Images Of Good Examples Of Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of aesthetically and spiritually arranging space in order to promote health, wealth, and stability. This practice uses many different elements such as colors, shapes, natural elements like water and forests, and other energy-inducing items to lay out single areas or entire structures.

As for bedrooms specifically, this ancient Chinese practice was developed to assist people in having their best sleep possible. By incorporating the right images of good examples of Feng Shui in the bedroom, one can experience the wonders of this artform.

Benefits Of Using Good Examples Of Feng Shui In The Bedroom By introducing Feng Shui principles even into something as simple as an image of the bedroom, a person can feel greater rest when sleeping at night. Some practical benefits that this brings are increased clarity and awareness of not only one’s feelings but also to set important goals without feeling overwhelmed.

It also helps reduce stress levels and encourages greater focus while making decisions during waking life. Another benefit that a good example image of feng shui principles for the bedroom can bring is creating a balanced environment suitable for sound sleep each night while helping to achieve inner peace needed for healthy living.

Where To Find Examples Of Good Images Of Feng Shui For The Bedroom Finding great examples of images depicting good principles from Feng Shui for one’s bedroom can be done by researching online or asking someone who knows about this art form.

Pictures are available from numerous professional sources such as interior design magazines to Pinterest which has become quite beneficial over the years because it shows up-to-date pictures of rooms with great examples about what you may need in order to help decorate according to these Buddhist philosophies.

Additionally online sources such as Trulia or Zillow can provide inspiring ideas on how to create a home conducive both aesthetically pleasing while being spiritually calming through various posts about what colors may represent a particular element needed for these practices or share helpful tips on what kind of plants do well with generating positive energy surrounding living spaces.

The Principles Of Feng Shui

To create a tranquil and welcoming bedroom, it is important to consider the design principles of Feng Shui when decorating the space. Originating from Chinese philosophy,the goal of Feng Shui is to balance the energies in any room with the arrangement of its objects and furnishings, providing physical and mental comfort when in it. Allowing natural light into the room through open windows also helps to bring fresh air and clarity into the place.


When it comes to color, Feng Shui encourages pastel shades such as lavender or pale pink for bedrooms as they evoke a sense of relaxation. Avoid darker hues like navy blue which can be oppressive. Light grey works well as this colour represents wisdom and deliberation, allowing decisions to be made more reasonably while giving a sense of self-assurance. Furthermore, whites are also ideal for bedrooms as these colors bring purity and serenity.

Restful Bedroom Furniture Pieces

A bed should always be kept simple with nothing cluttered on top of it or attached to it that could inhibit peaceful sleeping at night. Avoid beds with wooden frames or partitions around them – this type usually takes up too much space and makes entering the bedroom restrictive; rather opt for platform beds that take up less space so you can feel free to move around in your sleeping environment.

The mattress should be comfortable and must have an adjustable feature so you can easily adjust it according to your choice at any time. The placement of the bed is also very important; it should have access from two sides; make sure nothing blocks your vision towards the entrance while lying on the bed; this symbolizes freedom in life opportunities.

Ideal Decor Elements

To add an appropriate touch to Feng Shui principles in your bedroom as well as imparting a feeling of welcome within the space choose items like wall decorations which tell stories evoking familiarity with beauty (such as paintings depicting nature scenes).

This may help create positive energy while calming restless minds upon waking or feeling anxious before sleep due to how its contents visually stimulate its viewers – thus making better use of available space by promoting emotional well-being along with décor cohesiveness among individual items present within it.

Common Layout Considerations

The feng shui bedroom layout needs to be thoughtfully balanced to promote good energy flow in the bedroom. Placement of the bed is crucial as it should be away from the main door and positioned opposite or diagonally across from a solid wall.

The bed should not be kept under a window, or close to furniture like desks that emit yang energy. The ideal location for the bed would be along a wall adjacent to solid doors to absorb positive chi energy when opened.

Example 1: Four Corners

This is one of the most classic bedroom layout examples for feng shui. It involves positioning four traditional furniture pieces (bed, nightstands on both sides of it, upholstered chairs, and dresser) around all four walls of your bedroom in an even manner. Leaving space in the middle helps ensure that chi can naturally flow throughout the bedroom and reach all its various physical corners without any obstruction.

Example 2: Bed Against Sturdy Wall

For this example, place your bed against a wall that feels supportive and strong enough for you to rest comfortably in your own personal kingdom. Place a nightstand on each side – these should have plenty of space between them so you don’t feel claustrophobic moving around your room as necessary – then add a few other large furniture pieces against two different walls or corners, leaving one corner free if possible.

This will help create balance within your space by emphasizing all four directions equally instead of having too much focus on one single area or piece of furniture.

Feng Shui Bedroom Beach Art

Layout Ideas To Make Practical Use Out Of Corners

  • A long wall shelf full of art or books
  • Reading nook with bean bags
  • An ottoman stool with extra seating
  • A cozy lounge chair with table
  • A floor lamp behind sheer curtains for soft lighting
  • Floor planters inside attractive pots along side table lamps

Choosing The Right Colors

When it comes to feng shui, color is incredibly important. The main goal of the practice is to create a calm and harmonious environment, which must be reflected in the colors used in your home. Certain shades have symbolic meanings that will guide you towards achieving balance and promoting positive energy in your bedroom.

Soft colors such as gentle blues, pinks, greens and lavenders help create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for winding down at night and starting each new day on a peaceful note. Warmer tones such as orange, yellow or red can add boldness and enthusiasm while still not compromising its peaceful aura.

Other tones that naturally evoke feelings of harmony are grey, brown and ivory; these colors bring a sense of stability to any space without drawing away from the other elements at play here.

Certain objects you may include in your room to further honor Feng Shui principles should also be taken into consideration when selecting your perfect color scheme. Hang some serene landscape art or incorporate metallic decorations to symbolize riches whilst still maintaining the tranquility of the space.

Soft furnishings such as throw pillows can add texture and layers while cushions with floral motifs can help create a sense of vitality and optimism within your space by adding just a hint of vibrancy without pushing it over the edge. Lighting plays an important part too when looking to achieve good feng shui in your bedroom; you could opt for scented candles with soft glow or invest in some mood lighting for an intimate atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

The layout of furniture should also play an essential role in successful feng shui practices in the bedroom – creating enough room for movement should always be taken into account here and pieces should never be placed too close together so they don’t impede flow throughout the rest of the house either.

Choose bed frames that are empowering yet minimalistic-holding onto pieces that revolve around traditional Chinese symbols – they will help ground any design scheme while still eliciting peace like no other furniture selection could ever do so adequately.

Keeping clutter at bay is also key here; organized drawers and cupboards along with wardrobes placed nowhere near doorways (so energy doesn’t get blocked up) are all certain steps towards achieving good whoxí – inspired balance in your own personal sanctuary.

Placing Artwork

When designing bedrooms with feng shui principles in mind, it is important to utilize artwork to create balance and promote good energy. Attention should be paid to the placement of art pieces as each has a different purpose and contributes differently to the flow of energy. For example, artwork placed in South-facing walls immediate energizing Yang energy, while artwork in North-facing walls promote sleep and emotional solace.

Placing artwork directly across from the bed or headboard helps stimulate conversation in relationships when people are on the bed together. Furthermore, placing meaningful personal art that accentuates a sense of security at an angle to the bed fosters feelings of protection for single occupants of the room.

Positioning The Bed

The positioning of the bed in relation to other bedroom furniture is essential for creating positive impacts through feng shui principles. Feng shui tells us that sleeping with one’s head pointed towards one of four cardinal directions – North (career), South (love), East (family), and West (creativity) – will bring distinct forms of beneficial energies into your life.

It is also recommended that beds are kept away from direct drafts and off walls facing exterior doors as this exposes you to negative outside energies such as Qi or Chi. Furthermore, keeping nightstands away from footboards will invite relaxation into your bedroom while pairing furniture symmetrically will increase harmonious movement of energy within your space.

Organization And Clearance Of Clutter

Closets often get overlooked when considering how to design a bedroom with feng shui principles in mind but they can have a major impact on the quality of your living space. As per Feng Shui principles, closets must be regularly decluttered and cleaned as they are where stagnant Qi accumulates if left unattended.

Furthermore, it is crucial that all drawers open up fully without any obstruction or jamming as half-opened drawers emit chaotic energy which disrupts overall harmony within a space like a stuck drawer emits lack-of-flow issues into it’s realm or space near it. For clothing storage options utilizing multiple separation devices suchfoldable dividers, stackable shelves etc., will help maintain organization and structure throughout the closet environment which promotes healthy living practices inside one’s living area.

Bedding and Accessories

The most important element in an effective Feng Shui bedroom is the bedding and accessories you choose to decorate with. Textiles can make or break a design when it comes to both aesthetics and energy flow. Materials like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, and wool should be your fabrics of choice when creating a harmonious Feng Shui bedroom. These fibers are soft to the touch and help create a calmer atmosphere.

Optimizing The Bed

The bed is the single greatest element in a bedroom’s Feng Shui so it needs special attention when trying to optimize this space. This includes using crisp sheets with clean lines that are not overly ornate or busy looking.

Furthermore, try to avoid metal frames whenever possible as these materials often carry too much negative energy which will disrupt the natural balance of the room. If you do opt for a metal frame, consider incorporating additional patterns or colors – be it through blankets, comforters or wall art – to counteract any negative chi associated with its presence.

Variety Of Colors

Choosing colors wisely is also important when creating good Feng Shui in the bedroom. Varied hues provoke different emotions in people so they must be carefully considered when decorating this space.

Cooler tones such as blue, green and lavender have calming effects while warmer colors like red and orange encourage feelings of passion and enthusiasm. Neutral shades like tans, whites and greys have balancing qualities that will create harmony amongst all other elements present in the bedroom – so don’t be afraid to mix them in.

Feng Shui Cabinet in Bedroom

Wall Art And Decorations

Wall hangings can also play an integral role in good Feng Shui for a bedroom. Select artwork or photographs that evoke soothing and peaceful emotions – think nature scenes, abstract artworks or geometric patterns – anything that you find comforting should work just fine.

Furthermore don’t forget about other decorations like rugs, lamps, plants, throw pillows etc; all of these things come together cohesively to create an inviting atmosphere conducive for relaxation. Choose pieces that reflect your personal style but will also bring balance into the space – aim for items with rounded edges / curves as these provide energy flow throughout entire room without being overwhelming visually.

Light and Sound

When it comes to creating a good feng shui space in your bedroom it is important to create the right balance of lighting and sound. Good lighting should be soft enough to relax you but also bright enough to see what you need.

Natural light from windows is often ideal, however you may need additional lamps or ceiling fixtures for times when natural light isn’t available or sufficient. Colored lights can help add an uplifting and inviting atmosphere into the room and subtle sound machines can provide calming background noise and block out external sounds.

Nature: Bring Nature Into The Room

One way to create a strong sense of harmony with nature is to bring elements of nature inside the bedroom. Choose plants that are easy to care for, adding a vase of flowers can also brighten up your room.

Incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone can add warmth as well as texture into the space which can make it feel even more inviting and relaxing. Wood furniture pieces with earthy tones often pair well in feng shui bedrooms, such as bamboo bedframes or soft pillows made from natural fibers like cotton or wool.

Organisation: Keep Everything In Its Place

In order not to clutter up your space, it is important to keep everything organised according to its purpose. Baskets, drawers and hooks are all great ways to stay organised while also helping you maintain a neat aesthetic throughout your bedroom.

This will help keep your energy from becoming overwhelmed when looking at cluttered and random items throughout the space. Labelling items may also help remind yourself where each item goes so they can easily be found again when needed without having to search around too much and wasting precious time or energy finding items that could slip through the cracks if not labelled correctly.

Examples Of Good Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Feng shui is the art of creating harmony within your space through the arrangement and design of objects inside it. Finding these balance points can be difficult to do, especially for something as sensitive to its environment as a bedroom. Here are some examples of good feng shui in the bedroom that will help create a peaceful atmosphere and allow you to get a good night’s rest.

  • Utilizing Natural Light. Natural lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to overall design, and this is especially true in terms of feng shui in the bedroom. Utilizing natural light can help create an atmosphere full of energy and life force, which can make for a more calming and productive environment.
  • Adding Soft Colors. Soft colors such as pastel blues, greens, greys, whites, and creams work extremely well when it comes to creating serene energies in any living space. In terms of the bedroom though they’re perfect for helping promote warm feelings as opposed to harsher or bright tones which can be too stimulating.
  • Elevating The Bed. Elevating the bed on stilts or legs is another effective way to improve movement of energy throughout the room while also promoting balance and flow. This simple but powerful adjustment allows positive future forces to move up unimpeded while also allowing negative energy sources from lingering too long without being processed.


Feng Shui is an ancient practice used to increase luck and energy in the home. Well-balanced Feng Shui in the bedroom helps promote a peaceful, harmonized sleep environment and this can drastically improve sleep quality and can bring lasting harmony to your bedroom. When practicing Feng Shui in the bedroom, consider all aspects of the room this includes: furniture placement, colors, materials, artwork, plants and lighting.

When deciding on how to arrange furniture, note the Bagua map or energetic map of symbols for each section of a room. Its recommended to move furniture such that it is possible for chi (energy)to flow generously through the whole room freely without disruption from sharp corners or blocked doorway entries. It is also important to ensure that when lying in bed, you should be able to see entryways into the space as it symbolizes protection.

You can bring lasting harmony and improved sleep with colors that occupy neutral tones emphasizing serenity such as pastels and light whites, browns or beiges. Soften sharp edges around the room with rounder features like an oval shape rug, curvy nightstands or softly flowing curtains over windows.

Its best to use natural elements as much as possible such as earthly stoneware vases on nightstands or organic cotton lampshades placed around wooden lamps or plant life like aloe vera for example mixed with crystals throughout will further help create more serene energy within your personal sanctuary space.

Using balanced lighting sources will help create feelings of both control yet security bringing a sense of tranquility throughout the environment. To finish off this transformation try adding fresh flowers near bedside tables where individuals can inhale their scent while peacefully sleeping away.

Combining well placed pieces such as these together brings about tranquil energy allowing individuals not only a place of restful slumber but additionally creating powerful connections between meaningful memories associated with ones personal space and restful surroundings which also symbolizes increased motivation feeling energized within their own spiritual refuge helping increase positivity daily within their lives ultimately promoting good fortune.

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