Feng Shui Items for Good Health


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that believes the universe is made up of energy fields. These energy fields, referred to as chi, affects one’s health and well-being. Feng Shui seeks to organize and redistribute the chi in a space so it’s beneficial for those occupying it. By adhering to its principles of arrangement, inhabitants can live in harmony with their environment, according to fengshuisociety.org.

While the origins of Feng Shui date back over 6,000 years, its practice continues to be popular today as people look for ways to better their lives and balance their body’s energy systems. Many believe that using specific items such as plants, wind chimes, mirrors and crystals can each bring a unique influence into one’s home or workspace that can promote good fortune and luck but also provide healing energies for improved health solutions. As this use of Feng Shui for its health benefits has seen resurgence in recent times, more practitioners are increasingly incorporating items like salt lamps, selenite wands, jade pendants and essential oils into their homes or offices to create a holistic healing environment which brings together physical aspects along with metaphysical energies.

Feng Shui Tools and Objects to Attract Good Health

Feng shui items can be used to encourage good health within the home. A wind chime, for example, is believed to bring energy and purify the space, helping one feel calmer and healthier. Images of natural elements like trees and flowers represent the healing power of nature, while pieces that depict healthy foods give off a positive energy. Crystals are thought to be powerful carriers of healing energy and should be placed near places where you often rest or sleep. Crystals such as jade, obsidian and rose quartz promote feelings of health and harmony too. A lucky coin or bell will aid in renewing both your body and spirit; try tucking them under your pillow or beneath furniture for maximum results. Other helpful items include images of lotus flowers, Buddhas or Chinese coins — their positive associations help clear stagnant energy from an environment. Finally, live plants bring fresh air into a living space along with many other benefits; succulents are especially known for their hardy nature which makes them easy to care for.

Identifying the Right Feng Shui Objects and Where to Place Them

Feng shui is a practice that works with the energy of your space, or chi, to create harmony and balance. When positive chi is in balance, it can bring good health and happiness to the inhabitants of that space. Choosing the right Feng Shui items may help to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

For example, placing plants in your home—such as money trees or jade plants – can help to create a sense of balance and encourage growth and wealth. Placing a garden statue of dragon at the back door also has lots of symbolism associated with it; symbolizing strength, power and success which can inspire you to reach your highest potential. Other beneficial objects include mirrors which can be used to deflect negative energy away from the house, and crystals such as citrine or amethyst which have healing properties. Wind chimes can also bring calming energy into a space.

Guaje Feng Shui

When selecting Feng Shui items for your home, remember that how you place them is equally as important as what you choose. Many believe that placing these objects on the North-West corner will allow its benefits to flow through the entire household. However if this doesn’t feel doable for you or for specific areas of the house like bedrooms where plants are inadvisable, try instead focusing on balancing chi by placing objects diagonally across from each other and in pairs instead (for example two pairs of candles). This will help promote stability within a given space even if their exact positions don’t follow traditional guidelines. Above all else listen to your intuition — do what feels right as every person’s needs are unique!

Room-by-Room Guide to Utilizing Feng Shui Items for Healing

Bedroom: A healthy bedroom is essential to a good night’s rest, so start with energy-affirming colors of blue and green. Place clear crystals and quartz in the four corners of the bedroom to stimulate positive energy flow. Place a mirror facing the door so that if negative energy enters it will be reflected right back out. To bring relaxation and peace, use aromatherapy candles to diffuse calming oils and scents throughout the room. Hang items bathed in healing energies such as tassel garlands over bed frames or mirrors.

Bathroom: Make sure all chemicals are stored properly and have good ventilation to reduce indoor air toxins. Add plants to cleanse the air; rubber plants create an environment of renewal while aloe vera promotes healing from within. Choose gentle, soft colors for wall paint like greens, blues, lavender, rose and cream for most optimal chi movement through the room. Hang symbols of joy like wind chimes near open windows to promote mirthful sounds or place wind spinners on walls for gentle movement from draughts of outdoor breeze. Install faceted mirrors around the vanity area; these will amplify available space in which chi might flow making space for greater physical strength and mental vitality. Finally add a water fountain with an internal light system; its soothing sound provides a bolster effect against stress while its glitter amplifies positive energies needed for recovery and strength.

Sources and Tips for Finding Health-Related Feng Shui Items

One excellent source for these items are specialized Feng Shui stores and websites that offer a wide selection of products designed to help you promote good health through feng shui in your home. These sources can provide you with a variety of items, ranging from wind chimes, mirrors, bagua maps, and corner guards to water elements like waterfalls and fountains. Depending on the store or website, you may also find helpful books and magazines regarding the topic of Feng Shui as well as experts available to answer any questions you may have about using the right tools and techniques to bring balance into your home’s healthy environment. Additionally, some websites have unique area-specific products that help harmonize energies of different parts of the house such as front door entrances and bedrooms.

When shopping for Feng Shui items for health purposes, it is important to be aware of what item works best for each particular problem. For instance, an odd or extreme number of windows in one particular room could cause poor energy flow which can result in reduced vitality or medical issues. To counteract this issue a “liuli” glass ball—or gazing ball—could be placed somewhere within a few feet from the window defect to disperse energy and correct the imbalance. Another typical item would be mirrors or dragon gates strategically hung on exterior walls or entrance way walls to invite auspicious energy into the home. Finally, don’t forget some artwork around the house depicting images related to good health such as happy figures laughing or playing sports so your subconscious can positive reinforce healthy vibes!

Feng Shui Circle Elements

Choosing a Balance of Materials and Colors for Optimal Health

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that utilizes the power of energy to create a sense of balance and harmony in one’s environment. When implemented correctly, Feng Shui can assist with the improvement of physical health and mental well-being. One way to achieve this is by using feng shui items for good health; these items should be carefully chosen depending on their material, color, and shape.

The materials of feng shui items for good health play an important role in affecting how energy flows in the environment, leading to greater health benefits. Materials such as wood, metal, and crystal accentuate positive energy while grounding objects like cotton or wool reduce tension. Similarly, the colors associated with certain feng shui objects should also be taken into consideration when arranging them around one’s home; it is believed that vibrant colors bring higher amounts of chi (life force) into a space while quiet ones create a calmer atmosphere. Additionally, shapes are an essential factor when decorating with feng shui items as they act like symbols to embody specific qualities such as strength or fertility. By combining different materials and colors strategically with different shapes, individuals have the potential to not only promote better physical well-being but also spiritual fulfillment


Using feng shui items to promote good health in a home is an ancient practice with proven real-world effects. Taking the time to carefully plan out a home’s design according to feng shui principles can lead to improvements in both physical and mental well-being. Every part of the house, from colors to symbols and furniture, can have an impact on good health if arranged in accordance with feng shui beliefs.

Furthermore, by creating a calming atmosphere full of positive energy, a homeowner can use feng shui as a tool to reduce stress levels and create harmony within their household. There are many ways to bring this practice into one’s home, such as through decorating pieces, special orientations of areas or even selecting the appropriate colors for various rooms. By making mindful choices when it comes to choosing feng shui items for good health and incorporating them into the home design, homeowners may be able to experience the benefits of increased energy levels and improved physical and emotional well-being. With just a few small changes, these practices could show real improvements in your lifestyle.

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