Feng Shui Lavender Bedroom

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of trying to balance energy or “chi” through the positioning of furniture, colors, and objects in a room or living space. A Feng Shui Lavender bedroom can create a calm and tranquil environment that encourages mental clarity. Lavender has been used as an aid for relaxation, insomnia, and stress relief so it can help promote an overall sense of well-being and it also evokes the senses with its beautiful hue.

Colors – How Color Affects Feng Shui in the Bedroom The color purple is closely associated with royalty as well as spiritual insight and healing in several ancient cultures. Purple both gentle yet powerful as it exudes deep hues of serenity.

When combined with lavender, which is a light tone of purple, these two colors have a calming effect which can reduce stress levels while also keeping one from feeling overwhelmed when sleeping in a lavender-themed bedroom. With careful use of cooling undertone whites and light grays throughout a lavender Chinese inspired bedroom décor you will create tranquillity within the room while also strengthening one’s feelings with inner harmony.

Decorating Tips – Making Use of Lavender In Design When using Feng Shui methods to decorate around a lavender bedroom, consider adding elegant touches such as hanging curtains in lighter shades on top of soft purples that together create a soothing atmosphere around the bed.

Another great idea is to buy quality bedding materials with silver accents to further bring out the dreamy effects that come along with lavenders delicate hue while still being considerate about the light tinted coolness which brings out purples good qualities such as peacefulness without making it too overwhelming to sleep in bright conditions.

Topping off this colorful feel could be by making use of lamps or ambient lighting stands featuring soft undertones such as blues or fresh greens that further enhance your peaceful restorative environment sought after when creating your perfect personalized feng shui inspired bedrooms retreat.

Benefits of a Feng Shui Lavender Bedroom

Creating a feng shui lavender bedroom is a great way to bring calm and relaxation into your home. Lavender is thought to have many positive qualities, such as improving mood, focus, and aiding in better sleep. A perfect blend of naturally calming aromas and the ancient art of feng shui can create an oasis of peace and relaxation.

The benefits of a well designed feng shui inspired bedroom are noticeable right away. The goal is to create a space that invites relaxation, creates harmony and fosters balance in order to completely rejuvenate during restful sleep. When introducing a lavender-infused bedroom into your home use the five natural elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water as your guide.

Using fabrics such as high thread count cotton sheets in either white or neutral colors can help achieve the clean look you will need for your feng shui style bedroom. Simple lines on furniture are also important because intricate carvings add too much visual clutter and detract from the relaxed environment we are striving for here.

Soft neutral colors on the walls like sage green or light blue help create cozy feelings while sunlight offers sparks of energy throughout your room that will keep it feeling recharged.

Lastly use rich purples tones from assorted throw pillows or soothing lavender hues from area rugs to give your room some added charming detail while adding a bit more comfort through texture.

Having a few live plants around also adds natural freshness to any area while keeping air quality high in our living environment; plus they provide calming fragrances after being watered if you decide on plants like jasmine or gardenias that can sooth and relax you for maximum effects when winding down with some restful slumber.

Color Palette and Energy

A Feng Shui Lavender bedroom can create a calming energy in your space. The lavender and purple color palette are associated with royalty and the confidence found when surrounded by luxurious surroundings. White, which is part of this combination of colors, represents a connection to the divine, as well as purity and light.

This combination of colors influences the energy in your bedroom by imparting serenity and joy. Lavender has a gentle vibration that helps relax your body and mind while promoting discernment. You will find it helpful in achieving clarity of thought while also helping you to nurture yourself spiritually. On top of that, it is known for helping foster an atmosphere of harmony between people who live or work within its positive energy fields.

Feng Shui Bedroom Don'Ts

Purple adds balance to the energy around lavender. It is commonly used to attract wealth, abundance, love and respect which aligns with its regal qualities that were sought after by kings and queens in centuries past.

Adding some splashes of white heightens the vibration by creating clarity through simplicity while bringing forth a heightened sense of awareness due to its brightness against two dark shades on the color wheel. This trifecta blend creates a harmonious balance with celestial energies that makes it easier for us to reach our goals physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Feng Shui lavender is thought to be a calming and relaxing color, symbolizing femininity, creativity, peace and relaxation. It has been used for centuries in China as an element of Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese believed that colors have specific spiritual meanings, so including lavender in a room was thought to bring good luck.

The Greeks also believed in the power of lavender in the home, using it to purify rooms and ward off negative energies. To this day the smell of lavender is often associated with relaxation and calmness.

Shamanic traditions use lavender to attract good spirits and create sacred space for meditation purposes, helping you capture more positive energy into your environment while eliminating stress.

Benefits of Having Lavender in Your Bedroom

  • Lavendar relieves stress and anxiety
  • Helps induce relaxation
  • Invites positive energy and serenity into your bedroom
  • Spreads feelings of comfort
  • Improves sleep quality

Decorating Ideas for a Feng Shui Lavender Bedroom

When decorating a Feng Shui lavender bedroom, the goal is to achieve balance and harmony. There are many ways to do this, and these tips can help make that perfect space:

  • Choose artwork that is calming, tranquil, and soft, such as watercolor prints or pastels. Furniture should be simple but elegant. Choose light wood pieces with clean lines.
  • Stay away from overly ornate furniture that will create visual clutter in the space.
  • Embellish the walls with subtle accents such as sheer curtains or wall hangings.

The color scheme in a lavender bedroom should be kept consistent throughout. You can use pale shades of purple and lavender and combine them with other soothing colors such as greens, blues and whites. Soft fabrics like linen, velvet and silks keep the atmosphere inviting yet luxurious. Throws and pillows are an excellent way to add color and texture to the room while also providing comfort for those who spend time relaxing there.

Lighting is also important when creating the perfect lavender Feng Shui bedroom. When possible, try to take advantage of natural light in order to create a calming atmosphere during the day. At night use warm lamp lighting rather than harsh overhead lighting to avoid feeling overwhelmed in the space.

Candles are another great option for keeping things cozy after dark. In addition to providing lighting they also bring a pleasant scent into the bedroom atmosphere which can help further relax occupants after a long day at work or school.

Finally, plants are an excellent addition for establishing balance in any room according to Feng Shui traditions. Use small potted plants around the room or even hanging up by your windowsill in order to increase feelings of positive energy within your space while adding touches of color and life at the same time.

Placement Sensitivity

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on optimizing the flow of energy (chi) throughout any space. When it comes to creating a feng shui lavender bedroom, placement sensitivity plays an important role. In order to create an environment of balance and harmony, one needs to consider the application of bagua, which is the use of certain areas within the space where different elements can be placed.

Bagua provides an additional layer of complexity when it comes to feng shui, as it takes into account both the symbolism of objects in relation to their location in a room as well as how they feel emotionally. Furthermore, the colors used within any design scheme should be in alignment with the bagua map used for that specific area.

Bedrooms Feng Shui

In particular, lavender represents emotional healing and comfort which makes it particularly suitable for bedrooms and spaces intended for rest and relaxation.

When planning out your feng shui lavender bedroom, proper placement and consideration should be given to furniture such as beds and dressers. It is important that larger pieces like these are placed close to walls or corners so that energy can gather easily around them without feeling stuck or stagnant due to objects blocking their movement.

As far as intricate details go, ambient lighting fixtures such as lamps and wall decorations can supplement the atmosphere by providing soft yet alluding luminance throughout the room; while cushy pillows strewn across furniture can add visual comfort while reinforcing its purpose – allowing chi energy to flow freely, unrestricted by clutter or heavy furniture pieces.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting plays an important role in Feng Shui and how it encompasses different areas of our lives. It is necessary to choose the right light for each area in the bedroom for success according to Feng Shui principles, as lighting can help to create the desired atmosphere.

A lavender bedroom isn’t complete without strategically placed lighting. By positioning lights in the right way we can create a soft, calming environment which will bring a feeling of tranquillity into our home.

Some tips when considering lighting for a lavender bedroom include:

  • Using lamps with soft, gentle bulbs that won’t create additional energy or heat.
  • Positioning recessed lights around the top edges of the walls.
  • Adding wall sconces near mirrors to block positive energy from flowing back onto your bed.
  • Positioning low-level floor lamps around seating areas.

Clever placement of lighting throughout a lavender bedroom adds an extra element of relaxing charm and comfort. For instance, by placing a warm bulb in the corner farthest away from our bed we can create warmth and welcome into this space. This would encourage chi (positive energy) to flow evenly throughout our room. A bright bulb might be used just over bedside drawers or desks as this can increase productivity when studying or working productively in this area.

The location of windows also affects how light is received within our rooms, especially if they’re situated close to where we sleep – maximising on natural light will help transform our room into a brighter one that radiates positivity and relaxes us after a long day at work. Placing translucent blinds on your windows means you have more control over directly illuminated sunlight entering your room by adjusting light levels as needed during different times and seasons during the year.


A Feng Shui Lavender Bedroom can be a sacred space that promotes health, wellbeing, and personal growth. Incorporating the colors associated with the Wind-Water Element of Lavender – Blue, White, Silver and Purple – can harmonize the energies of the room to create an environment that invokes relaxation and inner balance.

The proper placement of furniture also plays a major role in optimizing one’s experience with these energy states. For example, keeping nightstands near the bed but at least three feet away from each other allows for physical comfort as well as an opening for chi energy to circulate through freely.

The strategic placement of mirrors enhances chi flow in dark areas that are in need of illumination; however, they should not be placed close to the bed since this may lead to negative energy accumulation.

Natural elements such as plants with calming tones strive for further harmony throughout the room while promoting better air quality which is said to have healing properties on its own. To really top off the experience, creating calming features like aromatherapy diffusers or small water fountains are effective ways to attract peaceful emotions and garner peace between guests who might occupy different beds in a shared space.

All components combined will provide an inviting atmosphere naturally shifting positive energy into your Feng Shui Lavender Bedroom for ultimate contentment.

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