Feng Shui Laughing Buddha For Wealth

Feng shui laughing buddha for wealth is an important element used in feng shui practices. The Laughing Buddha is well known and widely recognized as a symbol of prosperity, both spiritual and worldly.

This image of the Laughing Buddha is actually a representation of Chinese folk hero Budai, beloved by many cultures for his generosity, kind spirit, and good fortune. While it’s unclear where the laughing figure originated from; many believe it to be an ancient Chinese god of plenty.

History: Legends state that the origin of Laughing Buddha comes from 10th Century China during the Song Dynasty period when a Buddhist monk named Budai was known among people for his kindness and wisdom. People were so charmed by him that he was referred to as “The Laughing Buddha”, due to his joyous smile that could light up any room.

He also loved giving away gifts of candy or coins to spread his cheer and bring happiness in exchange for whatever donations people gave him gratefully. As word of this generous figure spread, people started worshipping him as a god who could bring them luck and wealth.

Significance and Use: In homes or businesses around the world, the Laughing Buddha statue can be found placed on shelves or hung above entrances to welcome in customers with wealth and blessings thanks to its association with abundance.

A number of traditional techniques are believed to increase its effect on your fortune-some say placing three coins near the statue’s feet will bring excellent luck while others suggest inserting red packets into its neck can amplify its power significantly-but all agree activating 5 elements helps address imbalances thus attaining Chi (good energy).

In Feng Shui, it is believed that if placed with respect to the space’s Bagua map specifically within money & wealth sectors within North/North West locations-the Laughing Buddha brings about a strong extension to your financial progress through attracting luck & further opportunities aiding progress towards achieving goals associated with banking & riches spiritually as well as materially.

It’s not uncommon either over time for people around you to notice changes linked with material gains thanks to promoting virtuous chi which attracts desirable outcomes pertaining to income/finances goods or services alike by serving those who extend help generously too.

Placing the Statue

The Laughing Buddha, also known as Budai, is one of the most popular figures in Feng Shui and is appreciated for its symbolism of wealth and abundance. According to Chinese tradition, displaying a symbol that resembles laughing Buddha brings good fortune into the home or workplace. To ensure you receive optimal results from your wealth-bringing statue, it’s important it be placed correctly.

The Laughing Buddha should be placed at the doorway entrance of any room if possible. It is believed that this placement guards against negative energy and offers protection from any unseen intentions looking to create misfortune. Because of his playful nature, laughing Buddha need not be kept in a formal position; indeed, the more relaxed the pose or attitude of the statue, the better.

When it comes to Laughing Buddha positioning there are four common guidelines used today:

  • It should never be placed below eye level.
  • Keep it facing towards either the door or inner area.
  • Do not place it near water features like fountains or fish tanks.
  • Avoid any hidden places such as bathrooms.

>Enhancement Placement of Your Laughing Buddha Statue

In addition to placement according to ancient principles, some modern enhancements can help stimulate your environment’s energy when welcoming a statue into your world. These tricks can often help deliver an even stronger feeling of prosperity:

  • Place six coins behind your smiling statue for added luck
  • >Incorporate fresh pomelo fruits around the jovial figure too – their colour will attract even more wealth
  • >Grow lucky plants like money trees or lucky bamboo near him for enrichment

Finally, there are many ways to fortify an area with other cures – all relating directly to finances and wealth accumulation; consider adding a Wealth Ship if you want infinite sources of money energy; keep a Red Money Frog at work for extra inspiration; ensure your signifier animal in view (Black Tortoise), for protection upon quality investments the solutions are vast.

In addition, we also have powerful gems like Jade and Citrine readily available that aid in strengthening career opportunities so you can move ahead in life with great success.

Symbolism of the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a common symbol in the practice of Feng Shui. It is often seen depicted with its palms upturned, holding a symbolic ingot or bag. The laughing Buddha is said to attract wealth and prosperity into a space and can bring joy and laughter into life.

The origins of the Laughing Buddha are rooted in an old Chinese legend about a poor monk named Budai or “Hotei.” According to legend, Budai went about China bringing joy and happiness to people. His bag contained items which brought pleasure to people such as candy for children and farmers’ beans for grown-ups. He was known to share his wealth with everyone equally regardless of their position in society.

Feng Shui For Abundance And Wealth

As such, having the Laughing Buddha around your home pays homage to his generosity, kindness, faithfulness, loyalty and philanthropism. When incorporated into furniture designs, wall hangings or sculptures it’s believed that it will bring wonderful energy into your space thus improving your life. Here are some areas you can use the Laughing Buddha for wealth:

  • Place one in your living room – This encourages the growth of positive energy.
  • Accounting office – Place one by the accounting books; this encourages financial abundance.
  • Kitchen – Place one behind your stove; this encourages healthy eating habits.
  • Front door – Hang either on your front door or near it; this helps welcome positivity into your home.

Benefits of Displaying the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of prosperity and abundance, said to bring good luck and fortune. It depicts a traditionally jolly soul, with a smile on his face, and holds the fan of wealth and a bag of good fortune. Displaying the Laughing Buddha statue in homes or offices has been known to bring wealth and prosperity by aligning energies for the best possible outcome. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It attracts positive energy
  • Increases positive vibrations
  • Brings joy and laughter into life
  • A representation of inner peace
  • Stimulates productivity in career aspirations

Feng Shui practitioners believe that when the Laughing Buddha is placed correctly, it will be instrumental in inviting more vibrant forms of energy into the home or office space, which lead to increased levels of harmony and satisfaction within individuals as well as families. An ideal placement would be near the main door because it is believed to attract opportunities for emotional growth and material gain.

To bring maximum benefit from its potential power, keep it in an area from where it can easily observe people entering and leaving your home.

In addition, having several small Laughing Buddha statues around also helps absorb negative chi in areas such as bathrooms or toilets by purifying these enclosed spaces. According to Feng Shui experts, each individual Laughing Buddha must have its separate place since they tend to weaken after facing too much activity. By doing so, they will remain strong enough to do their job efficiently – emitting more Chi that will fill your home or office with happiness, luck and wealth.

Invoking the Powers of the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is sure to draw in prosperity and goodness in your life, as long as you employ the correct techniques of invocation. It’s essential to have a clear belief in the power of the Laughing Buddha for it to work its magic in your life; get to know him, understand him deeply and honor him without fail.

  • Place the Laughing Buddha at an elevated place near the main entrance of the house.
  • You can also keep a formal shrine dedicated to the laughing buddha
  • Light up incense, candles or lamps on his shrine every day.
  • Offer coconuts and fruits while praying periodically.

A number of other practices are known to increase its efficacy: bless food and decorate with auspicious elements such as tangerines and golden bells. Additionally, you need to observe strict discipline around it such as cleaning its vestment (clothing) regularly. Make sure not to place objects like clocks or mirrors directly facing Lord Budai (the Laughing Buddha).

Plus try not to keep bookshelves or shelves which contain objects related to money-making next to him. Finally, never engage yourself in loose talk or argue with anyone near the monument of Lord Budai otherwise his blessing will be weakened for sure.

You can whisper your wishes gently into his ear – this helps strengthen concentration when you plead with him for accomplishment of your prayers. Visualizing yourself standing before the effigy works wonders too – during this imagery process picture out receiving fortune via multiple streams from all around and install these visuals into your subconscious mind repeatedly for best results.

Creative Ways to Use the Laughing Buddha Symbol

Adding the Laughing Buddha to your living space can be a great way to energize the area and attract wealth. It is believed that some of the energy from this symbol will rub off on any items within its vicinity, which can then be harnessed into successful material opportunities.

The Laughing Buddha is also a representation of happiness, thus utilizing such an auspicious figure would signify good luck and success. To maximize this effect, proper placement of the symbol must be taken into consideration. Below are creative ways to display your very own Laughing Buddha:

  1. Place an image or representation of the Laughing Buddha in a bowl filled with coins and ingots near your main entrance.
  2. Hang an interior decoration element featuring the Laughing Buddha by your doorway, window or another well-trafficked region in your home.
  3. Position pictures of him in prime locations inside the home – look for prominent areas like center tables to get started.
  4. Tuck a copy beneath furniture like bed frames or sofas (as long as there are no restrictions placed on these items, such as warranties).
  5. Create a shrine with positive energy by arranging ceramic tiles with models of him surrounded by incense ashtrays, citronella candles and even crystals (ventilation should not be a problem as long as these items are kept away from flammable areas).
Feng Shui Cures For Missing Wealth Corner

Incorpoating the Laughing Buddha

One of the most iconic symbols of wealth, luck, luck and contentment, is the Laughing Buddha. According to Feng Shui principles, the Laughing Buddha symbolises abundance and joy. Incorporating this powerful symbol into your life can bring about positive changes in various aspects including health, career prospects and relationships. Here are a few meaningful ways to make use of the statue:

Keep It in Your Home

The main idea behind Feng Shui is that everything has energy; even simple things like furniture or decorations do. The momentum created by including a Laughing Buddha at home directs energy and brings calming influences and prosperity. Keeping it in view will make one feel relaxed and comfortable while having meals or watching television.

Outdoors – such as near entrance doors – the laughter of the laughing buddha attracts good luck in abundance. It can be kept on side tables or shelves near windows to allow natural sunlight to bless it with fresh energy for good fortune.

Have One with You When You Go Out

Whether you’re going shopping or visiting friends, carrying a laughing buddha with you comes with its own advantages. That’s because what could be better than being surrounded by love, luck and success wherever you go? Pay a visit to stores as well as restaurants associated with good fortunes such as casinos with a Laughing Buddha in tow. Furthermore, when it comes to job interviews or business meetings carry one along for a sure win situation.

Gift One To Someone

Gifting someone something which will have an everlasting impact on their lives can ultimately end result into more satisfaction for both parties involved i.e receiver and giver both benefit from such gestures. Make every gesture count by gifting someone special a Laughing Buddha – not only is it said that whatever virtue we send out comes back multiplies but also gifts spread cheer around them binging positivity into their lives.

Consequently giving others our pocket-sized buddhas blessings will eventually pass down those blessings onto us too.


The Laughing Buddha is a beloved symbol of happiness, good fortune, and wealth in Feng Shui. He is said to bring luck and prosperity into the home and bring joy into life. It is considered very important to place the Laughing Buddha in the proper position according to Feng Shui principles, for he can become an auspicious guardian against misfortune and poverty when given the respect that he deserves.

So how does one properly use this powerful figure? Placing him at the entrance of one’s home is said to be very important – not only from a Feng Shui perspective but also as a welcoming gesture. The positioning of the statue should be such that it faces outwards towards the street or door, inviting good luck into the home while providing protection against any potential negative energy.

This symbolism is especially relevant in terms of wealth – if you want financial success, it’s important that you have your Laughing Buddha watching over your business or finances. This positioning will help attract more abundance and opportunity into your life. Carrying him with you whenever possible can also further boost his power. The point being – make sure you have someone who cares for you watching over your money.

Next, it’s essential that one appreciates and nourishes their Laughing Buddha regularly by offering him fresh fruits and drinks like beer or wine (symbolizing prosperity), rice (symbolizing plenty), incense sticks (as an expression of gratitude), coins (as a sign of blessing). Doing this will ensure that the Laughing Buddha statue will stay alive with positive energy working hard to amplify all types of beneficial luck associated with wealth accumulation.

Lastly, one should never forget to keep their statue clean thoroughly every month as it helps maintain its auspicious energy of attracting all sorts of blessings particularly those linked to financial growth, career advancement, stability etc., allowing prosperity and success to take root in your life. So even if times are tough right now – having a trusty Laughing Buddha close by can be just what we need when situations seem out of our control.

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