Feng Shui Health Corner Of House

Feng Shui is an ancient and traditionally Chinese practice with the idea that one can create a harmonious flow of energy in their house and surroundings, which leads to improved health. Many people design a particular corner of their home as a space for health and wellbeing benefits.

This area is known as the ‘Feng Shui Health Corner’. The placement of specific items in this corner can help to ensure that beneficial energy circulates through not only this space but also throughout the entire living space.

Role Of Elements In Feng Shui According to Feng Shui, each element not only symbolizes a certain aspect of nature, but it also has its own characteristics that affect how energy flows. For example, the presence of fire element is said to bring warmth while wood element will provide protection. Therefore, when setting up this corner of your home, it is important to recognize and balance these five main elements (wood, fire, water earth and metal).

This includes considering how the color palette pairs with natural textures and fixtures such as mirrors or plants to add depth and bring balance into the room. Mirrors represent reflecting light that brings tranquility and relaxation. Plants bring life force energy into our domestic environment which boosts wellbeing levels – greenery was shown in studies to be calming on the nervous system which helps improve overall mental state.

Setting Up Your Feng Shui Health Corner To get started with setting up your Feng Shui health corner at home first consider what objects you want to include. Objects should be placed according to symbolism depending on what aspect of physical or mental wellbeing it covers – for example fire element such as candles or essential oils are excellent for stress relief while wooden items can provide emotional support.

When designing this space incorporate some form of meditation too – whether that’s stretching or yoga poses performed during certain times of day; meditating on floor pillows or reclining chairs; lighting incense; using singing bowls etc. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be overly complex – just incorporating even one item centered around self-care practice will work wonders.

How to Choose the Optimal Location for Your Health Corner

Feng Shui advises to create what is known as the ‘health corner’ in your home. This is a special area of the house which is used for healing, nurturing and promoting wellbeing. When properly done, it can bring you improved health, mental clarity, well-being, happiness and self-love. The optimal location for your health corner depends on your specific needs and individual preferences. Here are some considerations which can guide you in choosing the right spot:

  • Start by looking for an area that feels calm and spacious.
  • The health corner should be away from TVs, phones or any appliances that may produce distracting noises.
  • If possible try to select an area with lots of natural light.
  • Ensure the space has good ventilation but no drafts.

One important aspect of Feng Shui for a health corner is finding a location in your home that corresponds to ‘the elements’ of nature – water, wood, fire, earth or metal. Since they represent different qualities and energies in our life, try to seek out areas such as kitchens (for water), living rooms (for wood) or bedrooms (for earth). Incorporating these elements into your space can help create balance and harmony.

Another factor worth considering when selecting a space for your health corner is its relation to Yin & Yang energy; You’ll want to think about the flow of Chi energy throughout the place. In general corners that are close together create more Yang energy whereas more separated corners promote peace and serenity (Yin energy).

For example if you decide to put this Health Corner in your bedroom, it should occupy one of the outer corners furthest away from the door as this will allow maximum comfort and feeling of security.

Last but not least consider how you intend to use this space; what purpose? Is it going to be used mainly for relaxation? Meditation? Exercise or even work related activities ?

Will it primarily accommodate only yourself or have visitors present too? Answering these questions beforehand can provide hints about where would be best suited for your Health Corner. As always any decisions depend on each individual preferences but there’s no harm trying out different locations until you find one that suits all these criteria above best.

Ways to Harmonize Your Home for Maximum Health Corner Benefits

The principles of Feng Shui are used to create a sense of harmony and wellbeing in the home. The best way to bring balance, promote good health, and create positive energy is to locate and regulate specific areas within your home. One such area that is especially referred to as the “Health Corner” is the Southwest portion of the house. Today, we will discuss some simple steps you can take to make this area a source of health-enhancing benefits.

  • Start with organizing this corner – make sure everything is neat and tidy.
  • Bring some plants into this area – plants purify the air and eliminate toxins from the environment.
  • De-clutter – remove any bulky or unused items that may be blocking this zone’s natural flow.
Feng Shui For Good Health Of Family

Including colours can also be beneficial for bringing life into this corner. Depending on what desired outcome you’re looking for; blues and greens can bring a calming energy while pinks can emphasize love and relationships. You can also introduce lighting to your Health Corner – pillar candles or essential oil diffusers are great ways to promote relaxation and overall wellness.

Having a clear vision for your Health Corner allows you to recognize what matters most when creating this special haven in your home. Quality items such as comfortable seating, inspiring artwork, books about wellbeing can all contribute positively towards greater physical and emotional health. Incorporating unique objects that crave attention such as crystals, Buddha figurines or even an indoor water fountain might also be integrated into your design while making sure they promote pleasant vibrations throughout the space.

Another important element that should not be forgotten is music – it has proven therapeutic effects over time. Infusing an inviting musical atmosphere into this sector of your home will add wonderful moods that foster balance and harmony further promoting health benefits.

Simple Practices to Maximize Your Health Corner Results

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is designed to help create balance and positive energy through mindful design in a space. One key element of this is understanding the health corner of house to ensure that positive vibrations can exist in every corner. Here are simple practices to maximize your results:

  • Start with de-cluttering – Remove all objects in this area and start with a clean slate.
  • Pick calming colors – Use shades of blue, pink or green, or any color that soothes your senses.
  • Add plants – Greenery provides a pop of color and oxygen, which is always helpful for well being.
  • Bring in light – Placing reflective surfaces, such as crystals, will bring more light into the space.

These steps lay out the fundamentals for an easy Feng Shui approach to creating positive energy in the health corner of house. After de-cluttering; adding soft colors, plants, and reflecting surfaces can work together to emphasize balance and peace within one’s home. A few simple changes make noticeable impacts when aiming for positive energy throughout one’s living environment.

It’s important to remember that not all elements need be done at once. Working from the most fundamental element forward functions well for gradual improvement over time. Start by de-cluttering first; stick with calming colors and soft lighting before upgrading other decorative items. As soon as each task is successfully complete move onto the next step (in any order taken). Each natural step should create visible change until finally reaching desired effect with hardly any herculean effort.

Strategies for Keeping Your Health Corner Tidy and Functional

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that enables harmonious existence between your home and the surrounding environment. The principles of Feng Shui can be implemented to create an environment in your home that is conducive to good health, wealth and happiness. Establishing a health corner in your house is one of the steps you can take towards achieving this goal.


The location of your health corner should be carefully chosen. Ideally, it should be placed within a quiet spot on the east wall of your living area. Avoid placing it near any sources of distracting noises such as television sets or kitchen appliances. Additionally, be sure to place the health corner at least several feet away from any doorways, since these effects may detract from its healing powers.


The furnishings used for your health corner are just as essential as its location for achieving optimal effectiveness. Items like healing crystals, healing stones, incense holders or essential oils can all help generate positive vibes and promote wellbeing by diffusing negative energies throughout the room. You should be careful when incorporating plants into this space, as some of them like cacti have been known to bring misfortune and bad luck in feng shui practice instead of encouraging healthiness.


In addition to furnishings, decorations with positive messages are another important component for creating a supportive atmosphere in your health corner. Inspirational artwork or photographs of loved ones can serve as reminders that we always have something to be thankful for and carry us through difficult times. Adding candles is another way to bring light into this space while helping contribute to an overall sense relaxation and contentment during times spent there.

Tips for Creating a Cozy and Inviting Health Corner Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that creates positive energy in a setting. The “Health Corner” is a particularly important part of Feng Shui. It’s designed to bless the occupants of your home with physical and emotional well-being.

In order to create a harmonious Health Corner, it is important to bring nature into your space. To do this, you should use plants that will promote balance. Placing lush, vibrant plants like ferns or orchids can provide life-giving energy that helps keep the occupants healthy and energized. When selecting colors for the area, greens and blues are excellent choices as they represent nature and growth.

You should also consider incorporating wood elements into your Health Corner space in order to keep the environment calm and free from distraction. Tranquil items such as wooden baskets or a wooden bed frame can help contain healthy chi within the room.

Health Feng Shui 2019

When arranging furniture in this area, make sure there is enough space around each object so their energy can flow freely. A sense of tranquility should be felt when entering the corner; any clutter should be avoided at all costs.

It is also wise to include healing objects that may have personal meaning in order to activate the healing energy within the space. Crystals, Native American artifacts, statues – anything that has sentimental value – can help bring positive chi into your home’s health corner. Along with these items, burn incense or add essential oils to instill a calming atmosphere throughout the entire house.

Complementary Objects to Incorporate into Your Health Corner

When attempting to create a health-positive environment in the home, one of the most effective strategies is to incorporate feng shui principles into your interior design. One potential focal point for feng shui improvement should be the health corner of your home. This space should evoke feelings of balance and harmony, promoting relaxed yet purposeful energy that can result in greater well-being for all who inhabit it.

As part of establishing a harmonious atmosphere within any feng shui corner, whether it is focused on health or not, it’s important to choose objects that work with the energy flow throughout the area. When selecting items for the health corner of your house there are a few complementary objects you will want to consider.


Crystals are believed to harness various energy types which can benefit those around them. Crystals come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and are thought by some advocates of feng shui to hold healing powers such as reversed negative energies and stimulate positivity. In terms of placement, crystals should be placed at an elevated height at least above waist level so as to take full advantage of their benefits in improving wellbeing in any room.

Plants & Flowers

Too much stillness can result in stagnation which is why placing plants or flowers in this area can introduce energetic movement and promote a more vibrant feel which encourages ongoing growth both physically and mentally. Ficus trees make great additions as they not only provide life but can also filter toxins from indoor environments leading to greater cleanliness overall.

Furthermore, plants like terrariums containing succulents connected with restorative strength provide relaxing ambience that beneficial for calming busy minds or reducing stress levels while encircling oneself with these plants symbolizes abundance leading people to manifest more success within their lives overall.

Meditation Pillow

Meditation is an ideal practice for maintaining physical health but it can also be just as essential when promoting mental wellness too as studies have found links between regular meditation and increased clarity both cognitively and emotionally speaking.

A great way to incorporate the practice into one’s daily lives is by providing yourself with comfortable seating in this highly sacred space or better yet by purchasing a meditation pillow specifically designed for sitting postures during mindfulness moments often incorporated into yoga routines or meditations sessions alike.

Summary of the Benefits of Setting Up a Health Corner in Your Home

Creating a Feng Shui health corner in your home can have great benefits towards your health and wellbeing. This spot is believed to energize different aspects of your life such as relationships, wealth, and health. Placing furniture or items that correlate with those areas in the right places of this health corner will help bring luck and peace into the lives of the household.

The importance of having a Feng Shui health corner in your home is magnified if you are living with those who are elderly or medical condition-ridden; setting up a healthy environment for them to relax can improve their overall quality of life. Health corners especially help those going through treatments ranging from serious mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder, to physical illnesses like cancer.

In terms of placement for a Feng Shui health corner, it should be placed either on the eastern side of the house or inside an area that has doors leading outside so that it can easily access natural light through windows and doors. This helps create an atmosphere where healing energy enters the space – closing off any artificial sources (tv’s, lamps), while adorning the walls with calming images like nature scenes is highly encouraged as well.

A few ideal items to add include candles to promote relaxation, plants for oxygenation, pillows and blankets for comfortability along with diffusers for pleasant scents helping people breathe better when spending time in it.

Additionally, many believe that having items related to nurturing within this area – whether figuratively expressed (a loving couple painting) or literally represented (having supplies perfect for an at-home spa day) – bring bundles of love across households no matter how old one is. Thus creating chances for encounter emotional relief through forms such as embracing self-care practices within this designated room which can give off balanced long lasting benefits to everyone living under its roof.

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