Feng Shui For Love 2018

Feng shui for love 2018 is a modern spin on an ancient philosophy. Feng shui originates from China some five thousand years ago and translates into “wind” and “water” in English. The basic idea behind it is that energy or chi can be directed and manipulated through specific practices, so as to improve the flow of positivity in one’s life.

When used with the intention of creating true love, feng shui can be incredibly powerful. It’s important to remember that this practice isn’t about finding a quick fix-it takes time to experience results-but if done faithfully, it can certainly enhance love energy leading into into 2018.

Underlying Beliefs Behind Feng Shui The core concept of feng shui is that everything is energy; every object has some form of energetic field around it, either positive or negative. By strategically arranging the objects within our personal environments, we have the potential to shift its radiating vibes.

This should only be done with caution, because working with energies that you don’t fully understand can have both good and bad consequences; for this reason, when attempting to open up our romantic lives using feng shui, it’s important not to get carried away and instead go slow and observe carefully how everything affects us in the long run.

Methods & Practices Utilized in Using feng shui For Love in 2018 There are many different ways one might employ feng shui when seeking improved passions & relationships in the new year. One classic component of this system is inviting certain elements into your home; for instance, if you’re searching for luck with potential partners, place red roses on each nightstand or place two swans facing each other on your coffee table (this would represent two lovers looking at each other).

Placing art pieces depicting unity could also prove fruitful by promoting more harmonious energies between those involved. If you’re seeking singular romance however such a painting wouldn’t work out great; rather find something meant to encourage yourself towards growth as an individual – but never use anything too dark or disturbing because such pieces can attract unwanted energies which won’t do any good when trying to draw positive vibrations towards oneself.

The Chinese direction west should also receive careful consideration: traditionally associated with males & masculine energies-it could help bring forth loyal & supportive partners if correctly used during periods determined by their birthdates or horoscopes/Zodiac sign (e.g., August 11­ – October 10th for Virgo).

Keeping clean lines & ample breathing room adds vitality without excessive clutter; making budget cuts if necessary and entering nearby parks will also help clear stale air from your environment while purifying stagnant qi which surrounds us all during times like these.

Preparing to Welcome Love Into Your Home

Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years to bring good luck and love into the lives of those who practice it. As we close out 2018 and begin preparing for another year, there are some key areas in the home to look at and give attention to in order to attract love accordingto Feng Shui principles.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is arguably the most important place in your home when trying to attract love according to Feng Shui. The bed should be placed so that it takes advantage of the “commanding position” – allowing you to see the bedroom door from where you sleep but not directly in line with it.

Opt for soft, soothing colors such as pink rather than bold colors which can work against attracting a romantic partner. Carpets, ceiling fans, television, and other technology should all be avoided in the bedroom if possible due to their ability to distract you from achieving a concentrated focus on your attraction goals.

The Heart Of The Home

The heart of any home is generally considered by Feng Shui practitioners to be the kitchen or living room depending upon personal preference and layout preferences. This space should reflect an atmosphere of warmth, togetherness – such as through breathing room and cozy furniture groupings – and bright energy throughout (avoid dark colors which can affect energy flow negatively).

Place photos or artwork that represent relationships and love around your space along with items that make you feel happy when you see them.

Soften Hard Surfaces

In addition to paying attention to color choices for each space, if possible soften up hard surfaces like wood or tile floors with rugs or carpets that help invite positive chi into your home. Placing flowers on tables also helps attract positive energies but try stick within the same color palette so as not disrupt balance within your home too much.

Lastly, use smells like candles, essential oils or incense in moderation throughout each space can also lift spirits as well.

Releasing Negative Energy and Allowing Love To Flow Into Your Life

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of understanding and harmonizing relationships between human beings and the environment they create around them. While it has historically revolved around physical spaces, it can also be used to tackle more emotionally-charged topics such as relationships and love. Feng Shui for Love 2018 invites us to positively use this traditional wisdom to better our romantic relationships for the benefit of both parties.

Creating Openness To Receive Love: Clearing Conflict Energy Out Of Your Life

One key point of Feng Shui is that by introducing certain features, or removing some kinds of items, one can create an environment that is conducive to positive energy flow in a home or room. Similarly, one can discern what kinds of topics or props might bring negative energy into any relationship. Our carefully chosen belongings have quite some impact on our subconscious life.

By identifying what kind of items may increase conflicts – like objects with sharp edges or balloons floating above – we can manage conflict areas in the home and make sure they are replaced with smoother shapes or colors that promote harmony.

How Do I Feng Shui My Bedroom for Love

The concept applies similarly to the relationship itself: if there are recurring arguments relating to money, work or visual clutter in the bedroom – airing out those concerns through thoughtful communication may help alleviate their tension over time and create a space receptive for positive energy, love and trust.

Sparking Romance Through Tapping Into Emotions

Feng Shui also speaks about how colors elsewise evoke emotions, which depending on their level of intensity can spark different reactions among people living in the house together (or rooms where time spent together is mostly concentrated). For example, giving off a relaxing atmosphere may help mitigate existing disagreements but not be strong enough to target romance directly.

If one wants to inject additional love-inducing elixir into their relationship bond then adding some hues like pinkish orange tones may be helpful as well as scented candles and perfumes with uplifting aromas. That way we invite tender feelings which may lead participants into genuine dialogue while moderating intensity levels so everyone feels heard without escalating into outbursts or accusations.

Mindful Accidents As A Way To Lead The Relationship Forward

The essence of Feng Shui lies within accepting forces beyond our control and using them for personal benefit; once we feel like we have created such an atmosphere inside our homes it’s important to also accept coincidental accidents for what they are since they sometimes signify natural energy shifts during transition times between Yin (feminine) & Yang (masculine) cycles (in ourselves too).

Being mindful of those times/ events can help mobilizing inner energies better yet nurture and feed relationship strengths through non-judgmental emotions toward each other’s needs, passions and unique qualities seen from heart within both partners’ eyes.

Colors to Focus on For Increased Love Energy

In order to welcome loving energy into your home or relationship, there is a simple 5 element system that is part of Feng Shui. Every corner of the room should consist of one of these elements and its related colors. Those five elements are earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Each has its own unique properties and meaning attached to it that have a profound effect on our lives when balanced appropriately.

Earth Element Colors

Earth element colors are warm with subtle variations in hue; sandy yellows, burnt oranges, light browns, deep tans etc. These colors bring good fortune if used correctly and help create an inviting atmosphere for interpersonal relationships.

Picture the warmth of a summer afternoon or the peace of nature via shades from this element. The placement should be appropriate for the color’s effects such as a living room which should be filled with earthy tones to give an overall sense of relaxation and peacefulness which will welcome love into your life.

Water Element Colors

The water element colors create a soothing effect on people when used correctly and evoke feelings associated with water including calmness, healing, renewal and tranquillity which all ultimately lead to creating connections in interpersonal relationships due to the environment they create. Blue is thought to be especially beneficial for relationships as it symbolises trust and stability while also calming arguments if placed in bedrooms or main areas where people interact often.

Shades ranging from navy blues all the way up to sky blues bring about energy related to romance while also aiding in spiritual communication between partners, allowing them to bond more profoundly.

Fire Element Colors

The fire element colors signify strength and passion, encouraging those around them to express themselves freely without fear or worry about being turned away or judged by others; both important parts of a successful relationship. Reds are good colours for bedrooms because they stimulate conversations between two people while oranges create excitement but try not too go overboard with either lest you scare off potential suitors by making things too intense.

Hot pinks can also work wonders when mixed with other hues from the fire family because they represent fun as well as ambition so use sparingly on walls or accent pieces throughout the house rather than completely dominating it otherwise you could drive potential partners away.

Aromatherapy For Love Energy

Aromatherapy is an important way to attract love energy and balance chi when using Feng Shui. The suggested aromas for this purpose are natural elements such as citrus, rosemary and ginger. The sheer abundance of these aromas gives your space a bright, calming quality that attracts good vibrations to the room.

These scents also help create an ambiance that’s inviting to any new potential romances that may come your way in the upcoming year. Additionally, they provide a spaciousness which can also act as an energetic release valve for those times when you need to brush off the energies from past relationships.

In addition to smell, texture plays an essential part in Feng Shui for love 2018. Softening touches of velvet create a tactile reinforcement of the warm aura you’re cultivating throughout your living space or bedroom. Textures of the subtle kind such as silk or cotton further add soothing layers underneath them without overwhelming the harmony.

Introducing art works that bring out a sense of joy and playfulness is another essential Feng Shui tool when creating love energy in 2018. Prominent colours such as reds, pinks and oranges introduce lively energy into the atmosphere while artwork depicting lighthearted scenes help raise positive vibes so that when love does come knocking on your door, it’ll feel right at home.

Symbols like infinity signs engraved into wooden furniture can be placed around your love corner – the corner nearest the bed – or even jewelry made from materials associated with luck such as Jade can be worn; all serve to activate and amplify positive chi energies while facilitating sounds of serenity among diverse harmonious vibes in your abode.

It should also be noted that introducing air plants or succulents – associated with abundance – helps fill any voids while eucalyptus leaves aid purification. Other simple but effective tools could include candles embodying fragrance related specifically with intentions like unconditional harmony or infinite possibilities; both in particular will help set the stage for incoming energies supported by nature itself.

Bedroom Feng Shui For Couples

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese art which is concerned with creating a harmonious environment based on the five universal elements. Practicing feng shui in the bedroom can help create a balance within the home that supports love. Applying specific principles and products to create a calm and enhancing place for couples to nurture their emotional relationship, promotes feelings of connectedness and encourages communication.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Love

The principles of Feng Shui are all about balancing energy and allowing one’s environment to express its unique potential in harmony with nature. When practicing feng shui in the bedroom, some important aspects to consider are color palette, furniture layout, artwork and other details which can affect the energy flow throughout the space. Brighter colors such as pinks, reds and oranges tend to enliven an atmosphere; while cooler hues like blues or greens provide peace and comfort.

In terms of furniture placement, observing how pathways form through the room is recommended instead of limiting oneself to conventional corners; this creates an inviting atmosphere that increases access between both halves of a couple’s chambers. Additionally, incorporating artwork that reflects ideas of intimacy or partnership into one’s decorations adds needed inspiration-based energy flow into a room.

Several commercial products developed specifically to help those looking to add positive vibes into their private spaces are also available on the market today. For example iconic YIN YANG symbols made from rich aromatherapy oils infused with lavender and rosemary scent, designed as tealight holders are both attractive decorative pieces that bring good luck when placed around pillows in one’s sleeping quarters; symbolising unity between partners when lines from each half meld together at cross-section points.

Further items like essential oil diffusers with colour changing lights enhance both visual appeal whilst providing wonderful aromas aiding moments spent together even further – when couples come close these fragrances discharge calming biophotons easing physical tension for bodies sensitively connected alongside each other during relaxing evenings inside appropriate lit envelopes secure at arms length pleasure away from exterior stressors alike.

Releasing Blocks and Draining Stress Through Feng Shui

Old traumas and stress can block us from growing in the present, hampering our self confidence, and suppressing our creative self expression. When we reach a stuck point of understanding or progress in our relationships, be it with a significant other, family member, or friend, it can lead to a feeling of stagnation and can negatively impact our lives.

Through Feng Shui techniques and strategies we can begin to release old traumas, break through blocks of stress and anxiety that are hindering us to move forward in our lives.

Using Mindfulness As A Tool For Releasing Old Emotions

The first step is to acknowledge any negative feelings or emotions by using mindfulness as a tool. Mindfully noticing how we feel brings out awareness of the emotions behind the stressor then allowing for greater tolerance of them. This brings forth understanding so that different courses of action become available which helps to shift the situation and create better outcomes for ourselves. Meditation is an additional form o mindfully focusing on improving thought patterns and beginning to heal.

Clearing Our Environment Shelf Life To Attract Positive Energy

Another method for releasing old traumas is clearing clutter around the house or workspace to give room for new positive energy to come inside.

Fighting against too much stagnation or messiness may bring about overwhelming feelings but once begun, sorting out items will be beneficial as it’ll help enhance productivity while gaining clarity with each item listed being either kept rid donated or recycled if necessary to free up space for fresh energy inside the home environment transforming your life outlook in unexpected yet delightful ways.

Enhancing Your Love Life With Feng Shui

Feng Shui relates all our facets closely with nature including love life aspects also attempting to harmonize human dwellings with its surroundings; this technique involves re-aligning furniture placement strategically according coordinate harmonious energies from certain directions by focusing on key elements like earth (stable), metal (confluence), water (profound) wood (growth) etc.

Also adding vibrant colours pleasing to eyes appropriate music relaxing scents you’re sure notice changes rekindling inner sparkling positive vibes perfect smooth long lasting relationships abound full union happiness wealth success beckon many years come.

Closing Thoughts

Feng Shui for Love 2018 brings the potential of balanced energy and greater intimacy into your life for this year. It does so by the strategic placement of focal objects and colors, organization of physical spaces, and adjustment of life cycles in accordance with Chinese traditions. Through this ancient Taoist wisdom, we can learn to balance the systems of nature to induce harmony, promote peace and create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

The power of Feng Shui can be used to bring love back into relationships on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, financially and even physically. A person’s understanding of their own “chi” (energy) can allow them to access universal powers that will then open new paths to true fulfillment with another person.

2018 brings an opportunity to make positive changes in our lives through the use of traditional Feng Shui methods. In order to benefit from this powerful energy practice we must first become aware of our actions and motivations in relationship building as well as how these affect us emotionally.

We must learn to modify our thoughts and desires in a manner that will create more personal happiness rather than just acting out any feeling or thought that we think will yield immediate satisfaction.

This could involve taking the time for self-reflection before acting impulsively or displaying passion without the understanding that comes with awareness and control. Making conscious decisions based in appreciation rather than fear or greed is crucial if one is hoping to build a strong foundation for enduring relationships not only through this year but also further into the future.

By learning more about Feng Shui it is possible to gain insight into one’s inner landscape as well as understand how external elements influence love choices and interactions overall. The methods being asked may seem strange at first but if you take time exploring them you may find subtlety making its way into your relationships now or down the road.

After all, using Feng Shui confidently might just open up intriguing pathways towards realizing more meaningful connections with your beloveds in 2018-start creating those beautiful memories together today.

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