. Alcohol is also linked to romance and love, which can help relationships that may be struggling or going through rough patches.

Cons: If too much alcohol is consumed, it can create feelings of depression or lethargy. This negative energy could potentially lead to quarrels between couples and long-term unhappiness. There’s also the risk of addiction developing among family members if extreme caution isn’t taken when drinking, which could lead to serious financial or health issues within a household. Furthermore, drunkenness can lead people to make irresponsible decisions, resulting in legal problems or other difficulties down the road. Therefore, it’s important to allow only happy people over who know their limits and don’t drink inappropriately.


Incorporating alcohol into your Feng Shui practices can be incredibly beneficial. Alcohol is a powerful driver of your Chi energy and incorporating it in the correct way within your practices can open up pathways for growth, creativity and productivity.

One way to incorporate alcohol could be to light candles made with beeswax infused with essential oils such as orange, eucalyptus or lavender. This will help to achieve tranquility, peace of mind and serenity which are among the main goals of any Feng Shui practice. Another option is to use a small amount of 30 degrees in cosmological arrangements where necessary. This works especially well in conjunction with other natural elements like plants or rocks as it adds power and creates balance between the elements present. Alternatively, you can create an altar dedicated to self-reflection, using wine or beer as symbols of growth and transformation.

Using alcohol in a mindful positive way in conjunction with traditional Feng Shui techniques is certainly possible, helping you unlock a stronger creative power within yourself that’s balanced by other forms around it. There’s no doubt about it: taking this approach will definitely pay off!

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