Feng Shui Images for Wealth

Feng Shui, a Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years, is known for its ability to bring balance and harmony into our lives. It has become increasingly popular around the world, with many individuals seeking its guidance to manifest wealth and prosperity. In this article, we will explore the power of Feng Shui images for wealth attraction and how they can positively influence our financial energy.

When it comes to attracting wealth, our mindset plays an essential role. Visualization is a powerful tool that can shape our thoughts and beliefs, leading to the manifestation of abundance in our lives. Images have a profound impact on our subconscious mind, serving as constant reminders and triggers for positive thinking. By strategically placing Feng Shui images for wealth throughout your space, you can create an environment that supports your financial goals and amplifies the energy needed to attract prosperity.

Within the realm of Feng Shui, there are specific symbols that are believed to be particularly potent in attracting wealth and abundance. These symbols serve as visual representations of the energies we wish to attract into our lives.

From ancient coins and lucky animals to treasure ships and golden ingots, each symbol holds a unique significance in enhancing your financial journey. By understanding these key Feng Shui symbols for wealth, you can incorporate them into your living or workspace with intentionality to maximize their impact.

Through the strategic use of colors, we can further harness the power of Feng Shui in attracting wealth energy. Colors carry vibrational frequencies that can stimulate different aspects of our lives, including finances.

In Feng Shui, certain colors are associated with abundance and prosperity due to their symbolic meanings and ability to evoke specific emotions. By incorporating these lucky colors into your design scheme or through the use of Feng Shui images featuring these hues, you can create an energetic flow that supports your financial aspirations.

In this article on “Feng Shui Images for Wealth,” we will delve deeper into these topics discussed above. We will explore the most effective symbols and colors for attracting wealth, examine the ideal placement of money symbols, discuss specific images for career success, provide DIY instructions on creating personalized wealth-enhancing talismans, showcase famous Feng Shui wealth symbols, and share real-life success stories of individuals who have experienced financial breakthroughs through implementing these techniques.

It’s time to unlock the power of Feng Shui and align your environment with your desire for abundance and financial prosperity.

The Power of Visualization

In the world of Feng Shui, visualization plays a crucial role in manifesting wealth and abundance. Our mindset and beliefs deeply influence our experiences, and using images as a tool for visualization can amplify the power of intention and attract prosperity into our lives. By incorporating specific Feng Shui images that represent wealth and abundance, we can create a visual reminder of our financial goals and aspirations.

One of the key concepts behind visualization is that what we focus on expands. When we surround ourselves with images that symbolize wealth, success, and abundance, we are constantly reminded of our desires. This repetitive exposure to positive imagery helps to shift our mindset from lack to abundance, allowing us to align with the energy of wealth in the universe.

There are several types of Feng Shui images that are well-known for their ability to manifest wealth. One popular symbol is the money tree or money plant, which signifies growth, stability, and financial prosperity. Another powerful image is the gold ingot or gold nugget, which represents wealth accumulation and material abundance. Additionally, fish symbols such as koi fish or Arowana fish are believed to attract good fortune and enhance financial luck.

Feng Shui ImageMeaning
Money Tree/Money PlantGrowth, stability, financial prosperity
Gold Ingot/Gold NuggetWealth accumulation, material abundance
Koi Fish/Arowana FishGood fortune, enhanced financial luck

These symbols are often depicted in various forms such as paintings, sculptures, or decorative items like coins or jewelry. Placing these images in strategic areas of our home or workplace, such as the wealth sector (southeast area), can help to activate and enhance the flow of abundance energy.

Key Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth

Chinese Coins

One of the most powerful and widely-used symbols in Feng Shui for attracting abundance is the Chinese coin. These coins are a potent representation of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Traditionally, they feature a square hole in the center, which symbolizes the union between heaven and earth, as well as the flow of positive energy.

To utilize Chinese coins for wealth attraction, it’s recommended to place them in your wallet or purse. This not only serves as a constant reminder of your financial goals but also enhances the flow of money energy in your life. You can also tie three Chinese coins together with a red ribbon and hang them near your front door to invite good fortune and prosperity into your home.


Mirrors are another essential feng shui symbol for wealth. They have long been associated with abundance, as they reflect and multiply positive energy, including money chi. According to Feng Shui principles, placing a mirror directly opposite the entrance door helps attract wealth into the space.

Additionally, you can strategically position mirrors to enhance abundance in specific areas of your home or office. For example, hanging a mirror where you keep your financial records or on the wall behind your desk can help amplify wealth energy and create an environment conducive to financial success.

Water Fountain

In Feng Shui, water is considered a powerful symbol of wealth and prosperity. A water fountain or aquarium can be used to activate abundance energies within your living or workspace. The flowing water represents continuous prosperity and financial growth.

To optimize the effect of a water fountain for attracting wealth, it’s important to place it in an auspicious location. The southeast corner of your home or office is considered the “wealth corner” in Feng Shui, so positioning the fountain there can generate maximum flow of monetary energy. It’s also crucial to regularly maintain cleanliness and ensure smooth operation of the water feature to sustain its positive impact.

By incorporating these key Feng Shui symbols for wealth into your living or working environment, you can create an atmosphere that is conducive to financial abundance and prosperity. The power of symbolism and intention is a fundamental principle in Feng Shui, and when harnessed effectively, it can have a significant impact on manifesting wealth in your life.

Lucky Colors in Feng Shui

The use of colors plays a significant role in Feng Shui when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance. In Feng Shui, different colors are believed to carry specific energies that can affect our environment and mindset. Understanding the significance of colors and their impact on wealth energy can help us create a harmonious and prosperous living or working space.

One important color in Feng Shui for wealth is red. Often considered the most auspicious color, red is associated with good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Adding touches of red to your home or office can invite positive energy and enhance wealth luck. This can be done through using red decor items such as pillows, rugs, or curtains.

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Another color commonly used in Feng Shui to attract wealth is purple. Purple symbolizes abundance and luxury, making it an excellent choice for creating an atmosphere of prosperity. Incorporating purple in your space through accessories like vases, artwork, or even a purple accent wall can stimulate financial growth and opportunities.

Green is also considered a lucky color in Feng Shui as it represents growth and vitality. It is often associated with money and wealth accumulation. Using green plants or artwork featuring lush landscapes in your space can promote the flow of wealth energy and bring about financial stability.

ColorMeaningImpact on Wealth Energy
RedGood luck, happiness, prosperityAttracts positive energy and enhances wealth luck
PurpleAbundance, luxuryStimulates financial growth and opportunities
GreenGrowth, vitalityPromotes flow of wealth energy and financial stability

By incorporating these lucky colors into your environment, you can create a harmonious space that supports the attraction of wealth. It is important to note that while these colors are believed to have positive influences on wealth energy, it is equally essential to consider individual preferences and the overall balance and harmony in your space when applying Feng Shui principles.

Placement of Money Symbols

Choosing the Ideal Locations

When it comes to placing Feng Shui images for wealth in your home or workspace, it is important to consider the ideal locations for maximum effectiveness. One of the key principles in Feng Shui is to create a harmonious flow of energy, known as Qi, and this is particularly significant when it comes to attracting wealth.

A popular choice for placement is the southeast corner of your space. In Feng Shui, the southeast sector is associated with abundance and represents the Wood element. By placing money symbols or images related to wealth, such as a golden ingot or a wealth vase, in this sector, you are enhancing the positive energy flow and inviting prosperity into your life.

Another powerful location for wealth symbols is near the entrance of your home or office. This area symbolizes opportunities coming into your life and sets the tone for what awaits beyond the front door. By displaying an auspicious Feng Shui image, such as a painting of goldfish swimming towards you, you are creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts financial opportunities and good fortune.

Achieving Optimal Arrangements

In addition to choosing the right locations for your Feng Shui money symbols, it is also essential to pay attention to their arrangements within a space. The arrangement of these symbols plays a significant role in optimizing the flow of energy and maximizing their effectiveness.

To enhance abundance and prosperity energy, ensure that these symbols are displayed prominently and with intention. Avoid cluttering them with unnecessary items or placing them in tight corners where they may go unnoticed. Instead, allow them room to breathe and let their positive energy radiate freely throughout the area.

Furthermore, consider grouping multiple money symbols together synergistically. For instance, you can place a statue of a laughing Buddha alongside a money tree plant or surround a wealth symbol like a coin ring with crystals representing abundance. These combinations create a harmonious energy and amplify the wealth-attracting effects.

By choosing the ideal locations and arranging your Feng Shui money symbols mindfully, you are creating an environment that promotes wealth and prosperity, enabling the positive Qi to flow freely and manifest abundance in your life.

Feng Shui Images for Career Success

In the realm of Feng Shui, images and artworks play a significant role in enhancing career success and opening doors to financial opportunities. The power of visualization is harnessed through these visual representations, which can impact our mindset and manifest wealth. By incorporating specific images into your workspace or home office, you can create an environment that supports professional growth and attracts abundance.

One powerful image for career success is the Dragon, a symbol of strength and good fortune in Feng Shui. Placing a painting or sculpture of a dragon in your office can stimulate creativity, boost confidence, and bring opportunities for promotion or new ventures. Additionally, the Dragon is believed to protect against negative energy and obstacles, creating a harmonious working environment.

Another popular Feng Shui image for career success is that of the Phoenix. This mythical bird represents resurrection and transformation, making it ideal for individuals seeking to overcome challenges or start fresh in their careers. By displaying an image of the Phoenix in your workspace or wearing jewelry with Phoenix motifs, you can harness its energy to attract recognition, advancement, and prosperity.

In addition to specific creatures like the Dragon and Phoenix, there are other symbols that can enhance career success in Feng Shui. For example:

1. The Wealth Ship: This ship – shaped symbol is associated with abundant opportunities flowing into your life. Place a miniature Wealth Ship on your desk or in the wealth area of your home (the southeast corner) to invite financial growth.

2. The Three – Legged Money Frog: Known as Chan Chu or Jin Chan, this frog with three legs is believed to bring wealth luck and ensure steady income flow. Display a figurine of the Three-Legged Money Frog near your work desk or entrance to attract financial success.

3. The Laughing Buddha: This iconic figure symbolizes happiness, abundance, and contentment. Keep a statue of the Laughing Buddha on your desk or display it prominently in the northwest area of your home to enhance career luck and attract positive opportunities.

By carefully selecting and placing these specific Feng Shui images in your professional space, you can amplify your career success and invite financial abundance. Remember to regularly cleanse and energize these symbols to maintain their positive energy. Experiment with different combinations of Feng Shui images and observe the positive shifts in your professional life.

DIY Feng Shui Wealth Cures

Creating your own personalized wealth-enhancing images and talismans can be a fun and rewarding way to incorporate Feng Shui into your daily life. By taking an active role in the process, you not only have control over the design and placement of these symbols, but also infuse them with your own intentions and energy. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you create DIY Feng Shui wealth cures that align with your goals:

  1. Set your intention: Before you begin creating your wealth-enhancing images or talismans, set a clear intention for what you want to manifest. Whether it’s financial abundance, career success, or overall prosperity, clarity of intention is key in Feng Shui.
  2. Choose auspicious materials: Select materials for your project that are associated with wealth and abundance in Feng Shui. These can include colors like gold, red, purple, or green; gemstones like jade, citrine, or amethyst; or even natural elements like bamboo or coins.
  3. Design your symbol: Whether you choose to create a painting, collage, vision board, or simply a small talisman, design it in a way that resonates with you and reflects your desired outcome. Incorporate symbols of wealth such as money trees, Chinese coins, lucky animals like the dragon or phoenix, or the symbol for prosperity itself.
  4. Activate the symbol: Once you have completed your creation, it’s important to activate the energy of the symbol. You can do this by holding it in your hands and infusing it with positive intentions and affirmations related to wealth and abundance. Visualize yourself already experiencing the financial breakthroughs you desire as you do this.
  5. Find the ideal placement: Finally, find an ideal location to place your DIY wealth cure within your home or office. According to Feng Shui principles, placing it in the southeast corner (the “wealth corner”) of a room is particularly auspicious for attracting prosperity. You can also place it in your workspace, on your desk or near your financial records.
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By creating your own personalized wealth-enhancing images and talismans, you are actively participating in the manifestation process and aligning yourself with the energy of abundance. Remember to regularly infuse them with positive intentions and keep them in a prominent place where you will see them often. With consistency and belief, these DIY Feng Shui wealth cures can help attract prosperity into your life.

Famous Feng Shui Wealth Symbols

In Feng Shui, there are numerous symbols and images that have long been associated with wealth and abundance. These symbols originate from various cultures and carry different meanings, but they all share the common goal of attracting prosperity into one’s life. Let’s explore some famous Feng Shui wealth symbols from around the world and their significance.

One well-known symbol is the Chinese Dragon. This powerful creature is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and strength. In Chinese culture, the Dragon is seen as a symbol of imperial power and represents success in career and business endeavors. Incorporating images or statues of dragons into your home or office can help create an energetic flow of wealth.

Another widely recognized symbol is the Money Frog or Three-Legged Toad. This mythical creature hails from ancient Chinese folklore and is often depicted sitting on a bed of coins with a coin in its mouth. The Money Frog is believed to attract wealth and abundance, as well as protect against financial misfortune. Placing a Money Frog near the entrance of your home or business is said to invite good fortune and money into your life.

Additionally, the Laughing Buddha, also known as Budai or Hotei, is a popular Feng Shui symbol associated with wealth. This jolly figure represents contentment and happiness while carrying a sack full of treasures on his back. The Laughing Buddha’s presence in your space is thought to bring joy, luck, and material blessings.

Other renowned symbols for wealth across cultures include the Pi Xiu in Chinese Feng Shui, which is said to attract money luck and drive away evil spirits; the Wealth Ship in Feng Shui practices that signifies smooth sailing towards financial success; and Kokopelli, a fertility deity revered by Native American tribes that also symbolizes prosperity.

These symbols can be incorporated into various aspects of your life – from home decor to jewelry choices – to harness their positive energy for attracting wealth. By understanding the significance and meaning behind these famous Feng Shui wealth symbols, you can enhance the abundance and prosperity in your life using the power of visualization and ancient wisdom.

Effective Application of Feng Shui Images for Wealth

Real-life success stories and testimonials serve as powerful evidence for the effectiveness of using Feng Shui images for attracting wealth. These accounts not only inspire others to try these techniques themselves but also validate the influence that Feng Shui can have on one’s financial situation. By hearing about the experiences of others, individuals can gain confidence in implementing these practices in their own lives.

One success story comes from Jane, a small business owner who was struggling to attract new customers and increase her revenue. After consulting with a Feng Shui expert, she made some adjustments to her shop’s layout and incorporated specific wealth symbols such as the Money Tree and Dragon Tortoise figurines.

Within a few months, Jane noticed a significant growth in her customer base and an increase in sales. She attributes this success directly to the positive energy generated by these Feng Shui images.

Another testimonial comes from Mark, a young professional looking to advance his career and increase his income. He decided to enhance his home office space with relevant Feng Shui images, including a painting of flowing water symbolizing abundance and prosperity. Soon after making these changes, Mark received an unexpected promotion at work along with a substantial raise in salary. He firmly believes that incorporating these images into his environment helped him manifest his desired career success.

By sharing stories like these, individuals can see tangible examples of how Feng Shui images have positively impacted others’ financial situations. It reinforces the notion that our external environment can profoundly influence our internal state of being. This encourages readers to explore ways they can implement similar practices in their homes or workplaces, creating an environment that supports their financial goals.

These success stories highlight the importance of intention, belief, and consistency when utilizing Feng Shui images for wealth manifestation. While results may vary for each person depending on individual circumstances, these stories demonstrate that the deliberate use of Feng Shui images can indeed have a significant impact on one’s financial wellbeing.


In conclusion, this article has explored the concept of Feng Shui and its influence on wealth attraction. We have discovered the power of visualization and how images can impact our mindset when it comes to manifesting wealth. Additionally, we have unveiled the most powerful and widely-used symbols in Feng Shui for attracting abundance, as well as delved into the significance of colors in Feng Shui and their impact on wealth energy.

Furthermore, we have examined the ideal locations and arrangements for Feng Shui images to enhance wealth and prosperity, specifically focusing on the placement of money symbols. We have also discussed specific images and artworks that can amplify professional growth and financial opportunities, exploring how Feng Shui can be applied to career success.

For those who are interested in taking a more hands-on approach, this article has provided step-by-step instructions on creating personalized wealth-enhancing images and talismans through DIY Feng Shui wealth cures. Moreover, we have showcased renowned symbols or Feng Shui images associated with wealth across cultures and their significance.

Lastly, real-life success stories and testimonials from individuals who have experienced financial breakthroughs through implementing these techniques were shared. This serves as a testament to the effective application of Feng Shui images for attracting wealth.

In conclusion, by using the concepts discussed in this article, readers are encouraged to explore the powerful influence of Feng Shui images for attracting wealth. Whether it is utilizing key symbols or creating personalized talismans, implementing these techniques can potentially lead to financial abundance and prosperity. By harnessing the energy of Feng Shui through visual representations, individuals may unlock new opportunities for career growth and achieve their desired level of financial success.

So why wait? Start incorporating these principles into your life today and experience the transformative effects they can bring.

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