Feng Shui Health Area 2015

The concept of Feng Shui Health Area 2015 is rooted in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, which emphasizes the integration of natural energies within our living and working spaces. By understanding that energy patterns extend beyond physical boundaries and into the metaphysical realms, Feng Shui seeks to create balance in its surroundings through a variety of design elements.

With this in mind, Feng Shui Health Area 2015 presents an overview of how energy flow can be used to optimize physical and mental health.

The year 2015 is particularly important for this purpose; as it marks a shift in focus from creating harmony in interiors towards wider environmental influences on personal wellbeing. This approach involves optimizing individual’s relationship with external elements such as their community, lifestyle and environment.

The Health Area provides guidance for devotees into creating a healthy home environment that facilitates personal growth and sense of purpose. Home energy maps help determine where challenges reside within personal life and how they might be addressed or minimized to prevent physical illnesses or emotional stressors from influencing overall life balance. The introduction of specific talismans into a space will also support areas where renewal is required – these Healing Crystals provide strength and renewal when used correctly.

Ultimately, by creating intentional accents throughout the home to mitigate chemical poisoning while purifying air quality, Feng shui practitioners can facilitate compromised health conditions by activating relevant cures within their living space – like empowering the chi (obtained through environmental manipulation) to restore harmony and wellbeing back into your home environment.

Through simplifying lifestyle choices with green behaviours (eg composting food waste), organic cleaning products, smarter shopping options and toxin-free materials integrated into structures in order to streamline energetic flows; individuals can create a sustainable household that honours both inner self-development paths whilst respecting outer rhythms simultaneously for true balance: internally as well as externally.

Identifying the Health Area

Feng Shui can be used to enhance the positive energy within a home – this includes its effect on health and wellbeing. Identifying the Feng Shui area for health in your home is essential to creating a healthy energy balance.

The 2015 lunar calendar defines three areas of focus in the Home, as part of the yearly Flying STARS Feng Shui dynamics:

  • Health & Longevity Area
  • Romantic Bliss Tripod
  • Education & Academic Achievement

The Health & Longevity Area falls into the SOUTHWEST sector of every building. This is one of only two sectors (the other being West) that has inconsistent stars. The exact placement and positioning of stars and elements within this sector should be adhered to create harmony in chi flow, especially if someone residing in the space would like to create or revive good health luck.

In performing an audit for Health & Longevity, it is important to familiarize yourself with some visuals related to this sector – particularly stars and elements assigned to it according to yearly feng shui calculations. In 2015, for example, each direction within this sector will host different types of star and element combinations. For example:

  • SW1 (234): will host Heaven’s Wind Element plus Star 4
  • SW2 (235): will host Vasuki Snake Element plus Stars 3 and 5
  • SW3 (245): will host Earth Fire Element plus Stars 2 and 5
  • SW4 (345):will host White Tiger Element plus Stars 3 and 4

These perceptual shifts have an influence on your ability to make mindful arrangements for items or segments within your Home’s Southwest corner based on the five-elements theory – wood, earth, metal, fire water and wind – hinging on what each star brings with it as described by Chinese metaphysics techniques like BaZi Four Pillar charting readings.

Adjusting Your Environment

Feng Shui is the concept of how to adjust your environment to bring for health, harmony and balance. It is mainly focused on organizing the home or business environment in a way that will bring positive outcomes. Here are some steps you can take towards better feng shui in your home or work space:

  • Pay attention to clutter – Clutter interrupts the natural flow of energy, so it’s important to make sure that your space is clear and organized. Organizing your clutter will help create a clearer and more peaceful atmosphere in your space, and this can have a strong effect on overall energy levels throughout the day.
  • Choose soft colors – Soft colors such as pastels, yellows and beiges evoke a calm feeling which is what you should be aiming for in your space. By keeping with these kinds of light colors you can encourage peaceful vibes in your home or workplace.
  • Place items carefully/ strategically – Think of how certain items can enhance certain areas. For example, if you have a corner dedicated to relaxation or ‘me’ time, you could place a comfy chair, calming scents and artwork here
  • Create corner sculptures – Corner Sculpture art should be added to add symmetry and promote good flow e.g adding plants or chime wind catchers can create an inviting atmosphere by brightening up corners promoting affluence.
  • Create visual direction with lighting – Lighting plays an essential role in feng shui too since it’s often used as decoration. Placing candles near windows invite beautiful diffused lighting while elegant chandelier lighting adds lavish décor.

By incorporating these five elements into your daily life, you’ll notice changes that affect both physical well being and mental outlook within days or weeks of starting this practice. One particular suggestion many interior decorators would agree upon would be re arranging furniture into more relaxed open spaces.

What Causes Poor Health Feng Shui

That let their occupants move freely around them while enjoying maximum social interaction with friends or family when desired thanks again to an open floor plan design layout Moving furniture close together encourages conversation while reinforcing family bond creating extra warmth at home too when visitors come around often.

Introducing Royal Stars

Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ and it is a term used to refer to the art of creating a harmonious living environment. Feng Shui Health Area 2015 evaluates the positive and negative influence of five Royal Star categories on your overall health according to traditional Chinese beliefs. Using this information, we can make small adjustments in our home that will help promote health and balance.


The Royal Stars present a number of beneficial qualities to our overall health as these specific stars have been found to radiate more light than other stars.

They are believed to bring certain healing aspects into homes, such as improved wealth luck, greater knowledge and wisdom, stronger relationships between family members, better business opportunities, protection from bad luck, increased creativity, enhanced academic success, improved physical health, invigorated energy levels, stabilized emotions, restored fertility levels, and an overall sense of well-being.

Furthermore, some believe that these stars even extend protection before birth by offering parents the joy of safe childbirths and help guide people throughout their lives with great success.

Positive & Negative Influences

The Royal Stars can have a both positive and negative influences on those in their vicinity depending on how they are placed within the home or office area. For example if two of the same Royal Stars were too close together it could cause erratic behavior or restlessness but if they were placed at differing distances apart from each other this could lead to good fortune benefits for those around them.

In terms of subtle body energies, balanced placements may induce physical vigor or mental alertness whereas misalignments may result in feelings of sluggishness or confusion due to improper alignment of forces.

Royal Star Placement

The placement of the Royal Stars should be carefully thought out in order to yield the maximum level of benefits for one’s health and wellbeing. Generally speaking they should be positioned so they will be closer to areas associated with beneficial life influences such as bedrooms, dining rooms, offices etc Placing them too near bathrooms, heating systems or exterior doors is traditionally thought to reduce effectiveness significantly.

It is also worth noting that where possible it is best not to ignore contradictions concerning directions such as mixing east-west rather than north-south alignment when placing celestial objects within a space. Doing so may create conflict instead of promoting harmony between surrounding energies.

Practical Measures

Living a balanced lifestyle means being conscious of one’s environment and how it affects one’s health. Practicing the principles of Feng Shui is a great way to ensure that we are aware of our space and how it contributes to our well-being. In 2015, people can use these health area guidelines to make sure that their homes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also energetically balanced.

Usage of Color

One Feng Shui health area tip for 2015 is the importance of color. Certain colors can improve a person’s overall health by evoking certain emotions and stimulating the Yin energy field.

People have been associated blue with improved mental clarity, yellow with good physical health, green with balance and harmony, orange with strength and unity, purple with spirituality, red with courage and magenta with intuitive thinking. Colors should be chosen according to their meaning and what aspects someone wants to improve in their life.

Furniture Placement

In addition to color right furniture placement is also crucial for maintaining balance within the home environment. All furniture should be placed in order so as to allow for Chi or positive energy flow in between them without any obstacles.

This means being mindful about where things are put in connection on how much space they occupy; heavy furniture items should avoid being cramped up together., lighter pieces can act as dividers between otherwise bulky items Perhaps some additional pieces could even consider adding a few recliners or relaxation chairs which would also help encourage comfort bring in a relaxed atmosphere.

Balance Between Yin/Yang Qualities

Another helpful tip when designing living spaces using Feng Shui involves creating balance between Yin/Yang qualities. The best way to do this is by introducing different textures into the room such as wood or ceramic tiles; each material has its own unique set of properties that will create an atmosphere of equilibrium desired effect for healthy living environment within your home.

Additionally other environmental measures such as scent candles aromatherapy diffusers and plants can help purify air quality while providing calming visual stimulation – ultimately improving overall vitality levels throughout residence.

Optimizing Luck and Energy

The health area of a home according to the rules of Feng Shui plays an incredibly important role in promoting luck and energy. The main goal of Feng Shui is to place the living environment in direct alignment with the laws of Heaven and Earth, Chi energy being at the core element.

This ancient practice has seen a surge in northern cultures that practice this philosophy as part Vastu Shastra in India, and it has become increasingly influential. Today, many people have come to recognize its significance as an effective life skill for improving overall wellbeing.

Benefits Of Practicing Feng shui In The Health Area

The benefits to be gained from adhering strictly to the framework outlined by Feng Shui are quite substantial when it comes to the health area. Not only will incorporating elements of this system result in enhanced physical well-being such as improved immunity and stronger bones, but its principles will also help individuals attract more positive energies into their lives and manifest desired results quicker.

Kitchen In Health Area Feng Shui

Additionally, proper placement of select items such as plants or paintings can help channel the “chi” energy or “cosmic breath” within a dwelling which is believed to bring good luck and create harmonious relationships with others.

Examples Of Correctly Utilizing Feng Shui Principles

Using appropriate Feng Shui techniques requires some experience and understanding; however, there are certain guidelines that can be applied universally which help produce desirable results when implemented correctly. When rearranging furniture, for example, make sure that all areas are kept clean and clutter-free; this helps maintain healthy chi flow throughout a space.

It’s also important to pay attention to color as colors like red or green are believed to possess healing properties which may be useful depending on your desired outcome.

Aromatic candles or incense can also improve circulation of positive energy if used judiciously; avoiding overcrowding while adding these accents is recommended since too much stimulation could disrupt balance instead Lastly utilizing calming music has been known great way keep bad vibes at bay while uplifting moods positively encouraging relaxed sleeping patterns.

Tips from the Experts

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that has been practiced for centuries. It teaches us to organize our belongs in a way that maximizes positive energy and opens us up to the possibilities of living a life full of good health, wealth, and prosperity.

According to Feng Shui principles, the positioning of items in your space should be done with specific intentions for manifesting wellness in general, or specific areas of your life. In 2015, Feng Shui experts have developed some simple tips that can be applied within the Health area (located at the back left corner as you enter your room/house) to encourage optimal vibrancy about our well-being.

The biggest benefit of working with a professional Feng Shui consultant is that they can tailor their advice on an individual basis and create a personalized plan for your space specifically designed around increasing your health goals. They will take into consideration variables like color choices, furniture placement, and even personal belongings to create customized solutions exactly aligned with what you desire to manifest from this area; better vitality, stellar immunity, or deep sleep quality.

With the right adjustments and recommendations made by your consultant all of these goals may become achievable.

For those wanting to upgrade their Health Area without involving a professional expert here are some easy tips: fill your home with colors associated with the wood element such as greens and blues (as they promote growth and healing). Encourage harmony by utilizing furniture pieces that are low-slung and welcoming such as green plants or comfortable pillows.

Include artwork or photographs depicting nature scenes and images that evoke feelings of calmness portrayed in water; because clear waters ripple help align one’s energy flow which helps restore health naturally. Finally incorporate sacred objects such as mineral specimens crystals or sculptures into the overall design which is believed to draw in more positive energy vibrations; thus promoting good health for yourself and everyone within your home.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method to improve the balance of energy and create positive change in your life. The practice uses physical elements such as colors, shapes, and materials to bring specific energies within a space that can influence health, relationships, finances, and career success.

Each part of the home is related to a particular area of life. One very important area for Feng Shui is the Health Area – which is believed to affect the physical health of those who live in the home.

In order to create balance in this area using Feng Shui principles, there are several steps that need to be taken. First, assess the area you plan on designating for health. Avoid any clutter or messiness; not only will it bring negative energy but it will hamper any progress toward improved wellness.

Make sure walls are painted white if possible – this sets a blank canvas for personal reflection and serenity. Hang artwork depicting nature scenes or landscapes that focus on feelings of joy. Place items representing family members as well as plants that help with oxygen flow.

Second, use color effectively by painting an accent wall with pastel colors suggestive of healing such as greens or blues. Keep warm lighting throughout the space and add healthy accesories such as incense pots and air diffusers filled with revitalizing essential oils.

For added peacefulness add bells or chimes near windows to allow positive chi allowance into the room while keeping any bad vibes at bay Finally organize your furniture strategically by placing beds away from any doors so one can sleep easily without fear of too much outside disruption entering during restful hours The importance of achieving a balanced Health Area cannot be underestimated.

Implementing these Feng Shui principles can help lead to better mental stability along with more positivity in regards to physical wellbeing and overall increased energy levels throughout all aspects of life.

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