Feng Shui Cure For Unfaithful Husband

Feng Shui Cure For Unfaithful Husband

As the practice of Feng Shui has surged in popularity in western cultures, many have begun looking for ways to use it in their lives. One common request is for a Feng Shui cure for an unfaithful husband. While the practice of Feng Shui cannot guarantee that your spouse will remain loyal, there are several things you can do to create a more harmonious atmosphere in your home that may make your relationship stronger.

Room Placement

The most efficient way of using Feng Shui to promote fidelity is through the placement of certain rooms in your home. As one enters the house, the bedroom should be the first room they arrive at. This will symbolize the importance of the relationship. Stepping beyond that should be a prayer room or library, followed by living or dining areas, and other rooms further out. This layout reinforces the concept of the relationship as the priority in the home.

Other Symbols

In addition to the layout of your home, there are several symbols of fidelity that you can use. The most common Feng Shui cure for an unfaithful spouse is the addition of two Mandarin ducks placed close together in a room. This represents an everlasting bond between two people. Other symbols include:

  • The Fu Dog – for protection of a home from outsiders
  • The Buddhas – for reinforcing peacefulness and compassion
  • The South Dragon – for energy and creativity
  • The Phoenix – for respect and marital harmony
  • The Pixiu – for financial stability and luck
  • The Elephant – for strength and determination


The use of certain colors in your home can also produce positive energies. Soft tones such as pastel pinks and blues promote peace and tranquility and should be used the most. A bright yellow or orange are also good choices, as they represent luck, joy, and happiness. Brighter reds, greens and purples can also be used, but should be used sparingly as they can cause tension in a relationship.


Ultimately, the best way to keep your husband faithful is communication and trust. Feng Shui can help create a more harmonious atmosphere in your home, but it cannot guarantee loyalty. Taking proactive steps to build a strong and lasting relationship is the only true guarantee of fidelity.

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