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Welcome Positive Energy in With Feng Shui Entryway

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to bring balance, harmony and peace into our lives. Employing elements of design, color, smell, sound, and even taste, Feng Shui is used to create a welcoming and tranquil environment. Creating a Feng Shui entryway in your home is an excellent way to invite positive energy and good luck into your living space.

Create an Inviting Space

When designing your entryway, look to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. This can be accomplished by:

  • Incorporating warm and gentle natural tones – Choose paint colors that inspire a feeling of warmth and tranquility in the space, such as earthy green or blue-green. Add colorful accessories to give the area a hint of vibrancy.

  • Adding a decorative welcome mat– A decorative mat can be a great way to welcome guests to your home. Choose one that features a bold design, such as a mandala pattern or classic paisley motif.
  • Creating visual appeal – Hang a mirror near the entry or a piece of art such as a hanging wall-mounted mobile to bring some visual interest. If you have an outdoor balcony, consider investing in a comfortable outdoor seating area.


Lighting can be a great way to bring balance and harmony to an entryway. Incorporating light fixtures with adjustable brightness and warm white or yellow tones can help create a welcoming atmosphere to the space. Look for fixtures that optimize the amount of natural light that enters the room.

Symbols of Prosperity

Symbols of prosperity and abundance such as coins and plant life can bring energy and good luck to the area. Display a floral arrangement of your choice or add a vibrant pot of plants to liven up the space. Also, you may consider adding small succulents, terrariums and even a bonsai tree for more energy.

Colorful Accessories

Adding colorful decorations, such as a vibrant throw rug, a wall hanging and a floor mat can help the space come alive. Accessorize with items that bring color and personality to the area. Consider displaying a curated collection of inspiring books and artwork to add a layer of sophistication to the room.

Final Touches

The last step to creating a vibrant and welcoming entryway is to add the final touches. Consider adding a few candles and a small bowl of incense or essential oils to invite a pleasant and calming aroma. Next, choose furniture that helps to create a sense of balance and harmony. Furniture can also be used to store items that would otherwise take up valuable floor space.

By incorporating all of the above into your Feng Shui entryway, you can create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to help invite positive energy and good luck into your home.

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