Feng Shui Dragons In Bedroom

Feng Shui dragons in bedroom are a traditional Chinese symbol that can be used to foster an atmosphere of prosperity, strength, and wellbeing. The dragon is an ancient mythical creature said to have the power to bring luck and success. In Feng Shui the dragon is seen in a benevolent light and believed to be able to direct personal fortunes for the better.

For this reason, it’s recommended that two images or statues of dragons be placed near the bed, with one on each side. Many believe that these dragons act as benevolent guardians watching over the bed and its occupants during their sleep, protecting them from evil thoughts and forces while attracting auspicious energy from the universe into the home’s environment.

History: The concept of Feng Shui dragons has a long history dating back thousands of years in China when emperors were considered descendents of dragons. Dragons were seen as powerful protective forces capable of both giving good fortune as well as warding off potential danger and bad luck.

In addition they carried connotations of strength as well as nobility since they represented attractive qualities from power dynamics such as endurance and courage. The mythological tales passed down through generations translated into the belief that one would benefit from appropriately honoring dragons within their homes; hence today’s tradition still holds relevance in modern day Feng Shui practice.

Benefits: Having a pair of feng shui dragons in bedroom can bring many benefits. As previously mentioned, they’re thought to help reduce stress by acting like guardians against negative energy while attracting positive energy into your space making you feel more calm and secure during sleep cycles which results in better restorative regeneration for your body and mind.

Not only this but when placed strategically according to Fengshui guidelines these symbols can also help increase prosperity in areas such as finance, career advancement or relationship matters thus allowing individuals seeking assistance with stubborn issues in life a chance at realigning circumstances positively via various means such as geomantic divination advice or astrological analysis.

How To Incorporate Into Your Home: When selecting where to place feng shui dragons it’s important to take note of surrounding areas within your home or apartment since wrong placements could offset dangerously opposing energies resulting in conflict-based situations; usually best avoided especially if your intention is developing familiar harmony between family members or housemates right away.

With this being said,as confirmed by professional practitioners it’s safer (or even better) letting not just location but also set-up decisions guided by expert resources prior committing any permanent changes because incorrect selections may disrupt flows instead causing misalignments worse than expected originally intended with great effort put into them initially.

Understanding the Basics

The dragon is an important part of Feng Shui, and it is believed to bring powerful energy into the home. The mythical creature has long been associated with good fortune and success in China and other parts of Asia. It is believed that this spiritual energy can create positive changes in the environment, especially when placed properly in the home.

When introducing a dragon to a bedroom setting, it’s important to consider its symbolism and understand what it represents. A dragon typically symbolizes abundance, wisdom, strength, leadership and nobility. By bringing these qualities into your bedroom you can increase your confidence and find more success in life.

Ancient beliefs suggest that placing a dragon figurine or painting in the bedroom would make the room more powerful. It is also considered important to place it near sliding doors or windows as this provides it with a source of fresh air for its mystical powers to be activated.

It’s also important to respect the meaning behind a dragon when decorating with one. They should never be placed next to sharp objects like knives or swords out of respect for its ancient beliefs and associations to loyalty.

Red color is also very powerful and important for dragons therefore combining different shades of red along with some gold accents will help bring out their energy even more making them even stronger symbols for good luck and prosperity inside the bedroom space. Additionally, other colors such as green are associated with growth or fertility and combining multiple colors around the dragon helps activate even further its positive energy powering up your entire home setting.

Benefits of Incorporating a Feng Shui Dragon in Your Bedroom

Incorporating a Feng Shui dragon into the bedroom has a variety of positive effects. Achieving harmony in the bedroom is essential for overall good health, and incorporating traditional concepts from Eastern philosophy like Feng Shui can bring balance to this important space. In particular, the presence of dragons in the bedroom as an ancient Chinese symbol often brings luck, wealth, protection and love, while promoting peace and balance throughout the room.


The dragon serves as an auspicious symbol that helps to foster abundance. According taoist master Vaughan Lai-Ming Lau, “The principal purpose of displaying dragons is to ensure a continuous flow of money” This means that having a dragon or two in your bedroom will help attract wealth on multiple levels – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Reminding yourself of this powerful symbolism whenever you enter or exit your bedroom helps re-enforce the idea that success and abundance are within reach.

How to Arrange Bedroom for Good Feng Shui


Dragons are associated with protection from danger or harm – both physical and metaphorical – since they play such an important part in Taoist mythology. In essence then they act as guardian angels for those lucky enough to have them close by.

Particular placement can also be important – placing it behind or facing your bed is said to guard against night terrors and nightmares as well as bad dreams – giving a sense of safety within your space when sleeping or resting during downtime.

Love & Good Luck

The energy produced by a dragon presence can be used to promote feelings of attraction whether for yourself or for others seeking companionship – helping to draw people closer together so they can form deeper connections.

Additionally drawing upon these energies translates to increased luck on all fronts: financial opportunities may arise more quickly than usual; meetings may be facilitated easier which gives you a leg up in areas like career advancement; personal relationships will deepen leading to better partnerships and friendships; knowledge might come faster which leads to increased learning potentialsall thanks to the power wielding dragon presence.

Types of Dragons

Many feng shui practitioners believe in the power of dragons, which are often used to ward off negative energy and attract positive luck. Dragons are an important symbol in traditional Chinese culture, believed to be wise, magical creatures that control water and weather. In a bedroom, they may represent strength and wealth.

If you are considering bringing the power of a dragon into your own bedroom décor, there are several types of dragons you can choose from. The most well-known type is the traditional Chinese dragon – usually depicted as a long serpent with four legs and two horns on its head – but there are other designs out there as well.

For example, Japanese dragons historically have been portrayed as more snake-like than their Chinese counterparts; while European dragons tend to be scaled monsters with wings and multiple heads. The color of your dragon’s scales will also have special meaning: green represents abundance and renewal; purple indicates wealth and prosperity; red symbolizes anger or passion; blue speaks to protection; and gold reflects honor or success.

No matter what kind of dragon is chosen for your space, it should be placed thoughtfully since this has a direct effect on its efficacy when it comes to promoting good energy. For best results, try placing the dragon in an area facing east (which typically promotes health), or put it close to your bed for enhanced protection during sleep.

Alternatively, you could keep the powerful creature closer to your front door if its purpose is to guard against negative outside influences from entering your home. It’s also important to avoid any “closing off” position by using positioning such as features like doorways – such placement can minimize flow of Chi energy throughout the room instead of encouraging growth or good luck.

Choosing and Placing a Feng Shui Dragon in Your Bedroom

When it comes to Feng Shui and interior design, the dragon is a popular beast to bring into the home. When placed in the bedroom, this mythical creature can use its magical energy to provide protection and invite positive Chi – or life force energy – into your personal space. To make sure you get the most out of this powerful talisman, here are some qualities to look for and positioning tips for inviting good luck with your Feng Shui dragon décor:

  1. Choose a High-Quality Dragon: You don’t want any unsightly details on your dragon decor. Instead search for one made of sturdy material like metal or ceramic with features that portray power and strength. The more detailed it is, the better – as symbols like scales, claws and wings all act as protective omens.
  2. Position Your Dragon Carefully: Place your Feng Shui dragon in a safe position near or above your bed. If possible, opt for a location where you can walk up close and give your four-footed friend lots of love; having it sit above eye height encourages admiration.
  3. Invite Positive Chi: Setting up an altar around your new totem is also recommended; think candles, incense sticks and plenty of nourishing plants like lilies and ferns. Don’t forget about Feng Shui colors too; keep things blooming with green hues and use pungent reds to allow love energy to flow freely.

Finally, never forget to properly bless each item you bring into the bedroom. Chant mantras or offer up prayers to ensure everyone living there receives many benefits from these sustainable energies. And then start basking in all the protection that comes when a Feng Shui dragon is in residence.

Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Feng Shui Balanced

Feng Shui is a philosophical practice traditionally based on the study of balancing energies within. One popular practice is arranging certain elements (like symbols) within ones space to create a positive environment and attract lucrative opportunities. A symbol that is widely powerful and effective for Feng Shui are dragons. Here’s how you can use dragons in your bedroom feng shui.


One important element for feng shui is to use colors that will enhance energies in your environment. To make your bedroom more appealing, you can choose colors for wall paint or bedding that resemble the colors of dragons as these bring wealth and health into ones home. Popular dragon colors include reds for luck, blues/greens/purples that represent cooling influences, grays and whites which generates power, and any combination of all of them with golden accents.

Feng Shui Consultant on Bedroom Arrangement


Having too many items in a room can lead to distraction-prone energies in the atmosphere. Keep items off the floor and avoid overcrowding space with random objects like photos, paintings, sculptures etc people need to be able to walk around with ease in their living spaces – especially bedrooms where relaxation vibes should remain.

Clutter-free proper arranged areas help keep our minds clear for better focus and invite refreshing energy from any item chosen perfectly placed in every corner including Dragons symbols such as statues or figurines.


Lighting plays an important role in feng shui by creating relaxing vibes while giving life to furniture pieces throughout a room. Utilize dim lighting around dragons or bright lighting shining down on specific features so they are lit up properly with glowing highlights.

This will draw out beautiful elements from dragons themselves – giving anyone who enters the bedroom a feeling of being enveloped by good fortune. You can also keep lamps closerby if when needed such as nightstands beside bedsides which are used frequently during nighttime hours.


In order to make sure positive vibes remain at high energy levels throughout the home its always recommended to clean often. Dust surfaces regularly, vacuum carpets where necessary, mop hardwood floors if applicable – all these things could ensure living areas stay hygiene while allowing healing chi flows that draw prosperity into each room equally without cluttering up unnecessary items either near or far away from Dragon artworks/decor.

How to Decorate Around a Feng Shui Dragon

There are numerous ways to decorate a bedroom with a Feng Shui dragon to bring balance and energy into the space. In Feng Shui, it is believed dragons embody prosperity and abundance. Having one in the room can attract a flow of energy and create positive feelings. Below, you’ll find some creative ideas for transforming the bedroom into an inviting space that effectively incorporates the dragon’s energy:

  • Meaningful Artwork: When hung above the bed or near a corner, meaningful art pieces like photos and wall hangings featuring dragons, landscapes depicting open skies, and other symbols of wealth can add a layer of depth and beauty to the room
  • Wall Decals: Wall decals provide an easy way to incorporate dragons into your room without having to worry about painting or anything else too permanent. You could choose decals with images of lots of tiny dragons or one large dragon in various colors stretching across the wall.
  • Accent Pillows: Throw pillows are another chic way to introduce Feng Shui symbology into the bedroom. Eat options include regal-looking Chinese dragon designs with gold accents or subtle pillow embroidery depictions of peaceful flying beasts.
  • Live Plants: Adding live plants will help bring life to your room plus they’re known as air purifiers. Popular plants chosen for their attractive aesthetic appeal include peace lilies, jade plants, money trees, and bamboo ferns.

Keeping these tips in mind when decorating your home with Feng Shui Dragons will help ensure you create a welcoming space brimming with inspiration. When selecting décor items bear in mind the properties associated with each item; matching them up is key if you want true harmony among all elements. Utilizing this balancing act when designing your bedroom will ensure lasting vibrant energy that both nurtures your soul and brings joy into everyday life.


Feng Shui principles dictate that including a dragon in your bedroom can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It symbolizes strength and power, as well as being an important part of the Chinese culture. Incorporating a dragon into your bedroom is said to bring luck, balance, and harmony to the environment.

One way to take full advantage of incorporating feng shui dragons in your bedroom is to think about their placement. You should choose a spot that gives you the best view when you’re resting. You can also keep it out of direct sunlight since these materials can fade easily over time. Also, make sure it is not facing away from any doors or entryways so that energy moves smoothly and freely in your space.

Aside from placement, there are other aspects you should consider when introducing a feng shui dragon into your bedroom. For instance, colors. Yellow represents wealth, red brings courage and passion, and black is associated with inner wisdom – all relatively positive attributes for your bedroom. Additionally, if you’re adding other decorations to complement the dragon, opt for holy symbols like lotus flowers or koi fish for protection and good fortune.

To sum up, when used correctly, introducing Feng Shui Dragons into your bedroom decor helps promote balance and harmony within the space while also making it look fantastic decorative touch. Even though there are specific rules related to its placement and setup according to Feng Shui principles, ultimately what matters most is how comfortable you feel with this powerful symbol resident there – after all this room will likely be where you are spending at least 8 hours per day.

Taking extra time and care in setting up the exact perfect atmosphere helps ensure long-lasting benefits such as good health and peace of mind – something money just isn’t able buy.

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