Feng Shui Items For Love

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice which relies on the belief that the placement of certain objects around your home can help to bring prosperity, wealth and luck into your life. It is believed that to attract love into your home, certain feng shui items must be used. These items range from crystals and water elements to energizers and romantic decorations.

Paragraph 1: Crystals: Natural Power Sources When it comes to feng shui items for love, crystals are some of the most popular tools for attracting a loving energy into the home. Also known as “natural power sources”, these minerals have energetic vibrations that create different kinds of feeling or atmosphere in a space.

Crystals like rose quartz, garnet and rhodochrosite are believed to be especially helpful in encouraging love and passion. They should be placed near the entrance door or hallway to vicariously welcome a happy relationship into the house.

Paragraph 2: Water Elements: Relaxation & Calming Effects Water elements are another popular choice among feng shui items for love as they possess small amounts of yin energy which promotes relaxation. In context with romance, water elements such as wind chimes, aquariums and fountain are all beautiful pieces that help to attract love-filled energies into the atmosphere. The display of lights with flowing water brings calmness and tranquility into a space while promoting openness in communication between couples.

Paragraph 3: Energizers & Romantic Decorations: Inviting Loving Forces double happiness symbols made from bronze or wood can increase luck associated with marriage while paintings like lovers gazing at each other surrounded by flowers promote romanticism and usher in positive energy for a blossoming relationship. Similarly, energizers like dragons signify strength and protectiveness while mandarin ducks represent loyalty and fidelity between lovers; both these symbolisms invite strong loving forces within a household when used in feng shui healing practices.

Therefore, feng shui items for love not only add up as decorative pieces but also balance out any negative influences present within the home.

Understanding the Basics of Feng Shui & Its Connection to Love

Feng Shui is an age-old system of incorporating the energy of specific items into an environment to create positive outcomes, such as better health, wealth, and happiness. People often use Feng Shui to attract love into their lives.

This may involve decorating a space with objects that represent platonic or romantic love, which represent the five elements: wood, fire, water, earth, metal. These can be used in in various combinations to create harmony and balance in one’s life and home.


Wood elements are associated with growth and strength. Incorporating wood elements into your Feng Shui design can help increase feelings of love by re-energizing relationships. Items such as plants or flowers can bring a sense of nature into a space which increases feelings of joy and connection.

Other great pieces include wind chimes or wooden sculptures that symbolize mutual understanding and trust between two partners. Having artwork that represents optimism is also beneficial for creating a loving atmosphere in any home.


Fire takes on energetic properties associated with passion, courage and transformation. Adding red furniture accents such as vases or pillows can help bring out strong emotions in relationships as well as sparking new ideas for growth within them.

Candles are another great way to incorporate the fiery element because they promote beauty and light – allowing couples to create their own romantic ambience for special occasions and date nights at home. Lastly, fire symbols such as wood burning stoves are also thought to encourage warm conversations between two individuals where they will feel comfortable enough to express their thoughts without judgement or fear of conflict occurring.


The water element is all about balance – not just within relationships but also through intuition, feelings and fluidity of motion which generates change. A fountain is the perfect representation of this Feng Shui item due its soothing sound which brings tranquility to a room – perfect for getting reconnected spiritually.

Additionally placing seashells or aquariums around the house adds an peaceful aquatic atmosphere; tempting couples towards rejuvenation after long days spent apart – allowing time each evening be cherished together no matter how busy life gets.

The 5 Love Sectors & How to Bring Positive Energy to Each Area

Feng Shui can be used to create a more balanced and harmonious love life. Many people believe that Feng Shui items placed in certain areas of the home or workplace can have a positive impact on our romantic relationships. Understanding which item should go into each “love sector” is key for successful outcomes.

Romantic Relationship: Main South sector

Irrespective of what type of relationship you are in, the main south sector is the area where all love energy must be concentrated. Place two Mandarin Ducks in this area with the male duck on the left side and female duck on the right side with their heads touching. This symbolizes a blissful union for couples who are together, while those looking for a relationship can benefit from it too.

Love Sector: Southwest Sector

The southwest sector is an important place to focus all your attention as it determines how your relationship will proceed after initial attraction takes place. Place two Rose Quartz Hearts in this area; they fill your life with kindness and compassion while restoring trust between partners if needed. If none exist, then display a picture of two people together in this space instead; it encourages harmony and understanding so that relationships won’t struggle further down the line.

Does Feng Shui Work For Love

Attraction: Northwest Sector

In order to attract a new partner, direct your energy to the northwest sector of your living space or workplace since this contains the power necessary for manifestation when trying to manifest true love. To ensure success, put mandarin ducks under any northwest window or hang pink rose quartz crystals in any room connected to this corner using red tassels or ribbons – both items attract new opportunities as well as good luck into one’s love life.

Attracting Love with Symbolic Objects & Talismans

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice which harnesses the power of energy, allowing us to create balance and harmony both in our environment and in our lives. According to this craft, there are certain symbols and items that can be used to attract love into our lives.

These items range from symbolism such as the Mandarin Ducks; a famous symbol of undying love or the Double Happiness Symbol which promotes relationships of joyfulness; right through to actual talismans that suggest suggested energies of radiance, unconditional love and passion. Some useful items include:

  • A black obsidian heart – attracts true love
  • An elephant statue with its trunk turned up – provides blessings of unconditional love
  • Two doves near each other – encourages initial attraction
  • A pomegranate tree – stands for fertility, prosperity & abundance.

Hanging symbols related to love can also be added to any area of your home where you wish to invite positive energy into your life. These can come in many forms including paintings, sculptures, wall hangings etc., with some great examples including Abstract Paintings – Adorned with Love Symbols or the Love Tree Picture perfect for hanging on a bedroom wall over two beds.

For those wishing luck with their relationships fortune cookies can be opened & hung up when one desires good luck in their romantic pursuits.

The direction in which furniture is placed within a home is also taken into consideration when inviting positive energies relating to affection. Such areas involve placing two chairs with their legs facing each other at a slight distance, so as no one person’s space has been intruded upon but yet still facing towards each other in a way that encourages conversation; creating an ambient atmosphere for intimate conversations and romantic moments between partners.

Fire elements such as abalone shells filled with sand & lit tea-lights provide illuminations that offer healing & inspire tranquilizing moments between romantic pairs who choose these beautiful objects to set up around the house (ideally somewhere were two people could just sit together). These fire elements warm hearts both physically & metaphorically setting them alight with passionate thoughts throughout their home or garden spaces.

Maximizing Positive Effects with Flowers & Plants

Feng Shui can help bring more love and romance into your life, as well as attract strong relationships. When it comes to feng shui items to enhance relationships, flowers and plants play an important role in increasing positive energies. There are countless ways that they can be brought into the home or office to attract good luck and positivity for relationships. Here are some of the most essential items:

  • Orchids – An orchid is a perfect way to represent strength and beauty in your relationship. These elegant blooms have a subtle but powerful energy that can attract love with its beauty, scent, and vibrant colors.
  • Roses – Roses are symbolic of eternal love and devotion, making them a great addition for couples who want to strengthen their relationship further.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo is known to symbolize new beginnings, making it a good choice for those looking for new connections or embarking on a new journey together. The plant also symbolizes strength, resilience, and flexibility.
  • Peace Lily Plant – A Peace Lily Plant is believed to bring peace and harmony into any environment. It would make a beautiful addition to any home where you wish to increase trust and understanding between two partners.

These items can be used as decorative elements in the home – such as around an entryway – or as part of other Feng Shui remedies like placing them in a specific area of the home based on the Bagua map.

Each plant has its own specific association with bringing different kinds of energies into the environment – whether it’s positivity for communication or a stronger bond between two partners, there’s something out there that ensures the desired effect can be achieved.

Furthermore, one should pay attention to color when selecting plants associated with attracting further love into their life-warmer colors like red or pink emanate strong passionate energies while softer colors like yellow or white produce calming effects that can help reduce stress levels among couples. Ultimately it comes down to preference but one should strive towards maintaining balance no matter what variety is chosen in terms making sure each element contributes positively towards having healthier relationships.

Enhancing Love with Scent & Lighting

One of the more popular ways to bring love into the home is with scent. This includes filling the home with essential oils and candles with scents like rose, jasmine or ylang-ylang. Each of these scents have connections to romance and bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to any space.

Feng Shui Images For Love

The romantic power of scent is also empowered by playing soft music in the background. Music has the ability to soothe one’s soul and can create an exciting ambiance for couples who are looking to enhance their relationship through intimacy.

Mirrors for Double Love Power

Feng shui practitioners often advise placing mirrored surfaces in a place where they can reflect each other across from each other around your home. For example, placing two circular mirrors opposite from each other in your living room will create enough energy for love to enter that same area.

Try using two round mirrors placed on either side of a dresser that is located between two windows; this will double up on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s chances of feeling attracted towards you when entering the area. Reflecting works by providing double luck and energetic attraction, which places a unique connection in your environment.

Tea Lights for Intimacy

One way to nurture love in a relationship is by using tea lights strategically placed around the room; specifically candleholders colored red or pink help fuel even more flavor into relationships keyed up for passion.

Color can set different moods and having candles lit up throughout unique spaces helps establish an even more intimate atmosphere; whether it’s being used as accompaniment to dinner or during some fun evening activities – there’s no denying that it adds a special romantic spark.

Additionally, try getting creative with decorative touches like flower petals thrown around your bedroom or roses placed on your dining table – this changes up things and always keeps things fresh.

Infusing Positive Energy with Colors

Colors are one of the most powerful tools for creating positive energy in a home or office space. Feng Shui experts believe that energizing certain colors with specific items will provide an energy boost in relationships and love. In Feng Shui, there are 5 elements which are wood, earth, fire, metal, and water.

Through the placement of these colors in a room can promote improved relationships and love luck while providing an inviting atmosphere for connecting people. Here are some of the suggested Feng Shui items to infuse your home or office with positive energy:

  • Red and Pink: Red is associated with fire and considered very potent. Displaying red in the south area of a room will give extra energy to relationships and invoke passion. Place an arrangement of pink roses to add a gentle yet deeply romantic dimension.
  • Orange: For rebuilding harmony between couples, place beautiful oranges with green leaves in the southwest area of the marriage corner. Orange helps fading relationships renew its sparks
  • White : White is associated with metal and promotes clarity & peaceful reconciliation between couples. Place white-colored objects such as sheets, flowers or candles
  • Green : Green is connected with wood and encourages new growth & nourishment within relationships. Having plants like rosemary can be used for purification from negative chi.
  • Blue: Blue is related to water bringing calmness & harmonious communication within couples. Place shades of blue throughout your house.

Neutralizing Negativity for a Loving Environment

Feng Shui is an ancient system of arranging the environment around us in order to create peace, harmony, and balance in our lives. Many feng shui items have been developed to generate love and affection within the home. Based on the principles of yin and yang, these items help to quiet negative energy and create positive vibes for a healthy relationship.

One popular element often used in feng shui décor is the powerful Red Phoenix Bird. This mythical creature symbolizes passion, love, and commitment and its red hue enhances its supportive energy. Placed in the south area of a bedroom or living space, it can attract love into your life and bring balance between partners.

Brightly colored flowers make another good choice as they evoke happy feelings and promote communication between two people. Flowers with thorns should be avoided as they could potentially encourage fights.

Earth-tone colors can also be incorporated into any room or area to encourage loving relationships according to feng shui principles. Colors such as sandy browns are known for bringing a sense of safety into home environments which can help increase trust between two individuals.

Try adding some soft furniture cushions or art pieces that have warm earthy tones like terracotta or sky blue for more relaxed emotions when interacting with loved ones. Natural bamboo plants are also useful for bringing luck into relationships while diffusing challenging energies from entering a home atmosphere.

In addition to décor elements, there are several other Feng Shui items that can be utilized to support healthy relationships between partners or family members such as crystals, brass bells, incense burners, tassel decorations, candles imprinted with hearts during Valentines Day season and so much more. Doing your own research is an excellent way to learn more about these wealth building items that allow you an opportunity attract successful outcomes while creating beautiful sacred spaces within your home area.

Adding creative touches like throwing rose petals along walkways or hanging wind chimes by windowsills may help enchant special memories between couples while inspiring peace throughout all homes.

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